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    Well so you want to learn how to play huh? Well this Faq should help you.
    1. What you'll need
    1.1 Beginning the game
    2. Walkthrough and control Guide
    1. What you'll need:
    You'll need a Cartridge (Duh!!), A TV, a sega/Megadrive
    1.1 Beginning the game:
    When you start the game, a list of options will appear. Press 'A' on
    "Start". You should know what to do after that. Choose what type of
    match you want to play. Then choose 1player or 2 player etc. Then go choose
    teams. That shouldn't be too hard now should it? After that you get to the
    coin toss.  Choose heads or tails. I usually choose heads. But it's your
    life, do whatever you want. After that you'll start the game.
    2. Walkthrough and control guide:
    If you chose to bowl, there is a little box on the pitch, move it around
    it shows you where the ball is going to bounce. Once you have the box
    where you want it, press 'A'. Then look at the bar on the upper-left 
    hand corner of the screen, you should see a little arrow moving up 
    and down. Press 'A' when you think it's near the center of the bar. 
    Then comes the power, keep pressing 'A' until you see the arrow on the
    power bar move up. The more you press 'A' the more power you'll have and
    faster the ball will go. You have learnt the basics of bowling.
    Batting is very fun in this game. You won't have to know more than this:
    This is the batting control guide:
    'A' for ground shots.
    'B' over the top shots.
    'Up+B' for defense.
    Press the above along with the keypad.
    KEY PAD For right handed batsman:
    'Right' Hit on the sqaure leg region.
    'Right+Down' Hit on the Midwicket.
    'Right+Up' Sweep if a bouncer a hook shot.
    'Down' Straight drive.
    'Left' Hit in the Cover region.
    'Left+down' Hit in the Long on region. 
    'Left+Up' Late Cut or hit a ball that is short pitched in the cover.
    'Up' Defend
    )))))RUNNING BETWEEN THE WICKETS((((((((((((
    Press 'A' ONCE to run.
    Press 'A' ONE MORE TIME to return.
    		THE END
    Thank GameFaqs.com for this walkthrough. The site rulezzz doesn't it?
    Mail me at: aj13579@hotmail.com

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