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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz / ZoopSoul

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 08/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         M     I     C     K     E     Y           M     O     U      S     E
    @#############################                             "%@######@@@O
    #############################M                          ;%@##############%"
    #############################o                         %###################M;
    %##########################@O                         %######################'
    ;@#########################"                         O########################"
     '@#######################%"'ooooOO'                "#########################M
       O####################@OO"      'OM@MMMo'         M#########################%
         ;oM###############o             ;%@##@@@MM";  '@#########################o
             ;;;"#######M"                 ""     ;;o%oO@########################@
                "@####@o                              "@#########################%
              ;@#####%;            "O";                 M#######################@
             ;@@###@%             O'  @'    "o"          %###################@#@
            o######O             O'   #o   o'  o         O####################O
           O@#####%             "o    #o  "    "          M###O%@#########@Mo
          "#######'             M     M  ";    "          M###%  '""o"""o'
         '########;            "O     % 'O     "          @####'
         o########;            O 'Oo M  M     ;o          @#####
        ;@########;            OO##@;; 'MO#"  O           M#####
        '@O"'''"OM;            '##@@'  "###@"O            M####M
        ";                    ;'MMMo';;o###@"            %####@
        O                    ;;  ;;;";''o%M             %####@'
        o     ;'''';         '%@@####@@Mo            ;O@#####O
        o;    ; o  ;;       @############@'          O@######
         o      'o          @@###########@"            'M@##'
          O      'o          %@#########O"       ';      "M'
           "'     '%;           ;';'';            oo"     "
            ;o     M@%'                        ;';  ;'   O;
              OO'; OMM@%"                   ;'";        o'
               ;Mo  O''"M@@Oo"         ;""Oo;         'o
                 O' %"'''O@@M@@#######@Mo'         'oO
                  o ;O''''"'''oOM@##M";         '"o'
                  oO  "o''''''''"%"' 'o ;;'"oo';
                   '%"  ;;;;'';; ;"o'";;
    C    A    S    T    L    E    o  f   I    L    L    U    S    I    O    N
    ASCII Art by sWiCKy
    Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion
    Sega Genesis
    written by: David "Zoop" McCutcheon / Andrew Schultz
    e-mail: zoopnova@aol.com / schultza@earthlink.net
    version: 1.0.1
    date: 08/10/03
    this document is Copyright 2003 David McCutcheon and Andrew Schultz.
    /~ NOTE ~ Due to new regulations, this document  will ONLY BE HOSTED BY\
    | GAMEFAQS.COM, NEOSEEKER, AND IGN.COM! Do NOT post it without my      |
    |permission. I DEFINITELY WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTION, as my lawyer is one  |
    \of the BEST IN THE STATE OF MISSOURI. Thank you.                      /
    /~ NOTE 2 ~ Andrew Schultz's side comments will appear beside [AHS] in \
    |  the document. In case you're wondering, anything from the last three|
    |  worlds is probably written by Andrew, the first two by David.       |
    ~ Revision History ~
    ~ 1.0 ~
    Started this as something to do in between Return To Castle Wolfenstein 
    and Wario World. I hope you enjoy. [given as 6/23/2003]
    ~ 1.0.1 ~
    [AHS] Took over main control of this FAQ from David. Edited some of his 
    comments for up until Toy Land, stage 2. Wrote document up through Toy 
    Land. [8/7/2003]
             T A B L E            o f              C O N T E N T S
    If you need to find a certain something in the guide, press and hold 
    Control (Ctrl) and press the F key. Type out the word you are looking 
    for, and search. This is a tremendous time saver as opposed to scrolling 
    through it all. If you're too lazy to do this, don't bother e-mailing or 
    IMing me. Thank you. 
    Table of Contents:
    I.     Introduction
      Ia.    Contact Me
    II.    Controls/Game Basics
    III.   Story
    IV.    Walkthrough
     IV.a    Forest
     IV.b    Toy Land
     IV.c    Dark Canyon
     IV.d    Library and River
     IV.e    Castle and machinery
    V.     Villains
    VI.    Items
    VII.   Points
    VIII.   Credits
    IX.  Disclaimer
      :::  :::  :::  :::   SECTION I. - INTRODUCTION    :::  :::  :::  :::
    Howdy gang. As usual, I am writing for an old classic that practically 
    everyone loves, and if they don't, they are insane. This is one of those 
    few games that draw you in with extremely simple gameplay, and keep you 
    drawn with how addictively fun it can be. The stages are varied, and are 
    very fun to run through several times, and I do hope you find this 
    FAQ/Walkthrough to help you through the "tough parts" of the game.
    [AHS] I disagree about the nostalgia. I had **** like Othello for the 
    Atari 2600. Seeing people with nostalgia this good irks me especially 
    since I never had an NES, wah, wah. At any rate even with nostalgia 
    removed this is still a fun game. It might not be the sort you want to 
    spend too much time on, so I thought this walkthrough could also be an 
    easy out for people to see how to get through it once, as the sights are 
    surprisingly intricate. Back to David...
    As always, here is the basic run of what this FAQ/Walkthrough will 
    cover: In the Controls/Game Basics section, you can expect to see the 
    entire controls list (wow, very huge) and with the game basics, little 
    tips for here and there that you should know. In the Story, I will use 
    the Story section from the actual instructions. In the Walkthrough... 
    Well, I think you get the drift of what that is there for. The Enemies 
    section will list all of the enemies in approximate order that they 
    appear. The Items list is a short list of the items in the game.
    I hope that you find this FAQ/Walkthrough as satisfactory as a player's 
    guide you might be charged for, despite the text restrictions. If you 
    have any questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to e-mail 
    [either of us] with some feedback. I always read all of my e-mail 
    practically every day. Thank you, and have a good one!
      -David "Zoop" McCutcheon
    I don't have the same nostalgic perception, but from a review of 
    runinruder/Dark Fact's(he took them all down, sadly) I saw how someone 
    else would enjoy the game. I'd always wanted to look at it and when 
    David offered to give me co-authorship I figured it was a great 
    motivator. Of course it took me a few weeks to get down to business, but 
    overall I was pleased. The anti-sound crank in me got a bit ruffled, but 
    it's still a fun game even if a bit too much is based on remembering to 
    hit the C button twice and not once. You can get lulled into forgetting, 
    and--oops. But fortunately there are many second chances and recharges.
    MMCI is overall a nice game without too much violence, and it's worth a 
    go through. The second should be comparatively easier but you really 
    feel like the pressure is off then.
    I can't vouch for finding all the secrets later on in the levels, but I 
    did try to write down everything that got done and pitfalls I ran into. 
    Hope it all helps.
      ***  ***  ***  ***    SECTION I.a - CONTACT ME    ***  ***  ***  ***
    If you need me for anything whatsoever that IS NOT covered in the guide, 
    and that means SEARCHING THE GUIDE by pressing Control and F together 
    and typing out what you are looking for, and then hitting enter[AHS: try 
    only one keyword at a time, but you should also be able to figure what 
    info is where as not many walkthrough writers jump from World 3 to World 
    1 to World 4.] But as long as it has to do with the game. Sorry, but I 
    don't feel like hearing about how cute your kitten is if I don't really 
    know you, yanno? Actually, kittens are cute... Ahem. You can contact me 
    via e-mail, or sometimes IM. I check my e-mail several times a day; so 
    don't hesitate if you have a question! But please read the long 
    paragraph below my contact info.
    E-Mail address: ZoopNOVA@aol.com
    AIM: Zoop NOVA
    Please only e-mail me if it's something you do NOT see in the guide. Try 
    to look for it; If it's not there, feel free to e-mail me.
    [AHS: I'm particularly interested in secrets I may have missed. I assume 
    I'll have janitorial duties on this guide, which I don't mind, and it's 
    always neat to hear more about a game. Sometimes a FAQ acts as a great 
    net to harvest new ideas that way.]
    If you don't know how to e-mail me, just simply bring up a new, 
    unwritten mail (this varies with different services. It should say 
    "Write Mail" on the button, though) and write out my e-mail address. For 
    the subject, copy and paste this: Castle Of Illusion FAQ. In the body of 
    the mail, write whatever you like, even hate mail! Just one request: 
    Only e-mail in English. Any foreign language e-mails will be discarded. 
    Sorry, I'm not smart enough to know a second language. [AHS: I'm going 
    to pretend to be a right wing crank and say it's just in the name of 
    national security. But seriously, languages in different character sets 
    or with cool letter accents are far out. I'd like to learn a few. But I 
    haven't yet--hint, hint.] I don't care what you send, but positive 
    feedback is always nice. But if you're into the hate mail thing, I can 
    dig that, too.
    [AHS] Um, ditto, sort of, as to how to contact me. I'm really rather bad 
    about checking my email. I guess also you might want to give pause 
    before writing us about where to find ROMs. My AIM list is also closed 
    because I'm not that terribly social and meaningless conversations drive 
    me up the wall even more in cyberspace than in real life. But saying 
    thanks for the guide is way cool. Just don't get chatty with me about 
    Reality TV, gossip about celebrities, or why I should convert to your 
    religion or buy an XBox.
      :::  :::  :::  :::  SECTION II. - CONTROLS/BASICS :::  :::  :::  :::
    A Button = Shoot
    B Button = Shoot
    C Button = Jump
    C Button + C Button = Jump Attack
    Directional Pad Left = Moves character left
    Directional Pad Right = Moves character right
    Directional Pad Up = Nothing
    Directional Pad Down = Makes character duck downwards
    Note that you can move Mickey while in the air, which is a key. Your 
    momentum also affects the direction you start jumping in, which will 
    seem nasty, but most of the time you'll be able to figure out what you 
    need to do, and it should feel intuitive pretty soon. You can also jump 
    back up and bounce on several bad guys in a row. But you'll need to hit 
    C again.
    Mickey will also put on a big act if you're close to falling off the 
    ledge. But he'll stay there. This is sometimes the most advantageous 
    place to be, especially if you are climbing up stairs.
    * Hold down the C button if you want the maximum height--and potential 
    length--to your jump. *
    * The most common way to destroy a villain is to jump on top of their 
    heads while holding the C Button. Remember to press and release. *
    * If you do not hold the C Button while you jump atop a villain's head, 
    the villain will take you for one red circle of your health. You're 
    invincible for a short time after that so if there's a tough area you 
    can make a brief intentional sacrifice. *
    * Chain reactions when you jump on villains' heads also work well. For 
    instance you can take out three mushrooms when on the ground. If you 
    jump exactly you can kill two mushrooms with one bounce, but don't worry 
    about it. *
    * Remember to use your throwing objects at enemies where you cannot jump 
    on top of their heads, or it is impossible to jump on top of their 
    heads. *
    * Remember to collect as many icons along the way as possible, as there 
    aren't any bad ones, although some may be rather cruel traps.
    * You can reach taller areas by bouncing off a villain's head, which 
    will usually be a platform that you can't see any other way to. *
    * If you move far enough away from monsters on the screen, they will 
    regenerate. However, stuff that gives you health won't. *
    * Mickey will bounce nastily if he hits a ceiling. So in tight quarters 
    it is better or necessary just to throw stuff. *
      :::  :::  :::  :::    SECTION III.   -   STORY    :::  :::  :::  :::
    It's a lovely day in Vera City. The sun is shining, the birds are 
    singing, and the sweet fragrance of the flowers fills the air. Mickey 
    and Minnie are happily dancing in the meadow. But suddenly, thick, gray 
    clouds cover the sun, and the birds fall silent. A musty odor overcomes 
    the pleasant fragrance of flowers. Mickey glances up to see a witch on a 
    broom hovering above him! It's Mizrabel, the evil witch who is jealous 
    of Minnie's beauty! Her bony fingers clench Minnie's arm! 
    "This pretty thing is coming with me!" she shrieks. "Hee-hee-hee- hee-
    heee!" And away she flies with Minnie.  
    Mickey chases the fleeing witch through the forest and past towering 
    mountains. Finally he reaches the Castle of Illusion, perched on a high, 
    craggy cliff. At its gate, he meets an old man, bent over with age. 
    "You must rescue Minnie before it's too late!" says the old man. 
    "Mizrabel is going to take Minnie's beauty for herself. She'll make 
    Minnie look mean and evil, just like her! You can defeat her only if you 
    have the seven Gems of the Rainbow." 
    "Where are those gems?" asks Mickey. 
    "You'll find them in the castle," the old man replies, "but they are 
    guarded by the Masters of Illusion. They have created strange worlds and 
    bizarre creatures to keep you from reaching Minnie. You must be 
    Mickey thanks the man and hurries through the gate. In the castle, 
    Mickey opens every door to every room. Each door leads to a different 
    world of illusion. 
    Can Mickey find the seven Gems of the Rainbow in time to rescue Minnie? 
    It's up to you! Wander through creepy caves and dark dungeons. Splash 
    into a cup of tea and leap across frosty ice cream swirls! Knock down 
    chocolate chips, juggling clowns and crawly caterpillars with Mickey's 
    bounce attack. 
    Minnie needs your help! Hurry! 
    [thanks to the instruction manual for this information.]
      :::  :::  :::  :::   SECTION IV. - WALKTHROUGH    :::  :::  :::  :::
    Here, you will find an advanced walkthrough for each stage in the NORMAL 
    difficulty of the game. I do hope you enjoy this, and if you have any 
    suggestions, please e-mail me.
                    IV.a --------------------- THE FOREST
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusions! 
    After watching a nice, lengthy introduction, we are off to start in our 
    mystical adventure!
    Start out by trailing to the right, which is what we do in most platform 
    games back in the NES/Genesis/SNES era. Jump on top of the Tree's blocky 
    ol' head after it drops down, holding C at the top of your 
    jump(Interesting they start out with a marginally tough jump.) Keep on 
    moving along to the right, and you will encounter a tall platform. Jump 
    up to it to avoid the Tree below, and collect the five apples. 
    After you have collected the five apples, continue along to the right 
    and carefully jump onto the swinging vine by jumping towards the very 
    bottom of it. You can jump off whenever you wish to do so. If you do 
    happen to fall in the pit, there are three Mushrooms down here. They are 
    very easy to kill; just stomp on their heads. They're a bit less useful 
    than in Mario, but then they aren't particularly nasty. Just be sure to 
    push C when you land on them. There's a star below and in fact it's not 
    a bad idea to fall and miss the vine, hit the mushrooms, and then jump 
    up for the star.
    Next, there will be a Tree villain that sways backwards and forth 
    throughout the screen. Up at the top, there will be a Pellet Plant. This 
    is a nasty plant that spits pellets at Mickey. You can kill it by 
    throwing an Apple at it from two platforms away.
    Once this is all over, keep marching forward. You will encounter the 
    Tree from earlier that you avoided, as well as a couple of Mushroom 
    enemies. Stomp on all three of their heads with the Jump Attack move, 
    which will lead you up to a higher platform, if you are holding over to 
    the right. Collect the two Apples, and carry on.
    You will now encounter another one of those pesky Pellet Plants. 
    Whenever I say a word that starts with a letter three times in a row, I 
    feel like a cartoon character. Anyways... Destroy it(jump and throw the 
    apple quickly) with one of the two Apples that you just picked back 
    there, and continue along your journey. You will find three Mushrooms 
    directly back to back to back[they don't have backs, they have roofs, 
    but anyway see if you can hit them with a combo.]
    Next off, we have a Pellet Plant on a semi-high platform that you can 
    walk under. Do so, or get DL of it, make a small jump up and ambush it. 
    There will be a Tree enemy down here, as well as a Pellet Plant up 
    above. Another jump and shoot should work here although you can also get 
    close, wait for a pellet, and jump on the plant. Next there's a long 
    jump where you can get three apples on the way down.
                               [brief fade-out interlude]
                                     [fade back in]
    We will be thrown into battle with two Tree Enemies. Destroy them by 
    jumping on top of their heads. After this, jump up the platform and 
    begin walking towards the right but wait for them to fall down a 
    platform. Now here you will have to jump across a series of long 
    platforms and swing across a series of vines. You will encounter Leaf 
    Birds, which can be killed by swinging into them from the vine, so don't 
    worry about getting hit. In fact I like to swing back and forth once so 
    that they either pass you or die. For jumping over the pits, just give 
    it all you've got, moving in midair, and it should be no problem. To get 
    on a vine stand on the edge of a platform and jump up just before the 
    vine reaches the left end of its swing.
    Eventually you will get to an area with mouse ears to the right. That is 
    an extra life, and it's not too tough to get to, actually. Just jump 
    when you start on the upswing, and you'll land in the area below. You 
    can also swing back and forth until you touch the mushroom, but even 
    with it there it's an easy two jumps back up above it, and reckless 
    jumping to get to the ears is not punished.
    Carry on, and we will soon encounter a slope that you must run down very 
    quickly to avoid being crushed by the huge apples that come down from 
    the trees. You can hide inside of the large crease in the ground and no 
    get hit, or better yet you can just run right and when you hear 
    rumblings, jump right and come back left and follow the apple down. 
    Remember that these things will flow unlimitedlessly (hey, I made up a 
    new word!), so you better get out of here quickly. Run to the exit(duck 
    in the pit--and be pushing down--then jump right when the next apple 
    rolls past to make sure of the timing,) and you should make it before 
    another apple comes.
                                [end stage one]                  
                               [begin stage two]     
    At the start of stage two, we will fall down into the treetops, or so it 
    seems, and through some spider webs. Icky. We will land on a few leaves, 
    thankfully, so let us continue our mission by trailing to the right!
    Certain Leafs will carry you from one spot to another, so look out. The 
    first leaf you jump down on will spin you over to another leaf. Jump 
    onto it, and it will stay still. Jump down again, and the next leaf will 
    take you to another area, so jump onto it. You will notice a Spider in 
    the area. You can just wait for it to go up or jump on it(try not to 
    shoot it unless you're really having trouble.) 
    Now, we will soon find out that the leafs have sort of a pattern. The 
    next leaf you jump onto will not take you to a new area, but the one 
    after it will. The leaf after that will not carry you to a new area, but 
    the one after this one will. See my point? You will also encounter 
    another Spider enemy that you can easily avoid with foresight. If you 
    are traveling on a leaf and a spider comes down, either jump immediately 
    and try to land on top of the spider, or just duck.
    Climb up and collect the Star icon. A Bird Leaf will fly by, and you 
    will notice another Spider to the right of you, followed by another one 
    once you jump over to the next leaf. So be prepared to jump.
    Next you'll see four leaves next to each other. That Bird Leaf will 
    probably still be in the area, as well as another Spider villain down 
    below. Jump onto the first leaf, and although you can't duck to avoid 
    the spider, there's no movement. You can wait to walk under, or just 
    jump over it. A second Spider villain is located one leaf over from the 
    last, so avoid him, as well as the Leaf Bird that appears, by jumping 
    over to the next leaf, which moves right.
    You can collect the Star icon below, if you want to die. I didn't think 
    so. So instead of dying for the Star icon, I suggest jumping over to the 
    next leaf--it's a long jump, and then the leaf will move, so you may 
    want to jump immediately again to land on the Spider villain. You can 
    avoid the next Spider above him by simply not going near him, but 
    bouncing on him means you won't have to make a huge long jump from the 
    bottom leaf to the exit door.
    In this next area, we will be dropped from the sky into a more "nice 
    forest" area. This is no forest ghetto, no sir. Actually, it just turned 
    really dark. Hold me! [AHS: I didn't agree to *this* when I said I'd co-
    author the FAQ. Ahem.] Climb up the four tree branches whilst[AHS: it's 
    too foreboding for poetry] collecting the Apple icons, and jump over to 
    the next platform from here. Slide down, and jump during your descent, 
    while you have momentum, to reach the tree branches to the right.
    A Ghost appears! Now I truly am scared! This was the Resident Evil 
    before Resident Evil existed, I swear. [AHS: no it's not. Where are the 
    hot babes with guns? Minnie Mouse wouldn't count even if armed.] But 
    without them you could not get to the cave on the other side. You can 
    use the Ghosts as platforms to reach new areas by bouncing off of their 
    heads in order. If you happen to fall down from way up here, you will 
    land around four ghostly Mushrooms. Just be sure to hold down C as you 
    land, jump over them, and climb back up.
    Bounce off the five Ghosts' heads in succession, and you will land on 
    two tree branches that contain goodies beyond your wildest dreams, 
    including some Diamonds. Be sure not to run right when you land(tap the 
    jump key instead) or you'll fall down the trunk. A careful jump should 
    get you to the right side anyway. After you grab all of the goods, it's 
    time for a pleasant little diversion. Jump downwards and walk over to 
    the left. Go into the hole down below, and stomp onto all of the 
    Mushrooms' heads.
    Follow to the left through the invisible wall that is right there, and 
    you will find a whole bunch of Diamonds and other goodies inside! And 
    when I say "a whole bunch," I mean A WHOLE BUNCH! After this, exit 
    through the way you came in at (from above) and trail on over to the 
    left again.
    Climb the tree yet again and bounce off of the Ghosts' heads again, as 
    well. After you bounce as much as Tigger in Winnie The Pooh, alternating 
    between trees and ghosts, you will reach a small tunnel area inside of 
    the big rock. [Note that if you fall down, go back left, up and right. 
    You may have to jump over a few mushrooms.] Go inside, and stomp a few 
    of the Mushroom villains on the head as you make your way to the right. 
    You may want to wait until they're on the right so it's easier to jump 
    on them. Collect the Throwing Item Bag, and drop down.
    Ignore the lone ghostly Mushroom to the left, as he just leads back to 
    the jumping trees, and fall down to pick up the extra Throwing Item Bag. 
    By now, we have at least twenty extra Throwing Items, or in this level, 
    Apples! Sweet deal! Keep going down, and you will see frozen Mushrooms 
    that will not walk, but simply pop out from the ground or ceiling. You 
    can avoid them by timing the way that you walk, or you can just throw 
    apples/jump and throw to take out the bottom/top.
    After you walk through the whole Mushroom ordeal, continue to the left, 
    and jump up onto the upper platform to reach another Throwing Item Bag. 
    30 Throwing Items (Apples) now! Wow, we are getting up there, especially 
    if we had more than 20 just before. That's a bonus of 1000. You can go 
    through another set of the frozen Mushrooms to the right, and drop down 
    to find a Star icon, as well as a Bat villain. Jump slightly before you 
    shoot the Bat with an Apple, and grab the icon.
    Make your way back up and to the right, and now drop down in the middle 
    from here. Go to the left to end this stage, and begin your first boss 
    battle! Good luck!
                                [end stage two]                  
                              [begin boss battle]     
    The first boss that you will encounter is the Faceless Tree. This thing 
    used to scare me as a child, which probably proves as to why I am a huge 
    sissy today. This boss looks extremely like the Tree boss in Kirby's 
    Dream Land. There are two ways at him, and the most direct one involves 
    using apples(be sure to have ten left.)
    [David's strategy:]
    The Face of the Tree will fly out of the stump of the tree and roll 
    towards the left (towards your character, at that). You will have to 
    jump over the Face of the Tree and land as far to the right as possible. 
    The Face of the Tree will begin rolling back to the right, so jump back 
    over. The best way to jump is to slightly tap the Jump Button.
    It is at this point that the Face will have caused an avalanche of 
    acorns fallings down from the treetops! Ahhhhh!!! There will be around 
    five acorns per hit from the Faceless Tree to drop down, and they will 
    all be in a random order AND random in numbers. You must dodge the 
    acorns by standing in between a set of them.
    You will also have to damage the Faceless Tree, which is something like 
    you have to do against any boss in any game ever. SO, how about we 
    damage him, right? When the acorns are falling, turn to the right and 
    throw an Apple at the Face of the Tree. You will, sadly, have to do this 
    around ten times. After you destroy the Faceless Tree, collect the Red 
    [Andrew's strategy:]
    Stay on the left. When the tree rolls over to you and is three body-
    lengths away, jump as high as you can. Wait for the acorns to fall. 
    There are six slots where they can fall and it's possible they'll all be 
    filled. But even so you have more than enough time to run right and 
    bounce on top. Then you can run back left and jump against the left 
    side. Wait for the acorns to fall, jump, and repeat. This seems to take 
    fewer hits(5 or 6) but you do have to get in a bit closer.
                    IV.b ----------------------- TOY LAND
    As we begin in Toy Land, we will be faced with a slight problem as we 
    travel along to the right side of the screen, and that problem is the 
    fact that the exit door is right there, but there's no... well... door! 
    The frame for the door itself is there, sure, but we need an actual door 
    to get through this stage, you know. We probably shouldn't have expected 
    it to be easy.
    Begin jumping up to the left platform, and you will encounter some 
    Nutcrackers in the region. These enemies are fairly easy. Just jump on 
    top of their heads, and that will do them in. Generally you'll want to 
    wait on the right side of the stairs and once they drop to the stair 
    above you, jump up and over to on top of them. Begin climbing up the 
    platform steps, killing the Nutcrackers along the way, and you will soon 
    encounter a Jack In The Box enemy. A few, in fact. You can avoid them 
    right now by jumping just after they retreat. If there are a couple in a 
    row you can jump just when one below starts to appear, and that will 
    destroy it. Once you're at one edge/top of the stairs you will usually 
    need a running jump to get on the jack in the box square, but you can 
    also jump on the jack in the box.
    After you get across the Jack In The Boxes (which you can also destroy 
    using the Marbles, once you get some), begin climbing up the platforms 
    on the right, and you will find two Nutcrackers. Pop the first by 
    jumping on its head, and connect it to the second. From here, connect 
    the second kill to a third with an Airplane enemy above.
    The Airplane enemies are almost identical to the Leaf Birds in the 
    Forest level section of the game, but they are more annoying since they 
    can often block jumps you need to make. Wait if need be for them to pass 
    you by. Anyways, you can climb a few lone, floating platforms to the 
    left to collect a Star icon in mid-air on the far left near the top. 
    Jump back over to the right(hold C too just in case,) and continue 
    climbing up towards the top. 
    You will soon encounter more villains in the area, including two Jack In 
    The Boxes that will lead you over to the left side of the screen. It's 
    easiest to destroy the Jack In The Boxes by jumping on top of their 
    head, using the Jump Attack, anticipating when the side one will bounce 
    out. After you make your way over to the left side of the screen, you 
    will find three Nutcrackers on top of the building block platforms. 
    Destroy all three of them.
    Guess what we will encounter up on top of here? Yes, more Jack In The 
    Boxes that lead to another area! Wow! How non-redundant and original! 
    There will be three Jack In The Boxes lined up here, waiting for your 
    arrival. Cross over them, destroying them along the way, and go straight 
    up top. You will run into another Airplane along the way, and a Throwing 
    Item Bag. At the end, grab the Star icon and jump down to the far right.
    Continue jumping along to the right, and stomp on the two separate 
    Nutcracker villains, and make your way to the top. YES! MORE JACK IN THE 
    BOXES! OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! There will be three Jack In The Boxes 
    towards the left, so jump across them carefully, and begin climbing the 
    platforms yet again.
    Take out the Nutcracker that will begin coming down from towards the 
    top.  In fact, there will be three more Nutcracker villains that will 
    soon follow from towards the top that you can eliminate all the way 
    through to the top. Collect the Key at the top of the level, and BAM! 
    The platforms are now slides. Slide all the way down, collecting the 
    Diamonds along the way(for best results be sure to jump just before the 
    slide ends. Points don't really matter, so don't worry too much, 
    although for the last set of diamonds in the arc you can jump back right 
    on the slide and then left to add to momentum,) and now you can not only 
    see but also go through the exit door.
                                [end stage one]                  
                               [begin stage two]     
    As stage two begins, head over towards the right and quickly bounce up 
    on the spring, and hug the left to reach the next set of platforms. You 
    don't have to push jump to get the full bounce from the spring--
    concentrate instead on getting onto the next level. Also try to make 
    sure the jack in the box above has just popped back into the wall, just 
    in case you didn't push far enough left. An airplane should fly by, but 
    ignore it. Jump and blast the two yellow bricks above the base to make 
    your way to a hidden power up.
    Jump up onto the spring at the left, which will take you over to the 
    high platform to the right, if you go hard right. After this, keep on 
    going to the right, and destroy the three lined up Nutcracker villains. 
    After this, begin climbing the stack of platforms to the far right.
    You will soon encounter a Jack In The Box to the right, which will 
    spring out and take up the space on the far right and the middle, so hug 
    to the left. Speaking of the bricks, you will likely recognize these 
    bricks from the widely known game Sonic The Hedgehog. The bricks to the 
    left and right will move at the same time, and the middle brick will 
    move in a different direction.
    Get on the middle brick, drop left when it's at the bottom(here you may 
    wish to jump at first so you land on the jack in the box that may hit 
    you in the middle,) get on to the next middle brick, and drop left when 
    it's at the bottom.
    After you get through with the whole "brick" fiasco, jump onto the 
    spring and hug to the right. This will take you into a hidden 
    compartment that, after you blow away the bricks with your Marble 
    throwing items, you can collect a Star icon in the bottom right that 
    will heal you or get you a few more points. Just throw twice.
    Begin traveling over to the right, and destroy the two Nutcrackers by 
    jumping on their heads. You may not want to do it right where the 
    ceiling goes up, because an airplane will appear overhead and get you. 
    After this, begin walking up the platforms. The airplane I warned you 
    about is up above, and a big Jello mold to the right (Odd, I'm watching 
    the E! True Hollywood Story on the Cosby Show right now. There's always 
    room for Jello!). [AHS: Good lord, I hated that channel. You should get 
    a small monthly refund for including it in your cable package. It made 
    me gape for an hour or so before I pulled away from its spell and 
    wondered why I watched that. Plus AJ Benza who hosts True Hollywood 
    Story is a bona fide fartknocker. But now I'm thinking how long it's 
    been since I had Pudding Pops. Mmm, Pudding pops. OK, I'll let you off 
    the hook this time.]
    This big Jello mold is extremely tricky to get around. You will have to 
    jump constantly to get through without sinking into it. If you do happen 
    to get sunk into the Jello mold, you will kill Mickey Mouse instantly. 
    On the way to the right, you will be faced with a few Airplanes that can 
    crash into you, as well as some annoying Jack In The Boxes that are 
    placed in between the Jello molds themselves. You can time things so you 
    jump on the Jack in the Boxes, or you can wait until they're gone and 
    then steer right for the jump onto solid ground. You can also save time 
    by jumping onto an airplane and using the bounce to make it across the 
    jello, but it is tough. Solid steady progress is good enouh.
    Now that we have reached the far right, you will have to jump onto the 
    Sonic The Hedgehog bricks (yes, I know that is a very trite name to call 
    them), go towards the left and collect the Throwing Items Bag, and blow 
    down either brick to the left. Sorry, no hidden bonuses here. Continue 
    along and climb the platforms. There will be a couple of Nutcrackers to 
    the right, and a Clown to the left.
    The Clowns are a very dangerous enemy, simply because of the fact that 
    they use pellets to juggle to hit you, if need be. So eliminate or jump 
    over them as soon as possible. Sadly, the unicycle that they are on will 
    run amuck, and help to destroy Mickey Mouse. It may come back to the 
    left, too, so keep an eye on the right edge as you travel left.
    Hit the spring on the far left, and jump hard right to reach the higher 
    platform. After this, carry on to the right. Kill the two Nutcrackers to 
    the right, and blow the two bricks up(no bonuses here.) Now that this is 
    over with, jump over the huge gap between the two platforms, and land 
    safely. Blow away the two top bricks(the second gives power back,) and 
    watch for the Jack In The Box square and any nasty surprises. Enter the 
    Exit door.
                                [end stage two]                  
                              [begin stage three]     
    As we continue along our journey, Mickey must jump on two nutcrackers. 
    Then up the stairs to get a bag of marbles(you should be getting 1000 
    bonuses for each one now) and watch out for the airplane behind as you 
    drop. You can use the up/down arrow here to turn everything around 
    although it takes a bit of time to get used to the, uh, perspective. If 
    you don't there are three nutcrackers to take care of and in fact if you 
    want to be slick, jump over the nutcrackers and the up/down, go right, 
    wait for the clown to show, and go back left. Booyah! Monsters all gone-
    -that was easy. An airplane(walk under,) two nutcrackers and another 
    clown you can use up/down on to reverse the screen to normal and get rid 
    of it. Go up and down another platform.
    [Note: you don't need to worry about if the screen is inverted when you 
    exit. It'll turn right side up for the boss fight.]
    There'll be nothing for a while and all of a sudden airplanes and 
    nutcrackers and a clown will appear--along with an up/down you can and 
    should jump for. Jump up/down to get to the ledge you can't reach by 
    walking. There will be two bags of marbles there and a power up. Throw a 
    marble left at the airplane and then get the star when it's gone. Go 
    back left and 'drop' down.
    The next part is a bit tricky. The clown comes out with the nutcrackers 
    and you may be best off just using the up/down to dispatch them. You can 
    try to jump on them to get the star and the marble, but this is very 
    hard. It's a better bet just to nail the clown and jump over the 
    unicycle if you can't reach the up/down in time.
    Up/down stairs to another platform. Here there's an up/down above you 
    can get to only by jumping on a nutcracker, and you can wait for that or 
    just double back to jump over the clowns. Strangely the ones from behind 
    are a bit less quick to deal with you, but even if you goof up your 
    original jump you can bounce on one to get the other.
    Next up is a lightly gradated ramp with a drop on the right. Nutcrackers 
    patrol this, but they shouldn't be a problem now. The next up/down will 
    be between two clowns. Just keep marching through. There will be two 
    marbles ahead in the place you don't need to jump to, but it's a dead 
    end. So get them and then jump and eventually fall right. The last part 
    has a star near the ceiling. Go under it and wait for a nutcracker to 
    come, and use the bounce to get that star. The next star is over a 
    platform and a relative freebie. This is all to prepare you for the boss 
    fight next.
                                [end stage three]
                              [begin boss battle]
    Here the best strategy is actually to run at the bad guy. If you are 
    right next to him when he lands, then you can just duck and wait for him 
    to punch out. Then when the boxing glove goes back into him, move a bit 
    away so the corkscrew springs don't hit you. Jump on them and then butt 
    bounce the boss, then jump to the side and duck again. Running away is a 
    bad idea except at the beginning where you may need to avoid the first 
    jump. You can also run under the bad guy to get away. There's more 
    strategy in the villains section.
    You should know that the boss punches after two to three jumps. So you 
    can just duck after the second landing. If the bad guy moves you can 
    just run under where he was unless he's too far, then run away. In 
    general you just want to avoid the corners to keep your mobility and 
    avoid the trick-shots of the boss bouncing off the wall.
                    IV.c -------------------- DARK FOREST
    Fewer scenes here, but the jumps are more treacherous, and there are 
    some roadblocks that you can't just sacrifice a bit of power to get 
    Here you can start off by going down the stairs. There'll be a secret 
    door to the left, just like in the first forest. Lots of treasure and 
    stuff to throw. You can then jump all the way back up and continue 
    right. Now there will be pools ahead. You'll fall in them if you miss a 
    jump or stay on a bridge too long, but it's not lethal unless you know 
    how to navigate the fishes. The fishes generally tend to follow you, and 
    the best strategy is to hit C(jump) to swim to the top and sneak under 
    the fish. In pools you will try to find a stream that will kick you back 
    to the surface.
    Ok, the debriefing's finished, so note across the first gap there are 
    five mushrooms. They aren't that tough by themselves, but the problem is 
    that a bat waits for you if you bounce too far right on the mushrooms, 
    and he'll nail you. So, just to be careful, whenever you jump on a 
    mushroom, don't go right while in the air.
    The first pit past this is the end of a gulf stream. When you get 
    through one of these, incidentally, you get a big jump, and you can make 
    use of it so you don't have to jump normally. A rope bridge is up next 
    and if you fall through, just lure the fish to the top and then sink 
    down to the stream below. It's the part where water replaces the lake 
    floor. You'll wind up at the fountain you just passed.
    Be sure to run over the rope bridge although you can jump to comfort 
    your paranoia of flying fish. The next gap also leads to the same lake, 
    but it's a bit tougher to get out as you must go to the top, sink, go 
    left, go to the top to distract the other fish to the left, and then 
    sink down. So be sure to get a good jump over. Complicating things is 
    that bats fly in from each way, but actually if you go to the edge and 
    wait, they'll fly under, and then you can run back left a bit and make a 
    running jump right. Next there's a fountain to jump over along with some 
    The next bridge is not worth falling through as it leads to the previous 
    fountain. You may want to jump halfway through to avoid the jumping 
    fish, and then there are some mushrooms to take out. However the very 
    next drop leads to the end of level via a long gulfstream, and you can 
    just take that if you're not worried about seeing everything. In fact I 
    find it the safest way, but I'll go on if you're interested in seeing it 
                             DETOUR IN SCENE 1
    Make a long jump instead of falling in. The gap looks wide but there's a 
    safety ledge below. It'll fall if you don't jump off quickly. The next 
    jump is even trickier. You'll need to time the fish's ascent and bounce 
    on it when you get to the other side. It's three seconds between fishes, 
    and you'll want to jump a second before it appears on your screen. A 
    fountain's in the next pit. The next drop and rope bridge lead to a 
    nasty lake, so jump onto and off the bridge. Now you will have to jump 
    on the mushroom to get to the ledge at the top where the two stars are. 
    You'll slide into the lake, so just stay at the surface then veer 
    downwards when the fish get near. From the fountain you'll again need to 
    time your jump as before, except you're going the other way. There's 
    another jump like that to the left before you can just fall left and 
    take the gulf stream to the end of the level.
                                [end stage one]                  
                               [begin stage two]
    NOTE: you can be under a platform and jump through and onto it, even if 
    it looks solid and harmful.
    Start walking right. Then duck at the waterfall to avoid one bat and 
    when the next appears, jump. Then there's some UL jumping to do on 
    platforms(3 to be precise) and a long walk right. Then you can just walk 
    right to fall down the platform. Keep a head up for a bat to jump over. 
    He'll come from the right. Then two jumps up will get you to another 
    long platform. There's a bat to the left and you'll want to jump up near 
    the platform to trigger him. Don't land until your next jump. Then jump 
    up again.
    Jump across the two waterfalls and you'll see a bag to pick up. The next 
    waterfall will damage you, so wait for it and then half-heartedly jump 
    past the next one or a bat may damage you. Two very long jumps get you 
    past the next big waterfall, then a short jump down right gets you 
    inside the next. Your vision is obscured here but your purpose shouldn't 
    be. Drop down until you're right of the waterfall. Now you'll have a 
    bunch of precision jumps. When Mickey's over the narrow platforms, just 
    stop pushing right, and hit C to 'jump' when he lands. It will stabilize 
    him, and he won't slide off. Here you'll need a bit of faith and 
    judgement as to when he is lined up for some of the jumps down(don't 
    worry, you've got a decent window, but I should mention you only want to 
    hold right for 3/4 of the way.) The jumps up require more quickness but 
    less faith. Again even if you miss a jump when you let go of the 
    left/right there is a platform below that you can catch so you can try 
    again. Well, the first time you miss, anyway. When there is a wide 
    platform to the right, beware of the big waterfall coming your way.
    Near the top you will have a well earned power up. Get it, then jump 
    right. Soon you'll see platforms as wide as Mickey himself! Just keep 
    jumping. Four jumps, back to narrow platforms, four jumps and watch out 
    for that damaging waterfall! Once it's gone, jump to the exit.
                                [end stage two]                  
                               [begin stage three]
    Here you have to time your runs on the bottom so the water doesn't push 
    you back, which will damage you and force you to try again. You can get 
    a bit of a head start trying to fall into shallow water(blue and white 
    crest showing only,) but you'll have to use a lot of patience here. Run 
    right and duck the bat once you get to the rightmost tile on your 
    platform. Jump over to the next one, and when the water subsides, run 
    right and jump onto the next platform. Duck to avoid the bat. Then, drop 
    and jump onto the very narrow platform and wait some more.
    Here's a tough jump. You'll get some marbles but you'll probably have to 
    jump before you reach the platform and hope you 1)don't hit your head 
    and 2) get far enough to the right.
    It may take two cycles of waves to get to the high narrow platform past 
    the waterfall with the star. Once you do, wait for the water to show 
    blue and white and drop right. Run right and you'll probably need a 
    running jump to make it to the next platform. This is the toughest jump, 
    and you'll also want to duck if you land to avoid the bat. From here 
    there are three not too hard jumps.
    The last platform ahead is bogus. There's no way to reach it. Instead 
    you can just wait for the water to subside and jump right. You get a bit 
    of a break with this as if you catch the edge, the game gives you the 
    benefit of the doubt.
                                [end stage three]
                              [begin boss battle]
    Here a fish will jump out, bounce around, and punch at you. It's similar 
    to the second boss, but it will punch on the ground, so ducking is out. 
    Also the fish is smaller than the other boss. Maybe you can jump on him?
    The basic solution is pretty simple. Jump whenever you see the fish and 
    are close and he is at the top of his jump. Move in close and you should 
    get a hit in. Five or so and the statue, which reduces each time you hit 
    a fish, is toast. Oops, I mixed my food groups, but you get my point. 
    The trick is to have a buffer between when the fish jumps two times and 
    when he jumps three.
    Now there are a few things to note: you really need to get on top of the 
    fish, so that means you will 
    Also the fish's range is not so great, so you can probably run under and 
    away from him. It's important to note that if things go awry they can 
    get slippery(bad pun) quickly and the best strategy I find is to retreat 
    and wait for the fish to bounce towards you. Then after he's punched, 
    run at him and when he's at the top of his jump(which may be his 
    second,) nail him.
    A quick way to do things(but not always successful) is to note the fish 
    can be nailed with the following waits:
    Stay at the third full tile in, jump up and tilt right when you hear the 
    'boing' that signifies the fish has been sent out
    Repeat twice more.
    Move to the second tile and wait a half-second after the noise.
    Move to the first and wait a second and a half.
    There's some break after you kill a fish, so you can position yourself 
    based on this data(just notice how many pieces of the statue are left. 
    There are five total) and restabilize if one fish in particular gives 
    you trouble.
                    IV.d -------------- LIBRARY AND RIVER
    The music gets a bit annoying here, and so do some of the jumps. The 
    first few are easy, but on the other side of the jumps, just run past 
    the A's and then pay attention to where the slugs are. It's best to wait 
    until the one to the right on the books between the jars is at the left 
    of his patrol. Then you'll enter a milk bottle with a small jump(jump 
    against it and hold right and you'll get in.) This leads to a Willy 
    Wonka sort of area. Jumping in the river takes one power away but also 
    vaults you in the air for a quick try again.
                          [end first library scene]
                          [begin first river scene]
    The first jump is standard, but the next needs accuracy. Watch where the 
    cupcake bobs up and down, and jump on it. Don't worry about it sinking. 
    Mickey won't be damaged by it. To land safely, Mickey should be between 
    two cakes in the background. There's another intuitive jump(you can jump 
    while the platforms are bobbing down so you can see it) and then a 
    running jump right will get you on a stable platform.
    Another jump right but now you have gummi dolphins to contend with. When 
    the one is about to land in the water, run right and jump over it. When 
    Repeat for the next(see the dolphin about to fall) but do get a running 
    start. Jump onto the bridge, which will collapse, and it may be safest 
    to jump across it. Another stable platform with bobbing cupcakes ahead. 
    You know the drill but the specifics merit attention.
    The first jump is no problem but the second needs your full jump. Again 
    don't worry too much about getting hit once here if you're at full 
    power, although perfectionists will want to make a jump as the dolphin 
    is about to descend into the water. For the third jump, once it's passed 
    overhead, jump to solid ground with all you've got. There's another 
    bridge after a short jump, but it's just wobbly. Still jump through it 
    and be prepared to butt bounce.
    On the other side after another platform and collapsing bridge, sugar 
    wafer platforms go in circles. Don't worry about the apples too much 
    although they're not hard. Note that Mickey can go into the water while 
    on the platform if you miss your timing.
    First jump can be after you got the third apple. Then you can circle for 
    two more and jump as the wafer goes straight up to get the third. Then 
    jump right as the wafer goes right to get the next apple. A surprise: a 
    green gem without even a boss fight! Congratulations. You're 4/7 of the 
    way there. 
                           [end first river scene]
                          [begin second libary scene]
    It's all a bit tougher the second time around. For the first time you 
    have to go LEFT to get somewhere. That slug is again a nuisance. Wait 
    'til he's come right and jump on him, then bounce UL and then to the 
    platform up top. Grab the rope but beware. It's a light cord, and the 
    place will go dark. Swing back and forth on each light cord to get rid 
    of airplanes flying around, and make a big jump to land. Jump once 
    you're on solid ground, too. The shelf is going to give way under you.
    Now there are some tricky jumps, an airplane to avoid, a slug to wait 
    for. You'll want to try to catch the edge of the ledge with the second 
    slug, and be sure to hold the C button down. There's not much wiggle 
    room, and if you're hit, don't sweat it. You'll get it all back.
    There's an UR jump to a section with falling books. Don't stop running 
    right except to jump over the one gap so you don't get stuck in a rut. 
    (If you do, then duck.)
    An UL jump from the green book gets you to the next platform. Now you 
    can wait for the slugs to come right, or you can speed left and quickly 
    tap C three times to get rid of them. I prefer the first choice. Once 
    past them, jump onto the teacup and then take a jump right...unless you 
    want to try for some bonus diamonds inside the teacup.
                        [BEGIN TEACUP # 1 DIAMOND DETOUR]
    Here you can let Mickey float right while at the top(hit C a bunch,) and 
    you might have to wait for one of the blocks to move down before the 
    first cluster of diamonds. Tap C a couple times so you don't sink too 
    fast to get them. Now there's a problem ahead: a block just stays in 
    your way! Here you can just go under(the screen will scroll down a bit) 
    and get the diamonds from below. Follow the box that had guarded them 
    and steer right quickly once you've gotten them all. The other boxes 
    shouldn't be tough to navigate. The teacup will be closed now.
                         [END TEACUP # 1 DIAMOND DETOUR]
    From the teacup, long jump right and then run left and jump. You must be 
    halfway off the platform for this to 'take.' Hold left. If it works 
    you'll get a bad of items, but if not there's little risk in retrying 
    besides frazzled nerves. Two UR jumps later, you'll want to UL jump and 
    hit C to bounce on the slug. The next part is tricky. I like to jump and 
    fire an apple at the slug to the UR, then jump with the coast(wait, the 
    water scenes are close, but, oh never mind) clear. Dropping down means 
    you have to do it over again, but there's some nice treasure there. So 
    you may want to just jump and drop hard right.
    Take the rope right and jump on the two slugs after you jump off. Run 
    past the four A's and you'll find a power up to the right. Wait for the 
    plane to pass overhead.
    Drop down the first gap back and jump on the slug. Then drop right being 
    careful of enemies directly below and start running right. The door will 
    take you to a secluded area.
    In this secluded area you will want to jump on the A's before they 
    approach(they leap at you when a certain horizontal distance away 
    regardless of how high you are in the air) and then you can jump on the 
    slugs above. Don't worry if the slugs hit you. You can knock them out 
    and get the power up there for a net gain. Plus you can also get the 
    sack of marbles. Be sure to hit C on the way down, then make your way 
    back up. Run past the letters, jump on the slugs, and go back to the 
    apple(up and left.) Be sure to let the A's on the bottom come back right 
    before running under them, and run quickly up and left to avoid the ones 
    above. Fortunately taking the light cord triggers the apple.
                              BACK TO BUSINESS
    As you go down the slope, jump so that the plane doesn't touch you. At 
    the bottom you can enter the teacup if you want.
                         [BEGIN TEACUP # 2 APPLE DETOUR]
    Sink to the bottom. Mickey won't drown there. Once near an apple, wait 
    to see the box guarding it. When the box goes up, tap C and push right. 
    That's three apples. Continue along the bottom. When under the first of 
    the other three apples, swim up to get it, then push right. The last 
    apple may be closely guarded by a box, so go left and right quickly to 
    wait for that. Glide along the bottom and leave.
                          [END TEACUP # 2 APPLE DETOUR]
    You can either jump over the jars to where the slug is, jumping when 
    he's not at the edge, or wait for the letters to walk by under the jars 
    and run. Either way there's another milk bottle beyond.
                          [end second library scene]
                          [begin boss fight scene]
    This next boss may spring up from any of four places. You can bounce on 
    his head at any time although he does tend to pull away rather quickly. 
    There are three platforms that you can stand on, with four places the 
    dragon can attack from, covering more than a screen. I just go to the 
    second left. Now the bad guy has several moves. He can come over two 
    platforms quickly, or he can loop in the air in a circle. If you are in 
    the center then there are two attacks you can nail: the looping one from 
    either side. If the monster seems to peek out quickly and run at you, 
    just jump.
    You should get through this way, but in fact there's even a quicker way 
    to go about things. The boss has a pattern.
    far left : center left: far right : far left : center right : repeat
    After the serpent goes back into the water, jump on a platform next to 
    where he will come up. Then take a leap of faith, hold C, and nail him. 
    Up another flight of stairs to the last room.
                    IV.c -------------------- DARK CASTLE
    The first and third holes to drop through don't lead anywhere. Take the 
    second. You can clear out the knights on top and pick off candles as you 
    bounce off their heads, and it's good enough for practice, but it can be 
    a bit tedious. Watch for the spikes they throw and try to jump just 
    after they have done so.
    Jumping down the middle, you can take a detour right. Go to the third-
    bottom stair and then follow the knights AFTER they turn right. Combo-
    jump them to get to the narrow passage above. There are four candles(to 
    throw) and two power stars there. The knights won't be waiting when you 
    Off to the left are falling blocks. Walk briefly under the first and 
    back out. As it's going up, walk in further to tip off the second. Then 
    when both crash and fall, run through to the left. The last two blocks 
    will be a bit late. Go down the stairs, but jump at the last one to get 
    past the knight that will chop down at you.
    Another set of blocks above. Here 2 and 4 don't come down, so just tease 
    1, 3 and 5 to drop(get just to the right) and slowly make it through. 
    The next set of blocks is even easier. Get right of 1 and when it goes 
    back up, run through. Jump a bit before the stairs so you don't stumble 
    and get clipped by the last block. Drop down on the platform. Just wait 
    a bit. If someone seems to be throwing a mace below you, jump. Jump onto 
    the next platform and run after the big bowling ball. Jump after it as 
    it comes back.
    Then jump up after the knight has thrown his weapon and shoot him. Do 
    the same for the one to the upper right. Now go down the slide. Put the 
    brakes on and go left so you don't fall in the water. Then jump left 
    onto the slide and jump right over the gap. Another bowling ball. Follow 
    it and duck into the second hole and then jump right.
    There are solid ledges above you that will fall with your weight. Avoid 
    them at first. Jump and shoot the nearest knight, get on the ledge and 
    fire right, and then jump left onto the next one. From there you can 
    either jump left, get the diamonds, jump right(you won't make it to the 
    next area) and stand on the edge below, jumping UL to start and pulling 
    right. Or you can just jump right and forget about the diamonds.
    There are four torches you can jump up for to the right, and then you 
    don't have to bounce on the bubbles but they can get you to the upper 
    right of this area. It doesn't seem to hold anything, though. Fall right 
    and then push left as the platform goes down. You'll land safely, away 
    from the water.
    Now there are three platforms that will sink, but four quick jumps that 
    will do the trick. On the other side two knights will greet you. Jump up 
    to 'greet' them back. On the next part the bubbles are annoying 
    especially since the platforms on the pool will sink, so don't worry 
    about taking one damage. Bouncing on the bubbles is in fact equally 
    nasty as you can hit the ceiling and head down too quickly. The water is 
    death, but the bubbles are just damage. So just push left quickly. 
    Beyond the wobbly bridge(where you'll want to jump as bats come by) 
    you'll find the next gem. Yay!
                                [end stage one]                  
                               [begin stage two]     
    Mickey's swimming as you start out. Go down and right. Mickey has a 
    choice. The bottom and center are a loop so take the passage up. Drop 
    down at the end as a fish will follow behind!
    Next you can go on the middle path to get some fireballs(return the same 
    way to avoid fish,) or you can go to the bottom to get on with it. After 
    your second close call, swim up to the top. Note that Mickey's speed 
    varies. That's because of the current. The bubbles show which way the 
    current is going.
                                [end stage two]
                               [begin stage three]
    Get ready for some heavy duty platforming. Jump over the first pile of 
    bricks and then onto the second gear with the platforms. You'll hit your 
    head if you go under them so wait at the bottom of the gear and time 
    your jump. Move right onto the platform if you want.
    Now you'll need to jump UR to the toothed gear. The bat shouldn't get in 
    your way for the first few revolutions of your gear, but once you jump 
    you'll need to make a couple of other jumps UR onto the rotating flat 
    gear, which won't fall. If you do fall, the gears will reappear when you 
    jump back up, but it's a bit of a hassle.
    Next are four up-left jumps in quick succession back as you came. The 
    stakes are higher if you fall(no damage, just tedium) so jump precisely. 
    You have a bit of time to get a running start but don't push it. On the 
    final jump, hold left even if you run into the ceiling of where you'll 
    wind up.
    The plungers are easy to get past. The first drops down, then the 
    second, so sneak under the first and wait for the second to come back 
    up. The second set, just wait 'til they're both up.
    More gear jumping is next, but with a twist. Avoid bumping your head 
    with a jump(try running left to get on the first gear.) It will push you 
    left once you're on it, and if you get stuck on the side, jump right 
    quickly twice. The next gear pushes you right but you may want to go 
    right first and pick up the power ups. You'll need to jump off it and 
    onto the circling platforms above. The best time to jump from the gear 
    is when one platform is at the bottom, but you also want to time things 
    so that dorky bat doesn't nail you. Of course you'll need to jump onto 
    the gear when the circling platform is at 4:30 or so(DR.)
    Now there's a power up to the upper left(two simple jumps that way) but 
    you'll probably wind up falling back down, so you may want to pass it. 
    The next task is to land on the pendulum above to the right. It's tricky 
    and you may just want to lay off when it is floating around. Let your 
    intuition guide you and try to jump while it's at the far right and to 
    land on the far left. Don't twist in mid-air. From there it's three 
    quick jumps to another flat gear, where you don't get a total break as 
    bats tend to come flying by. Watch for them from the right.
    Jump up-right and then take four up-left jumps. Again you'll need to 
    veer left while and after you can't. The plungers are easy to avoid as 
    they work in unison. The bats aren't. Make sure you're clear of them 
    before jumping. After you can jump UL and UR to get two power-ups. Then 
    you can jump left three times to get to another flat gear. Then left, 
    don't worry about getting thrown into the wall until the coast is clear, 
    and then three right jumps. Past the synchronized plungers. Four jumps 
    right, of the sort you should find easy now. Watch for the bat just 
    before you hit the multicolored door.
                                [end stage three]
                               [begin boss fight]
    This boss is a guy with a bad bowl haircut and a knife. What's worse, he 
    can block you almost at will. He tends to be a bit slow on the attack, 
    though, and he can't do two things at once. So here's the solution. Get 
    close to him(watch out early on. He jumps. You may just want to go right 
    a bit and wait to see how he gets near.) Watch his facial expression. 
    When he bares his teeth, jump up, and when you're above him, push right. 
    Be sure to have tapped C(it's easy to forget, but do it on the way up,) 
    and he'll take a hit. Move to the other side and repeat.
    The key is not to move in too close initially and not to push right in 
    your jump too soon. Note the boss's face gets redder as he takes more 
    hits. Eight should do it.
                             FINAL FIGHT: MIZRABEL
    Mizrabel is tough to figure out, and in fact if you don't realize you 
    can bounce on her missiles, she seems impossible. Her activity is as 
    1) buzz around a bit
    2) land on one of four locations in a diamond
    3) pulse a thick shield in and out three times
    4) release missiles in a hexagon
    First of all you can get a quick hit in on her by jumping UR and UL and 
    UR and waiting on the small ledge. Stand on the left and when she 
    releases her missiles(you'll need to learn to anticipate this,) jump 
    right and push C to bounce on her. Then go back up to one of the side 
    ledges. If she appears there, move quickly away and otherwise just jump 
    over to a good poaching point. You can use the topmost ledges to get 
    from one side to the other but if she appears on top there's nothing to 
    be done. Just skulk on the side and jump if she fires anything that 
    might hit you.
    If she's on the sides then you can get close to her and jump on the 
    shield continually(stand a bit inward from her though) and when she 
    shoots missiles, move directly on top of her and push C. Then get on a 
    ledge and wait for the next place she shows up. She should take five 
    hits. Watch the finale: she turns into an old lady who's only too happy 
    to give Mickey and Minnie the broom to get out.
    The mice dance. Minnie kisses Mickey, who falls down in the field. 
    Credits scroll. We see 'the end' and a movie theater. One mouse in the 
    front has a bow. It's Minnie. She and Mickey turn around and wave at 
      :::  :::  :::  :::    SECTION V.  -  VILLAINS     :::  :::  :::  :::
    Here you will find a combined list of all of the enemies inside of the 
    game. The boss strategies are in the respective sections in the 
    >   NAME OF VILLAIN   <
    >  STAGE THEY ARE IN  <      
    >      AIRPLANES      <
    >      TOY LAND       <      
    The Airplane enemies are a lot like a Toy Land version of the Leaf Birds 
    in the Forest level section of the game. Because they bob up and down, 
    they can be a bit annoying. Just wait until they are heading down, and 
    you should be able to jump on them. They'll turn into decent 
    springboards. But if that doesn't look practical, and you don't need to 
    go up, jump and shoot them.
    >         BATS        <
    >       VARIOUS       <
    The Bats are the second extremely annoying Villain that you will 
    encounter in the game (the first being the Clowns). These guys are tough 
    to kill with the Jump Attack, so I suggest jumping and throwing items at 
    them. Or just ducking. They don't buzz back at you if they pass over.
    >     BUTTERFLIES     <
    >       VARIOUS       <
    The butterflies appear in the forest, when you are swinging on vines. If 
    you manage to swing from one to the next easily, they will just die when 
    you swing past them. Otherwise you may want to jump in the air when 
    they're about at eye level as they tend to flutter down quickly.
    >        CLOWNS       <
    >       TOY LAND      <      
    The Clowns are the first really annoying enemy that you will face off 
    with in the game, because they juggle bouncy balls that can hurt Mickey. 
    They are like plants, but mobile. They are not that hard to defeat with 
    the Marbles, though, although you will want to do so from a distance, as 
    you must watch for the unicycle they were riding. It will come after you 
    and then bounce around from in back. Note that their unicycles will also 
    kill enemies, so you may just want to throw and jump. Also if there is a 
    wall nearby, the unicycle will bounce off it and come back at you, so be 
    Clowns generally know when to fire at you, too. If you try to jump over 
    them too soon, they'll release a shot. When they're about three body 
    lengths away, jump over and at them. This should work if you're out of 
    ammo(be sure to get the timing right, though.) The up/down arrows will 
    probably work best to get rid of them of all the methods, since both 
    entities only appear in one scene.
    >    SKELETON FISH    <
    >     DARK CANYON     <      
    Skeleton fish are very annoying and will jump out at you. Fortunately 
    they only appear on the right part of the bridge, and you can just jump 
    up in the air to avoid them. They will also chase after you if you go 
    underwater. You can fake them out with the C button(swim up) and then 
    floating down and going under them. They're more annoying than dangerous 
    if you know how to exercise caution.
    >    FACELESS TREE    <
    >        FOREST       <      
    The first boss that you will encounter is the Faceless Tree. This thing 
    used to scare me as a child, which probably proves as to why I am a huge 
    sissy today. This boss looks extremely like the Tree boss in Kirby's 
    Dream Land, in that you must attack his face with Apples. The Face of 
    the Tree will fly out of the stump of the tree and roll towards the left 
    (towards your character, at that). You will have to jump over the Face 
    of the Tree and land as far to the right as possible. The Face of the 
    Tree will begin rolling back to the right, so jump back over. The best 
    way to jump is to slightly tap the Jump Button. It is at this point that 
    the Face will have caused an avalanche of acorns fallings down from the 
    treetops! Ahhhhh!!! There will be around five acorns per hit from the 
    Faceless Tree to drop down, and they will all be in a random order AND 
    random in numbers. You must dodge the acorns by standing in between a 
    set of them. You will also have to damage the Faceless Tree, which is 
    something like you have to do against any boss in any game ever. SO, how 
    about we damage him, right? When the acorns are falling, turn to the 
    right and throw an Apple at the Face of the Tree. You will, sadly, have 
    to do this around ten times. After you destroy the Faceless Tree, 
    collect the Red Jewel.
    [AHS's non-sissy strategy:] I found a quick and safe way to beat up the 
    tree-head by jumping on it. Go to the left side and jump up when the 
    head is rolling towards you as a log, three body widths away. Stay over 
    at the left and see where the acorns fall. If a lot fall on the left, 
    you can jump over them to get a head start but in fact you can just wait 
    for them to fall, run, and jump/butt bounce of the tree head. Then you 
    can run right, jump when the log rolls near to you, and repeat the 
    process. It should take five hits. I can't fully recommend staying in 
    the center because sometimes acorns will fall through all six slots they 
    possibly can, and you'll take a hit then.
    >   JACK IN THE BOX   <
    >       TOY LAND      <      
    The Jack In The Box is a tricky enemy that appeared, in one form or 
    another, in practically every single platformer from 1988-1992. Here 
    they will pop out of boxes labeled with a question mark, regardless of 
    if you are standing atop of it or not. Fortunately they peek their heads 
    out first, and you have time to jump on where they were.
    Jack in the boxes come in two flavors: sideways and upwards bouncers. 
    For the sideways ones you can jump on their heads and get a bounce. But 
    you can't touch the spring or you take damage.
    >    TOY LAND BOSS    <
    This is the second boss, and he's not a total duffer, but fortunately 
    there is a good procedure to beat him. He will bounce two or three times 
    and then these four springy stools will burst from him. You must jump on 
    them and butt-bounce his head. Repeat several times, and you'll have 
    Mickey has many safe ways to avoid this bouncing gift box. First, if 
    Mickey's near the edge, he can run under the box. He can also run away. 
    The key to running, though, is that Mickey will want to position himself 
    very close to the box-man after the second bounce. Then he will duck. If 
    the box-man punches, let Mickey cower until the glove comes back in and 
    the springs come out. Otherwise let Mickey run under the Box-Man's 
    jumping path and duck again when he's safe.
    Mickey's jump should be such that, when he bounces, he moves far away 
    from the box-man. Otherwise Mickey may be caught by the jump attack. The 
    box-man's first jump should get him close to Mickey, and you should 
    calculate running under the box-man(if you're close to the edge) vs. 
    staying on the same side and ducking.
    >       MUSHROOM      <
    >       VARIOUS       <      
    The Mushrooms usually tend to flock around in groups as they would be 
    totally easy alone. These enemies are extremely easy to destroy. Just 
    use the Jump Attack and you can probably take a few out in a row. The 
    only times they can be dangerous are
    1) when you are falling a long distance. Hold C so you don't get a 
    surprise damage when you hit the ground.
    2) when you are in a narrow corridor. Wait for them to get VERY close 
    and bounce. Don't try for multiple hits here.
    >      NUTCRACKER     <
    >       TOY LAND      <      
    The Nutcrackers are one of the first enemies that you will spot inside 
    of Toy Land, and despite their height advantage to Mickey himself, they 
    are actually prone to a good Marble throwing, and not to mention the 
    fact that you can stomp them out with the Jump Attack, too! When they 
    are on the stairs coming down Mickey will probably want to stand on the 
    edge, but he jumps so high that anyone with the timing and moves of even 
    a Carleton Banks should get Mickey to bounce on them easily. You can 
    also do combo butt bounce jumps on these guys.
    >     PELLET PLANT    <
    >        FOREST       <      
    The Pellet Plants can be found in the Forest section of the game, and 
    you really are better off not using the Jump Attack move on them. It is 
    possible, but you need good timing. And you'll need to move in slowly.
    Pellet Plants will spit pellets into the air to hit you. Use the Apples 
    from a distance on their roots to kill them, or without any Apples, you 
    may wish to sneak under them and jump and knock them out. Some have 
    annoying positions where you'll have to fire at them on the jump.
    >        SPIDER       <
    >        FOREST       <      
    The Spiders are a nasty enemy that you will first encounter in the 
    second stage of the Forest. In fact, they are the only enemy that you 
    will find in that stage, but they are tough customers to the 
    uninitiated. Spiders move up and down on their strands, hanging from 
    their webs. An apple should take them out, but you can duck and wait for 
    them to go back up, too. If you're really impatient or confident, or if 
    your leaf moves you on a collision course, you can jump on them and kill 
    them from above. The bounce from this can propel you through the level 
    quite rapidly.
    >         TREE        <
    >        FOREST       <      
    The Trees in the game are the very first Villains that you will spot. 
    They can be easily destroyed by using the Jump Attack technique. Just be 
    sure to watch out for when they randomly jump up high and into the air, 
    though. In other words, as you start your descent, hold down the 'C' 
    button. And if they are on the ledge above you, wait for them to drop 
    down, so they have no chance of out-jumping you.
    >      DARK KNIGHT    <
    >        CASTLE       <      
    Dark knights fire small morning stars at you. But they have a set 
    pattern and so they can be attacked from behind. Plus they only fire at 
    certain intervals.
      :::  :::  :::  :::     SECTION VI.   -  ITEMS     :::  :::  :::  :::
    In this section, you will find a complete list of every item (including 
    the level-themed ones) in the entire game. Take a load off and enjoy.
    The Apple is the first version of the throwing objects in the game. 
    After you collect one of these items, you can throw it at villains or 
    The Diamond is a proudly charmed jewel that many seek, and it will give 
    you lots of really nice bonus points for picking one up (or 
    walking/jumping into it, whatever your 16-Bit logic may be). [AHS: even 
    two-bit logic will tell you these aren't important but for special 
    effects. They do tell you how far along you are in the game. They are: 
    red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.]
    There are a few keys in this game to collect. They will unlock the exit 
    doors for a few stages.
    The Marble is the second version of the throwing objects in the game. 
    After you collect one of these, you can throw it at villains or objects. 
    It's not fundamentally different from the Apple.
    It's the sequel to the marble, with the same use. It just looks more 
    The Mouse Ears are a simple item that you will run into every now and 
    then that will give Mickey Mouse an extra try (or extra life, for 
    platforming purists.)
    Collect Stars and you will be rewarded with an extra health point. They 
    appear in out-of-the-way areas and you can have up to five red 
    dots(health.) Stars won't protect you from falling, though, and some are 
    put in a void area to trick you.
    The Throwing Item Bag contains ten throwing items designed for each 
    individual level section (i.e. Apples in the Forest, Marbles in Toy 
    Land, etc.) You can have up to thirty items to throw.
    This causes your enemies to turn upside-down and is only used in the one 
    toy scene. They are all vanquished, and you get points for it. You just 
    need to adjust to seeing the screen turn upside down. You can also 
    retreat and activate the arrow again, something you usually don't see 
    with items in this game.
    Enemies reappear when you move back, but power up items don't.
      :::  :::  :::  :::     SECTION VII.   -  POINTS   :::  :::  :::  :::
    Points are pretty straightforward. You get 200 for each bad guy that's 
    not terribly harmful and 300 for each that has an attack.
    200: most mushrooms, airplane, soldiers, airplane, jack in box
    300: dark knights
    Clowns give 400, and their cycles give 100.
    You get 1000 points for finding a power up and having power at 5 as a 
    You get 1000 points if you achieve 30 items, your maximum.
    Bosses are worth 10000, and you get a 10000 clear bonus just after.
    Mizrabel is worth 50000.
    Technical points depend on the power you have left.
    1 - 1000
    2 - 2000
    3 - 3000
    4 - 4000
    5 - 10000
    Secret bonus can be from 0 to 30000. It depends on the diamonds and 
    power ups you find.
    Extra mice at 40000, 90000, and every 50000 thereafter.
      :::  :::  :::  :::  SECTION VIII.   -  CREDITS    :::  :::  :::  :::
    First off, I would like to thank the wonder Jeff "CJayC" Veasey, despite 
    the fact that Microsoft Word NEVER wants to leave that "J" in "CjayC" 
    capitalized. See what I am saying? [AHS: bet you don't like that stupid 
    Paperclip as office assistant either. P.S. Tools:Auto Correct provides 
    options to turn nonsense link this off. Use your knowledge wisely. Power 
    to the People. And may your Lucky Charms have disproportionately many of 
    your favorite marshmallow color.] Secondly, I would like to thank 
    Stephen Ng over at IGN.com for his constant support and the like. He is 
    a great man.
    I would also like to thank my girlfriend, Valerie Meerschaert. She 
    recently became an FAQ writer, so look up her FAQ from her contributor 
    name, QuarterLifeCrisis. She finally got a job since moving here, and 
    this place is extremely dull and boring without her, hence why I decided 
    to write this FAQ/Walkthrough. [AHS: and go on to leave me to pick up 
    the pieces :).] I miss you when you're gone, honey.
    Thanks goes out to Seth (HangMe2002) and Steve McFadden (Psycho Penguin) 
    for providing me with some competition on the FAQ/Walkthrough. This 
    helped me strive to make a great product, which I truly believe I have 
    done with this FAQ. Thanks guys!
    Thanks to Sega for creating such awesome games, much like this one, on 
    the Sega Genesis. Boy, that was an awesome system. I highly suggest 
    checking out games like Cyborg Justice, Atomic Robo-Kid, and Alex Kidd. 
    These are some great titles for this valued system.
    [AHS: Rolo to the Rescue is awesome, too. Well, the Genesis had a lot of 
    good ones--even the lame ones looked cool.]
    Lastly, thanks to an awesome musical act, Café Tabuca. They are a 
    Spanish band that does not have a U.S. release, however, if you enjoy 
    obscure pop music, I highly recommend importing their albums from a 
    record store online. They rock!
    [AHS] First, eighties music, eighties music. And another thanks to 
    sWicky for the ASCII art, something on which I am clueless. And to CJayC 
    for the whole GameFAQs site thing deal, without which I would not have 
    met people like David or been able to explore so many systems in-depth. 
    It's helped structure my writing and ideas in general. There are also 
    the usual suspects that are named in some of my other guides. Thanks to 
    David of course for offering this game as a part-FAQ. I think I used it 
    to get me motivated for other projects, big and small, FAQing and non-
    Thanks to the GENS emulator too which helped me pinpoint the timing for 
    some of the tougher jumps and fights and probably saved me lots of 
    anguish in other ways, too.
       :::  :::  :::  :::  SECTION IX.  -  DISCLAIMER  :::  :::  :::  :::
    This document is Copyright 2003 David McCutcheon and Andrew Schultz. It 
    may not be reproduced nor retransmitted in any form. It may not be 
    altered, published, sold, given as an incentive to buy, etc. without 
    advance permission from the author. Violation of the above terms can and 
    will result in a lawsuit. Thank you.

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