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    FAQ/Walkthrough by flip

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/24/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     __    __                           __
    /\ \__/\ \                         /\ \__
    \ \ ,_\ \ \___      __         ____\ \ ,_\   ___   _ __   __  __
     \ \ \/\ \  _ `\  /'__`\      /',__\\ \ \/  / __`\/\`'__\/\ \/\ \
      \ \ \_\ \ \ \ \/\  __/     /\__, `\\ \ \_/\ \L\ \ \ \/ \ \ \_\ \
       \ \__\\ \_\ \_\ \____\    \/\____/ \ \__\ \____/\ \_\  \/`____ \
        \/__/ \/_/\/_/\/____/     \/___/   \/__/\/___/  \/_/   `/___/> \
             ___      __    __
           /'___\    /\ \__/\ \
      ___ /\ \__/    \ \ ,_\ \ \___     ___   _ __
     / __`\ \ ,__\    \ \ \/\ \  _ `\  / __`\/\`'__\
    /\ \L\ \ \ \_/     \ \ \_\ \ \ \ \/\ \L\ \ \ \/
    \ \____/\ \_\       \ \__\\ \_\ \_\ \____/\ \_\
     \/___/  \/_/        \/__/ \/_/\/_/\/___/  \/_/
    A Successor of The Light
    |Table of Contents|
    - Revision History
    - Intro
    - Story
    - Controls
    - Walkthrough
    - Items & Instruction
    - Play Results
    Revision History
    b.52 (7/22/01) - put ascii up, put story up then decided which ascii to use
    then put in controls after testing them out also changed the way I write by
    putting legal info at the top and put in a new contact section and basically
    everything you see before you, then 3 hours later I realized that I chose wrap
    to window and I had it maximized...
    b.65 (7/24/01) - even though I did work yesterday, I couldn't finish the FAQ
    because I saw Jurassic Park III, so this update will probably finish the FAQ,
    if not it'll definetely be done tomorrow. (and you can take that to your local
    bank) oh yeah some new items are added
    b.88 (7/30/01) - haven't done work on this in about a week, figured out puzzle
    that was perplexing me & changed some minor things, this'll be done tomorrow or
    the next day you can take that to the bank oh yeah I also got a new e-mail! I
    am seriously cool
    b.90 (7/31/01) - beat the next shrine, changed some sections of the guide so
    you don't have to count paragraphs and I realized this game is bigger than I
    thought so I slowed the build (version) numbers down
    b.91 (1/21/02) - out of nowhere I remembered about this game. after a couple of
    months there are no advances in gameplay since i put it down where i was stuck
    in the first place, but i tweaked some things and corrected some info. now all
    i have to do is get up to where i stopped, the save turned corrupt on me ;(.
    just beat the rock titan (again).
    b.92 (1/22/02) - got some more work done on the walkthrough, finally got past
    that point where i was stuck for nearly 5 months. this should be completed by
    the end of february at the very least. seems like this is #15 on the request
    list. also tweaked some more stuff. got stuck again, sega didn't exactly make
    this the most linear game in the world.
    b.93 (1/23/02) - beat the Forest Shrine along with the castle dungeon, added
    some items and new instructions concerning Bow. tweaked the walkthrough a
    little more, polished a few odds-n'-ends here or there.
    b.1.0 (1/24/02) - finished the game. phear it. one of the best I've played
    since Ocarina of Time. had a great time writing for it. check out my game play
    results/statistics below.
    Another gem that is lost in the Genesis sands of time. I keep wondering why
    great games like these have no walkthroughs for them, but that's why I'm here.
    The only problem here is they could've added more Waterfall shrines, that's how
    great the game is. A must play if you buy them or emulate them. A goodie hidden
    in the game is the sound when you save your game, listen to it and you'll see
    what I'm talking about.
    Some kid named Ali finds a golden armband in a treasure chest deep within a
    hidden cave.
    "Ali, I am calling to you. Please pick me up"
    Ali then proceeds to slip on the golden armband, and a spirit suddenly contacts
    "I am what remains of this golden armlet. I now entrust its power to you, for
    you have been chosen to undergo a difficult task. "The Gold Armlet has its
    pair: a Silver Armlet, which has possessed the soul of another. He will lead
    Oasis to ruin if you do not stop him." "the powers of the Gold Armlet are now
    yours to wield." "Find the four spirits this Gold Armlet governs, and stop the
    evil ambition of the one with the Silver Armlet."
    Many ages ago, a devastating battle was waged in the shadowlands of the Kingdom
    of Oasis. It was between two powerful sorcerers, Reharl and Agito. Both
    sorcerers drew special powers from their magical Armlets. Reharl used his Gold
    Armlet to govern the spirits. Agito used his Silver Armlet to created chaos &
    destruction. The epic battle destroyed them both. The Armlets were presumed to
    be lost as well.
    The island sinks after you slip on the armband, so you leave with a boat.
    The X, Y, Z & Mode are only if you have them
    Press in whatever direction your facing to run twice
    Normal Controller
    A - gem beam, uses up SP
    B - use the weapon that's equipped, also used for talking to people & taking
    C - tap to jump, hold to crouch and crawl then jump
    Start - select weapons, items, status, map or save subscreen, skip cinemas
    Advanced Controller
    A - gem beam, uses up SP
    B - use the weapon that's equipped, also used for talking to people & taking
    C - tap to jump, hold to crouch then jump
    Start - save game, skip cinemas
    X - Map Subscreen
    Y - Weapon Subscreen
    Z - Item Subscreen
    Mode - n/a
    Walk through (get it?) the town and all of the doors seem to be shut. Stay on
    the main path and everyone will suddenly move away. Move forward for your first
    battle. Once the giant ogre is defeated everyone will run off. Your teacher
    will restore your health and inside the chest is some cheese. Now head left,
    between the brown pillars. Ascend the steps into the Palace. There are two
    doors, take the right one. Talk to your father, who happens to be the King and
    receive a key. Go in the right door and there are three books with tips on the
    game. Before you leave the palace, take the left path you ignored and collect
    the sword, bow & some fruit.
    Water Shrine
    If you don't know where to go, look for the flag on the map. Once you are there
    battle the black armored guard to gain access inside. Pick the key up then
    immediately use it on the door. Beat both of the archers brains in to get some
    meat and open up the door. Battle two more guards as a prelim then defeat the
    ogre and his goons for a key. The current in this room is swift, brave it and
    swipe the key off of the top left purple puddle. To beat the oncoming
    mini-ocean, start running then leap over it. Do it fast and in the next room is
    a giant scorpion.
    First his claw lights up, then his whole body. Get in a quick combo and move
    away. His attacks are he throws you if you get too close & he also blows
    bubbles. He can jump and land on you, or just touch you and it will hurt. If
    you get thrown, your items will fall out so pick them back up. A cool explosion
    follows his death. Your SP meter will fill up with blue power, now you can use
    the gem power. Press A to open the door. Run up and meet this place's spirit.
    The instruction she gives you can be found further in this guide. Go to the
    master if you need HP restored, or just head straight to the castle. Your
    father will send you off to another waterfall, if you don't have the sword the
    items here are renewable so it's OK.
    Waterfall Shrine
    Head to where the flag is and jump into the water. Summon the Dytto and she'll
    tell you that she can open the water gate with a bubble burst. If you did it in
    the right spot it'll open up. Inside three fishs are flopping and three bats
    flying. Clear this room and the next. You can jog past all of the bats & black
    puddles or fight them. Run straight past the black puddles and the fire to
    obtain a key. Go to where you saw the chest in the beginning and sweep the
    enemies away with a magic storm for a water gem. The rest of the chests around
    this area contain apples & other items.
    Two cadaverous corpses are guarding the locked door, see to it that they bite
    the dust. Push your way in so an ogre can give you a proper welcome. Take his
    key and the grapes then have the spirit shoot a bubble at the conflagration.
    Open the door and head left for another water gem. Fare straight for grapes.
    Charge a magic storm to put out the fire. Push one switch down for a black
    ball. When stood on, the other switch quickly pops back up. Push the heavy
    black ball to hold the switch down and enter the room.
    A giant flaming skull? He spits out flames (how surprising) that travel around
    the room. The flames can be hurt just like any other enemy, so do so. The boss
    himself is no big pain, he will reappear if there are less than three flames
    circling around the room. The only thing that is difficult is managing to walk
    in the water, since you are slower. When his health is below half his hands
    will try to smash you and usually succeed in doing so. The hands are a mere
    distraction though. I liked crushing his skull with a swift blow, but that's
    just me. Walk into the room and press A while your SP is being filled.
    When you are back outside crouch under the bridge and the spirit will destroy
    the ice stalactite to make an fire gem come out. Visit your master if you don't
    want to use up items then return to the Palace. Talk to the King, yadda yadda
    ya and get the sword (accessories included). Travel northeast of the water
    shrine but on the way three guys ambush you (coincedence? I think not.). Use
    the fire spirit to crack the stalactite, if you don't have him summon him by
    the fire.
    Ascend more stairs but before you do cancel the fire spirit summon, stand over
    the water and press A. Use the water spirit to extinguish the fire in front of
    the stairs. Then go around and into the cave. You'll drop into a hole, this is
    a fun mini-game that uses Efreet to race under 2 min, I had a good time with
    it. If you get under 1 min 20 sec for 5 laps you'll get something special. Beat
    up the guards and demand to know where your lunch money is. A guy with a fire
    bowling ball will throw it at you, get past him is the new area.
    Capture the Ship!
    Many people are throwing things involving fire, fire arrows, fire balls and
    even fire bananas! Well not so much the bananas but stray away from them and
    you'll get a chest with an green key inside. Run up to the archers before they
    can shoot you. Kill your former confreres to gain a regular key, open the door.
    Destroy both bubble spitting machines for a blue gem then enter another door.
    Push the giant ruby onto the switch to enter yet another door.
    The loud thudding sound means either an ogre dropped down or Jonathan Winters
    has arrived (quick! abandon ship!) The two guards are speeding up so take care
    of that. An bow is in the middle. Propel an arrow at the level, the door is now
    open but the ogre is blocking it. Just stand back and blast arrows and when
    you've defeated him a chest with an fire gem (ruby) will drop. Kick the switch
    then navigate your way through the Well of Souls, some snakes hold steaks
    (rhyme). Wow, even the boulders are here too!
    A big metal knight attacks you, before you take on him and his goons get the
    power weapon. After enough hits on the knight his shield dissipates and he is
    open to comboing. Kick the bottom switch then take the sword if you don't have
    one already. You are attacked by a huge team of knights, 8 of them including
    the big one. Get the cheese from the chest, chances are you need it. Five more
    crew numbers need an ass whipping so school them in the field for a roast beef.
    Go forward and keep dropping down to meet a very peculiar person (no, it's not
    Carrot Top). It's the Silver Armlet, and he has no time to fool around with
    you. To beat the two flying gargoyles, you have to perform aerial moves. They
    aren't particularly hard, but very annoying. Also remember to avoid their
    purple and yellow fireballs. You board a boat, and sail to who knows where.
    Mountain Madness!
    When you first start out here, you'll see three switchs. Make them lean in this
    direction: left, right, right. A door will open up with some necessities, I
    suggest you take them while you can.
    Grab the tremendously powerful broad sword in the next room & the apple then
    enter the door. Leave the switchs alone for now and push the giant ruby down.
    Beat up on the little purple puddles and the big bad knight. Press down on the
    switch then run past the water geyser for an green key. You can use the water
    geyser to summon the water spirit, so do it. If you've gotten the bomb from the
    chest you can use four of them to blow up the stalactite. When you have the
    last bomb throw it onto the pad for a roast beef. Ignore that room and go into
    the northern one.
    Watch out for the falling boulders, take the golden key and step on the switch
    to stop them. Leave out the way you came in, then go to the stalactite room.
    Defeat the demon with the spirits help, then beat on the little armadillos that
    just pop out of the sky. The chests have a pear + a key so take them and enter
    the next room. Tons of zombies emerge, the magic storm can be a huge help. When
    they are all swept away, hit the switch and go up the stairs. Get Efreet, come
    back here where the pile of sticks are and use melt bomber. Fight off the rat
    pack and collect the rewards, subtle no?
    Face four knights and their giant buddy the ogre. The stairs reveal themself,
    jump down into the water and get a special blue key. You have to go all the way
    back here again due to the water vortex but when you see the two chests grab
    them for an iron key (green). Open the doors for another key (red) but do not
    go inside the door in front of you.
    Head back to the stalactite room and go all the way, land on the switch, bring
    out the fire spirit from the torch then enter for the boss. Before you do this,
    I suggest you go back 2 or 3 rooms, drop down into the water, keep jumping left
    and go right up these stairs for the blue key.
    Now you should have a yellow & a blue key spare (hit enter to see what keys you
    have), but for now head to beat the boss down. Where you have to jump down onto
    the pad, instead throw a bomb (in the chest as you enter) down there to get
    some goodies, if you jump first you can't get them.
    Tis' a giant rock titan, he is pretty slow but his hits hurt a lot. I suggest
    your bring out the broad sword if you haven't used it yet and start slicing,
    but you'll take damage any way you do it because of the rocks. When he is low
    enough he'll start rolling around the room, it's hard to avoid this but
    possible. Keep slicing away and you will get a necklace (which has a mysterious
    radiance) for your troubles, then use the melt bomber to open the door.
    Before you go outside head back to where the big knight was and go in north,
    then keep heading in the doors to reach a secluded room. Battle in here against
    the two ogres and flames to receive a fire & water gem, along with a Dyt/Efreet
    Call. Now you can leave.
    Stay in one spot for awhile until your health and summoning are brought up to
    level. Approach the blob filled pools to be amushed yet again by speeded up
    knights. Climb up the steps for more bomb throwing maniacs, no I'm not
    referring to Iraq. Let them kill each other to face a big knight, jump kick him
    and you know the rest. Since you can't enter the red door enter the hole to be
    ambushed (again I know) by FIVE knights. Get the key that drops to open the
    right door. Clear the little machines out after you open the chests then enter
    the left door.
    If you want the water spirit step on the switch but boulders will come out.
    This big knight is much stronger than the one at the entrance, so note that.
    When he bites the dust the razor teeth wheelies are activated, get the key but
    before you use it stand outside at the window and your health (summoning also,
    but only if the spirit is canceled). Get back in so fresh and so clean and pick
    up two keys. The catch is you ask? You have to battle five more goons.
    Journey right and if you feel like destroying the machines go for it, one has
    some grapes. Move down to see a cavalcade of spike wheelies & snakes. Get to
    the door fast to see more chests (what the catch you are probably wondering
    again). Only one enemy appears, but you can get a sparkly blue gem here. Where
    I told you to journey right, journey left now. Before you do that though, keep
    in mind the wonderous properties of going outside (hint hint to heavy computer
    An ogre is waiting for somebody instead he finds you. Once you start attacking
    him, three knights + a chief join you for the party. Some steak is inside the
    chest, you are probably hungry after fighting so many people. Cautiously walk
    around the bombs before the maniac comes in then attack two more bomb holding
    maniacs before they bomb you. It's easiest to use the bow to pick off these
    knights, so do that. A guy with a bow is waiting for you outside also.
    Jump down and enter the next opening. Defeat one wizard at a time by standing
    in a spot where the other energy balls can't touch you. Once they are wiped
    away a red key drops. Exit back outside, hop over two fences (or walls), and
    fight a chief. Before you open the locked door you saw in the beginning, power
    up with the outside technique. Two demons are ready to fight, so don't keep
    them waiting. One gives up the broad sword! You'll be eavesdropping on a
    mysterious conversation.
    This hallway desperately needs to be cleared of enemies like a bum needs money.
    Three chiefs come to hang out with their knights. When that's done, you will
    have to continue to go after what's his name, the archenemy of this game oh
    yeah Silver Armlet. Walk forward into a desert like area where you can finally
    save your game. You can wait around until your health builds up or keep going.
    A chief is wandering on the right side, fix it.
    Another huge group of enemies are waiting to be beaten down, this includes
    about six chiefs, eleven sonic the hedgehog look a likes + nine ogres + a lot
    more less powerful enemies. After the fifth ogre, drop to the right for a sword
    named Death (cheeful!). The Silver Armlet doesn't let up on the guards does he?
    When you are looking down at more enemies, throw some bombs at them. When you
    kill the eighth ogre, pause to let your health catch up with your body.
    Eventually you'll find a different color area of the mountain, save as soon as
    you get here. The waterfall lets you summon the spirit, use her quickly to heal
    yourself if you aren't already. Note the clouds on the sides, you must be
    really high in elevation. The big staircase takes you to the next place, so
    save right there on the steps.
    Silver Armlet's Castle
    Go right, face the various enemies while timing a jog past the fireballs. Step
    on the switch to fight nine knights and a chief for a metal bow. When you get
    past the giant ruby boulders you must face two especially powerful ogres.
    Hurdle over the spike wheelies for a garlic and a switch that makes another
    ogre drop. Keep going and you must destroy almost 20 machines, easier typed
    than done. With the sticks burning you can summon your rather hotheaded friend.
    Take out the sudden in flux of enemies using summoning points and health
    points. Get across the spikes hastily to face even more sonic the hedgehog
    impostors, do it fast since the spikes are moving up towards you. When you have
    wiped them out the spikes will retreat allowing you to step yet another switch.
    Each time you step on them, ogres drop down. Fire bows & hyper bombs can be
    received, the most powerful of their kind. Make each ogre come up the stairs
    and step on his switch by standing diagonal to him. When access to the occult
    symbol is granted, scrutinize it to be transported past the wall.
    Dash forward and you'll meet up with the Silver Armlet, who starts talking
    trash. He opens up a trap door and you fall into his minion's hand, or rather
    head. And a large one at that, keep at the left side of that screen. The rocks
    won't hit you if stay at the left side, and you won't have to worry about him
    sucking you in. Wield the Broad Sword and whenever the tongue comes out, hit it
    twice before it withdraws. After a couple of hits the jaw breaks off then the
    whole monster destructs.
    Open the chest for a Warp Device or something. Stand right where you opened it,
    fire off your Armlet to open the time machine, you'll land back in the
    beginning. Basically run through everybody like you did last time, but this
    time they give you the upgraded items. You can also get another Broad Sword,
    which is good news to me. When you are done doing this, leave from the entrance
    to be notified of your progress. Look around for a shiny thing in the ground,
    it is in the area that you entered to reach the castle.
    Press A and you'll have opened a time warp, get sucked in to be on a different
    part of the mountain. Activate your fairy and prepare to pummel some
    otherworldly foes! That was corny hehe. Run past the demons dropping fake
    hedgehogs, falling volcanic balls and even Al Roker drops down! Oh no run for
    your life! Battle your way to an extremely large hole.
    Shrine of Darkness
    Inside the chest is some garlic and a fish, and two wizards are throwing static
    charges. Beat the wizard in the middle down for a key, and the other wizard
    just for novelty purposes. Kill the bats & their buddy a chief for an iron key
    & a pear. Jump off the cliff edge's and kill this group, a time machine opens
    up but you cannot reach it due to the many bats descending. Clear them out with
    help from your fairy, then activate the machine.
    This time through, jump off the ledge to the right and open the iron doors. Run
    through then defeat all of the enemies, including the flame. Jump over a set of
    spikes to grab a mushroom, then go to the door you came in with, stand on the
    time machine then take the red key. Now move past where you got the mushroom.
    Press the switch & go for a ride. If you miss your jump, you'll lose a life so
    be circumspect. Kill the wizards when they try to blast you so you don't fall
    off. Keep timing the jumps, if it doesn't look like you can make it do not
    Take the spinach and enter the room. Bilbo Baggins galore! A dragon the size of
    a mountain!  He will immediately spray fire at you, so take cover. Run to
    either the left or right, it doesn't matter since his head will follow you.
    Break out your broad sword and swipe him right in the kisser (jaw for you
    non-countrymen). When he comes in close, swipe him another one. You can also
    hit his 3 mini-flames with your sword, extinguishing them. When he is dead, use
    the platform to reach a blue door which is opened with the A button. Inside is
    the shadow spirit! Sppoky eh? Swing your sword, it has a cool fading effect.
    Wow so if you'd read the instruction, you'd know that when Ali falls, the
    shadow will rescue him. That's mondo tubular, yeah. Instead of taking the long
    platforms way, press A to have him grab the pegs. Do this when you are back in
    the mushroom room (remember? you lit it up and...) grab the fire gem then leave
    and re-enter the towers room since the front entrance is blocked off by
    boulders. Drop down left & use your shadow to reach the peg to your left, and
    crawl under the ledge to be outside.
    Hm, for the first time there is no flag on the map. Save immediately. Hop from
    ledge to ledge you know the drill by now. Oh yeah you can probably pick up a
    shadow gem, but keep jumping when you've procured it. Are you still jumping?
    Better be, punk... Walk up to the wizard like guy (sage of the mountain?) and
    he'll fork over a ring along with some background information. You can save, so
    be sure to do that. Oh no you say, I have to go back through all of that? Nope,
    just cancel the shadow spirit and activate the time machine, it's shiny. You'll
    be dropped off at the beach, with a customary circle of leaves round the neck.
    Jungle Japes
    Slash through these fake hawaiian enemies for the experience to reach the dark
    part of a jungle? When you reach the point when you can go either north or
    south, go west ;). Go north, thrash many enemies and go up many steps. Zombies
    will be trying to eat your brains, gooey gooey. Pretty soon you'll stumble onto
    a kind of dark/light crystal. Use the Armlet on it for Shade. Now go left and
    down, use him to get across and enter the hole.
    Forest Shrine
    Get ready to do battle amongst three demons, they have not been fed in awhile.
    When all three are defeated, go into the only open room to discover a fake
    chest.  You can either go and get Efreet to use melt bomber on the fake chest
    or you can do it yourself. Have Efreet do a melt bomber to light the torch.
    Snatch the key and use it in the main room. Defeat all of the annoying rats
    with knifes, and the huge ogre that makes a guest appearance. Light the torch
    in here also. He happens to hold the key, I'm sure you know the rest. You
    don't? Then press that little X on the top right hand corner hehe.
    You'd better have Efreet handy. Use him to smash the icicle in your way, then
    the three warriors. Drop down, and go right. Clear the path of machines and
    you'll pick up 30 bombs. Cancel Efreet, and activate Shade with the mirror
    close by. Where the three ninjas were (yeah right) grab the peg with him from
    across. Take a yellow key, use it by the mirror for a blue key and stand on the
    switch while your at it. Open the blue door for more deadly platform jump fun.
    Directly to the left is some spinach. Make the leap to the right side for a
    shadow gem & lemon. Now to lift the rock blocking the door, you must blow fire
    on all four torches in this area. One right where you walk in, one to the left
    of that, one to the right of the entrance and the other (torch) where the
    shadow gem was (stepped on a switch for it). The last one in this area is in
    the northwest, once its lit you will have to fight off huge amoebas, utilize
    Efreet's fire punch/melt bomber here. That makes five lit.
    Now hop over to the right where the rock opened, and snatch the yellow key. Hop
    back over to the amoeba fight and then take the green key. Light the torch in
    here while you are at it, that's another one. Get Efreet out then travel all
    the way to the flying red demons room (entrance) to the razor wheelie room and
    open that door! To get around them just walk on the outside of the room.
    Maneuver past the boulders and spikes for a yellow key, then let him pound on
    the icicle.
    Inside are some flying amoebas, destroy them before they grow bigger for a red
    key. You should have a yellow and a red key now. If you are circumspect you'll
    see some water leaking from above, plumbing problem? Melt bomb the torch here.
    Now accurately use the gold armlet where it's leaking. Time it right and you'll
    get Dytto for your troubles.
    Go up the stairs, use her bubble to cool down the wildfires. Then go back to
    the leaky room for Efreet. He punches out the zombies here pretty fast, the
    barricade will come up when they are all sleeping again. Light the torch with
    melt bomber or flame breath then go inside, heal if you need it with Dytto.
    Recharge your magic then use Efreet to light this torch, step on the switch
    while you are at it. Go back out, crawl into the hole and snatch the blue key
    before the razoe wheelies snatch your legs. Light the torch in here also, that
    makes 3 so far in this paragraph.
    Go right back out to spot a hole. Backtrack to the mirror & get Shade, then
    crawl into the hole. Gobble up the blue key then pound on the wall right there
    to open it up. Use the doppelganger trick to stand on both switchs for a fire
    Now head back into the room you by the switch that opened up this hole and roll
    the rightmost boulder onto the switch, it opens up the room way back where you
    had the first amoeba battle with the platforms. Take the shadow gem from the
    teleportation in there and while you are at it light the torch. Activate Efreet
    then light the torch & take the third red key so far. Go into the warp device
    to face the rock titan again, pull out a broad sword for this baby, Efreet
    helps out with him also.
    The doors open back up as soon as he is a pile of rubble again. Also if you
    want some more items like roast beefs beat on some of those endless rats that
    come from the ceiling. Open up red door #1 for some grapes and a death sword!
    If they give it to you like this you know you are going to need it, a little
    foreshadowed hint. Open door #2 to see all the elementals/spirits in one room
    so far, heal approriately and choose Shade to help you.
    Open red door #3 to reveal a pissed off wizard, with platforms to match! His
    attacks mainly consist of throwing off energy sparks that travel in all
    directions, but that's not all! For a consolation prize he'll summon a green
    blob that shocks you just like an electric chair. You can slash at his energy
    sparks, but hitting him is a whole different story. To make this battle easy
    make the jumps toward him, Shade will absorb his sparks and lift you up if you
    fall. Stay on one of the two platforms that circle around him, slash the green
    thing when it comes around and just hit him easily from there, he takes 4-5
    hits from the broad sword.
    Hop back over and forward for a new elemental, wonder who it is? Turns out to
    be a plant spirit. Nifty. Go all to the gangplank galleon, or the ship south of
    the castle. Inside the house, summon Bow to take a bite out of crime (couldn't
    resist the bad pun) or the steel grille instead. Leap down a couple of times
    and take the emerald (plant gem). Fight off the cronies to see all the guards
    have been knocked down, how useful did they prove to be? Watch out for under
    the bridge there is a swordsman waiting to slice into you.
    Hack past the big knights (lords if you will) to spot Silver Armlet waiting in
    the wings. He'll ransom off the princess for some cube inside the castle. Then
    he proceeds to knock you down all the way beneath the castle, even below the
    Castle Dungeon
    Excuse my generic title, thank you very much. Just let yourself slide right to
    the bottom, then crawl into the hole. Go right then down then right then down
    again, since that's the only direction you CAN go in. Battle the undead in here
    with Efreet's help for a yellow key. Have Bow eat up that gate. If you want
    kill everything in here including the magic/life sucking monster for an
    Go downstairs and crawl under the hole. Both sides lead to the same place
    underwater. Fight off more undead for a green key, use the water to summon
    Dytto who will heal you and put out the fire screens.
    Where you opened the door with the yellow key, open the green one now. If you
    fight off all the puddles you get a prize, namely an emerald. Be careful
    though, you'll need Dytto's tornado spin on this one. When you get done crawl
    into this hole, when you go hold your joypad to the right to go in here.
    This ghost is indeed a strange one, he sucks up your magic only when a spirit
    is out, so when you summon either Dytto or Efreet from here hack on him before
    you magic completely goes, but it regenerates pretty quickly by itself.
    Summon Shade from the mirror then go to where you got the green key, use his
    grab technique to take the chests and their contents from across the gap,
    you'll get a blue key and a shadow gem. Now go all the way to where the magic
    hungry ghost was and open the door upstairs.
    You are now on the other side of the gap, have Dytto ready to extinguish more
    flames, three to be exact. Now summon Bow from across the gap to chomp the gate
    away, he compares to a Saiyan in that he's always hungry. Chomp chomp! Now for
    more fanatical fun you get to go all the way back to where you got the yellow
    key to get Efreet! Yay! Have him break down the icicle when you are back and
    let him cremate the undead.
    Go back for Shade now, notice how the mirror is just out of reach? Well for me
    it is... Use the doppleganger trick to stop the boulders here. Heh I just made
    you do all of that for nothing, as you can't go past it with your shadow. Just
    leap past the boulders, granted you'll lose some health but its the only way to
    Phase out the annoying bats & snakes then go down stairs to find yourself at
    the magic door. Move leftwards for a fake chest enemy & an emerald. Have Dytto
    bubble out the water covering the magic door, now enter! Don't slip down like I
    did though. You meet up with a giant rubik's cube, he disappears into an evil
    large cube. If you have too many items like me, to put one down simply go over
    it and press start.
    Converse with the King there and he'll tell you everyone is depending on you.
    He then dies. Some guards are awake now, others still down. They tell you to
    head north once past the east gate, so save and start walking. Once you are out
    of the little town you'll hear a loud sound, immediately travel to the north as
    soon as you are out and lo and behold! a new path. Take the emerald from the
    chest then come back to battle off the assorted enemies.
    In this new area kill off the three ogres in your line of view then get Shade.
    Drop down and kill another ogre for an emerald then head up. Two more ogres
    will confront you, slaughter them and move on. At the very top of this Mt. Doom
    at the right most side you can find a shadow gem.
    Chase Silver Armlet!
    Wipe this whole area clean of enemies to lift the barricade. Move carefully
    here because of the boulders, they can hit anybody and do since they will help
    you kill the lord if you time it right. Take the garlic and go up before more
    lords come.
    If you slip on the water like I did you'll fall into a place with three
    waterfalls. You can summon Dytto here so do so. Fight off the ogres, rats and
    beam machines to make a bridge appear. Fight a unit of soldiers, then more rats
    and energy sucking monsters after that for a garlic and broad sword with 40
    rounds in the chamber.
    Hop off the left side and leap over the waterfall chasms, they are vast drops
    that'll lead to your death. Kill off the wizards that disrupt your jumping
    first though. Get Dytto if you don't have her to put out more wildfires, she
    also thrashs the swarm of fish pretty good too (perch? walleye?). Down stairs
    then hop over chasm, don't forget the garlic.
    Disregard Bow for now and get Efreet to knock out the ice, then get Bow. Don't
    forget about the ogre that appears again, he'll cannonball right on you. Chew
    up the gate to move on more. This area is pretty dangerous, so read closely.
    Move to where the archer's arrows can't reach you, then pull out your own arrow
    and blast him with it. See the little black & blue energy flying around? They
    are attracted to your location, so don't go on any platforms until you've
    smothered every single one of them.
    Use the platform going down for a shadow gem then head over to the east side.
    Battle the ogres and step on the switch that comes up for a mushroom, emerald
    and a new kind of bow, the ATM bow. Can you get money from it, if not blah.
    Now do the south way just like you went to the east and fight off the four
    amoebas, as they get smaller they get faster. Step on the switch and it'll blow
    up the rocks for ya. Go past them and you'll discover the red key.
    Fight off the ogre near the mirror after you've gotten rid of the energy for an
    elixir then call Shade out from his bed. Use it back in the black & blue energy
    room, which are the colors I made your eyes for shooting off at the mouth.
    Summon Efreet from the fire streams then use him to light the torch past the
    lava, you cannot get past it without taking some hits so don't be a pussy. Take
    the mushroom with the strange apparatus from both chests. Take the death sword
    from the unit of soldiers then heal from Dytto. Wow you can get all four
    spirits so far. Proceed on to an interesting puzzle, try to get it yourself
    before you consult here.
    If you couldn't figure it out, it was the order in which you receive them or
    geyser, flames, mirror & venus flytrap. This opens up a new path one screen
    back. Since whoever you choose won't matter in the next place, make sure you
    are at full power then proceed ahead. Wow this guy sure looks imposing eh? A
    shadow figure like Bongo Bongo from Zelda: OoT.
    Since you can't use magic in here, whenever he passes by in front of you use
    your armlet to send magic bursts at him, and the middle eye will open up
    leaving it vulnerable. Equip your trusty ATM bow to blow him to smithereens.
    Try hard to avoid the dark gate, I'm not sure what it does but it can't be
    good. The falling fireballs are annoying too and get in your way. With only two
    attacks he should be a slice of cake, only problem is it takes a while to win.
    When it is a bit below half power it'll send out this mega-beam, so shy away
    from that. It'll do this every time you hit it or get in front of the middle
    part from now on be on guard for it. Once its dead you'll land in a weird
    The Shadow Land
    You can save here, so do it NOW! After all that progress you've made you
    wouldn't want it to be in vain eh? Fight off the demon buzzards with their
    little Sonic imitation friends for a yellow and hop over some spikes for a
    meeting with a lord and a vassal.
    Take the vassal's power from him and activate Shade. Get to the top of the
    stairs and shoot a bomb out so it lands on the pad, it lifts a barricade to
    your left. Turn on the switch then go inside. You can't save in here however.
    Open the yellow door and use the grab attack to get across then step on the
    Get back across immediately then step on that pad where the yellow door was.
    The water in here will be gone but the fish will still be there, wait for them
    to fade so you can pick up a couple of fish (+1/2 hp).
    Take the red key from that chest and go right back up. See the blue puddles?
    Summon Dytto from there (far-fetched eh?) must be because they are composed of
    water. Use her bubble to get rid of the flames and keep going. Now save while
    you are at it. Beat on the little Velicoraptor in a corner so he can't dodge
    your hits, then the clockwise beam machines.
    Call Efreet from the fire stream that comes to get rid of the icicle. Also get
    the fire gem that comes. Have him cremate more undead, around 9 of them then
    throw a bomb onto the pad there. More bombs will drop down and explode then you
    receive a SHD call. You'll be on the other side of where you started from, keep
    going. Fight the soldiers to get past the moat then head inside using the red
    The I
    Let Efreet blaze both torchs so you will be able to get him & Dytto here. Get
    rid of the energy famished bees buzzing then step on the pad in the middle
    which activates the inactive platform. Hop over there, light the torch and step
    on pad to get across the west side. Light this last torch, if you nabbed all of
    them the barricade will open. Don't forget the pad right there.
    Move to the other side of this room, forget the enemies but you can call Shade
    if you want to. Fight off the amoebas to the pad, it stops them from coming.
    Keep going when you are on the outside for a green key and a soldier. Now that
    you have the green key (green card heh, immigrants) go back into the platform
    room and use it there.
    Defeat all the wizards which is over a dozen of them, you can get Efreet to
    help if Shade takes too many blows, but you can hit their discharges with your
    dagger. When all of them are finally gone, you get a elite OMEGA sword and a
    mushroom. Not bad.
    Stroll into the next room, roll each lead ball onto its approriate pad, the
    right one is not easy so be wary. Once that's done and you stand on the third
    pad, the mirror will pop out. If you use the doppelganger trick you will see
    something in the middle of the room, so cancel Shade and activate the warp
    You'll drop right into a razor wheelie room. You can get Shade to the left of
    you. Let your health regenerate out here too. Save too. Use the doppelganger
    ability again for a shiny water gem and a red key. Drop down then choose the
    right door, go out and drop down that little hole. Hit that switch then drop
    down. Now all switchs need to be leaning towards their respective sides, the
    left switches leaning left and the right ones leaning right. When this is
    accomplished the door will open.
    Heal up then go in. You'll get the blue key, the blue door is where you dropped
    down that small shaft so get up there. Make sure to have Efreet handy. Let him
    punch out the ice to go further. Then cancel him and get Shade from the mirrors
    right by the blue door opening.
    Crash the monster party early, when you do the spikes clear through for you.
    Use Shade's grab to get across the gap, beat the soldiers in the head then drop
    down. There's a magic monster here, your magic will go down quick unless you
    chop him quick. You can save out here too. Get Efreet to cancel out the icicle
    so you can go upstairs, it's a 50/50 decision as you can get Dytto to bubble
    the flames also.
    This part is pretty hard, so I suggest you run diagonally when the laser beam
    machines come, anybody else like the lords or soldiers you have to wait. When
    you go in with your red key you meet up with Silver Armlet, he tells you that
    you cannot stop him (yeah right) & that he's bringing back Agito from the
    legend. Once you beat his little group of strong enemies you'll have to fight
    He hides behind a screen of little weak enemies, pull out a strong sword like
    the Death or the Broad to hit him. He's not that difficult, but like the shadow
    monster (Bongo Bongo) he's annoying. As his health gets lower some stronger
    enemies come out, and he dodges some of your blows so hit him while he's
    summoning more bad guys. I'd say this was a good battle. He tells you Agito is
    back anyway, and runs off.
    Go in here to see the Silver Armlet shining. Wow Agito has deformed into an
    ugly huge heathen monster! He really needs Jesus in his life to save him now!
    But you will have no mercy on this slob, so hack away.
    But your hits don't hurt him, so you must beat those little long neck creatures
    on each side of him. Kill eight of them, nonwithstanding of the little green
    exploders, just get near them then move back to take no damage. Agito will
    crane his neck out then, try to remove it. At most you'll take off half of his
    health, so repeat the process.
    But now he comes with a deadly fire sparkle, it killed me but luckily I had an
    elixir that brought me back with full health. Now kill four of the longneck
    creatures, and keep hitting him even though you are being swarmed by the little
    green exploders. After a spectacular death scene, pat yourself on the back.
    Ah you are now at the ending of the game, all four spirits appear but beyond
    that I'm not saying but you find a long lost relative...only to have her lost
    Dagger or Altknife
    status: n/a
    des: A nice weapon to start off
    status: common
    obtained: almost everywhere
    des: An all right weapon, can only be used for a certain number of bows
    Metal Bow
    status: rare
    obtained: chests
    des: faster & stronger than the normal bow, pretty good if I do say so myself
    (and I do)
    Fire Bow
    status: pretty rare
    obtained: beating ogres
    des: sets the enemies on fire, faster than the speed of gaming
    ATM Bow
    status: super rare
    obtained: beating ogres
    des: a bomb on an arrow. the idea of it just is spectacular, this weapon is
    pretty strong too since it combines the powers.
    status: rare
    obtained: Palace
    des: Once found, makes the Dagger obsolete, unfortunately cannot be saved
    status: common
    des: hp +1/4 or restores 1/4 of your hit points
    status: medium
    des: hp +3/4 or restores 3/4 of your hit points
    status: common
    des: sp +1/4 or restores 1/4 of your summoning points
    status: medium
    des: sp +1/2 or restores 1/2 of your summoning points
    status: rare
    des: sp +max, in other words restores your summoning points to the
    status: rare
    des: sp +3/4, or restores 3/4 of your summoning points
    status: rare
    des: hpsp +1/2, or restores 1/2 of your health/summoning points
    status: medium
    des: hp +1/2 or restores 1/2 of your hit points
    obtained: when you defeat some enemies
    status: medium
    des: increase hp meter by 2
    obtained: defeating enemies
    status: rare
    des: hpsp +3/4 in other words increase hit & summoning points by 3/4
    Roast Beef
    obtained: probably defeating enemies
    status: extremely rare
    des: hp +max or your health points are completely recovered.
    obtained: undead
    status: sort of rare
    des: hpsp +1/4 or your health and summoning points are generated by 1/4th. its
    not the best of items.
    obtained: chest
    status: super rare
    des: hpsp +max or your health AND summoning points are restored
    maybe sending message that doing mushrooms is good? -lights a shroom-
    Dyt Call
    obtained: chest
    status: super rare
    des: calls Dytto, without aid of element (water) the water spirit to add you in
    doing whatever.
    Efr Call
    obtained: chest
    status: super rare
    des: call Efreet, the fire spirit without aid of element (flame) to do whatever
    Shd Call
    obtained: chest
    status: super rare
    des: call Shade
    Bow Call
    obtained: chest
    status: super rare
    des: call Bow, the plant spirit without aid of element (plant) to do whatever
    obtained: Efreet mini-game or chest
    status: just below Death Sword type rare
    des: if you get killed in the final battle, it'll re-fill your health &
    summoning points to the brim, not a bad item to have on a rainy day.
    obtained: chests
    status: medium
    des: you can use this instead of the fire spirit to destroy stalactites
    Power Bomb
    obtained: chests
    status: rare
    des: an upgraded version of the bomb, very strong
    Hyper Bomb
    obtained: chests
    status: spectacularly rare
    des: low throwing range but more than makes up for that in power
    Broad Sword
    obtained: chests
    status: extremely rare
    des: twice the power of the sword, and three times the longevity! *drools*
    Death Sword
    obtained: chest
    status: one of the rarest items in the game
    des: grants death to anyone who opposes it, of course it's cool.
    Omega Sword
    obtained: chest
    status: more rare than the Death Sword...
    des: a sword fight that resembles the Death Sword in everything but color, in
    which case its red, you know it has to be packing a wallop.
    I will list what the spirits say so you can consult here if you forgot
    Press A + B + C to cancel the summon of any spirit.
    Water Shrine - Dytto (Water Spirit)
    "Magic Bubble"
    Tap button A to generate a bubble that stuns enemies.
    Tap button A twice.
    "Magic Storm"
    Hold button A for 1 second to blow off the enemies with a water tornado.
    Waterfall Shrine - Efreet (Fire Spirit)
    "Flame Breath"
    Tap button A to create a stream of fiery breath.
    "Fireball Attack"
    Tap button A twice to turn Efreet into a fireball
    "Melt Bomber"*
    Hold button A for 1 second to cause a fire inundation.
    *Warning, guaranteed to cause third degree burns, keep away from flammable
    Shrine of Darkness - Shade (Shadow Spirit)
    "Dark Claw"
    Tap button A. Shade attacks enemies with his claws. Also can be used to grapple
    out of reach items.
    Hold button A for 1 second to generate a duplicate which can move around the
    area. Ali becomes invincible.
    As some side info, when you get hit Shade will take hits for you, if you fall
    into one of those never-ending crevices he'll bring you up.
    Forest Shrine - Bow (Plant Spirit)
    "Bite Attack"
    Tap button A to make Bow bite his enemies.
    "Move Underground"
    Tap button A twice to call Bow to where Ali is standing. Bow moves underground
    "Poison Pollen"
    Hold button A for 1 second. Bow blows up, scattering poison pollen which stuns
    the enemies.
    Play Results
    Time: 7 hours 49 minutes 26 seconds
    Rank: 59
    Max H.P.: 316
    Max S.P.: 250
    Deaths: 2
    Kills: 1149
    Jewels: 30/60
    Class - Fighter
    So ends a great game made by Sega themselves, be sure to play it if you aren't
    if you are reading this. It comes with my personal recommendation & stamp of
    Story of Thor Guide made by flip (flip15@softhome.net)

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