Beyond Oasis:
The story of Thor

Speed guide

~~~~READ THIS OR DIE~~~~  
This guide isn't for people new to this game.  When it comes down to it, this 
wont help anyone with item, weapon and gem collecting.  It does not give the 
full story, its just one big shortcut.  If this is your first time playing, I 
suggest getting help from a more in-depth guide or FAQ.

~~~~Read this or get injured~~~
This guide is written, based on the Game Beyond Oasis, the NTSC version.
If you live in the UK, or somewhere that uses the PAL format, this game is 
called The story of Thor, or so I am told.  Most PAL format games are slightly
altered in gameplay, but not always.  There may be differences in the way you 
play through the game, but this is unknown to me as of writing this.  If there
is any differences, please tell me, and I will try and fix it so the guide can 
cover both versions.  Why they just don't make one universal game format is 
beyond me, but if they want to charge people extra money for the converting to
PAL, I don't really care, as I'm Canadian, and use NTSC just like the Japanese!

History on the guide:

Tues, Mar 15th '05
Version 1.0
Spell Checked.  (took forever)
Marked 10th anniversary of US release date.
Added in last end result.
Submitted to gamefaqs.

Mon, Mar 14th '05
Finished walkthrough!
Added sections after walkthrough.

Fir, Mar 11th '05
Completed forest shrine.

Thurs, Mar 10th '05
Wrote walkthrough up to the forest.

Mon, Mar 7th '05
Wrote walkthrough up to the mountain area.

Sun, Mar 6th, '05 
Approx. 12:15PM
Re-made the guide.  Yay!
Wrote RTOD/GI, History, TOC 
and the walkthrough up to the rock cave.

Sometime a few years ago
Made a guide
got sidetracked
Deleted 1/2 ready guide

Table of vague contents:
In most web browsers, if not all
1b)Read this or get minor injured
2) History
3) Table Of Contents (your reading this now)
4) The Walkthrough
5) Results
6) Tips
7) Legal Notes
8) Special Thanks

4) The Walkthrough
Well here it is, the meat of the guide.  Remember, there wont be help on item,
weapon or gem locals.  Meaning you'll be pretty weak throughout the game.  So 
watch your back.

Start out turning on the system, and watching/skipping the intro movie.
Then press start on the title screen, and pick a save slot.  You now must 
enter a 3 letter name or initials.  When your done there will be the ending 
to the intro movie.  But onto the actual game!

We start out seeing Ali Pull up onto the beach in a small boat. You would 
think the prince would be able to afford a better boat, but no, your in a 
small boat, just deal with it.  Ali will pull up and jump out.
Start out by running up to the small village.  Go just up past the fenced 
houses and all the villagers will run away screaming.  Head upwards to find, 
well, the first boss in the game, sorta.

The village is crawling with monsters.  Mice, Guards, and one big ugly Giant. 
Head straight for the big guy, and kill him, the rest will for some reason, die
too.  You'll then head into your masters house.  He'll say you should see your
father, then heal you.  Leave his house, and head west.

Head past the bridge, and keep going west until you come across a long brick 
wall.  Head through the entrance of the wall to reach the castlegrounds.
Head up the giant staircase, and into the castle.  Once inside, head to the 
north-east section of this floor to reach the stairs.  Once uptop, go down 
south to reach the overpass going to the north-west side.  Follow it 
until you reach the next set of stairs.

Now head south down this room until you reach the next set of stairs.  Go up 
them and head to the King and Princess, your father and younger sister.
Talk to the princess for some healing of you need it, then talk to the King 
to receive a key to the water shrine.  Head back south down a set of stairs, 
then out through the southern doorway.  Jump down the castle and head out 
back west.

Go west past the village that you started in.  Keep going west until you come
across a cliff.  Head up the stairs to the north, then continue on your 
western journey.  Once you reach then end, head down the cliff via the stairs 
south of you, or you can go like me and just jump.  Now start running south 
until you reach another cliff.  Go up the stairs, and go west toward the 
Water shrine.

Your now standing in the entrance to the water shrine.  Currently being 
guarded by a lone guard monster.  Either kill him or just dodge him and use 
the key on the door and head in.

This whole place is one big line.  You start at the southern end, and you 
want to get to the north end.  The first room is simple, grab the yellow key 
in the box, and use it on the door.  
Next room is fairly simple as well.  Two archer guards are here.  Simply jump 
over the arrows and kill the monsters.  The door will open.  So go up.

Next room has more monsters.  Two are down on the level your on, and three 
more is up the stairs.  Your goal is to kill the Giant monster, and grab the 
key he drops for the door.
In this next room, you can start to see why its the water shrine.  Water blob 
monsters are everywhere, and one is holding the key to the next door.  If your
quick you can catch it before it moves.  Run straight up and kill the purple 
blob on the west side of the room.  He should drop the key.

Heres an annoying room if you don't know what to do.  Its a long room with 
water flowing through it on a timed bases.  If the water hits you, you fall 
down and possibly fall into the previous room.  You need to run and jump over 
the water.  You can hear it before it comes so listen carefully.  Once you 
reach the next room, prepare for the first real boss fight.

The door will close behind you, as it does in all boss battles.  Its a Big 
rectangular room, with a giant stone spider in it.  The statue comes alive, 
and you gotta kill it.  Watch out for its claw, as it'll grapple you.
You can attack its claw, and it will eventually break off.  But you need to 
attack the whole body if you want to kill it.  Before the claw breaks, it'll 
randomly shoot out a bubble that'll follow you for a while.  It hurts, 
so don't get hit.  It'll also try to jump on you as well.  And if you think 
you'll be safe on the other side of the room, think again, its got legs for a 
reason.  It'll walk across the room similar to how a crab will walk.

Once you do kill it, the north end door will open.  Leading to a small room 
with an odd door.  Walk up to the door and you'll receive a message, and get 
100 SP points.  Shoot the door with your light ball, and head in.
Here is where the spirit of water slumbers.  Head up the stairs, and talk to 
the cube.  You'll then receive Dytto and leave the shrine.

Head down and to the west.  Jump down the cliff and head north.  Stop when you 
can freely go west, and do so.  Head west past the village.  Once past the 
village, head north, following the river.  Once you cant go any further, go a 
tad east, then jump down on the north side, before you cross the stone bridge.
Have Dytto ready to blast the waterfall with a bubble.  Once you have that 
done, enter the waterfall shrine.

This is basicly the same layout as the Water Shrine.  Start from the South, 
end in the North.  But its a bit bigger and isn't as straight built as the 
water shrine.
The first room has some fish and bats.  Ignore them and head north to the 
second room.

Here is some more bats.  If they get in your way, jump-kick to kill.  
Otherwise, just had north.  Some blobs will appear, but you can ignore these 
too.  GO to the next area, in the north.  
Your on a small side cliff area here.  Head north, past the flamethrower, and 
grab the key in the chest.  Jump down from the cliff your on, and watch out 
for zombies.  Head to the west side of the room, and through the north door.

Here another giant will come from out of nowhere.  Kill him for a gold key.
You will also see a large metal ball.  you need to push it up to the button, 
so it will activate the steam hole.  Summon Dytto, and have her put out the 
fire blocking the door with a bubble.  Head through the door.

Heres a big wet room.  Theres fish here, so watch where you walk.  Theres 
also a flying fireball.  Go to the north-west side and you'll se two buttons.
The one on the top will open the door, but only as long as you stand on it.
The lower button drops a metal ball on the other small island in the room. Use
the ball to hold own the button and enter the boss room.

Here the battle will start almost instantly, so be ready.  The Skull head is 
one of the most badass, coolest bosses I've seen ever.  
He will pop out right in front of you, so get ready to attack.  Beware as he 
can and will breath out fireball monsters.  His hands will randomly come out 
at you, so kill them if they are getting annoying.  He wont come out if there 
is 3 fireball monsters roaming around.  SO you should be ready for killing 
them as well.  
When you beat him the northern door will open for you.  Enter it and shine 
your light ball on the spirit door, just like last time.  Head up to the 
spirit chamber, and talk to the red cube to receive Efreet.

Your now outside the waterfall.  Get up to land via the small ramp-like cliff 
by the edge, and go cross the stone bridge.  Head south, back to the village.
Now go past the village back to near where the Water shrine is.  But stop when
you reach the four mice dancing by the fire.  Have Efreet ready to melt the 
ice pillar at the north of the screen on the bridge.

Now in the swamp area, you'll need Dytto to put out a fire blocking the stairs
needed to advance, so summon her from the swamp just in front of you.  Now head
east, avoiding the zombies.  And put out the flames with a bubble attack.
Head up the stairs, then head up the next flight of stairs.  Jump down from 
here on the right side, and go north a bit then start heading east.  Take a 
deture around the cliff that a coupe of guard monsters are on, watching for 
the attacks, then head up the stairs and into the fortress.

Just follow the path watching for archers and bombers shooting/bombung you. 
Theres one guy on this level, and two on the upper level shooting fire arrows 
at you and throwing bombs.  All easily avoidable, next there's two flights of 
stairs with a bomber inbetween.  Jump kick his bomb, sending it right back at 
him, and attack while he is down.
Climb the stairs after killing the bomber, and had to the next flight of 
stairs going back down a little to the western side.  Grab the key in the 
chest and continue heading to the west wall.  Head down the stairs, killing 
the fire archer from before, and head down the stairs in the south.  Head 
up the stairs, and kill the swordsman protected by archers for the gold key.  
Use the key on the door and head up.

In this room is two rotating gun-towers, a set of steel bars covering a door 
and a green metal door.  Head through the green metal door.  Now our in a 
room with three snakes, a pillar of steam, a few torches, a giant rock, and a 
button activating the door.  Push the rock on the button and go up.

Get ready, you'll be ambushed by three guard monsters.  Take them out then 
head up the stairs.  Open the chest for 5 Metal arrows.  Jump down and use 
them on the unreachable switch on the west side.  This will open the door on 
the east side of the room.  But its guarded by a giant monster.  Take it out 
if needed, but keep at least one arrow with you.  So, now head up through the 
opened doorway.

Use an arrow on the switch you'll see here.  This'll deactivate the arrows. 
Next head down the stairs to a snake pit.  Avoid the snakes by jumping or 
just staying out of the way.  Theres an archer guard here too.  
Head to the east.

Go north here, and watch out for the rolling boulders.  They hurt.  You can 
take out the rocks with an arrow if needed, but your going in the same 
direction anyway.  The boulders on the right roll faster then the ones on 
the left.  
Once you get to the north wall, head east, and down south  past the 
stairs for one of those sub-boss fights.
An Armour Knight will come charging at you.  It has backup so beware, but your
main task is to kill the knight.  If you attack in it repetition, or use an 
obvious attack on it, it'll put up its shield.  It wont get hurt with the 
shield up but you can break it if you attack it enough.
When your done, you'll head into the Boat that's docked.  Hope your not seasick.

On the boat, head up the stairs north of you, and hit the top switch to open 
the door.  Leave the bottom switch how it is.  Head down the left set of 
stairs, and head down south.  You'll be swarmed by guards, including a knight.
If you do it right, you can get the knight to charge on his pals, killing them
so you don't need to worry about it.  When your done with the swarm, head south
to the stairs leading to the door.  GO through the door.
Now your on the deck.  Head up the stairs, avoiding the guards and jump down 
to the lower level.  Head up the stairs, and jump down again.  Now you'll meet
your rival, the evil guy, your counterpart, the Silver Armlet! *faints*

After he runs off, he'll leave by a few of his pets.  I guess this would count
as a sub-boss fight.  To defeat the gargoyles, you can jump kick them for one.
When they attack you with their claws, its your time to strike.  When they 
shoot energy balls at you, you can attack them to stop the flow and save your 
When you beat the two gargoyles, you'll get in your boat, that seems to come 
from nowhere and follow the Silver Armlet.

You'r now on a rocky beach.  Its also raining, yay!  GO up the stairs 
northeast of you, and the stairs right above that as well.  Head into the cave
to start on the next little chapter of your life.

In the first room, head up the stairs.  Go the next room in 
the west.  Run down south, watching for the blob by the rock.  Wait for the 
bomber to throw a bomb, then run back north.  His bomb will kill the blob 
blocking the rock.  Now run back down before he can throw another and push 
the rock out of your way.  Watch out for the blob that appears by the base of 
the stairs.  
Go up the stairs you see, and kill that bomber.  Open the chest for some bombs
for you to use on the ice pillar to the east.   
Oh did I mention theres a Knight here?  Kill him for the door to the north to 
open. Next, head down south, running over the button, and jumping up the 
stairs before the button de-presses itself causing the steam to re-block the 
stairs.  Grab the key, and jump down.

Head up through the north doorway, and watch out for falling rocks and bombs. 
Head down the stairs, hit the button to stop the falling hazards and grab the 
chest for a yellow key.  Go back up, and head up through the door by the 
waterfall.  Run up to the wooden door, and head through it.  Run up the stairs
and crab the red key in the chest.  Then head back out.

Jump off into the water on the left, and grab the chest with the green key.  
Follow the current back down to the first floor.  Hit the button to stop the 
rocks and bombs, and head out through the south doorway.  Head down to where 
the pillar was, and go though where it was previously blocking.

Run to the west side to see a gargyole statue.  Run up to it to activate it. 
Kill it like you did before, and a ball will fall onto the button on the 
second level in this room, along with a ton of beetles.  Run up the now 
assessable stairway to grab the chest with the gold key.  Jump down and head 
through the Green door.

This room can be annoying, unless your quick.  Run straight to your left, and 
hit the switch, minding the zombie.  Run up the stairs, and stick to the top 
part of the room as you run to the west side.  Zombies will pop up all over 
the place, and if you or one of them steps on the button on the floor, falling
rocks will block off the stairs that exit this room.  If that happens jump 
back down to the first area to flip the switch to depress the button and try 

This next room is simple, head through the east side.  Now your back on the 
other side of the room you were in before.  Head up the stairs behind the 
wooden doorway. 

Here is four guard monsters each with a different weapon, and you need to kill 
them to advance, so do so.  When your done, a giant will drop down, kill him 
so you can assess the stairs.  Head up the stairs and straight north to the 

Climb up the stairway right in front of you, then jump down on the ledge to the
left.  Summon Efreet or use a fire weapon to light the unlit torch so the door
will open.  Go through the door and get ready for a rocky trip.

Boos fight time!  You start out seeing nothing but a blank room, until a 
giant rock-beast drops in for a little fun.  Destroying him is the hard part.
He will try to punch you if your close, and he'll also jump around causing 
rocks to fall on you.  Watch out for his slide attack, he'll curl up and 
smash himself bouncing off the walls trying to get you.  Just keep on the 
offensive while avoiding his attacks. 
When your done, he'll blow up, like the others and a chest will fall.  Open it
for a nice surprise.
Now, head out through the north doorway, and you will end up back in a swamp 

Jump off the cliff your on and head west.  Once you get to the west end of the
swamp, climb the stairs and enter the enemies castlegrounds.

Head west, and climb the stairs, minding the bombers and knight at the top. 
Climb the next set of stairs and enter the castle.  
Theres 5 guards in the first room, so watch out.  Grab the chest with the key 
and head through the door on the left.

Simple layout of this room, so just follow it to the exit on the south.  If 
you hit the button, steam will pop up, but you'll be bombarded with attacks.

Next room you'll be ambushed by a knight.  I suggest a quick jump kick to get 
him off you.  Grab the chest on the south end and go through the door on the 

Run up and grab the keys from the chests, minding the ambush behind you. 
Head back south, and through the green door on the east side.  Grab the needed
keys and head back south.
Go back to the west door and up through the green door.

From here head south, down to the next room.  

Here is a giant, but that's not all, monsters from who-knows-where will come 
from the doorway you just came from, so be quick here.  Simply run to the 
door and go through it.  

Here will be a bunch of bombs.  They wont explode right away, thank goodness. 
Unless the bomber appearing behind you throws one in!  Hurry through the door 
before you get caught in the blast.

Your now in a narrow pathway.  Take out the two bombers in front of you, then 
continue south.
Mind the arrows next,  and the archers.  Duck under the arrows and hope 
they'll kill off the monsters for you.  Exit south.

Your now outside the castle again.  Run down the stairs, and take out the 
archer.  Jump down from where you are now, the ledge on the east of the 
castle.  Be prepared to fight, so toughen up and go through the hole.

Your locked in, so fight the mages that appear to the north south east and 
west sides.  The dark northern one shoots flames from the ground so you may 
wish to kill him first.  When your done, grab the key in the chest and head 
out south.

Head to the small platform on the right, and jump down.  Head back up the main
stairs, mind you, the monsters have changed places a tad now.  Head straight 
up and into the red doorway.

Near the gargoyles, and destroy them to open the door.  Now use your 
eavesdropping skills...I uh, mean you'll accidentally overhear a faint 
conversation from downstairs.  When its done, head down.

This room is filled with monsters.  Kill them all to pass.  
Theres more then what you see now.  Five guards, and three knights.
When your done, head out via the south-east exit in this room.
Don't jump down this cliff your on, whatever you do!  Follow it to behind the 
castle to the mountain area.

Theres bees in the mountains, swarms of them, so beware. 
Run to the east, then up the stairs, watching out for the knight.  Go  up the 
next set of stairs.  GO to the right, watching out for the bomber above you.  
Now jump off the cliff onto the other platform in the west.  Beware the Knight
as he'll charge at you.  Head up the stairs at the north of this cliff, 
watching out for the giant, bombs and swordsmen.  Continue north past the next 
set of stairs, ignoring the upcoming guard and giant.  Once your at the 
northern part, head due east, jumping off each cliff as you go.

Run straight to the east side, ignoring the guards.  Once you cant go any 
more in the east direction, go north, up the two sets of stairs.  Head past 
the Imps and go up the next set of stairs.  Once up the stairs, go west.

There will be a few random monsters here, its best to avoid them.  Jump down 
the cliff on the west side.  Head up the stairs north of the water you will 
see.  Run north past the monsters into the higher region of the mountains.

Theres a lot more bees here, and they will come at you in swarms, so be ready. 
Head to the stairs north of you, watching for the knight here, and head up the
next set of stairs, to the left.  Now head west, then north up the stairs when
you reach them, then run to the east to reach the wind shrine. 

Here, you'll be traveling east throughout the whole area, until you reach the
basement that is.
Start out by heading forward to the east.

When you walk up the windy area here, three guards will assault you.  Don't 
kill them if you think you'll be blown back to the beginning, or else three 
knights will assault you.  Your job here, is to break through the wind and pass
the flamethrowers and hot the switch to get to the next area.

Here, the wall will close behind you, and you'll be in a "battle pit" so to 
speak, with endless guards and a knight.  Kill the knight to stop the guard 
assault and open the blocking wall to the next area.

Yet another windy pathway, this time with rocks!  Dodge the small amount of 
rolling stones coming at you, and go up the stairs.  Head past the giants, and
the rolling spikes to hit the button allowing you to pass.  Head to the east.

More wind yay!  Your gunna be swarmed my spinning towers, and they can really 
hurt in bunches, so attack quickly then pass.  Jump down the small cliff, and 
summon Efreet from the fire you'll see.  Make sure you get efreet to light all
the unlit fires.  I don't think I need to tell you that the spikes the wind is 
blowing you towards and the swarmin monsters is bad.  When they're all lit, 
jump over the spikes and pass.

The spikes will close in on you, while you get swarmed by Imps via Gargoyles. 
Fend them off, but your job is to kill them all at once when the spikes are at
the closest point to you.  Afterwards, the spikes will disappear, so you may 

Climb up the stairs you will see in the east, and jump on the second button 
for a few giants to fall down.  Kill one for some Hyper bombs the other for 
fire arrows.  Use the hyper bomb to press one button while you stand on the 
other.  The teliporter can be used now.  So use it!
After you teliport to the other side, head east.

You'll automaticity run to the Silver Armlet that's waiting for you.   This is 
it, get ready,  time to rid this world of evil!  But no, he makes a nice 
speech and give you a gift, if you can beat his minion!  He sends you to the 
basement where you'll fight a Boss, the Rock Snake.

So, your in the basement, and the snake will come from the right, and you'll 
need to keep moving left.  If you get to close to him, you'll get hurt, so 
watch out.  He may try to suck you in close, so you'll need to stay a good 
distance away from him.  He will also spit up rocks on you, disgusting and 
lethal.  When his snake-like tounge comes out to try and bite you, attack it 
to destroy him.  If you get to the end of the path, it'll start moving back 
and forth.  If it was smart, it would just crush you.  >_>

When your done, you'll move to the room in the left.  It contains the Warp 
device that attaches to your armlet.  Use it on that odd spot on the ground to
warp back to the beginning.  Head down the stairs and exit the wind shrine.

When your out, head down the stairs and jump off the cliff.  Head a bit to the 
west. Just after the small waterfall in the rocks to the south jump down to the
second cliff area.  Use your new Warp Device.  Now head west, then south to a 
set of stairs.  Take the stairs, all the time minding the insane amount of 
bees, and other monsters around.  Go straight up to the next set of stairs, 
then head southwest for another set of stairs.  Now go to the west side, and 
head south down to the second mountain area.  

Here you can and will fall off the sides if your not careful. So be careful! 
Theres also Imps coming at you from gargoyles  Theres no stopping them so 
just ignore them.  Go south.  Jump down the cliff, or simply take the stairs 
down.  Continue south, until you can go no further.  Now head west as far as 
you can go.  Then its north time.  Go north as far as you can go.  Now east! 
Head east, and jump off the cliff on the east side then enter the Crater cave.

Start out by going left, then down the stairs.  Jump over the spikes and head 
down the next set of stairs around to the pool of magma.  Jump over and kill 
the Mage for the gold key.  Use it on the door up ahead of you.

In this room, you'll need to jump off the cliff to the left.  It must be the 
left!  Jump off the left of this cliff too.  Mind the knight, and grab the 
green key in the chest.  Now hop down from the cliff your on.  
Here is two imps, two bats and a giant.  Kill them all to activate the 
teliporer.  GO through the newly opened teliporter.

Your back in the room you were in before, so head back over the magma pool and
through the already opened door.  

Jump straight down.  Now head through the green door.  

Go down and to the left, watching as the guards jump at you.  Kill them all 
plus the fireball to open a way to the next room.  After you do kill them, 
take the teliporter that appears by the starting doorway.  Grab the key in 
the chest, then teliport back.  Run to the left between the now open pathway 
in the spiked floors, and go up the stairs to the next room.

Heres a toughie.  If you fall off the edges, you'll loose a chunk of your 
health, so don't fall off anything.
Start out by hitting the button on the left of you to activate one of the 
moving platforms.  Then wait for the platform to the north of you to come, 
then jump on it.  Look out for the Mages everywhere.  Jump to the platform on 
your left when you get the chance, then onto the floor.  Wait for the next 
northern platform to come to you, and jump on it.  Wait for it to time up with
the horizontally moving platform and switch to that one.  When its over to the
far right, jump onto the floor.  Its a lot easier said then done.  Go through 
the red door, and fight the boss.

The Old Dragon can be pretty tough.  His body is below you, while his head 
sticks up to where you are, and that's his weak point.  Efreet can be summend 
by most of his attacks, but offers no help, as he is immune to fire attacks of
any kind.  He will try to bite you if your close enough, otherwise he will 
attack with a tri-fireball, or flamethrower attacks.  Quick multi-attacks work
best it seems.

When your done, the dragon will be non-exsistant now, and the room will have 
another moving platform!  Jump on it to reach the odd light door.  
Congratulations!  Walk up the stairs and talk to the black cube to receive the 
shadow spirit, Shade.

What's this?  Your not out of the shrine yet?  Well, then get out, because its 
falling apart!  fireballs are everywhere, this crater is erupting!  Oh no!

Start by leaving the boss room, you can hear it tumbling down, cant you?
Quickly run and jump over to the platform below you.  Do the same to the next 
as well.  Head down to the next room.  Use Shades claws to grapple the pole on
the other platform then head to the teliporter on the right.  Use the 
teliporter that you teliported next to, then leave the room via the door next 
to you.

Jump down the cliff and take the teliporter up.  Head back through the door 
above the magma pool and jump back down on the left side.  Use Shades claws on
the pole, like before, and head left to the next screen.  Jump down the cliff 
and crawl through the exit you see next to the glass pillar.

Now that your safe, run to the west.  Go to the northern part of this cliff, 
and jump to the next.  Follow this cliffway to the next gap and jump it.
Now jump to the cliff to the north, then the west a few times until you reach
the next area.  

Climb the stairs and reach the old Sage.  Talk to him for a ring, how nice.
Talk to him again for an explanation on the necklace you found a while ago 
and a warning of the Silver Armlet.  A warp spot will appear between the sets 
of stairs south of you, so use it to arrive on the beach.

Follow the water and head around the beach.  First south, then east, then 
north up the stairs, minding all monsters.  Once uptop the stairway ramp, head
west then north up another set of stairs.  Now go east, into the forest.

Run and jump off the cliff to the east.  Continue running until you reach a 
stairway leading up another cliff, take the stairs.  Go east until you reach 
a fork.  Go north.

Head to the stairway in the northeast, and hang a right, following the edge of
the cliff.  Go north to the mountain side wall, and follow that west.

Keep running west, all the while, keeping an eye on the zombies that come up 
from the ground.  When you reach the end of the path, head down south a tad, 
then follow the pathway east.  When your at the farthest you can go, head 
south, to find a stairway leading up the next cliffside.  

Stand on the stairs and face south.  Fire a light ball to open a warp.
Jump off the cliff you'll warp to by the doorway into the forest shrine.
Go in the doorway.

In the Forest Shrine, theres unlit wall torches everywhere.  You need to light
them all so the sub-boss will appear.  So having Efreet out or a fire weapon 
will help greatly.  Also, if you have a bow and arrow weapon handy, save it!

You'll start off in a closed room fighting 3 Gargoyles.  Kill them all to open
the door on the left.   So go through it.

Here is a room with rolling spikes everywhere, and a fake-chest.  Destroy the 
fake-chest for the a real chest to drop.  Open it for a key.  Light the torch 
here then head back to the first room.

Go through the wooden door on the right side of the room.  You'll be bombarded
with rats.  Your goal is to kill the giant that drops down by the door for a 
key.  Make sure to light the torch before leaving this room via the wooden 

Run straight to the right, ignoring all the guards ready to jump you.

Here, three shooting towers will drop down.  Kill them for 30 bombs.  Head 
back to the room on the right after summoning shade.

destroy the Ice pillar and use shades grapple claw on the poll that's located on
the platform on the left.  Grab the gold key then head back to the room on the

Go through the wooden door, and grab the key that's in the chest.  Leave back to
the previous room.  Then head back to the room to the left.  Light the torch 
and head through the blue door.

Heres another room with floating platforms.  It also has unlit campfires.  
Light the one your right next to, then hop on the horizontally moving 
platform to reach the unlit campfire on the left side.  Light that, then 
head back to the platform where you started.  From here you can hop on a 
vertically moving platform, that will bring you to a ledge and another 
horizontally moving platform in the north side of this room.  Hop on the 
right platform, and light the campfire below you.  

Then head to the next room in the right for an unlit wall torch.  
Light that up then head back to the campfire room.

Run up to the blocked doorway.  Then run to the gap with the moving platform 
in the middle.  Time your jump to the platform, and then jump off the moving 
platform to a regular platform on the top-left side of the room.  Light the 
campfire and get ready to fight some tentacle monsters.  They have multiple 
lives, I'm sure you know, so take them all out for the door on the top-right 
of the room to open.  Head through the door to the next room.

Grab the yellow key in the chest, light the torch, then move back out to the 
campfire room.

Hop over back to the left side again, and go through the wooden door.

Head up the stairs, grab the key in the chest, light the torch, and head back 
down and out.

Follow the platforms out of this room, and track back all the way back to the 
room where you entered the shrine.

Head up through the left side door.  Hop over the rolling spikes and go 
through the green doorway.

Watch out for rolling rocks here, one lane moves faster then the other.  But 
the lower lane contains more rocks.  Jump over the row of spiked flooring in 
the middle and grab the key in the chest.  Now keep heading left past the 
spikes and rocks, then head north past the stairs, to find a fire blocking 
your path. Summon Efreet and head down the stairs.  Blow away the Ice pillar 
to the left, and head in the next room.

You'll almost instantly be attacked by 6 different sized tentacle monsters.  
Kill them all for a few drops of water to summon Dytto from, and a red key 
in a chest.  Light the torch before you leave.

Head back up the stairs, and use Dyttos bubble attack to put out the flame 
blocking you.  Summon Efreet from the other flame then head through the wooden

Have efreet take care of the zombies.  Theres about 15 of them.  Light the 
torch after they're all dead, then head through the newly opened door.

Head up the stairs, then light the torch.  Hit the button to hear a crash, 
then leave back to the ex-zombie pit.  

You'll find a small hole on the top-left wall.  Crawl to get through.
Head up the stairs, and grab the key in the chest.  Light the torch before you

When your back in the zombie room, head back up to the room with the button.  
Go through the blue door that's up the stairs.  

You'll find two boulders.  Push the one on the right up, and then to the right
so its onto the button.  This will open the next door.  Grab the red key from
the chest, then run down the path to the right.  Light the torch on your way.
When you reach the teliporter pad, you'll be transported to the cliff over the
zombie pit.

Head down, past the arrows.  Jump down the cliff, and into the room south of 
you.  Jump past the rolling spikes, down into the beginning room.

Take the door on the right this time, and head up past the rat room.  Go up 
the stairs, and into the campfire room.  Follow the moving platforms, and go 
though the door on the top left.

Go up the stairs, and into the doorway.  Your now on the overcliff looking 
down onto the room you were in before.  Summon shade if you need him.  Light 
the torch, then grab your third red key from the chest.  Now you have 
everything you need to fight the sub-boss.  Head through the teliporter to 
reach the beginn-err...the sub-boss room.

All doors will close, but the spikes around the room will stay.  Lucky you.
Out drops another rock-beast.  Its just like you fought before, so you the 
same strategy you did in the rock cave.

When your done, all doors will open, so go through the one you haven't been 
through yet, in the middle.

Use your first red key in the red door.  Then move on.

Only stop for the chest on the left of this room if you do not have a bow and 
arrow weapon.  It contains the Death Sword, witch will greatly help you defeat
the boss.  Of course, like I said, its the easiest with a bow and arrow set.
Now, move on by using the second red key in the second red door.

Here is your choices, you can summon Shade from the glass if you want a bit of
protection.  Dytto from the dripping water if you need healing, or the most 
useful, Efreet from the torches to help fend off the boss.  Its up to you. 
Efreet is the easiest to use, and if you don't have a bow and arrow set handy, 
its gunna be a toughie.  When you've made your choice, use the last red key, on
yup you guessed it, the last red door!  Enter the boos room.

In the boos room, your standing on the edge platform, with tiny moving 
platforms moving in different directions.  Your goal is to get top the center 
of the room and attack the Old Sage.  He will summon odd creatures to attack 
you for him, and he will also shoot out a spiral of electric energy balls to 
hit you with.  Guess what smart guy, they hurt!  So, while jumping from 
platform to platform, you also need to dodge his attacks/minions.
Shade can help save your life if you fall off the platforms into the bottomless
pit, but Efreet and ward off the creatures, or even the Sage himself.
But the easiest way to go, is just stay where you are, and constantly shoot 
arrows at him from afar!  You don't even need to get close champ!  If you 
picked up an atomic(ATM) bow, it'll only take three hits, but curse you for 
not following my guide.

When you beat him, you can congratulate yourself if you did it without a bow. 
God knows I never tried it.  Now, follow the platforms to the north side, and 
jump to reach a spirit door.  Go through it like always, then climb the 
stairs, talk to the green cube to receive your last spirit.  Bow!  
He reminds me of myself, always hungry.

Head south towards the castle.  So Jump off the cliff and go to the stairs to 
the east.  Once up on the next cliff, hang a right turn after going east, to 
the south pathway.  Jump down the two sets of cliffs and head to the eastern 

When at the castle grounds, there will be rats and guards crawling everywhere,
and you cant gain entrance to the castle, so head south.  Go as far south as 
you can until you reach a hut by the boat dock.  Go in it.  Go past the 
people and crawl into the fireplace.  Summon Bow and have him bite down the 
gates.  Go through, and jump down the cliff.  Continue north.  Yet another 
cliff to jump down, but you must go on.  After jumping all the cliffs, I 
wonder why you bother with going up the stairs to the castle basement!

When in the castle, jump down and head to the stairs on the upper-left.

After you climb the stairs, go straight right to the next set of stairs to the
over pass.  I'm sure you know your way to the throne from here, you did it 
before.  Watch out for a few knights on the overpass, and continue up to see 
your pop.

You'l be attacked by the Silver Armlet, and he'll ask you to get a cube in 
return for your sister.  He'll knock you back, and you'll fall through the 
waterfall.  You'll fall into the beginning of the dungeon of the castle.  
You'll see a spirit door, but you cant get to it, your to stunned and the 
current is too strong!  You gotta find your way back up there.

Let the current bring you down a few screens, until you reach a small, hole.
Head through it.  You'll be in the drainage area.  Crawl upwards then to the 
right, and out through the exit on the south hole to the right of the one you 
came in.  

You'll arrive in a room filled with zombies.  Kill them all for a key.  Head 
back out to the room that of witch you came.  Just follow the drains there.
When your back out, head up the stairs to the left, summon Bow and go through 
the wooden door.  Follow the path to the left, and have bow comp down the gate
so you can pass.  Head back a screen and summon Shade from the glass.

Head down through the door, and pass the room you enter and go through the 
small crawlspace.  You'll be back in the drainage ditch.  GO hard to the right,
and try to get yourself to the next line.  Let the current flow you down a bit
as your still hitting right.  You still need to enter the area on the far 

Here, you'll be swarmed by beetles and zombies, and the fires are blocking 
your exit.  Head to the left side, and use shade to grab the chests on the 
far platform for a blue key.  Use Dytto to put out the flames.  Then kill all
the monsters for a green key.  Head out the right drain.  

Head to the far left.  Back to the place where you first entered the drains.
Exit the drain at the far left exit, and head up the stairs to the green door.

Skip this room, and head to the drain entrance on the left.  When in there, go
to your first right.

This room you'll be trapped in with a s Spirit Eater.  Call out Dytto to put 
out the flame by the door.  Head through the door once its out.

You'll be on the cliff you saw back at the beginning, so use Dytto to put out 
the two fires to the north of where you are now.  Call bow from across the 
platforms, to eat out the gate.  Call Efreet before advancing.

Use efreet to melt the ice pillar, go back and re-summon Bow, then advance, 
climb the stairs.  Head left, watching for zombies, and enter the next area.  

Head down the stairs, and call Bow to sit on the button as best he can. 
As long as the button is pressed, the pathway is cleared of rolling boulders.
Head up to the next screen.  

Follow the overpass to avoiding Snakes and Bats, to the next area.  

Head down the stairs, to reach the spirit door!  Use Dytto to get rid of the 
blocking waterfall.  

When in the room, talk to the giant spinning cube.  Make sure you have a free 
spot in your items.  Grab the dropped L. Cube.  Then teliport out.

Go talk to the King to hear his last words, then head out the castle.  Jump 
off the castle overpass if you took the roof exit.  Then head east.

As soon as you get to the field, go north, to the newly created stairway.  
Climb them to reach the next area.

Continue north, avoiding monsters.  Climb the stairs and head north to the 

Run north, up the two sets of stairs, past two giants, and summon Shade from 
the Crystal.  Jump down from the cliff,  and run south, until you reach 
another set of stairs.  Climb them and go north.  Run past a giant, and up two
more sets of stairs.  Now head west then north, watching for falling giants.
Enter the next area north.

Go west as far as you can, then east as far as you can, then use shade to get 
across the gap.  Continue east then north, up the stairs.  Jump off the cliff 
on the west side, then run to the west side.  Run up the stairs and go north 
to find your sister.  You'll hand over the cube to Sliver Armlet, and he'll 
return your sister, then leave inside the cave.  Your lil' sis will hand over 
a medallion, and then, AFTER the danger is passed, the castle guards show up 
to "save" the princess.  -_-  
Well, after that's all done, head inside after the Silver Armlet.

First room, ok.  A few bats, two knights, and 3 guards.  Kill them all to open
the door.  

Next, your in a room with rolling boulders.  Grab the Arrows from the chest 
and shoot them so you can advance north.  Just watch out for the knights at 
the top.

The next room is similar to the running water room in the Water Temple, just 
before the Spider fight.  But the water is going in the direction you want.  
Just find a way to get to the north end of the room.  Then, fall down the 

Here you'll need to beat, 4 mice, 3 towers and 2 giants to pass.  When your 
done, stairs leading out of the pit will open up for you.  When you climb 
them, you'll be attacked by about 5 guards.  Defeat them for the wall to 
open up leading to the next room.

You don't wanna stay in this room long, so quickly jump off the cliff in the 
top left side.  Now, run along the path, jumping over the water without 
stopping.  When you reach the end, take care of the knight to the north 
blocking your path, then proceed.

Here, simply avoid the boulders and fish, and summon Dytto before heading to 
the north room.  

Have Dytto put out the fires, then avoid the incoming beetle attack.  The last
fire brings down a giant.  Head down the stairs, then jump to the northern 
platform.  Jump from that platform to the next.  Avoid the giant on the one 
platform.  Continue jumping on the platforms until you reach the next screen.

Take out the bomber, then summon Efreet from the fire, to melt the ice pillar.
Go back to the platform with the giant in the previous area, and summon Bow.

Now head back to the next room.  Head down the now free stairway, and use Bow 
to open the bars.  He should chew out the guard on the other side as well.  
Jump two platforms to the east, and enter the next area.

Moving platforms and sparks.  Don't touch the spark monsters.  They'll multiply
on you.  
Jump one platform to the south, then to the one in the east with the guard.
Keep jumping east to the big platform, then south.  Now go east once again.

Fight off three giants, then hit the switch that appears.  Head back out to 
the spark room.

Jump on the moving platform and it'll bring you to the area with a guard.  
Take out the guard while your waiting for the next moving platform.  Take it 
when it comes.  Jump off on the south platform and enter the room on the other

Tentacles everywhere here.  Avoid them while heading to the south side by 
jumping to platform to platform.  Hit the button at the south wall to drop 
bombs clearing the once rocky path up the stairs.  Follow that path west.

Grab the red key, then make your way back to the spark room.

When in the spark room, follow the platforms to the top-right.  Then head 
through the red door.

Take care of the two guards that'll be there.  Summon Efreet and have him 
take the right path, while you take the left.  Let him light the torch at 
the top so the door will open.  Head through it.

Here you are capable of summoning any spirit as it has a flame, steam, a plant
and a crystal!  It also has 5 guards, so avoid them.  Head to the room on the 

5 platforms are here.  One has a button, the other four have four summoning 
items.  Hit the button in the middle for a button on the other platforms to 
appear.  Hit the other buttons according the order in that of when you 
received your spirits.  When your done, a pathway leading north will open up 
in the previous room, so take it.

Here it is, a more Badass boss then the Skull.  The Non-Entity.  Hes just a 
face in the void between the shadow and human world.  You cant bring the 
spirits here.  Bummer I know.  
His third Eye is his weakness.  To open it, shine a light ball on him.
He may bomb you, or try sucking you into a painful vortex or darkness.  Hell 
this guy is so badass he even shoots lasers out of his third eye!

Defeat him to fall to the sacred garden.  Dodge the rocks, and go east.

Mind the spiked floors while killing all the monsters to get a yellow key.  
Then head down south.

You'll be charged by a knight, so take him down.  Kill the bomber for some 
bombs.  Hit the switch south of the stairs so the steam stops.  Head up the 
stairs and use a bomb on the button below you.  This will open the door on 
the west side.  Re-hit the switch so the steam shoots out again, summon Shade 
and head through the door.

Climb the stairs and head through the wooden door.  
Have Shade bring you across the gap, and then press the button.  Go back 
across the gap, then head to the bottom.  Hit the button, then climb up the 
two sets of stairs for a chest.  It contains the red key.  Head back out.

Go back across the gap, then head north.  

Take a turn west, and summon Dytto from a blob below you.  Then head south 
from the west exit.  

Have Dytto put out the fire.  Ignore the sparks and spirit eater, and head 
down the stairs and to the west.  

If you don't have a fire weapon, you'll need to do some fighting.  Take care 
of the Dino that it there, then all the shooting towers.  Summon Efreet from 
the fire monster that appears, and have him remove the ice pillar blocking your
way.  Then head west.

Dodge the zombies and head up north.  Your now on the other side of the room 
you started in.  Continue north.

Head up the path, minding the spear wielding guard, the knight, the pair of 
arching guards and the Dino, and go through the Red door into the castle.

Get the bomb guards to light the torches for you if your unable to here.
Kill all the guards for a gold key at the top of the stairs.  Hit the left 
switch at the lower platform only.  Summon Efreet and head up the left stairs 
and through the door.

Here, you'll need to press some buttons for some moving platforms to activate.
Go up to the one north of you, jump on it, then jump off to the button in the 
northeast.  Run and jump to the area on the right.  Jump on the moving 
platform north of you, then jump off when you reach the door.  Light the 
torch, hit the button, and hop on the now moving platform to the left.  Jump 
off when you reach the closed door.  Push the button and light the torch for 
it to open.  Head through.

Take a U-turn around to the doorway to the right of you, and head to the next 

Watch for bombers, and the knight and run to the southern exit on the right.

Quickly run south jumping over the spikes, and dodge the tentacle monsters.  
Hitting the button on your way only prevents them from coming later.  Exit 
south outside the castle.

Head around the pit to the right.

A swordsman may jump down if you get close to the wall, so beware.  Grab the 
chest that's around the corner for a green key.  Head back to the area on the 

Now you jump down that pit. Hurray!

Hit the switch, and the door in the middle will open.  Finally.  Jump down and
head through it.

Grab the blue key, and head back out.  Go back up the stairs and through the 

Follow the platforms to the upper-right, and make your way into the green door
and to the next area.

You'll be trapped via flames, and be swarmed with Mages. And theres a lot I 
tell you.  Defeat them all, and head through the now open door in the north.
Shoot your light ball down the center path of this room and enter the warp.

From hear, head to the area on the left, and grab shade from the crystal. Head
back to the right, inside the castle.  

Stand on the button you see and use doppelganger to reach the button to the 
north at the same time.  Grab the upper chest that appears for the red key, 
then jump down the cliff on the north.  Go through the right door.

Dodge the monsters as last time and head through the south door on the right.

Theres no tentacle monsters here if you pushed the button last time.  
So head out south.

Jump down the pit again.  It should be illegal its so much fun!

Go through the blue door.  Then take a right when on the overpass of the other

Kill the swordsman,  and take care of the ice pillars.  But keep shade with 
you.  If you must use Efreet for this, make sure you leave one pillar to 
summon shade from.  Use Shades doppelganger to take a sneak peak of what is 
coming to you.  Have him go north, and hit the button past the spikes for them
to open up.  Make sure you know what monsters are waiting.
Now go north, taking care of the giant, and guards waiting for you.  Watch for
the knight, imps, the spirit eater, and really look out for the Dinos.  When 
your done, head to the room in the west.

Watch out for the bombers up here on the overpass, and have shade bring you 
across the gap, then head to the left.

Jump down the cliff, and onto a grassy field.  Altho, what grass is doing 
growing out of a stone castle, is beyond me.  Its probably mold.  Head south.
Take care of the guard waiting for you, and summon Bow.  Take care of the 
spirit eater if you must, then use Bow to take down the grate.  Enter the 
newly opened door.

Get Dytto ready here, then head to the right.  Put out the fire, then summon 
shade.  Head up the stairs.

Use doppelganger ASAP when in the next room.   Have shade hit the button at 
the north end to stop the flow of monsters and kill the sharpshooters.  You'll
be left with a knight and about 4 towers to kill if you did it quickly enough.
Head north and enter the red door.  Prepare to fight the final boss.  Yes, its

He'll give you a speech, as always, and he'll chicken out and float above you 
while you fight his monsters.  A giant, a Dino, a swordsman and a knight all 
at the same time!  Ouch.  Defeat him, and then Silver Armlet will fight you 
himself.  Shade or Dytto or pretty useful here.  Bow can help a lot more too.

When your fighting him, he will dodge your attack just like a Dino monster, 
but moreso.  He can stab you with his own extending dagger, and summon random 
monsters. Its almost impossible to hit him normally, so try it while he's 
summoning. He can also release the light from his armlet to stun you with, so 
beware.  The monsters he summons will disappear after a short time, so ignore 
When your done, he will congratulate you and leave through the north door.  
Are you gunna sit back and have some tea and biscuits?  Or are you gunna go in 
after him!?  Yes, your going in after him, my guide says so.

You'll see the Silver Armlet.  What's that!?  Its transformed, into the God, 
Agito!  Run!  OK, you cant run, your locked in.  Just yay.  Guess you gotta 
fight, dang.

Tentacles will shoot up from either side of the water pool.  No, its no hentai
video, sadly, you must destroy the tentacles so Agito will stick out his neck.
Two to four tentacles can come up at once, and they do recover if you don't 
kill them all quickly.  They also shoot acid, so attack them from below or the 
top.  When they're all gone Agito will stick out his head, so swipe at it with 
whatever you got, don't hold back.  He may shoot fire from his mouth, so 
beware.  And small slime monsters (more dirty thoughts)will kamakazi you if 
you get near, so watch out for them.  The head is your main objective.
Great tip, you can get behind his head, making it harder for him to attack you
and bring it back in to summon tentacles.  Its also easier to attack him there.

When you beat this thing, he will explode and die.  Then the Silver armlet 
will fall.  He will then reveal himself.  Like all great guides, I cant tell 
you who it is.  Sorry folks.  But prepare for a great cutscene  or two, and 
the credits, along with your play results.

Mine for the game I was playing while writing this guide is located in the 
next section.


If you followed my guide, you should be done within 2 hours.  Sweet no?

My results as playing the game while writing this guide:

TIME: 2h 52m 24s
RANK: 27
MAX H.P: 252
MAX S.P: 260
KILLS: 635
JEWELS: 32/60

CLASS: Myrmidon

As you can tell, I did some extra stuff not mentioned in the guide.  Its quite
hard playing a game while typing on your computer at the same time.

This time also got on my best 5 time list, as #1.  Just wait until I follow my
own guide, I'll sure to be much faster.

Fastest Time:
TIME: 1h 42m 22s
MAX H.P: 200
MAX S.P: 195
KILLS: 281
JEWELS: 19/60

CLASS: Super Hero

I did go out of my way a few times to grab a few jewels.   I also forgot a key in 
Agitos castle.  
This was done on the 10th anniversary of the games release in the US.

Speed Tips

Double tap the walk button to run.  
Trust me, some people don't know about this. -_-

When Jumping off cliffs, you'll crouch before you actually jump.  You can 
cancel this out by pressing the jump button just as you begin to crouch.
It'll end up as an instant jump.

Armoured Knights:
These guys will charge at you when at a distance.  Use that to your advantage
and put another monster between you two for a clean kill.

More to be added when I think of them.

Legal expression

Copyright 2005 Dane Spencer.

This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

Currently only - - is allowed to host this guide.
If others are to be allowed in the future, they will be added to a list in 
this file.  But they will be responsible for keeping it up to date.  

8) Special thanks

Me, for being an all around cool dude.
My mother, for going through labor.
Sega, for rocking so much,and making this great game.
Slipknot18 (gamefaqs), for urging me to finish by my deadline.
Me again, for playing this game.