• Fly on screen.

    Anytime during the game, press:

    A + B + C and Start on controller 2.

    Use controller one and the D=pad to make Boogerman fly around the screen to collect icons and otherwise.

    Just do the same input to make Boogerman move again.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • Free Carrot

    To get a free carrot, when in-game press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, Up, Down.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Level Select

    When on the title screen, press: Up, down, left, right, C, B, A. Then, press up and down to select any level.

    Contributed By: TrueGamer14.

  • Sound Test

    As the title screen loads, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Down, B. You will now go to the sound test menu.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.


  • Level and boss passwords

    Level 1: Scab Creature, Abdominal Sewer Man, Pus Creature, Miner Goblin

    Boss 1: Ghost, Nose Goblin, Ghost, Pus Creature

    Level 2: Pus Creature, Scab Creature, Ghost, Boogerman

    Boss 2: Troll, Miner Goblin, Nose Goblin, Ghost

    Level 3: Scab Creature, Ghost, Abdominal Sewer Man, Boogerman

    Boss 3: Boogerman, Pus Creature, Miner Goblin, Scab Creature

    Level 4A: Nose Goblin, Scab Creature, Ghost, Troll

    Level 4B: Nose Goblin, Pus Creature, Ogre, Scab Creature

    Boss 4: Ghost, Scab Creature, Troll, Miner Goblin

    Level 5: Pus Creature, Boogerman, Ghost, Pus Creature

    Final Boss: Pus Creature, Abdominal Sewer Man, Boogerman, Miner Goblin

    Contributed By: Retro.

  • Level Passwords

    Enter the following password go to the level shown. Key: 0 - Boogerman 1 - Green Spearman 2 - Fat Yellow Monster 3 - Orange Monster 4 - Sad Green Horned Monster 5 - Yellow Spotted Pink Monster 6 - Miner 7 - White Ghost 8 - Red Monster 9 - White Bigfoot Monster

    587001 - Pits 1
    216002 - Pits 2
    018503 - Pits 3
    901804 - Pits 4
    361705 - Revolta
    895606 - Flatulent Swamps 1
    956807 - Flatulent Swamps 2
    101508 - Flatulent Swamps 3
    785909 - Flatulent Swamps 4
    715710 - Hickboy
    879011 - Boogerville 1
    329812 - Boogerville 2
    260113 - Boogerville 3
    908514 - Boogerville 4
    056815 - Flyboy
    187316 - Mucous Mountains 1
    152817 - Nasal Caverns 1
    183618 - Mucous Mountains 2
    801219 - Nasal Caverns 1
    783620 - Deodor Ant
    507521- Pus Palace 1
    063822 - Pus Palace 2
    825323 - Pus Palace 3
    602524 - Pus Palace 4
    590625 - Booger Meister

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

Easter Eggs

  • Credits scrolling, let's have fun.

    After you beat the game, while the credits start to scroll, you can walk into the bathroom and change into civilian clothing. You can use the duster and everything too. Anytime you want you can walk back in and change back into BoogerMan. You can even fly around. Just remember that the door on the right is the bathroom. The one on the left just makes you exit.

    Contributed By: SubSane.


  • Free Spit mucas

    To get free Mucas when in-game press Up, Down, Left, Right, A, Up, Down

    Contributed By: Scarlet909.

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