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    FAQ by jatin

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                           * Blaster Master 2 FAQ *
     For          : Blaster Master 2
     System       : Sega Genesis
     By           : Jatin Bhatia
     E-mail       : jb_003_india@yahoo.com
     Started on   : July 07, 2003
     Completed on : July 22, 2003
     Version      : 1.0  
     Best viewed : NotePad, WordPad, Courier New, size 10, 800x600 resolution.
     This document is Copyright 2003 Jatin Bhatia. All rights reserved.
     Table Of Contents
     II.....About the game
     IV.....Game Menu
     VII....Game Genie Codes
     VIII...Frequently Asked Questions
     IX.....Version History
     XII....Contact info
     I. Introduction
     * This FAQ contains a little info on the game, controls and some of the 
       Game Genie codes for Blaster Master 2. It does not contains the mission
     * I have not tested all the codes myself, so there could be some fault.
       If you find a non-working code, please E-mail me. I do not take the 
       responsibility for any damage caused due to these game genie codes.
     * I would be glad to receive your contributions and suggestions, and
       you will be credited.
     II. About The Game
     Name         :    Blaster Master 2
     System       :    Sega Genesis
     Company      :    Sunsoft
     Released     :    1993
     Type         :    Shooter
     Genre        :    Action/Adventure
     Players      :    Single Player
     Language     :    English
     Blaster Master 2 is a sequel to Blaster Master, and although I have not 
     played the original, most people seem to think it is not that good. But
     still I found it to be a nice game to play for a couple of hours. You 
     play as Jason and control a robotic vehicle call S.O.P.H.I.A. in the game 
     and its your usual jump and shoot side-scroller game. For more info, you
     can see the reviews posted at Gamefaqs.com
     III. Story
     Taken from Blaster Master Home Page (http://bmhp.iwarp.com/BM2.htm) :
     It has been four years since Jason's Encounter with the Plutonium Boss 
     and the radioactive mutants under the Earth. His only reminder of the 
     incident is S.O.P.H.I.A., the vehicle he used to stop them, which he has 
     hidden in an abandoned barn. One day, one bolt of lightning struck the 
     house and caused the ceiling to crumble, knocking Jason unconscious. When 
     Jason woke up, S.O.P.H.I.A. was in pieces and the parts he had collected 
     from his first dealings with the Mutant Bosses were missing. Little does 
     Jason know that there are more lightning beings where the first one came 
     from and they are planning to destroy the Earth. The beings started 
     digging towards the Earth's core in order to shift the planet's weight 
     off its axis, leading to total annihilation. The parts from S.O.P.H.I.A. 
     are being used to create a robotic army to assist the being in 
     accomplishing their mission. Now, Jason must stop them, but he won't make 
     it without the help of S.O.P.H.I.A. Since he can't recover the parts, he 
     decided to redesign it to better prepare himself for the ordeal facing 
     him. After 29 days, S.O.P.H.I.A. was completely rebuilt and ready for 
     battle. Remembering where he saw the being's footsteps, Jason jumped in 
     his vehicle and headed towards the mountains where the challenge begins. 
     IV.  Game Menu
     Keep pressing the Start key until you reach the Blaster Master 2 logo 
     screen. If you do nothing now, the demo will start playing. Otherwise,
     press Start. You will reach a menu with following options :
     Start : To start playing the game
     Credits : The number of continues you get, choose from 2, 4 and 6.
     Side view Controls : To change the default side view controls.
     Over head Controls : To change the default over head controls.
     Sound Test : To listen to the various music and sounds of the game.
                  Press 'A' to play and 'B' to stop.
     V.  Controls
     These are the default controls of the game, and these can be changed.
     D-Pad : Directions, selecting the options in the menu.
     Start : Skipping intro, starting and pausing the game.
     Side view Controls-
     Button A : Normal fire
     Button B : Jump
     Button C : Special fire
     Over head Controls-
     Button A : Fire
     Button B : Turret left
     Button C : Turret right
     VI. Tips
     Not much here right now. Just keep firing and jumping. Just Kidding.
     * Use your simple fire splendidly. Its unlimited, so keep firing.
     * Use the special fire wisely. Don't use it against single enemies,
       wait for an area where there are a lot of enemies on screen, and 
       then use it.
     * Do increase the number of credits that you get at the Start menu.
       Of course don't do that if you want a challenge.
     * You don't need to kill every enemy. No need to play Rambo.
     * Try not to go back to an area, as the enemy will respawn 
     VII. Game Genie Codes
     1.  BVLT-JA5Y	
         Protection from most hazards (NOT IN TOP-VIEW MODE)
     2.  D5VA-GA90
         Medium falls don't hurt (DON'T COMBINE WITH CODES 15 AND 16)
     3.  ACBA-GAB2
         Start with 1 life
     4.  AGBA-GAB2
         Start with 2 lives
     5.  AWBA-GAB2
         Start with 5 lives	 
     6.  BGBA-GAB2
         Start with 10 lives
     7.  CRBA-GAB2
         Start with 20 lives
     8.  SCBT-GA5E
         Infinite lives (NOT IN TOP-VIEW MODE)	 
     9.  8H5A-H98G
         Jump about 6x normal height in vehicle
     10. 815A-H98G 
         Jump about 3x normal height in vehicle
     11. 895A-H98G
         Jump about 2x normal height in vehicle	 
     12. 9D5A-H98G
         Jump about 1-1/2x normal height in vehicle
     13. 9M5A-H98G
         Jump about 3/4x normal height in vehicle
     14. 9S5A-H98G
         Jump about 1/2x normal height in vehicle
     15. 9D5T-H99C + D5VA-GA90
         Jump about 2x normal height when walking and don't take
         damage from medium falls
     16. 9H5T-H99C + D5VA-GA90
         Jump about 1-1/2x normal height when walking and
         don't take damage from medium falls	
     17. 9S5T-H99C
         Jump about 3/4x normal height when walking
     18. 9X5T-H99C
         Jump about 1/2x normal height when walking
     19. B5ZT-GA9J
         Infinite 3-way fire
     20. CD0T-GA94 + BD0T-GA62
         Infinite hyper missiles	 
     21. CD1A-GA86
         Infinite 8-way lightnings
     22. B4FT-GA3G
         Infinite shields	 
     23. ABMT-JAHR
         Weapon icon adds 0 more to amt. you have
     24. AFMT-JAHR
         Weapon icon adds 1 more to amt. you have
     25. APMT-JAHR
         Weapon icon adds 3 more to amt. you have
     26. BKMT-JAHR
         Weapon icon adds 10 more to amt. you have	 
     27. CVMT-JAHR
         Weapon icon adds 20 more to amt. you have
     28. GKMT-JAHR
         Weapon icon adds 50 more to amt. you have
     29. NPMT-JAHR
         Weapon icon adds 99 more to amt. you have (max)
     30. ABMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 0 points to energy bar
     31. AFMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 1 point to energy bar	 
     32. AKMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 2 points to energy bar
     33. AVMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 4 points to energy bar
     34. AZMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 5 points to energy bar
     35. A3MA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 6 points to energy bar
     36. A7MA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 7 points to energy bar
     37. BBMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 8 points to energy bar	 
     38. BFMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 9 points to energy bar
     39. BKMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 10 points to energy bar
     40. BPMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 11 points to energy bar	 
     41. BVMA-JACW
         Heart icon adds 12 points to energy bar (max)
     42. VCFT-HGCG
         Shields last 10x normal time
     43. 2WFT-GWCG
         Shields last 5x normal time
     44. 5WFT-GLCG
         Shields last 3x normal time
     45. 7CFT-GGCG
         Shields last 2x normal time	 
     46. 9LFT-GACG
         Shields last 1/2x normal time
     47. Y8FT-GACG
         Shields last 1/3x normal time
     48. NWFT-GACG
         Shields last 1/5x normal time
     49. GLFT-GACG
         Shields last 1/10x normal time
     50. A3FT-AA82
         Infinite continue credits	 
     51. A3GA-AA5L
         Infinite time to decide whether to use a continue credit
     VIII.  Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ's)
     Of course no one has yet asked me anything, but this is where any future
     questions would be placed. I have made up some questions myself and 
     answered for you :
     Q: Who made this game?
     A: Sunsoft.
     Q: Is this game any good?
     A: Certainly not the best on the Genesis, but is the best of its 
        kind, as its the only one.
     Q: What are the platforms the game has been launched on?
     A: Just Sega Genesis/Mega drive. (as far as I know)
     Q: Who made this guide?
     A: Me, Jatin Bhatia.
     Q: How can I contact you?
     A: See the last section.
     Q: I just found out something you have missed/done wrong/etc?
     A: Quick, send me an E-mail. Also mention the name you want to
        be credited as.
     Q: I am having some technical trouble in running/playing the game,
        can you help?
     A: No. I am sorry I can't help you. If you did legally buy the game,
        contact the vendor/maker of the game.
     Q: Can I post your guide on my website?
     A: Only if I allow you to. You will first have to send me an E-mail,
        with the address of your site, then I will check it up and reply.
        Most probably my answer would be yes, but you have to take my
     Q: Can I use some portion of your guide in my work?
     A: Of course not. I do wonder if anyone would like to take anything 
        from this crappy guide.
     Q: How can I take screen shots in this game?
     A: I don't know. If anyone does knows, tell me.
     Q: How can I cheat in the game?
     A: I am not aware of any in-game cheats codes, but you can cheat using
        the game genie codes, see the Game Genie Codes section.
     IX.  Version History
     Version 1.0 
     * July 07, 2003
     * The first version. Includes all the things I am aware of. 
     * Spell checked and posted it.
     * Didn't got posted, so added more things to it.
     * July 22, 2003
     X.  Copyright
     All the contents of this document belongs to the author and may not be 
     reproduced in any form without his written permission. Any part of the
     document may not be changed or copied and used in any form. It can be 
     printed but for your own reading only, and can not be used for profit.
     This guide can be hosted by the following sites only -
     GameFAQs     : http://www.gamefaqs.com/
     My Home page : http://www32.brinkster.com/jb003/
     Find the most recent version of the guide at Gamefaqs.com
     If you find this guide at any other site, please inform the author.
     If you want to host this guide at your site, request me and I will let you.
     Copyright 2003 Jatin Bhatia. All rights reserved.
     All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
     respective trademark and copyright holders.
     Blaster Master 2 is a trademark of Sun Corporation of America.
     XI.  Credits
     Special Thanks to
     God          : for everything
     Me           : for writing this FAQ
     My brother   : for getting me this game and the emulator
     CJayC        : for including this file and creating Gamefaqs
     BMHP         : for the story
                    Blaster Master Home Page (http://bmhp.iwarp.com/BM2.htm)
     You          : for reading this FAQ
     XII. Contact Info
     If I missed something or something is wrong in his file, please inform me.
     Any Comments, Contributions, Suggestions, and Corrections are welcome.
     If you want to host this guide at your site, drop me an E-mail. Please
     include something like " Blaster Master 2 FAQ " in the subject.
     E-mail Add.    :  jb_003_india@yahoo.com
     Gamefaqs name  :  jatin
     AIM name       :  jatin003
     Home Page      :  www32.brinkster.com/jb003

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