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    Quiz Questions FAQ by GLescoe

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    Earthworm Jim 2 Quiz Questions version Caveman
    prepared by Greg Lescoe (Orochi_greg@hotmail.com)
    Hey, this is Greg Lescoe, and this is just a totally complete list of EJ2
    quiz-show questions (from the level "Villi People"). The major difference
    between my list and those of several others is that I, unlike the others,
    can (use a british accent) give you a list of all the choices as well as
    the questions. Whoopie-doo. These questions are actually ripped from the
    Saturn version of EJ2 (look in Villi.bin if you don't believe me), with
    slight changes to spelling occasionally to make it more readable (and fix
    the foreign-language spelling errors). The little < and > things are there
    to show which answers are right, and which are hideous lies (gasp!). Anyway,
    the > means it's the right answer, and the < means it's the wrong answer. I
    don't take credit for typing the questions -- only for formatting them to be
    readable from MS-DOS edit (where this was all done, incidentally). However,
    please don't rip me off. It would make you angry at me after I remove your
    hands quite... painfully...
    THE QUESTIONS. w00t. And stuff. : P
    Blah blah blah.    <- the question
    <A Yes.                                      \
     >B No.                                        >-the answers (<=wrong, 
    <C Eight and a half pounds of butter.        /
    What color is Jim's red gun?
    <A Blue
     >B Green
    <C Yellow
    How does Jim spell his first name?
    <A JMI
     >B MIJ
    <C IJM
    If Dan was stuck in Mexico City, how many days would it take before he would
    <A Dan-Food=Time
    <B Mexican food is evil
    >C Mexican food is good; Dan is evil
    When is Jim's birthday?
    <A The day he was born
    >B June 9, 1994
    <C Today if you have a present
    What is Princess What's Her Name's real name?
    >A What's Her Name
    <B HEY YOU!
    <C Chip Butty
    Phrase your response in the form of a question.
    >A Huh?
    <B No
    <C Maybe
    Can Jim speak French?
    <A Oui
    >B Non
    <C Michelle, ma belle, sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
    Can Jim speak German?
    <A Ja
    <B Nein
    >C Bitte, wo ist die toilette?
    Can Jim speak Spanish?
    >A Si
    <B No
    <C Si, aber he nicht el francais hablo, though
    Can Jim speak Japanese?
    <A Hai
    >B Iie
    <C O kudasai kori
    Can Jim tie himself into a knot?
    >A No
    <B Jim has no arms
    <C He probably can, but he'd only do it to impress girls
    Does Jim have piranha in his aquarium?
    <A A
    <B B
    >C Both A and B
    Does Jim's mother approve of the girls he dates?
    >A No, she does not
    <B Jim never brings any home
    <C Worms do not have mothers; they reproduce asexually
    Can Peter Puppy have a bite of your ice cream sandwich?
    <A Yes
    <B No
    >C Over my dead body
    How can you easily complete this level?
    >A Press reset
    <B Follow the path of least resistance
    <C What!? You're almost done!
    What Broadway musical is based on annelids?
    <A Wormlight Express
    <B Worms
    >C The Worm of the Opera
    Jim is to worm as Jam is to:
    <A Warm
    >B Dog
    <C Butter
    Why are we here?
    <A Ask Buckaroo...
    <B That's a question for Des Cartes
    >C Because Scott is coming at 10 AM
    Why is this question here?
    >A Don is hell-bent on getting his name into this game
    <B Would you care to spin the wheel?
    <C Don't get smarmy with me, just answer it
    Coal is to water as a light bulb is to:
    <A Water
    <B Coal
    >C Wet Coal
    If cigarettes cause cancer, what causes Capricorn?
    <A Poor-fitting shoes in southern France
    <B Dental floss
    >C One and one half pounds of butter
    Who is the king of the animals in Africa?
    <A Marimba
    <B Help, I can't swimba
    >C Earthworm Jimba
    What is the meaning of life?
    <A Ask Brian
    >B 42
    <C Forty-two
    Does misery love company?
    >A None of your beeswax
    <B No, 3 is company
    <C No, misery is not mature enough to distinguish between a simple-pre
       adolescent crush and true love
    In a dogfight between a Spitfire and a Harrier, which plane would win?
    <A The Spitfire
    >B The Harrier
    <C Flamin' Yawn can spit fire, but the queen is harrier.
    Use what in place of butter when cooking?
    >A Shortening
    <B Lengthening
    <C Weasel feathers
    Who are you?
    >A Who, who, who, who?
    <B I really want to know.
    <C Now tell me--who are you?
    I don't get it.
    <A Neither do I
    <B And your point is...
    >C The right answer is often wrong, and the rest don't make sense, so you
       haven't much of a chance anyway.
    Seven times seven equals:
    <A 49
    <B Forty-nine
    >C C'mon, I really need this power-up!
    W.W.W. stands for:
    >A Weewy Wascawy Wabbit
    <B World War Won
    <C Keep On Truckin'
    These walk down stairs, alone or in pairs.
    >A Shoes
    <B Toys that were metal but are now plastic and not nearly as cool as they
       used to be
    <C Take a memo
    How many donuts are in a dozen?
    >A 8, by the time you get home
    <B Do I have to share them?
    <C 13, if you smile nicely
    How fast does Jim's plasma gun fire?
    >A A bazillion rounds a second
    <B Infinity
    <C Once
    What exactly is a 'Mojo'?
    <A A really big cup of coffee
    >B A tiny Elvis
    <C A command, as in 'Mojo your own lawn'
    Jim's super suit is what size?
    <A 11n, 34, XL
    <B M
    >C One size fits all
    What is Earthworm Jim's favorite disco dance step?
    <A The Hustle
    <B Wormwalk
    >C The Funky Cow
    During his short-lived rap career, Jim was known as:
    >A M.C. Sweet N Low
    <B Ice Cream
    <C Wormio
    Can Psy-Crow beat Jim at arm wrestling?
    <A Yes
    >B Jim has no arms
    <C No
    Jim's super suit is:
    <A Wash and wear
    <B All-natural fibers
    >C Filled with healthy and delicious oat bran
    What is Jim's favorite magazine?
    >A Annelid Monthly
    <B Tiny Elvis Collectors Quarterly
    <C Playworm
    If Jim wasn't an earthworm, what would he be?
    <A Jim
    >B A cow
    <C Not an earthworm
    Why are Jim's eyes different in color and size?
    >A The ladies love it
    <B Huh? Which one is different?
    <C It makes him look like David Bowie
    Have you read the instruction manual?
    >A No.
    <B Yes
    <C Yes, but I can't find where tab A fits into slot B
    In college, Jim played what sport?
    >A Jousting
    <B Go-Go dancing
    <C Cricket
    When bowling, Psy-Crow needs 7 pins to win. He should:
    >A Hit reset and get a spare if no one sees
    <B Aim at the right side of the pins
    <C Aim at the left side of the pins
    What is Jim's second favorite disguise, after 'Blind Sally'?
    >A Steve's Shop Vacuum
    <B Nematode Nick
    <C The Prime Minister of England
    Have you seen the Earthworm Jim cartoon?
    >A Yes
    <B No
    <C Cartoon?
    What was the answer to the previous question?
    <A C
    >B A
    <C B
    What is Jim's favorite fighting game?
    <A Mortal Wombat IV
    >B Samurai Slowdown
    <C Kill Her In Stink
    Jim was born in what state?
    <A Actually, being a worm, he was born under a state
    >B Texas
    <C A state of shock
    What kind of license do you need to fly a pocket rocket?
    >A Class 'C'
    <B To kill
    <C You need a license???
    In China, this American cartoon character was renamed. There he was called:
    >A Mickey Mao
    <B Imperialist Rat-Boy
    <C Rick Rodent
    Psy-Crow is named after which Shiny employee?
    <A Steve Crow
    >B Psy Sterling
    <C Cy Crowmagnon
    Where is Jim originally from?
    >A Texas
    <B Lost Vegas
    <C The upper west side of Manhattan
    Is Jim dyslexic?
    >A Sey
    <B Yes
    <C No
    What is a Chip Butty?
    <A Some silly English food -- usually with clotted cream
    <B Something you'll hopefully never have to experience
    >C A totally rad power-up
    What flavor is a cow?
    >A Milk
    <B Vanilla
    <C Just like chicken
    >A A nice shot!
    <B Four
    <C 4
    Would you like that on account or gift certificate?
    <A Gift certificate, please
    >B On account of I'm cool
    <C I'll take the ceramic Dalmatian for $1500
    What is 'The Manta'?
    <A Isn't that the thing Greg got when the family went to Hawaii?
    <B A new post-grunge industrial-jazz ska band
    >C A secret move for Jim
    Is there a correct answer for this question?
    >A Yes
    <B No
    <C Yes, the correct answer is A
    What food is not available on the streets of New York City?
    <A Fried worms
    >B Real beef hotdogs
    <C English mustard
    If 'A' is the correct answer, what is 'B'?
    <A The wrong answer
    >B The correct answer
    <C Neither A nor B
    Can I borrow ten dollars but only take five?  That way I'll owe you five
    dollars and you'll owe me five and we'll both be even.
    >A O.K.
    <B Huh?
    <C I don't have any money on me right now
    Sometimes the correct answer isn't:
    When Peter Puppy gets angry, he:
    <A Counts to 10
    >B Acts like he's been 'belted by gamma rays'
    <C Pretends he's a rock band and trashes hotel rooms
    Major Mucus usually has:
    >A Tons of loose change
    <B Free Floating Anxiety
    <C Someone following behind him with a squeegee to clean up the mess
    The correct answer is:
    <A None of the below
    >B I'm not really sure
    <C All of the above
    Jim's favorite magic trick is:
    >A Pulling a rabbit out of a hat
    <B Pulling a worm out of a super suit
    <C Sawing Psy-Crow in half
    Winning a coupon for a discount on something you have to buy is
    <A Part of the 'Contract With America'
    <B The way I met my last wife
    >C Not winning anything
    If all the particles in the universe were to collapse to a single point, it
    would create a
    >A Mess
    <B Black hole
    <C Bang
    Jim makes a good:
    <A BLT sandwich
    >B Hood Ornament
    <C Tasty snack
    If I said you had a nice personality, would you
    <A Be flattered
    <B Agree
    >C Hold it against me
    Don't worry,
    <A I can't help it
    <B That's easy for you to say
    >C Be happy
    When will The Hammer tie the knot?
    >A Feb 7th, 1997
    <B 2001 - A True Oddity
    <C As soon as he gets his 'woodsman' merit badge for knot tying
    I think I've heard that before...
    >A Andy probably told you already
    <B No, you didn't
    <C What??

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