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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Secef

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/29/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Barney's Hide and Seek for Sega Genesis
    By Secef (soaps66@hotmail.com)
    Version 1.0
    1. Updates
    2. Characters
       --Baby Bop
    3. Levels
       --The Forest
    4. Credits
    5. Legal Info
    This is an FAQ for perhaps the worst game ever for Genesis,
    perhaps the worst game ever made in general. The person who
    came up with this game ought to be sacked, but oh well.
    Nothing gonna be happening in that department ^_^; Anyways,
    this FAQ/Walkthrough has simply because, well, there is no
    FAQ for this freakishly difficult game. Sure, the reviews
    tell you that there is no challenge.... you know what I say
    to that? BOLOGNA! They're just scared of the challenge! Mu-
    wahaha.. ok, well, I'm done with that pack of lies. You may
    now continue.
    1. Updates
    11-29-00: I've began work on this game's FAQ, and I've 
    pretty well finished it in about 2 hours or so. Sure I'll
    work on it a little in the future, but this is OK for now.
    2. Characters
    :Barney the Dinosaur:
    Ahh, yes. Who doesn't remember this purple polyurithan
    dinosaur?  He has starred in two full length
    feature movies and has his own show on PBS. He has a cult
    following of children in preschool who pretty well worship
    the ground our imaginary "friend" walks on. He is also the
    star of this game.
    :Baby Bop:
    This is the female green dinosaur companion of Barney. She
    constantly whines and cries and carries on about her silly
    little blanket she drags around with her.
    These are the Stepford-like children that worship Barney.
    They run in terror from the big hulking purple beast and
    do their best to stay hidden from him. Of course, that'll
    never happen with Barney's keen glass eyes.
    3. Levels
    The levels are pretty easy to understand. The game tells you
    what to do at the beginning of the game...
    "Hints for Grown Ups
    1) Barney is looking for
    5 friends and 5 presents
    in each level.
    2) Move Barney left
    and right and use the
    buttons to find friends,
    jump, and play."
    It won't get much harder than that, folks. Anyways, now that
    you are aware of your objectives, let's devulge ourselves into
    the actual game itself.
    During the course of the level, you will more than likely run
    into several OTHER things that Barney will yak about. You can
    usually do something with these items by pressing A B or C and
    sure enough, the magic begins. You can feed rabbits, water plants,
    make instruments play... several different things. However, these
    events have no relevence to the actual game. Sure, you can play
    with them if you want, but to me they're just annoying and get in
    the way of Barney trying to jump.
    :Level 1: The Forest
    It starts out at the bench. Four kids gather and Baby Bop as
    well. Barney tells everyone to hide and the presents on the
    bench fly off in a Poltergeist-esqe way. After yelling
    "Superdeeduper", Barney sets off like an psycho killer hunting
    his victims. You start off in the ACTUAL stage near a rock. Now,
    I can't get too detailed here, as the kids are placed randomly.
    Furthermore, the stage is splintered into two sides. My personal
    and professional suggestion is this: Go one way, and if you don't
    have it all, go the other way and get what you missed. That is my
    universal solution to all the levels in this game. The kids aren't
    that hard to find. Half their bodies are sticking out from the
    side of the rocks, for crying out loud! Same thing for the presents,
    which are sometimes out in the open! This level is a cake walk. Just
    find them and move on.
    :Level 2: Musicside
    Hooboy... this level blows away the last one as far as difficulty
    goes. This stage introduces doors and meaningful platforms above
    the main path. It's especially hard to get around find all the
    presents and mindless children since there're so many things sitting
    around that can be activated by you. Not to mention that Tubas are
    being locked in closets... barring this aside, find the hidden children
    and presents in this splinter level by using the universal method and
    you're halfway done with defeating the game.
    :Level 3: Seaworld
    This is the longest level yet. It can be frustrating because Barney
    is so slow yet the children and presents can be so far away, and
    don't be scared of the turtles. They're like the clouds in stage 1...
    and furthermore, what're these kids doing underwater without scuba gear?
    I mean, does Barney's magical protection give them air or are they
    all amphibians? Seriously... polluting the young childrens' minds...
    anyways, just take all the kids hostage again and gather the items
    via the universal method: Search one way, search the other, finish.
    :Level 4: Farmland
    This level is a wee-bit tough. This level really like to use those
    stupid overhead islands as hiding places. It's also a big fan putting
    action events where you need to jump at, which can get time-consuming
    since our big and purple friend is rather slow. This is the only level
    I couldn't solve perfectly using the universal method. My guess is that
    I missed the present on the other side of the area. I didn't go even try
    to retrieve it though. Poor Barney's polyurithan suit just wouldn't make
    it. Seriously, the stage is actually kind of tough since the items are
    hidden in the top islands, which can be hard to access. To put on scale
    how tough this was, I only found 9/10 items. Yeah, uh huh. I suck because
    Barney can't see. -_-; Just go through and grab the kids and steal the boxes
    like normal, and move on.
    After you clear that stage, the ending ensues. The kids and Baby Bop sit
    with their precious little toys, while Barney dances like a fool for
    about 30 seconds. Then he waves goodbye (good riddance), and roll credits...
    4. Credits
    I'd like to thank the following...
    AzZMaN8856 - For inspiring me to make this silly thing.
    GameFAQs - For hosting this FAQ.
    CJayC - For creating GameFAQs in the first place.
    Realtime Associates - For creating possibly the worst game EVER.
    5. Legal Info
    I really don't want this used anywhere but GameFAQs. I don't think that'll be
    a problem, however. Who'd want this pathetic game's FAQ on their page? Oh yes,
    Sega Genesis, Barney, Barney's Hide and Seek, GameFAQs, and whatever else I
    mentioned that is owned by someone else, I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP THEREOF.
    Secef © 2000-2001

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