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    Beyond Oasis
    Text Dump Version 1.0
    Sega Genesis
    By: Blueberry Buttface
    Text Dump
    Oh!!!Kari Serihu!
    I am Dytto, a water spirit. Water has the power to purify and can wash away 
    I swear that I am devoted to my master. I will come to serve you when I see the 
    light ball on the surface of the water. 
    Hi, Ali! 
    Hi, Ali.  What kind of junk did you dig up today? 
    Digging in the mud again, Ali? Excavations, you say?  What's the difference? 
    Oh, Ali.  Nice armlet.  Where'd you find it? 
    Prince Ali, are you all right? I don't know who they were, but you were their 
    target. They may have attacked the castle as well.  You must check on your 
    Ali, I have a special today! Why don't you take a look? 
    Ali defeated the hostile group which attacked him, and hurried to see his 
    He found Dytto, a spirit of water who had been sleeping in the Water Shrine. 
    Efreet is my name.  I am fire which burns away anything unclean.  The Gold 
    Armlet is my master. 
    Hey, take me to the ruins next time!  Please! 
    There have been many strangers around here lately.  I don't like them. 
    I appear from the void to become your shadow.  My name is Shade. I pledge my 
    allegiance to you, Gold Armlet.  You may summon me from your own reflection. 
    I'm Bow!  You are my master. I can be found inside plants. Call me when there's 
    lots to eat! 
    He found Efreet, a spirit of fire who had been sleeping in the Waterfall 
    He captured the enemy base and sneaked onto a ship staying in the harbor. 
    Ali defeated the gargoyles.  He headed his boat in the direction where Silver 
    Armlet disappeared. 
    He defeated the monsters in the cave and picked up a necklace which had a 
    mysterious radiance. 
    He left for the wall fortress to continue after Silver Armlet. 
    He defeated the monsters in the fortress and got the Warp Device. 
    He defeated the old dragon in the crater and found Shade, a spirit of shadow in 
    the Shrine of Darkness. 
    It is said that there is a hidden Shrine where a Spirit sleeps.  Ali, go up 
    along the river to find the Shrine. 
    He found Bow, a spirit of plants who had been sleeping in Forest Shrine. 
    The stream lead into a dungeon under the castle. 
    He obtained the Large Cube. 
    Ali, did you find out who they are?  It is our responsibility to deal with 
    these rebels. 
    Ali defeated the monster in the non-entity, and fell into a depth of 
    Many ages ago, a devastating battle was waged in the shadowlands of the Kingdom 
    of Oasis.  It was between two powerful sorcerers, Reharl and Agito.  Both 
    sorcerers drew special powers from their magical Armlets.  Reharl used his Gold 
    Armlet to govern the spirits. Agito used his Silver Armlet to create chaos and 
    destruction.  The epic battle destroyed them both.  The Armlets were presumed 
    to be lost as well.   
    Ali, I am calling to you. Please, pick me up. 
    I am what remains of this Gold Armlet.  I now entrust its power to you, for you 
    have been chosen to undergo a difficult task. The Gold Armlet has its pair: a 
    Silver Armlet, which has possessed the soul of another. He will lead Oasis to 
    ruin if you do not stop him. The powers of the Gold Armlet are now yours to 
    wield. Find the four spirits this Gold Armlet governs, and stop the evil 
    ambition of the one with the Silver Armlet. 
    Prince Ali, good luck! 
    Ali, have you been to the Water Shrine? Go to the east through the village.  
    The Spirit is a trustworthy partner for you. 
    My master, Gold Armlet, show me your light ball. 
    Prince Ali!  Welcome back! 
    The King and the Princess are waiting for you in the main hall up the stairs. 
    Ali, please go and read the books hidden in the back room before you go.  I'm 
    sure they will help you. 
    Welcome back, my son!  Let me see what you found. Hmmm, I've heard this story 
    before...if this is really the Gold Armlet, then IT was the reason for that 
    strange attack today. The Gold Armlet governs the wild spirits.  Ali, go find 
    the spirit sleeping in the Water Shrine. 
    So you found the Water Spirit? Then the story must be true! I have instructed 
    the soldiers to find out who these strangers are.  I will receive a report 
    sometime later. Ali, you must go to the East Waterfall before the soldiers come 
    back.  There must be another Shrine where a spirit sleeps.  Find it to fulfill 
    your destiny. 
    Ali, the soldiers reported that some strange groups are camped out in the field 
    northeast of the Water Shrine. You must investigate the area before they hurt 
    the villagers. 
    Gold Armlet, you are brave to come here.  But unfortunately, I have no time to 
    fool with you. I am Silver Armlet.  You cannot stop me, and you will be sorry 
    you tried! 
    He caught a faint conversation from downstairs. ...is it to the north? Yes, in 
    the wall fortress. It is the key to go to the west crater to see Shade... 
    Ali, what did you dig up today? 
    Ali, it's you!  It has been a long time!  Did you find anything interesting? 
    Are you all right, Ali?  I saw a strange group in the village and I was worried 
    about you. It's not safe to wander around outside. 
    I have not seen you lately, Ali.  Where have you been? 
    Hello, Ali.  Do excavations still interest you? 
    You've caught up with me much earlier than I expected.  Well, let me reward 
    you. Somewhere in this castle, there is a device which can move you through a 
    warp of time and space.  I don't need it, but you will. Show me your power, 
    Gold Armlet.  You must defeat my minions to gain access to the Warp Device! 
    Welcome, Prince.  Yes, I know everything.  This is yours. That ring is a great 
    help to you. 
    The necklace you found belongs to Princess Gwyn, your elder sister. As you 
    know, she's been missing for over ten years.  This may mean she is still alive. 
    Now, go back to the castle. Silver Armlet wants something from inside it, and 
    you must hurry to protect your family. 
    It was a sudden attack!  Is the King all right? 
    The underground passage there leads to the dungeons of the castle, but the 
    entrance is blocked by a grille. 
    My grandpa said that there is a Shrine in the northeast forest.  Inside it is a 
    monster that eats up anything! 
    Go north once past the East Gate.  You will find a large cave in the mountain. 
    Ha-ha-ha!  Hello, Gold Armlet. I'll trade you a Princess for a Large Cube 
    hidden somewhere inside this castle. Come to Mt. Allat with the Large Cube and 
    I will trade you for your younger sister. 
    You broke my Seal.  I am the origin of Agito's power and the keeper of his 
    soul.  His ancient evil can be awakened by me. 
    Oh, Ali...it's you. You found the Large Cube? It is evil, and I hoped it would 
    never be recovered from the dungeon. Ali, you must do what you think is right.  
    We...we are all counting on you... 
    Prince Ali, we will get to the cave as soon as we can. 
    Love is beautiful, isn't it? Ha-ha-ha!  Give me the Large Cube first. 
    Good.  Now the Princess is yours.  Take care of your precious sister, she tends 
    to get lost easily! 
    I'm sorry, you were unable to do anything against that foul creature because of 
    me... I know that nothing I can say will stop you from following, but... Please 
    take this for good luck. Come back safe and sound, Ali. 
    Prince!  Princess!  Are you all right?  It's dangerous around here.  Please go 
    back to the castle, Princess. 
    Welcome to the non-entity, Gold Armlet. This is the border between the shadow 
    and the human world. You cannot use the Armlet's power here.  This is the end 
    of your journey! 
    I have been waiting for you. It's been an interesting game...but now it's time 
    to finish it.  You cannot stop the revival of the Creator of the Silver Armlet, 
    my master, Agito! 
    Well done.  I must reward you for your persistence, Gold Armlet! I reward you 
    with your death! 
    You...won.  I misjudged your superior...abilities. But...you will not defeat 
    Agito.  He has returned to resume his throne! 
    Oh...oh...It's you, Ali. It's me, your elder sister, Gwyn. I...heard your 
    voice... but...I could do nothing... I was possessed. Finally, I got back my... 
    I feel the power filling the world.  Thank you, my master, Gold Armlet.  You 
    saved our world. 
    But now we must remain here. 
    I am proud to have both fought for you and beside you.  You shall be remembered 
    Bow had fun time! Now this Warp will bring you home. Good-bye, friend Ali! 
    Ali...wait. I destroyed things and killed people... Even though I was possessed 
    and controlled...I must make atonement for my sin. Ali, tell this to everyone. 
    Agito and the Silver Armlet minion have been destroyed forever.  They will 
    never endanger Oasis again. 
    Now, let me say good-bye... and...thank you...my brother. 
    Big Attack/Small Attack
    Press or tap Button B to attack the enemies.  Ali jumps when C button is 
    tapped, and ducks when Button C is held. 
    Ali runs to the direction of the D-Pad.  Ali jumps when Button C is tapped, and 
    ducks when Button C is held. 
    Spin Attack
    One of the special attacks with a dagger.  D-Pad Forward, Left, Back, Right + 
    Button B held. 
    Rolling Slash
    A special attack with the dagger. D-Pad Forward, Back, Forward + Button B held. 
    Double Rolling Slash
    Enhanced attack of Rolling Slash. 
    Chaotic Sword Slash
    A special attack with a sword. D-Pad Forward, Left, Back, Right, Forward, Back, 
    Forward + Button B held. 
    Magic Bubble
    Tap Button A to generate a bubble that stuns enemies.
    Tap Button A twice.
    Magic Storm
    Hold Button A for 1 second to attack all enemies with a water tornado.
    Press A,B and C buttons together to cancel the summons 
    Flame Breath
    Tap Button A to create a stream of fiery breath.
    Fireball Attack
    Tap Button A twice to turn Efreet into a fireball.
    Melt Bomber
    Hold Button A for 1 second to cause a fire inundation.
    Press A,B and C buttons together to cancel the summons 
    Dark Claw
    Tap Button A.  Shade attacks enemies with his claws. Also can be used to 
    grapple out of reach items.
    Hold Button A for 1 second to generate a duplicate which can move around the 
    area. Ali becomes invincible.
    Press A,B and C buttons together to cancel the summons 
    Bite Attack
    Tap Button A to make Bow bite his enemies.
    Move Underground
    Tap Button A twice to call Bow to where Ali is standing. Bow moves underground 
    Poison Pollen
    Hold Button A for 1 second. Bow blows up, scattering poison pollen which stuns 
    the enemies.
    Press A,B and C buttons together to cancel the summons 
    You have something nice, Ali. Give it to me in return for  this, okay? 
    Ali, you sure showed them! 
    Thank you, Ali. 
    What unsafe days! 
    I'm so afraid...I cannot go out alone. 
    Prince Ali.  I'm relieved to see you safe! Have you returned to your castle 
    yet? The King and the Princess must be worried about you. 
    What was that? 
    Teach me how to use a dagger next time, okay? 
    Too many strange things happen these days! 
    Prince Ali, I pray for your safety.  Be careful. 
    My bubbles can open this water gate, master. 
    I trust the soldiers guarding the castle.  Please be careful, brother. 
    Father is very worried about you...I am too.  Take care and come back safe and 
    I know you're very tough, but I'm still so worried. Please, please be 
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