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"Maybe If This Was Actually Made By Sunsoft It'd Have More To It."

The Story
Four years have passed sine Jason defeated the Lightning Beings in Blaster Master. One night, a storm arises and lightning strikes his house. The roof collapses and he's knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he goes out to the abandoned barn where he hides SOFIA to find her in pieces and the upgrades he got for her gone. He puts her back together (how is anyone's guess), straps on the armor, and takes off.

7/10 - They look good. There's lots of detail like busted down trees in the first area and great looking bosses. But somebody who's played the original Blaster Master is going to be very disappointed in the way SOFIA and Jason look (like myself). First, let's talk SOFIA. She is no longer red and white, she's black and blue. She's also a bit taller. Now, Jason. Yes, they put legs on him. But is it just me or are his legs short? In general, he looks like a buffed up stormtrooper with orange thighs. His running animation in regular mode is almost as bad as the guy from Rygar. Only reason it's better is because he doesn't flail his arms around while he's at it. And while he doesn't try to do midair splits in boss mode, he walks like a robot.

5/10 - Average. The sounds are pretty average. Some songs aren't bad. Some songs, like the area 4 tune, have some irritating parts to them. Some songs, like the final area and ending themes, are downright annoying the whole way through.

3/10 - This makes Startropics' controls look perfect. While Jason and SOFIA respond well, there's several movement things and button combos that are just plain annoying. First, SOFIA clings to slopes. This will throw you off. Here you are setting up to fire at something, then run up a cliff and miss your shot. Second, SOFIA locks when she aims. So, if you're in a diagonal position and you try to fire the other way, SOFIA will just back up with the gun facing the same direction. You've got to go back to neutral before she'll turn. Now, Jason's problems. Don't park SOFIA above a ladder. The eject-hop in combination will end up taking you down the ladder instead of into SOFIA. Problem #2. An enemy comes up to you. You fire your gun, but it goes over the enemy's head. So you press down in an attempt to duck only to start shooting yourself in the foot... I have no idea why shooting down was programmed into there. Now, overhead mode. The control pad moves SOFIA around. Now, you want to shoot that enemy to the right of you, right? You have to press two of your regular buttons to move SOFIA's turret, and it moves slow. I'd rather it work like the jeep in Firepower 2000.

While not totally linear, it's much more linear than Blaster Master. The level order is a line. You go from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. And the exit isn't even hidden. You just use an item you get to either reach the second door (sometimes obtaining the first item just, say, breaks down a wall to allow you access to the second item). You do have to do a bit of searching for you items. You can two items a level with the exception of the last.

5/10 - You can alter your Continues at the beginning of the game. The bee and fish bosses are probably the hardest things you'll come across during the side-scrolling part of the game. The overhead mode is a bit harder. The final boss is lamer than the Albatross from Bionic Commando.

Once you beat it, you may say ''I think I'll play that again in two years or so''.

Pros and Cons
Good Points:
- The jetpac.
- Jason has legs.
- This is the only non-voiced Blaster Master game where Jason's name is mentioned within the game (and only if you do something in area 3).

Bad Points:
- Awkward button combinations.
- The foot shooting thing.
- Jason and SOFIA share health.
- Half the items are used once or twice.

Should I Get It?
Only if you really love Blaster Master or are very bored.

This is what happens when a crap company like Software Creations (who I believe was Acclaim under a different name. Like Konami and Ultra, you know?) makes a game, then a good company like Sunsoft gets its name slapped on it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/28/02, Updated 10/13/02

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