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Reviewed: 05/02/03 | Updated: 05/02/03

Now who said worms are gross?

For any Genesis gamers looking for a fun, sweet, action-packed adventure with EarthWorm Jim, you have come to the right place. Not only will you enjoy good old Jim himself but you will love this game. EarthWorm Jim has tons of value and the game has potential written all over it. But enough about bragging, lets get to the review.

The gameplay is just plain sweet. This game is fun AND hilarious. An EarthWorm Jim game couldn't have been made any better than this 24 meg masterpiece. This game instantly became a classic in my books. You will have a good old time with this game and it's challenge never grows weak. But of course the game is going to be challenging, it's a Genesis game for crying out loud. The controls are very smooth and the game plays even smoother. From beginning to end it is action packed and very enjoyable so you can get into the game very easily.

The story is quite simple. The neato suit which Jim wears is something that the evil bounty hunter Psy-Crow is after. Of course Jim and the suit came together by sheer coincidence but the fact of the matter is, Psy-Crow and the Evil Queen want that suit. After Jim over hears Psy-Crow talking to the Queen and the suit and a mysterious Princess-What's-Her-Name, Jim dashes off to find this princess before Psy-Crow can find him and the suit...*whew* not to complicated now is it. That's the best way I can explain it,especially from the story in the book. Now not to give any amount of the game away you would just have to play it to find out for yourself!

The graphics AND sounds in this game are just perfect. I couldn't get enough of anything in this game really. All the backgrounds are brilliant with color and detail. The music is kind of catchy too. All I have to say is that this game surprised me in many ways.

There are lots of levels to keep you going. I wouldn't worry about the length because this game is quite long and satisfying. The re-playability is high because of the intense gameplay and fun.

If you can find this game, BUY IT. After all you owe it to yourself and you will thank yourself for buying it because this game has a lot to offer in graphics, sounds, controls, playtime, re-playability and gameplay. EarthWorm Jim scores big time in every category and I find nothing wrong with this game at all. Thats also why I gave it a 10!

-Happy Gaming.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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