Additional ArtworkLarry Flores
Additional ArtworkEric Scharf
Additional ArtworkLin Shen
ArtistErik Alwill
ArtistCharles Amsellem
ArtistRodger Ferris
ArtistMalcom Hee
ArtistWilliam Longworth
ArtistTate Mosesian
ArtistBernie Petterson
DirectorMichael Ahn
DirectorChris Longpre
Director of TechnologyMichael Steele
Executive ProducerGeorge Degolian
Lead ArtistIan Mcintosh
Lead ProgrammerChris Sidhall
Music and Sound DecompositionFletcher Beasley
ProgrammerRay Ewan
Technical SupportAnnette Eakman
Technical SupportJohn 'Phantom' McLeod
Technical SupportTim 'Starduster' Watson


Data and credits for this game contributed by EonStrife, odino, and Mookiethebold.

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