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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mnb_0000

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 05/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By mnb_0000
    VERSION 4.0
    DATE: May 23rd, 2003
    Table of Contents:
    1) Legal garbage
    2) Update history
    3) The Controls
    4) Hints
    5) Walkthrough
    6) Enemy List
    7) Credits
    You may read and print this FAQ. You may share this with anyone as long as 
    you don't get any money and no one else does either. You may link indirectly 
    through GameFaqs to this FAQ but you may NOT link directly. You must ask me 
    for permission if you want to use this on your website; my address if 
    This FAQ is copyright 2002-2003 Matthew Benedict. All rights reserved. All 
    copyrights mentioned in the guide belong to their respective owners.
    Version 1.00- hints, controls, and walkthrough to level 13 (Vents of Medusa)
    Version 1.01- hints, controls, walkthrough to level 22 (black clouds), and 
    a TDL
    Version 1.1-completed walkthrough to level 25 (dark sea), added an unfinished 
    enemy list.
    Version 1.2-competed walkthrough except for vortex queen up to City of 
    Forever. Finished the enemy list. BTW, merry Christmas!
    Version 1.21- I finally figured out how to beat the Vortex Queen, so I added 
    that to the walkthrough. I know how to beat City of Forever, all I have to 
    do is make up some directions :).
    Version 2.0- I am now finished with the walkthrough on easy mode. I have 
    started a difficult mode walkthrough, and have it up to level 7 (tube of 
    medusa). I also updated the TDL to reflect what my goals actually are and 
    not when they were when I started writing this.
    Version 2.1- I completed the walkthrough in difficult mode up to the Maze 
    of Stone, and also corrected some outdated information. I also added spaces 
    between paragraphs to make this walkthrough easier to read, and reorganized 
    the sections a little.
    Version 2.2- Completed the difficult mode walkthrough up to Dark Sea. The 
    next update will probably be my last, with all the rest of the levels.
    Version 3.0- This will probably be my last update. The walkthrough is 
    completely finished.
    Version 4.0- OK, so I lied. No no information this time, but I did update 
    the formatting. This should make the FAQ much easier to follow for those of 
    you playing on difficult mode. Purged the TDL.
    There are quite a few things that you can do with Ecco; you need most of them 
    to survive.
    A BUTTON: Lets out a song that:
    a) Lets you talk to other singers (whales, other dolphins) and glyphs 
    b) If you got the correct song from a key glyph, lets you pass a barrier glyph.
    c) Kills some enemies (though not most).
    d) When equipped with the correct song, sometimes lets you break rocks and 
    other barriers in your path.
    Holding A gives you a map of a part of the level you are in; this is called 
    "echolocation" and is very important, so learn it, especially when looking 
    for air bubbles (they look like clear circles on the screen).
    Pressing B then A fires sonar, which is a powerful song that can kill enemies. 
    Singing out of the water automatically gives you sonar.
    B BUTTON: Charges enemies. This will kill most enemies. Pressing B twice will 
    kill some enemies AND make sure they don't come back (with some exceptions). 
    This is the most common way to kill enemies (Sonar is a pain to use underwater). 
    This can also be used to fight opposing currents, but it doesn't usually work. 
    You can't charge when you are on dry land btw.
    C BUTTON: Makes you swim faster. The more you press it, the faster you swim. 
    Also makes you flip when over water, which helps you leap over high rocks. 
    This can be used to help fight currents and has numerous other uses.
    START BUTTON: Pauses the game.
    SELECT BUTTON: No purpose.
    X, Y, Z: No Purpose.
    D-pad: Moves Ecco; Up means toward the surface, down is away from it. You 
    can also move diagonally by pressing, for example, down and right at the same 
    time, which is an important move to learn.
    4) HINTS:
    1) This is a tough game; be prepared to have trouble with it. Even the most 
    detailed walkthrough can't help with some things; they take practice.
    2) If a glyph gives you a song, it probably means there is a barrier glyph 
    somewhere that leads to your next destination. Find it!
    3) You can move broken pieces of glyphs around by singing to them.
    4) Watch your air meter closely. Always know where your nearest air supply 
    is (echolocation is helpful here). It is also important, though not as much 
    in the early levels, to watch your health and eat fish if need be.
    5) Some levels are a real pain and make you want to crush the game. Rather 
    than resorting to that, go to the next level using the password! If a level 
    fits the above description, I'll give you the password to the next level with 
    the title of it.
    6) Glyphs don't always tell the truth, but they usually do.
    7) If you find a small medusa, kill it fast or it will kill you just as fast!
    8) Good Luck! NOTE: I haven't beaten the game yet, but I want to help people 
    with the levels I do know how to beat.
    NOTE: Difficulty is on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being easier, 5 being harder.
    NOTE: For difficult mode hints (and walkthrough when difficult varies 
    significantly from easy), see the bottom of each level labled "CHANGES FOR 
    PART 1: The Present
    NOTE: This part basically gets you acquainted with the game better.
    Level 0: (no title)
    NOTE: The instruction booklet gives you the password to the next level, so 
    this is optional. If you wish to skip it, the password is UEPMCVEB.
    At the beginning, I suggest that you take the top right road so the game is 
    on "easy" mode. It is tough enough with that! Difficult is like impossible!
    Anyway, swim to the right until you reach a current, then keep pressing C 
    and hold down to get through it. When you reach the bottom, hang a right and 
    sing to your mirror image. After she's said her thing, keep going right until 
    you can go up. Go through the concentric circles to go into your first 
    teleporter sequence (oh yay).
    This one isn't too hard; sing to the shells to destroy them, dodge the red 
    stuff they shoot, and go through the rings. Sometimes they appear over the 
    water; you must jump to get those. When you get enough, you will be teleported 
    to the first real level.
    The first part of this level is exactly like it is on easy mode.
    The teleportation sequence is basically a tutorial on difficult mode. It is 
    not too hard this time around, but remember to stay lined up with the rings. 
    Sonaring the coclias helps, since you won't have to worry about health and 
    you won't get distracted. I think you need to get more rings successfully 
    on difficult, but eventually, you will make it to the first real level.
    Level 1: Crystal Springs
    Swim to the right, past the dolphin, until you see a glyph suspended in the 
    water. In this level, the objective is to break it and two others loose and 
    bring them to the ship at the bottom (where there is another glyph orbiting 
    a star). To break the glyph free, swim to the right of the glyph, sing to 
    it semi-fast, and keep at it. If it starts swinging violently, you must sing 
    a LITTLE faster; if you sing too fast, the glyph won't move. It takes some 
    practice to get the rhythm, but eventually the glyph will break free. Sing 
    to it in the direction you want it to do (down and left). Bring it to the 
    aforementioned star and the glyph will start orbiting it. Now, head up the 
    left side and do the same thing for the other two glyphs. When all four glyphs 
    are orbiting the star, they will form one glyph. Sing to it and it will give 
    you a new song. Go to the right to where a row or stones blocks a path. Sing 
    to the stones to break them, and go to the right to exit the level.
    This level is only a little bit different from easy mode. There is a fourth 
    glyph that you must sonar onto that spot on the ship. It is located on the 
    right side of the sunken ship.
    Level 2: Fault Zone
    Go to the right all the way, then down, past the current, and to the left. 
    Push the rock on the ground to the left into the rocks in the way on the far 
    left and then race to the right. Keep charging to keep from getting killed 
    by an avalanche of rocks. Follow the path until you reach your mirror image. 
    He tells you that you now must worry about air as well as health! When he 
    goes away, swim to the right to reach the exit.
    There is little difference here from easy mode. However, there is now a second 
    barrier after the first one. You must push the rock over a hill, which is 
    a pain, but if you're going fast it shouldn't be a problem. You must then 
    break at least the second rock in the barrier with your rock in order to 
    proceed. After that, its the same as easy; just avoid the avalanche and learn 
    that you now need to breathe to survive.
    Level 3: Two Tides
    SPECIAL ITEM: Pulsar
    NOTE: If you wish, you can explore this area and get a pulsar, but it is not 
    necessary. There is a pulsar in each half of the level.
    Go to the far bottom right area. (There should be an air pocket there). Follow 
    the path, avoiding or destroying the rocks, until you reach a key glyph. Touch 
    it to gain its song, then go back to the air pocket and fill up on air. Now, 
    go to the left, avoiding the enemies, until you reach a barrier glyph. Sing 
    to it to get rid of it. Now go to the right, into the current, and  touch 
    the key glyph again. Go back around to the place where the first barrier glyph 
    See that turtle swimming around? Well, when it gets over the current, touch 
    it to put it in its shell. It will fall; follow it and it will let you get 
    past the current! When it is past the first hole in the rocks to the right, 
    swim to the right and into it. Go to the bottom-right corner of this area 
    and sing to the barrier glyph to get rid of it. Swim quickly to the right 
    to meet another dolphin, who will take you to the future. 
    But wait! This level isn't over yet!
    You start off underwater with full air. Go all the way to the left, charging 
    through the seaweed, and then go up to the surface. See those things sticking 
    out of the water and going up? Go into the first one, all the way to the top, 
    and when you see a flying dolphin near the top, jump on top of him. He will 
    carry you to where you need to go; jump off at the second floating island. 
    Sing to the glyph and it will "eat" some rocks in your way.
    Jump off the island to the left and use echolocation to find a glyph inside 
    a small crevice in the rocks (you may need to swim left a ways). Sing to it 
    and it says: 
    "The Glyph that is a door is open for a short time".
    RUN to the right, over the rocks in the way (you can ride a flying dolphin 
    if you like), until you can't anymore, then go down and through the broken 
    glyph. Run to the right, past the seaweed, and touch the key glyph to get 
    its song. Run back to the left before the glyph that was previously broken 
    repairs itself; if it does, you must use your song to break it and start all 
    over with this part. When you have successfully taken your new song outside, 
    get on the "water tube" farthest to the right, ride on one of the flying 
    dolphins to the floating one to the left of it, get off, go up it, get rid 
    of the glyph, and go up to reach the end. (Finally!)
    NOTE: This has most of my favorite levels in it, but also one of my least 
    favorite. You get to ride flying dolphins, you get to fly, and you get to 
    meet the Asterite!
    Level 4: Sky way
    Swim to the top left of the first chamber and touch the glyph to get its song. 
    Then go back down to the barrier glyph on the left side. Sing to it, then 
    hurry up and go through it, for it will repair itself after a short time. 
    Go left until you find a current going up, and let it carry you to another 
    key glyph. After getting its power, use echolocation to find an exit to the 
    right. Follow the path to a water tube, and sing to the glyph to break it. 
    Hurry up and go through, continue up, and you're done!
    Level 5: Sky Tides
    This level takes practice, but its not too bad. The problem with it is that 
    you will probably have to play the whole level many, many times (see next 
    level's walkthrough for the reason).
    Anyway, I divide this level into three parts: Vertical Scrolling, Diagonal 
    Scrolling, and the Black Holes. Be warned that the screen scrolls 
    automatically, forcing you along with it.
    The level starts off scrolling vertically. Go to the right side when the path 
    splits. When the left side breaks and then comes back, jump onto the second 
    part. Stay on it until the right path breaks and comes back. When the left 
    side has broken and come back again, make Ecco face horizontally so all you 
    can see is his fin. 
    When the screen starts scrolling diagonally, keep pressing right so that 
    Ecco's fin stays in the "Sky Tide". This will ensure you don't fall off. Be 
    prepared to stop this when the two paths join back together. When that happens, 
    get on the left side, face vertically, get on the left side of the left side, 
    and press up repeatedly to stay in the tide.
    When the screen starts scrolling horizontally, go over the first black hole, 
    under the second, watch out for a sneaky third one near the bottom, and over 
    the fourth one right next to the exit.
    On difficult, this level is sped up to hyper speed. That means you must be 
    a quick jumper. You also must push your buttons fast enough to keep up with 
    the tide. 
    The initial vertical part shouldn't be too much of a problem. When the tide 
    turns diagonal, get on the bottom and hold the "right" button. You will barely 
    be able to stay on. When you can go onto the left side without jumping, do 
    so, and get on the left side of it. Hold up to stay in the tide. When the 
    tide turns horizontal, just go over all the whirlpools. They are actually 
    easier to avoid on difficult than on easy. You can also sonar them to 
    temporarily shrink them and then go past them.
    When you get to what would be the exit on easy, be prepared to jump, 'cuz 
    the level ain't over yet! The rest of the level is all zigzaggy, and it is 
    awkward to try to describe it, so just memorize it for yourselves. There are 
    a couple of whirlpools that you MUST sonar to get them out of your hair for 
    a while you are making jumps across the tides. It's not too much longer until 
    you reach the dreaded Tube of Medusa...
    Level 6: Tube of Medusa
    This is an annoying level, but is very short once you know how to do it.
    If you want to attempt it, here's what you can do to beat it: go up the left 
    path. Medusa will be there, but she has a big fat opening to her left. Go 
    through it and rush across the gap in the tide. On easy mode, she doesn't 
    follow you, so take your time and get across the rest of the gaps.
    This level is significantly harder than it was on easy, since the medusas 
    all follow you and, this time, I think there are more than one of them. It 
    will take practice to sneak past the second one, in addition to the following 
    tips. The first one has a large gap to its left that you can easily exploit.
    TIP 1: DO NOT press B or C if you are falling. Pressing those buttons makes 
    it harder to regain control when you land on another piece of tide.
    TIP 2: DO press up when you are falling.
    TIP 3: With the second medusa, you are trying to force your way past the medusa. 
    The medusa may push you back, but keep trying to charge around its sides and 
    eventually you will gain ground. If you persist long enough, the medusa will 
    just give up, although it takes a long time and a lot of effort.
    Level 6.5: Aqua Tubeway (DIFFICULT MODE ONLY!)
    Difficulty: 3
    Although this is a new level, no walkthrough is really needed. All you need 
    to do is memorize the path that you must take and remember to sonar the 
    whirlpools. It takes a little time, but eventually, you will get it down pat 
    and will be well on your way to Level 7 (skylands)
    Level 7: Skylands
    This is a fun level. There are a lot of flying dolphins in this level; you 
    should practice jumping off of them, ending up going UP, and landing on them 
    again. You will need to do that in this level.
    Go to the far left of the level and kill all the sharks in that area. Make 
    sure they don't come back; they'll murder you if they can, and there are NO 
    fish in this level! Now, see those air bubble things floating in the air? 
    You must sing to those, so go under water and get a running start up to the 
    first one. Be prepared to sing to another one while you're in the air; you'll 
    have to! If you did both correctly, you should land on a floating island. 
    If you mess up, you will end up in the water again; just go back to the far 
    left and repeat the process (do that if you fall at any point and don't land 
    on an island).
    There should be another air pocket thingy floating above your new island. 
    Go up and sing to it and the other ones in the chain. Keep doing this, landing 
    on new islands, until you reach an island with no bubbles above it. 
    NOTE: You will land on a floating dolphin after one of the chains; jump off 
    when it is over a floating island.
    Here is where you need to do some dolphin-jumping: see that dolphin flying 
    above your island? Well, get a running start and hitch a ride. When he's about 
    to drop you, you must jump off, end up going UP, and land on him again. You 
    should only have to do this once; once he reaches the far right of the screen, 
    you'll automatically fall off. Swim to the right to complete the level.
    If you can't/don't want to do that, you can try using the air bubbles on the 
    way to spirit you up to a higher-up dolphin. It will bring you to the same 
    place and you won't have to jump off.
    Level 8: Fin To Feather
    SPECIAL ITEM: Metasphere
    NOTE: I really like this level; its short, easy, and fun! You get to fly! 
    I wish you could fly in some of the other levels...
    You start off on a floating island. Jump off the right side and go under the 
    rocks to your right. Kill the enemies in this area (be careful; there are 
    no fish here!), get some speed, and leap out of the water to touch the 
    metaphere. It will turn you into a bird. Using the UP button, fly over the 
    rock, and IMMEDIATELY press B and down to dodge the eagles. Then, just hit 
    the water on the other side and go to the bottom left of the new chamber. 
    Follow the path to the teleport sequence.
    This is the easiest teleport sequence in the game. Just dodge the seaweed 
    (it is easy) and go through the rings. The lilipads on the surface are just 
    as easy to avoid. Just don't miss more than 3 rings and you'll go home happy.
    This level is much, much more difficult than it was on easy! The first part 
    is about the same. Kill at least the two sharks right below the surface and 
    then make a high leap to the metasphere. You'll have to be a little quicker 
    this time to dodge the eagles as you go over the rock. When you make it over 
    (charging after you clear the rock help prevent getting carried back across), 
    go into the teleporter ring.
    This teleporter ring is what makes the level difficult. Instead of slowly 
    drifting, the seaweed now moves much faster in random directions. The fact 
    that a lot of the rings move around on you doesn't help either. Add those 
    two things to the fact that you can only miss three rings (or maybe its two, 
    I'm not sure), and you've got yourself a heavy dose of frustration! Oh well, 
    practice makes perfect. You'll make it eventually, and if not, use QIYDDUCB 
    to pass it.
    Level 9: Eagles Bay
    SPECIAL ITEM: Metasphere
    At the start, go left all the way and then up to the surface. Now go right 
    as far as you can, gain a lot of speed, and leap out of the water. With any 
    luck, you'll touch the metasphere. Now go LEFT as far as you can, avoiding 
    the falling rocks and going over the wall of rocks. When you are over, go 
    into the water and touch the key glyph to get its song. Touch the metasphere 
    above the water and go back to the right, over the wall of rocks, past the 
    boulders (its OK if you fall; just go to the right and touch that metasphere 
    again), and over another wall (watch out for eagles!). When you clear the 
    second wall, go into the water, sing to the barrier glyph to get rid of it, 
    and  go through the path it was blocking to the end.
    Level 10: Asterite's Cave
    Special Item: Pulsar (2nd half)
    NOTE: This is a long level, and it takes practice, but you can do it if you 
    You start off in a small chamber fully equipped with an air pocket, some fish, 
    a few enemies, and a glyph that is in two pieces. When you have full air, 
    go ahead and double-charge all the enemies in here. Then, refill on air and 
    go to the piece of glyph on the top right. Sing to it in the direction you 
    want it to go; in this case, bring it to the other piece. When the glyph becomes 
    whole, sing to it to get its song. Refill on air, and then go up to the barrier 
    glyph on the top. Sing to it and quickly go through it before it repairs 
    Now that you're out of the first chamber, go up the water tube and, when you're 
    near the top, leap of to the right. You should land on a floating dolphin 
    who will carry you over the wall. Jump off when it does.
    This next part is one of the pain in the butt parts of the level. Always keep 
    an eye on your health and air meters and refill when needed, especially in 
    this part. You must sing to/sonar that worm thing to get it to shrivel up, 
    and then you must sonar it into the rocks in your way. It is difficult, but 
    not too difficult since you get infinite tries and you can refill on health 
    and air whenever you want. When you succeed in doing this, get the worm off 
    your back and move the broken glyph part below you to the bottom left of this 
    chamber, where the other half is waiting. Sing to it, get its song, and go 
    back to the surface for air. Then go back to the last chamber and go through 
    the barrier glyph on the right before it heals itself.
    This is the second pain in the butt part. Asterite is in this chamber, but 
    it is in the way! Before you can get past it, you must sing to it and listen 
    (or not) to its story. When its done, go to the top of it (hurry, before you 
    run out of air) and sneak in the opening. Go down as your opening goes down, 
    DO NOT press C (or you will go too fast and be kicked out of the Asterite), 
    and, if you keep up, you will eventually reach a metasphere-like thing that 
    will warp you to the past and the second part of the level.
    The second part isn't as technically difficult as the first, but it took me 
    a looooong time to figure it out. At first, its not too bad. You start off 
    next to an orca who has lost her children (except one) and asks you to find 
    them. So, here are their locations. Note that you can only bring two with 
    you at a time. Echolocation helps you more than my directions.
    a) Just to the right of where you start, in the place with a ship in the 
    b) Keep going right until you can't anymore (underwater, that is).
    c) You must jump over a wall in the way, then go down the path. The Orca is 
    along the path when it turns left.
    d) Go left a ways from the third orca.
    Now, after you return all the orcas to their mother, you can execute a strange 
    glitch. Go to the top-left corner of the level, near the surface. Face up 
    and use your echolocation. Exit the map, and, if you did it correctly, a bunch 
    of baby orcas will fall out of the sky, swim around for a bit, then disappear. 
    You can't rescue them, btw.
    After rescuing all the baby orcas, the mother tells you that you are a hero, 
    and then says that the orcas will help him on his journey. This is a very 
    subtle hint as to what you must do. After you sing to the mother, one of the 
    babies detaches from her and starts swimming to the right. Your task is to 
    follow it to the exit. I suggest you memorize its path and double-charge all 
    the enemies along it, and also take note of the air pockets along the way. 
    When you succeed in following it until it stops, go to the right (past where 
    rocks used to be in the way) to the exit.
    The first part of this level is relatively unchanged. You just have to be 
    more precise when you are centering yourself in the asterite and moving down 
    it. I think it moves faster and has more of a tendency to kick you out. Also, 
    the broken glyphs are more sensitive to your touch than they were on easy, 
    so if you don't want them to move, don't touch them!
    The second part of the level is changed quite a bit. There are now eight 
    dolphins instead of 4, and five of them are in new locations. If you explored 
    this level on easy, you probably found several large areas with nothing but 
    enemies in them. Well...all of those now have lost orcas in them, and its 
    up to you to find them! There are also some new coclias blocking your path, 
    which you can destroy with charges, and several bottom halves of glyphs that 
    seem to have no purpose. Make sure you keep an eye on your air and recharge 
    when needed. Here are all of the orcas' locations (note that your echolocation 
    will help more than these directions):
    a) Just to the right of where you start, in the place with a ship in the 
    b) Keep going right until you can't anymore (underwater, that is).
    c) This time, go right as far as you can go under water, and then go to the 
    surface and jump over the rocks. Follow the path until it splits, then take 
    a left. Look for an orca in this general area. Note that this is the same 
    orca as the fourth one on easy.
    d) From the third whale, go right until you see a path going down with a broken 
    glyph laying on the ground. Follow that path until it is blocked by coclias. 
    Charge them to get rid of them, but be careful since they hurt you quite a 
    bit. Lets call this point B. Then, take a right and follow the top wall. The 
    fourth orca is around here, to the left of the pulsar which you should 
    definitely get.
    e) Go to point B, then go left from there. You should be on a path with many 
    falling coclias. Kill the ones that you can with your pulsar and just avoid 
    the rest. The end of the path is blocked with coclias; just double-charge 
    them. The fifth orca is on the bottom of this chamber in a place with a 
    shipwreck in the background.
    f) Go to the top-right corner of the chamber with the fifth whale in it. There 
    should be an air pocket and several annoying red things there. At the top 
    of this little area is an easy-to-miss orca.
    g) From point B, look for a nearby path leading down. There are coclias in 
    the way, so kill them and then go left. Ignore the next path leading down 
    with coclias in the way for now. At the end of this path is the seventh orca.
    h) From the seventh orca, go back to the right, and, this time, kill the 
    coclias and go down the path. Go left and then charge up the current and go 
    into the chamber to the left. In this chamber, the orca is in the far bottom 
    Once you have rescued all the orcas, just follow the one that detaches from 
    its mother; the path is exactly the same as it was on easy.
    Level 10.5: Maze of Stone (DIFFICULT MODE ONLY!)
    Difficulty: 3
    From the start, go left as far a you can over water, and then go to the bottom 
    left corner of the little chamber. You can fight the current there with 
    charges, so do so and get off the path at the bottom. Now, go down, following 
    the left wall, until you reach another path leading down.
    Your first impulse will likely be to try and kill those coclias, but don't 
    be so hasty! These are special coclias that can't be killed. Worse, they are 
    like the marble slabs in Epilogue, since they can crush you against the rocks. 
    I can't really give much of a strategy for these, other than two things: go 
    down along the left side and take it slow.
    When you get to the bottom, you'll find an air pocket, which you should take 
    full advantage of, and a rock. Move the rock to the left, and try to get it 
    in the middle of the path leading down. Trust me, you don't want to get it 
    stuck on top of one of the spiked rocks down there. After you move it to the 
    middle of the path, follow it down and, hopefully, it will have a clear path 
    to the rocks in your way. It will destroy them; go down the path they were 
    Keep going down and ignore the path to the right with all those red things, 
    for now anyway. At the bottom of the path, take a right. Refill on air and 
    health here, then look for a ring of stars. Sonar it to the left as far as 
    you can without getting it stuck in a rock, and then sonar it up until it 
    is even with the path with a million red things in it. Sonar it to the right, 
    stay behind it, and watch as it kills any red things in its path! Just keep 
    doing that until you get to a bunch of rocks at the end, which the ring 
    You're probably running low on air now, so run to the right until you find 
    a path with a bunch of falling coclias. Don't worry, they won't kill you this 
    time. Toward the right of this path is an air pocket which you'll probably 
    visit several times before this is over, so remember where it is! To the right 
    of it is a pulsar which you should definitely get.
    Once you have the pulsar, go back to the left until you reach a strong upward 
    current. You'll see a turtle swimming around here, so touch him and use his 
    shell to block it! Go to the left at the bottom and kill all the coclias in 
    your way. In this little chamber lies a glyph which will "eat" one of the 
    sets of rocks in your way. The air pocket here doesn't work right for some 
    reason, so don't rely on it.
    Now go back to the right and up the current. Use eccolocation to find a path 
    in the top-left corner with a bunch of red things at its entrance. Go up that 
    path, pulsaring all the red things, and sing to the glyph to make it "eat" 
    some more rocks. Go back to the air pocket near the falling coclias.
    Use eccolocation to find a path with a shark near the entrance and a bunch 
    of evil fish near it. Follow that path to the left; it should look familiar 
    to you. Just follow the red things until the end of the path, and then go 
    up and refill on air. 
    Now, you have to go back up that path with all the coclias that kill you. 
    Again, I can't really give advice, except, if you really have trouble with 
    it, to practice going up and down the path before you go through the trouble 
    of finding the eater glyphs. Just make sure you take it slow.
    Once you're past that, go back up to the surface and as far right as you can 
    go above water. Go down this path, which used to have rocks in the way. When 
    the path splits, take the bottom left path first, which also used to have 
    rocks in the way. Touch the key glyph, then to back to the place where the 
    path split and, this time, take the bottom right path.
    Use eccolocation to find a barrier glyph at the top of this chamber and sing 
    to it to get rid of it. Before you go up there, go back to the key glyph and 
    get another song from it. Now, go up the path and pulsar or double-charge 
    all the coclias in the way. Then, go to the right and look for a ring of stars.
    Sonar the ring of stars to directly over the path leading down, and sonar 
    it down there. You can easily fight the current here, and it refills your 
    air! When it breaks the rocks in the way, DON'T abandon it. Instead, keep 
    sonaring it down the path until it is above another path leading down, and 
    sonar it into a second set of rocks in the way. If you mess up too much, the 
    ring will disappear and you will have to go back to where it started and bring 
    it along with you again.
    Once the ring has destroyed the second set of rocks, go down and look for 
    another ring of stars. Sonar this to the left and then down to break more 
    rocks in the way. Sonar the glyph to make it eat the final set of rocks in 
    the path.
    Go back up to the surface, and then jump over the rock to the right. Use the 
    loose rock on the left side to fight the upward current, then go right along 
    the bottom of the current and enter the chamber to the right. Sonar the glyph 
    there and exit.
    PART 3: The Past stage 1
    NOTE: There are some fun levels here, but they are getting more difficult. 
    You'll have to start worrying about your health more often in these levels 
    than in previous ones.
    Level 11: Four Islands
    SPECIAL ITEM: Pulsar; but it is NOT worth the effort it takes; trust me!
    The objective in this level is to follow a dolphin (and maybe 2 if you can't 
    find the exit) to a certain point so you can break some rocks in your path. 
    Before you even attempt this, however, you should double-charge all the 
    enemies along the path that you can (but don't bother with the ones that just 
    go into the stone after a short time).
    The dolphin you have to follow is down and a little right from where you start; 
    you must fight a tough current (with charges) to get to him. No it is not 
    the one that says two dolphins will help you; he will tell you to follow him 
    the first time you sing to him. His path is:
    a) He goes out of the little chamber he is in and up the current.
    b) He goes (fairly slowly; he's slower than the orca) up the current that 
    pushes down and replenishes your air but is easy to overcome.
    c) He goes all the way around that rock in the middle of the screen.
    d) This is why the level is called "Four Islands": you must keep up with the 
    dolphin while he is jumping over them. My suggestion is to get ahead of him, 
    jump over the islands before him, and, when you get to the end, wait for him 
    and follow him. You may mess up, but its a lot easier than staying behind 
    e) He goes along this path until it ends; just follow him. You should kill 
    all those jellyfish in the way before you attempt this.
    When he stops and turns around, sing to him and he will give you the power 
    to break stones with your song. Go to the right and refill on air, then go 
    and shatter the stones to the left. Follow this new path (and return to the 
    air pocket for air) until you get into a wide open area. Head for the bottom 
    right corner of it, break the rocks in the way, kill those annoying things 
    attacking you (try NOT to eat the fish in here!!) and refill on air. Now, 
    swim around along the right wall and look for a path that leads to a glyph. 
    That glyph is a very rare type in this game: an invincibility glyph! Sing 
    to it, then rush up the path and to the right when you can. Look for a hidden 
    passage in the rocks on the right side of the chamber. Be careful; your 
    invincibility probably wore off by now :(. When you find it, swim to the right 
    to go to the next level.
    If, for some reason, you can't find it, you can so and search out another 
    dolphin toward the bottom left of the huge chamber. He will lead you into 
    the secret passage. This is the way you are "supposed" to find it =P.
    There's is only one difference here. When you are following the first dolphin 
    and get across the four islands, you must fight a current using a rock. However, 
    the dolphin you are following also uses one, so its no problem.
    Level 12: Sea of Darkness
    NOTE: This is my favorite level; you get to swim in the dark! This is the 
    ONLY level that you do that in! This is also the only level with the "ring 
    of stars" mentioned in the instruction book, and one of only two levels with 
    orca whales. You can get rid of the darkness for a VERY short time by singing.
    At the start, use echolocation to find the air pocket (right next to you) 
    and some enemies above you. Go up, kill the medusa IMMEDIATELY (or it will 
    kill you!!), making sure you double-charge it (!), and then so down the path 
    to the left that leads down to a glyph. Touch it to get its song, and then 
    go back out of the "chamber". Use the song on the glyph on the right side 
    (use echolocation to find it) but DO NOT GO THROUGH THAT PASSAGEWAY YET! It 
    will make this level much longer and harder if you do. Instead, go back to 
    the start, fill up on air, and go back to the glyph. Get another song from 
    it, refill on air again, and THEN go through the passageway. 
    Go down, kill the Medusa, and use your song on the glyph there. Go down from 
    there, then go right, double-charging all the enemies and taking care not 
    to get caught by the current going upwards. If you do get caught, you'll have 
    to go up and around the left rock, and back down to this passageway.
    When all the enemies are gone (for the must part), sing to the ring of stars 
    from the left side to push it to the right. Stop when you reach the air pocket 
    to refill your air, then continue right until you reach the rock face. This 
    is now a difficult task; you must sonar the ring of stars into the rocks in 
    the way of the orca's baby. If you mess up (i.e. the ring is stuck in the 
    rock and you can't get it into the rocks you need to break), you can always 
    go back to where the ring originally was and it'll be there again.
    When you succeed, save the orca, and go up the current. Go to the right, talk 
    to the orca, listen to its story if you wish (its the same as the asterites...) 
    and then go to the right, past her, to the exit.
    There's only one major difference here: the small medusas take more than one 
    hit to kill. Therefore, dodging them is your best option. Just make sure they 
    aren't following you, and if they are, get around them and run the other 
    way! :)
    Level 13: Vents of Medusa
    Difficulty: 2
    SPECIAL ITEM: Metasphere
    At the start, keep charging to the right until you reach a glyph. You must 
    be going quickly to avoid running out of air. Touch the glyph, get its song, 
    and head all the way back to the left. When you reach an upward path (use 
    echolocation to find it), take it and immediately find a metasphere and touch 
    it to become a jellyfish. Now, you have infinite air, but only 3 health units. 
    You must go up the tube above you (with many jellyfish that won't hurt 
    you.)Press B continuously to go up fast. Go up past the two dolphins using 
    B right after they fire to avoid getting hit. After you clear the two dolphins, 
    go up the rest of the tube and, when it ends, go right a little and head up 
    to the surface. When you hit the surface, you will become a dolphin again. 
    Jump over the rock to your right, sing to the glyph to get rid of it, and 
    jump up out of the water to the exit.
    This level is the same as it was on easy with one exception: when you are 
    in the area to the left with the key glyph, the current makes you lose air 
    really fast. Thus, you'll have to get back to the metasphere much quicker 
    than you did on easy. Other than that, you should have no trouble.
    Level 14: Gateway
    Difficulty: 3
    SPECIAL ITEM: Pulsar
    At the start, ignore the glyph that says "find the magic arm". Instead of 
    wasting your time trying, go to the right and jump over the rock in the way. 
    Then, go under another rock and into the teleport sequence.
    This teleport sequence is very easy. The jellyfish usually won't hit you if 
    you just swim toward the rings; if they will, just charge them. Go through 
    the rings as usual to end up in the second part of the level.
    After the teleport sequence, you end up on a small body of water on the top 
    left corner of the level. You cannot get any fish for now, so be careful.
    There IS a fish (just one!) in this area, but you will notice that you can't 
    eat it. That is the fish that you must give to your mirror image (which is 
    blocking a key glyph). Sonar it toward your image and it will eat it and goes 
    away. Go past where it was and touch the key glyph.
    Now, you have a tough jump over the rock on the right side, but it can be 
    done pretty easily with practice. When you are over it, head to the right, 
    destroy the sharks if you wish, and get rid of that barrier glyph. NOW you 
    can eat fish. Go to the roof of this area to find a pulsar, and use it to 
    kill any enemies in your path. Use echolocation to find an air pocket down 
    here and fill up on air. Then, go all the way to the left and look for a stone 
    falling down the current. Use it as a shield to block the current and get 
    off (go to the right) when you can. Do the same thing for the next current. 
    When you are past the second current, look for an air pocket, refill your 
    air, and then go all the way to the right until there is a path leading down. 
    Take it to reach the exit.
    At the start, jump over the rock to the right and enter the teleport sequence. 
    This one is thankfully easy, even on difficult mode. The jellyfish stay out 
    of your way as usual, so you can concentrate on getting the rings. Their 
    movement shouldn't be much of a problem since you can devote all yout 
    attention to catching up with them, and besides, you can miss five rings in 
    this one without losing.
    The second half of the level is the same as it was on easy. Just watch your 
    health until you get past the barrier glyph.
    Level 15: Moray Abyss
    Difficulty: 3
    This level is certainly different from the others, but it is not too difficult 
    if you practice. There are two parts to this level.
    The objective in the first part is to get to the bottom of the abyss and defeat 
    the red eel (he is easy). Dodge the shell (it hurts you) until the red eel's 
    head shows up in the shell. That means he'll come out soon (except for the 
    time at the very beginning). When this happens, RUN to the bottom and wait 
    for the shell to hit one of the walls hard. When it does, go parallel to the 
    wall that it hits and the red eel will not get you. The yellow eels are easily 
    killed with sonar, but the red eel is indestructible until you reach the 
    bottom and will kill you in one hit until then as well!
    NOTE: You have infinite air in this level, and it provides fish although they 
    are hard to get without hitting the shell and hurting yourself!
    When you reach the bottom, the shell should land in the middle. Sonar it like 
    mad until it blows; if you get killed by the red eel, you're in bad luck...just 
    try again! When it blows, it will release the first two of asterite's globes.
    The objective here is the same as that for then next three levels, so get 
    used to it. You must recover Asterite's spheres, 2-by-2. You can get an 
    asterite's sphere to come with you by singing to it. They are little blue 
    globes, and appear as colorful circles on the echolocation map. Find the two 
    that you can now get to, then go back into the "warp circle" (hereby known 
    as a warp). You must carry 2 spheres at a time in order to bring them with 
    you through the warp. Swim to the bottom of the abyss and the globes should 
    become part of the asterite. Do this for all the asterites spheres you find 
    in the game. This process will now be known as "getting rid of" spheres.
    Get back out of the abyss via the warp, then go down to where the barrier 
    glyph is. Sing to it to get rid of it, then find the two spheres in this new 
    chamber. Get rid of them, then go to the barrier glyph on the right side. 
    Sing to it, go to the right of where it was, and you're done!
    The game developers really cranked up the difficulty on this one, in the first 
    half. The yellow eels are now a lot harder to kill and, if you touch them, 
    they will likely kill you. Therefore, your best bet at survival is to avoid 
    them. The first one appears on the left side of the abyss and is easy to avoid 
    because the red one comes out on the same side.
    After the first yellow eel, the rest are harder, since the red eel comes out 
    on the OTHER side sometimes. If this happens, you must get high enough up 
    on the screen to avoid the yellow eel and, when the red eel gets past you, 
    go to the side it was on and get back to the bottom of the screen.
    Once you reach the bottom of the abyss, the rest of the level is exactly the 
    same as it was on easy.
    Level 16: The Eye
    Difficulty: 2
    SPECIAL ITEM: Pulsar
    This level is not difficult but it IS long and annoying. Your objective is 
    the same as the second part of the previous level: find and get rid of 
    asterite's spheres. This time, there are a lot of them, and you must guess 
    which glyph you are allowed to pass through to get the next set. If you guess 
    wrong, you get an annoying message that you will probably get about a zillion 
    "You may not pass yet; you must rebuild the Asterite".
    Fortunately for you, I'm here to give you the correct order!
    a) These are available from the start.
    b) Look for the "center" where all the paths meet. I'll describe the rest 
    of the paths from here. The next set is found in the lower-left-most path; 
    there is a pulsar in here which will help you greatly.
    c) The next path you must take is the top-left-most.
    d) Take the middle path on the bottom.
    e) Take the right path on the bottom.
    f) Take the upper-left path again and look for another barrier glyph on the 
    left wall.
    g) Take the highest path on the right side (the highest one with a barrier 
    glyph that is).
    h) Take the middle path on the right side.
    i) Take the lowest path on the right side.
    j) Go back to the middle path on the right side and look for another barrier 
    glyph on the top right.
    k) Go back to the right path on the bottom and look for a barrier glyph on 
    the right wall. This is blocking your exit.
    This is exactly the same as easy except for two things:
    1) The teleporter in the center of "the eye" is gone. Thus, you must use the 
    one near the beginning. Grr!
    2) If you spend too long with only one of Asterite's spheres, that one will 
    detach from you. You can easily get it back if you sing to it, but if you 
    scroll it off the screen, it will go back to its original location. This should 
    only be a problem in the large lower-left area.
    Level 17: Big Water
    Difficulty: 1
    This is the easiest level in the game, and also the smallest, but its still 
    cool! This is the only level with this music.
    At the start, go left and pick up an asterites sphere. Then go all the way 
    to the left. Don't worry...those huge whales won't hurt you and you can go 
    through them. When you reach the leftmost whale, talk to him (sing to his 
    eye) and he will get rid of the rocks that were blocking the other asterites 
    sphere. He is "the leader". When you get it, go to the warp, get rid of the 
    spheres, and get rid of the glyph on the left to open the path to the exit.
    Level 18: Deep Ridge
    Difficulty: 2
    SPECIAL ITEM: Pulsar (you don't really need it).
    This level doesn't really need explanation. Get rid of Asterite's Spheres 
    as usual. Make sure, however, that you find the glyph blocking the exitway 
    before you get too many, for, when you get enough, the glyph goes away on 
    its own, forcing you to find the path it was blocking on your own. When this 
    happens (you don't need all the spheres), just keep going to the right along 
    the path and go through the rocks on the right to exit.
    The layout of this level is the same, except for the fact that the teleporter 
    on the right half of the level is taken out. Therefore, you must take your 
    spheres all the way back to the beginning. However, this time, you must get 
    ALL the spheres. Use eccolocation to find them, and look for secret passages 
    through rocks to get to them. Only when you've collected all of them can you 
    get past the barrier glyph at the end.
    Level 19: The Hungry Ones
    Difficulty: 3 
    SPECIAL ITEM: Pulsar
    In this level, talk to the glyph right next to you to get a major hint in 
    how to beat this level:
    "Sometimes, to escape your enemy, you must become your enemy".
    Thus, you will need to transform into a shark in this level. 
    You can go to the left to get a pulsar from the start, but it is pretty much 
    useless; you'll be another life form most of the time in this level.
    Anyway, go up the current to be faced with a choice. You can transform into 
    a bird and fly over shark-infested waters, you can transform into a shark 
    to swim through them unharmed, or you can try to go through them as a dolphin 
    (not recommended!!!). The choice is yours, but I prefer flying. When you are 
    stopped by a wall, hit it if you are a bird or touch the metasphere if you 
    are a shark to become a dolphin again. Only a dolphin can swim through the 
    current. If you are a dolphin DO NOT touch the metasphere or you will have 
    to go all the way back to the right to become a dolphin again.
    After you swim past the weak current (but still too strong for a shark...), 
    follow the linear path until a few rocks get in the way. Have no fear, however; 
    just charge them and go on through. When you reach a metasphere, touch it 
    and continue going right. When you reach a fork in the road, go down and DO 
    NOT TOUCH THAT METASPHERE ON THE RIGHT! If you do, you will become a dolphin 
    and will run out of air in the looong passage below. It is not too hard if 
    you are a shark; just move to breathe, run past the dolphins (they can't be 
    killed), eat the shells and jellyfish by charging them, and eat fish if your 
    health wanes. At the end of this relatively long path, you'll find a 
    metasphere. Touch it, become a dolphin, and swim to the right to find the 
    This level is the same as it was on easy except for two things. One of them 
    is the addtion of eagles if you choose to fly over the first stretch of water. 
    Thats why I suggest you become a shark, rather than a bird, on difficult mode. 
    The other addition is just an annoyance: when going along the last path, there 
    are several areas that suck away your air until you have one block left. When 
    you are past those areas, just move quickly to regain it, although it is often 
    slow due to the small areas you have to do it in. Just watch your health, 
    since most of the fish in this area have also been taken out.
    Level 20: Secret Cave
    Difficulty: 3
    The beginning of this level is just like that of Gateway. Ignore the glyph 
    again and jump over the rock on the right again. Go into the teleporter ring 
    This time, however, you face the very difficult sharks in this sequence. I 
    suggest that you keep charging non-stop if you must stay underwater to get 
    a ring, and if the ring is over water, hold C and up. If the ring is high 
    up in the water, go under a LITTLE, then press B and up to hopefully get through 
    the rings. When you get enough, you will amazingly end up in the next level!
    This teleport sequence is not too hard. You just have to make sure that, when 
    charging the sharks, you don't charge right past the rings as they are moving 
    around. That is why I suggest you dodge them this time, if you can. It doesn't 
    take too long to figure out a rhythm for dodging the sharks and getting the 
    rings, so when you do, prepare to go to Lunar Bay!
    Level 21: Lunar Bay
    Difficulty: 5
    NOTE: This level is not worth the effort or the time it takes, trust me! But, 
    if you REALLY want to play it, here goes nothing!
    The first part of this level isn't too bad. There are a few things you must 
    watch out for, though:
    a) At the beginning, move away from that spike-ball thingy or it will crush 
    you against the wall and you will die.
    b) You can kill those things that try to grab you by singing to them multiple 
    times; you can't kill them by charging I don't think. However, although it 
    appears that they'll be gone for good, they won't be.
    c) If one of the thingys DOES grab you, you'll enter a sub-level where you 
    morph into one of them and try to find a metasphere to change back into a 
    dolphin. When you find it, you'll end up back at the beginning of the level 
    again, so try to avoid going here in the first place! A walkthrough (although 
    it is not needed really) may come at a future date. 
    Anyway, work your way to the right until you can't go right anymore, then 
    go down. Follow the linear path (make sure you find the air pocket though) 
    to a glyph, and sing to it to make it "eat" the spiked balls that were in 
    your path (Toward the right on the bottom). Go to where they were and follow 
    this linear path to another glyph. Sing to it, go back to the right, and find 
    the path it was blocking. Take it to where you can see a glyph if you use 
    echolocation, but a couple of aliens come and take you to another world before 
    you reach it. 
    Welcome to the most ANNOYING area in the game!
    NOTE: Whenever you have one of those annoying worm things (You'll know them 
    when you see them) on your butt, get out of the water and keep sonaring their 
    "heads" until they dissipate. 
    Go to the top-right corner of the first chamber to find the exit. Go to the 
    place where the path splits and do down. Drop to the ground at the end of 
    the tube and go left. Whenever the path splits, go left until you find a key 
    glyph. Touch it to get its song, then go back to the right. Keep going to 
    the right until you can't anymore and then go up the anti-gravity tube. The 
    glyph here is an invisibility glyph; those are the ONLY ways to regain health 
    in this level, so be careful!
    Go right from the top of the tube, then go up the tube on the far right all 
    the way. Go left from the top of the tube, then go left, up the anti-gravity 
    tube, and left to get back to the place where the path splits. You went down 
    last time; this time, you must go up. Get up there by going down the bottom 
    tube a little, then turning around and charging just before you break the 
    surface. When you are there, keep going up until the path splits, then go 
    left. Go up the anti-gravity tube and go right at the top. Charge to the right 
    across the pit at the end of the tunnel, then go down the path (don't go off 
    the edge at the far right) until you see a path above you and to the right. 
    It takes practice, but you can and must jump up there. When you succeed, break 
    the barrier in your way with your song, then go down to the first of three 
    milestone glyphs in this level.
    After activating the milestone glyph, go left until you reach a drop, then 
    go right. You should be able to touch it and get a song; if it doesn't work, 
    try going up the tube above you and exploring for a while before coming back 
    After you have the song from the key glyph, go up the water tube and then 
    go right. Go past the milestone glyph (you can de-activate it and re-activate 
    it to save again, if you wish), then go down the water tube. There is a barrier 
    here, but singing to it won't break it. Why? Because there is a ball thingy 
    below it that will "eat" it if it gets close enough. Sing to it (be careful; 
    it will come directly at you, so don't let it crush you and kill you against 
    a wall) and it will "eat" the barrier. If you can get past it, do so; otherwise, 
    get it off your screen a ways and then go back and it should be in its harmless 
    original position. 
    At this intersection, go left, then go down at the first opportunity, then 
    go right. Charge across the pits between the water tubes until you hit another 
    barrier. Get rid of it like you did last time, but this time, you must make 
    sure the ball isn't in your way AT ALL while you are making the next jump. 
    Try to get it embedded in a wall or something, NOT in its original position, 
    and then fall out of the tube on the right side. This is not a pit; it is 
    an anti-gravity tube. Let it carry you to the top, and get off on the left 
    side. Make SURE you save here (de-activate and re-activate the glyph); you'll 
    probably die on the next part MANY times.
    Are you ready to test your jumping skills? No? Too bad.
    Jump across the anti-gravity tube to your right. Your objective now is to 
    make a series of jumps upward and to the right/left, over one pit, until you 
    reach the top. The jumps are very difficult; you'll need to start at the bottom 
    of a water tube, then face up and right/left and charge at the right time 
    to get to the next one up. Keep jumping over the same gap (nothing is below 
    you this time except a few more water tubes that can save you but aren't really 
    worth it) until you reach a milestone glyph, and MAKE SURE you save it!
    Go left after you reach the top, go left, up the anti-gravity tube (there 
    is an invincibility glyph here if you need it), and to the right. When the 
    path splits, jump onto the upper path. Destroy the barrier with the song you 
    obtained a LONG time ago, then go onto the anti-gravity tube and go into the 
    second path on the right (its difficult, but possible; its helpful if you 
    do a flip before going in.). If you go right from here, you will find the 
    last set of barriers which you cannot yet pass. 
    Instead of wasting time trying (for now), jump up to the path that is up and 
    left from the one you're in. Go left along the path, kill the enemy there, 
    and make a HUGE leap from the edge of the "building" you're on to the edge 
    of the one on the other side, jump as soon as you land there, and you should 
    be on a platform with a glyph. Sing to the glyph to get rid of that barrier 
    that was blocking your way before. Make your way back there, then go past 
    where it was to find the long-awaited exit (YAY!)
    Part 4: The Dark Future
    NOTE: These levels are not very fun, but then again once you beat them, you 
    get to three of the most fun levels in the game. This is a short part, but 
    it is quite difficult; the second part of Lunar Bay shows why I say this 
    (although Lunar Bay is the hardest one).
    This level is exactly the same as easy on the first part.
    On the second part, you will need to get the key glyph to the right of the 
    annoying shaft that you jump up. I suggest you get it before going up the 
    shaft so you won't have to do it twice. Some of the jumps are now tougher 
    as well, but its nothing you can't handle.
    Level 22: Black Clouds
    Difficulty: 3
    SPECIAL ITEM: Pulsar; although not necessary, it is useful to help with those 
    REALLY ANNOYING worm things.
    Your first objective is to find four glyphs that will get rid of barriers 
    along the exit path. Note that your only source of energy is an invincibility 
    glyph; take the first left along the anti-gravity chamber on the way to the 
    second glyph. 
    Glyph 1: At the start, go right until you reach an intersection. Go down from 
    there. When the path splits, go left. When you can do either down the cliff 
    of down to a small platform, drop to the platform and go to the right. Sing 
    to the glyph to get rid of the first barrier.
    Glyph 2: From the first glyph, go left and, this time, drop down the cliff. 
    Take the second path to the right. When you can either go up or continue going 
    right, keep going right. Go down at the next split and then take the lowest 
    right (if the anti-gravity chamber takes you up, wait for it to bring you 
    back down.). The glyph is in the chamber of water to the right.
    Glyph 3: From the second glyph, go back to the anti-gravity chamber and take 
    the first right besides the one you just came from. When the path splits, 
    go down. Go right at the bottom (be quick; it is an anti-gravity chamber!), 
    then sing to the glyph. 
    Glyph 4: Go to the left and, when you are out of the water, turn around and 
    sonar the REALLY ANNOYING worm to death. Then go up the anti-gravity chamber. 
    Take the first left, then jump across the next "pit" to the left. Go up the 
    water tube you will see along this path and let the current carry you to a 
    place that should look familiar (it is the first intersection you met up with 
    in the level). Go up at this intersection, and keep going up until the water 
    tubes end. Go right from there (up the slope) and prepare for a pretty tough 
    jump (nothing like Lunar Bay though)_. When you reach the summit, you must 
    turn left and jump to the high platform on the left. When you get up there, 
    just follow the path to the last glyph.
    Now that you have gotten rid of all the barriers, you must open the path to 
    the exit (it is currently blocked by two spiked balls). To get to the exit 
    path from the fourth glyph, just keep going right whenever the path splits 
    until you can't anymore; the exit path is to your left and below you now.
    When you reach the exit path, you obviously can't go down it yet, so go down 
    the water tube instead. You will find a ball thingy like the ones in Lunar 
    Bay. Your task is to bring it all the way up to the exit path so it can "eat" 
    those spiked balls. It is difficult if you don't know how to do it, but there 
    is an easy trick that almost always works:
    Swim down the very left side of the water tube. When the ball comes into view, 
    sonar it. Let it push you up the wall. Keep sonaring it until either:
    a) It gets trapped in a wall a ways away from the exit path. If this happens, 
    just get the ball off the screen to reset its location and then start over.
    b) It goes flying to the right a ways away from the exit path. Ditto a.
    c) You can see the exit path but cannot sonar the ball closer to it and stay 
    in the water tube. If this happens, you must get directly above it, jump 
    straight up, sonar it on the way back down, and hope you don't get crushed.
    d) You manage to sonar it close enough to get rid of the spiked balls without 
    jumping out. Doesn't happen too often but it is certainly a relief if it does.
    After either c or d happens, you should now have an opened exit path. However, 
    just to be safe, you should reset the ball's location by going down a ways 
    and then heading back up. Now go down the path, and when it splits, go down 
    the water tube all the way to the bottom. Then go right and you are now at 
    the exit.
    Level 23: Gravitorbox
    Difficulty: 3
    SPECIAL ITEM: Pulsar; it is not worth it to sidetrack and get it.
    NOTE: This is a strange level; it is not as hard as the last two, but it is 
    definitely different. This is the last "real" level in the dark future (thank 
    At the start, go right (like you have a choice), then, when the path splits, 
    go right again. When you see a water tube above you and to your right, jump 
    up to it. Fight the current so you can go down the first water tube, then 
    go out of it and hold right until you pass one water tube above you and end 
    up floating near a second one. DO NOT GO PAST THE SECOND ONE! You will die 
    if you do. Instead, go up the second one and take a right when the path splits. 
    Then, jump off to the right; it is also an anti-gravity area. You must take 
    the FOURTH left. It looks difficult, and it is, but it is possible (you also 
    CAN take the third, but you will probably die from lack of energy; I won't 
    be covering that path). If you mess up and go in the third, just jump out 
    to the left and go all the way down the tube there. DO NOT jump back to the 
    right; there is gravity there until you go back to where you were and try 
    it again.
    When you succeed in taking the fourth left, you must keep pressing C to get 
    past the current (don't try charging or you'll fall). Then, follow the slope 
    down until there is a path above you and to your left. Jump up there, then 
    avoid that water tube above you for now and go down the slope. At the end 
    of the slope, before the sheer drop, jump across to the tube on the left. 
    Follow this path to a key glyph.
    Go back to the right, across the drop again (it is an anti-gravity chamber, 
    so don't worry if you mess up). Go up the slope (just keep jumping right) 
    and jump up and right when the path splits into a higher and a lower path. 
    It is difficult, but then again you're used to this kind of thing now, right? 
    When you get up there, keep going up the slope until you see a water tube 
    above you and to your left. Jump up there, then follow the path until you 
    see another one above you and to your left. This is the one you avoided before; 
    go in now. Sing to the barrier at the end to get rid of it, then jump out 
    of the left side, let the anti-gravity chamber take you up to a high left 
    path, and take it to the exit!
    You may want to get the pulsar (down from the beginning) this time around 
    before you get this level under way, since it is tougher than it was on easy 
    to dodge/kill the enemies here.
    Anyway, head to the anti-gravity area and get up to the fourth path on the 
    left like you did on easy. The current is stronger than it was on easy, so 
    you MUST NOT charge if you hope to get past it. There is also an enemy here; 
    I suggest you sonar him (B then A quickly). Go to the left and find the key 
    glyph. This time, you cannot get back up to the exit path from the key glyph, 
    so you must go to the anti-gravity area again and take the fourth path again 
    in order to reach it. Use the pulsar to kill all those guys, and exit to the 
    Level 24: Globe Holder
    Difficulty: 5
    This is the smallest level in the game. You are stuck in a small room full 
    of the water you're used to now (you can't run out of air in it). The only 
    thing that you have with you is a big eyeball-like thing with tentacles 
    attaching it to the walls. Your first objective is to get rid of those 
    tentacles. This is a long process, but you'll get used to it; you have all 
    the time in the world to do it.
    First, you must loosen it a little. Do this by singing to it (the eyeball, 
    not the tentacles) from either side (since you start on the left, you may 
    as well do it from there). When it starts shaking violently, you know it is 
    ready. Get under it and start sonaring it to death, trying different angles 
    from under it, until the lower tentacle breaks free. Then you must sing to 
    it from a higher angle AND keep the tentacle that is free from re-attaching 
    itself. It is difficult, but not impossible; eventually, it will break free 
    entirely. Start sonaring it against the walls. Make sure it doesn't reattach 
    itself or it will heal itself. As you hit it, it will turn deeper shades of 
    purple, and then it will turn red and the tentacles will burn off.
    In this next stage, the Globe Holder basically moves around quite fast in 
    your general direction and tries to crush you against the walls. It is hard 
    to avoid since it is so big. You can't do anything to it by singing to it; 
    I tried that only to get crushed and have to start over :(. 
    Rafael Silvera gave this excellent information when I was stuck on this level:
    "Hey, wasup? I waz reading your faq on Ecco2: TOT (Tides of time when I noticed 
    that you needed help on the globe holder thing. Well I'm not sure this perfect 
    but I'm on him xcept I'm on difficult. See, an easier way for you to kill 
    him is by taking out a tentacle at a time by actually CHARGING at him by 
    pressing non-stop the charge and speed up buttons while busting the sonar 
    button, (unless you got a turbo controller of which you can just turn on the 
    C & B buttons and holding the pad master style, which is three fingers on 
    the buttons and thumb on the direction pad. Just don't turn on the turbo for 
    A 'cause it messes it up.) ]
    While he's without the tentacles then you can either do it 2 ways, my way 
    or the untested way. My way spreads off into two ways. Anyways, my way you 
    just keep tacling him using te sonar mostly and no B button, or you can let 
    him run on the walls and THEN hit him and move (and I really mean MOVE!!!) 
    then lather rinse and repeat, it'll take awhile but it's worth the practice 
    since your skills and nerves really go up in the good way.
    Or you can do the untested way. ASAP as you get the tentacles burned off you 
    just yourself pointed toward him to the closest wall and you just do the 
    charged sonar, (you push B and before you move you push A.) Just do those 
    two as fast as you can get yourself to get Ecco to do it (or in my language 
    HUMAN TURBO!!!!!!!) it'll come in handy if you choose this way though. Anyway, 
    remember that it's always best to keep a few pillows and such beside you just 
    in case you need to blow off steam so just nail them in a flurry. Soo see 
    Thanks a lot man. Using his hints, I've devised my own strategy for beating 
    his second ("loose") form: 
    1) As soon as the ball loses its tentacles, RUN around the edges of the level.
    2) After the first charge, he becomes easier. Run around like this ASCII 
    diagram shows, and you shouldn't get hit while the ball is moving. If you 
    do, you probably aren't going fast enough. Note how this path avoids the 
    I   >>>>>>>>>>>>!   I
    I   ^           !   I
    I   ^           !   I   
    I   ^<<<<<<<<<<<<   I
    If you can avoid the corners, there is a greatly lowered chance that the globe 
    holder will be able to crush you while it is moving.
    3) After it slams against the walls a few times, the globe holder will stop 
    moving. STOP running around when it does and sonar it until it breaks apart. 
    Two of Asterite's spheres will come out and transport you out of the dark 
    Once you are out of the dark future, just follow the linear path around to 
    the left until you reach a teleporter. Teleport to the Asterite, who gives 
    you the power to breathe under water and takes you to the Dark Sea.
    The same strategy for Easy mode works here, but you have to be more careful. 
    The globe holder moves faster than it did on easy and it takes more punishment. 
    Be especially careful, as you're speeding along, not to run between it and 
    the wall when it stops, or you'll be crushed. It's a lot harder to avoid doing 
    this on difficult than it is on easy.
    Level 25: Dark Sea
    Difficulty: 4
    You'll notice a couple of things about this level right off the bat. You no 
    longer have an air meter since, when you completed the Asterite, it gave back 
    the powers you lost back in level 2. Also, your dolphin friends attempt to 
    help you by stunning most (but NOT all!) of the small medusas here. They will 
    never kill them, but, as usual, you can kill them by singing to them. 
    At the start, go right. Ignore or kill (if you can't dodge, you should kill 
    them by singing to them) the worms on the way, and you can either help your 
    dolphin friends or let them sing their hearts out and not get anywhere. Be 
    careful though, I believe that the victims can still hurt you if you touch 
    them. When you get to the far right (you'll have to jump over a rock), go 
    down as far as you can go. Kill any "free" small medusas that you see, since, 
    in this level, they'll follow you if you don't! When you get to the bottom, 
    go left all the way, taking note of the path blocked by spike things. Don't 
    bother using the save crystal yet.
    When you get all the way left, look for a glyph slightly below the path. Sing 
    to it to make it "eat" the spiked balls that previously blocked your path. 
    Watch out for a small medusa that will try to attack you when you approach 
    the glyph. The small medusas CAN carry you to their dimension in this level; 
    although it is rare, you should still be careful since the alien level is 
    tough this time around.
    When you've sung to the glyph, go back to the right and, this time, save your 
    game at the milestone glyph. Go down and be prepared for a quick current to 
    pull you into a sunken alien craft (that's what I think it is anyway...!). 
    I'm pretty sure you can't get back to the milestone glyph once you've passed 
    the current, so you may end up repeating this part many times. Go down, and, 
    when you see a large medusa, IMMEDIATELY sing it until it falls apart. Keep 
    going down until a barrier of spiked balls blocks your path. Be ready to fight 
    another large medusa, since they can regenerate. 
    Now, if you check all of the obvious paths in this area, the glyphs that they 
    lead to are not the kind that you need. I believe one of them gives you useless 
    information and one of them is an invincibility glyph, but I'm not sure 
    because I don't go down those paths anymore. If you use echolocation, you 
    will find a glyph that seems to be in the middle of one of the walls of the 
    ship. The path to that glyph is near the bottom, and it appears to be part 
    of the wall. Go to the very bottom, and slowly float up, pressing against 
    the wall on the right, until you find the path. At the end of it is your "eater" 
    glyph, along with a couple of annoying things that shoot stuff at you. After 
    you sing to the eater glyph, go back to the left. Kill the medusa if it is 
    there, and then go down into the path that you just opened.
    This next part is unique in this game: an auto-scrolling section. That means 
    you have to be careful not to get squished by the walls. This part can be 
    very easy or very tough, depending on your luck, your patience, and your 
    ability to memorize. I got lucky when I beat this; it was only about my 3rd 
    time. I had a harder time finding the path to that &*$(@&$(@$ second "eater" 
    glyph. Basically, stay in front of the path and let the walls move around 
    you. If the screen is scrolling left, stay on the far left. Don't move into 
    small alcoves where you could easily get squished. Kill the medusas that 
    appear behind you when you have room, for if they touch you, you'll have to 
    start back at the milestone glyph. The only really tricky parts are those 
    in which the path splits, and one of them results in certain death. Just learn 
    from your mistakes, and don't go there next time :). You'll beat it 
    This level, at first, is exactly the same as it was on easy. Go right, down, 
    and thn left and get the "eater" glyph as usual, then save at the milestone 
    glyph and go down. The other "eater" glyph is in the same place as before. 
    You CAN fight the current, so do so and save it at the milestone glyph again 
    since you'll be dieing many times on the next part.
    The second half is the same path, so don't worry about memorizing the path 
    again! However, there are several more medusas which make the level quite 
    annoying. I was very relieved when I finally made it past this level.
    Level 25.5: New Machine (DIFFICULT MODE ONLY!) 
    After Dark Sea, this is a very simple level. Although you have to memorize 
    a path again, it is a relatively simple path. Most of the lack of difficulty 
    comes from a change in medusa type. They are now the small ones again, which 
    means that they won't kill you with one hit. Just turn around and sonar them 
    when you get the chance and, otherwise, focus on where you are going.
    Level 26: Vortex Queen
    Difficulty: 5
    The main difficulty in this boss is figuring out how to hurt her. Before I 
    get into that, lets get some basics into our heads:
    - The queen can swallow you if you either swim into her or if you get 
    sucked/dragged in. You don't die, but you end up in the alien world and have 
    to beat a very easy level as an alien. You also have to start over with the 
    battle after she spits you out, since she regenerates when you're inside her.
    - The laser beam severely hampers your movement and your sonar temporarily, 
    so try to avoid it. It doesn't hurt you directly, but it makes it easier for 
    the tentacle to grab you. If it DOES hit you, you should charge upward as 
    soon as possible. Don't try swimming, since it gets you nowhere.
    - The laser beam is not a barrier. You can go through it. Keep this in mind 
    if you get into trouble.
    - The things she breaths in and spits out can't hurt you. They are just there 
    to tell you whether the queen is breathing in or out.
    - The only major thing you have to worry about is getting swallowed. The queen 
    can squish you against the wall, but that is easy to avoid.
    The key to this battle is to realize that the queen can ONLY be hurt with 
    sonar (don't worry, you automatically use sonar instead of just singing) and 
    ONLY when her tentacle is out (when she still has it). This means that you'll 
    have to find a safe place to hit her from. Here is my strategy for defeating 
    1) Go just below the laser beam and face the left wall.
    2) Keep pressing C to avoid getting sucked in. If the tentacle grabs you, 
    charge and press C to get out of its grip. Swimming up also helps.
    3) When she spits out those things that she sucked in, face her and sonar 
    her. Make sure you don't swim into her, or you'll get swallowed and have to 
    start over.
    4) Repeat steps 1-3 until she loses her tentacle.
    When she loses her tentacle, she becomes more vulnerable, but also gains a 
    more powerful suction. Therefore, a slight refinement of strategy is 
    1) Go just below the laser beam and face the left wall. Now, instead of just 
    pressing C to avoid getting sucked in, you may also have to charge.
    2) Sonar her when she spits those things out. She can only be hurt when she's 
    out of her hole, so get in those hits quickly!
    Eventually, she'll explode and become a wierd enemy that you won't see again 
    until the City of Forever. Enjoy the small cinematic and get ready for the 
    next level!
    Level 27: Home Bay
    Difficulty: 2
    This is certainly a refreshing breather from the difficulty of the last few 
    levels! This is a teleporter level, but you must first get to the teleporter. 
    This should be easy if you played level zero (the optional level at the very 
    start). If not, just go right, charge and swim quickly to fight the current, 
    swim to the right (under a rock), and go up the other side. There are no enemies 
    here to hinder you, so take your time and enjoy it while it lasts :).
    The teleporter sequence is easy as well. There is an easy combination of 
    jellyfish, which are as easy as they were in Gateway, poison shells, which 
    can easily be killed with a well-placed sonar, and sharks, which appear in 
    much smaller groups than in Secret Cave and thus are easy to dodge. Just watch 
    out for the shells, since they are the most dangerous things present, and 
    you should be on your way to Epilogue in no time.
    Ugh, this level is bad news if you hate teleport stages! However, I still 
    think it's easier than Fin to Feather was. To help you with the moving rings, 
    I suggest that you hang out AWAY from where it is so all the enemies go there, 
    and then go back into line and go through the rings. For the ones in the air, 
    make sure you sonar the coclias before you leap or the poison will likely 
    hurt you when you land.
    Part 5: Fixing the rift in time
    Since you warped into the future twice, and they were separate futures, you 
    created two a rift in time. Therefore, you must fix it before the game can 
    end. These levels are a much-deserved breather after the dark future, 
    although the last level is very difficult.
    Level 28: Epilogue
    Difficulty: 3
    SPECIAL ITEM: Pulsar
    The title of this level may make it seem like it is just a speech before the 
    ending, but it is, in fact, a full-length level. It starts off with a small 
    speech with Asterite though.
    At the beginning, go down and sing to the Asterite, who tells you to destroy 
    the time machine in Atlantis to fix your time rift problem. When it is done, 
    swim up to a transporter ring that takes you to Atlantis.
    When you get to Atlantis, you can't go back to Asterite, so go left instead. 
    At the end of the path, you'll find a little puzzle that looks kind of like 
    this: (S=Stone, H=lions Head)
    This is a very simple puzzle; the object is to make all of the stone squares 
    into heads. When you charge a row or column, all the squares of that row or 
    column change to whatever they weren't. For example, if you charge a row that 
    is all stone, it will change to all heads. Although you don't need it, here 
    is the solution anyway:
    1) Hit the second row from the top and the fourth row from the top.
    2) Hit the second and fourth columns from the left. This makes all the squares 
    When all the squares are heads, the puzzle shrinks into a single block. Push 
    the block to the right and use it to block the strong current below you. Go 
    right and pick up a pulsar, which is a useful item to have in this level. 
    When you have it, go back to the left and go up the current. When you get 
    to the top of the current, go right.
    You'll find yourself in a large chamber full of annoying worm things that 
    follow you around. Kill them with your pulsar as you make your way to the 
    top right corner. A crab resides there; kill him, then go back to the left 
    a little and up to the surface. You'll see a building sticking out of the 
    water if you go left. Jump on top of it and keep jumping left until the wind 
    takes you and carries you to your next destination.
    Kill the sharks here if you wish, then go to the left into a path with 
    lighter-colored water. A block will fall down here. Take it back to the right 
    and let it fall down the path there. Follow it and wait for it to destroy 
    the barrier in your way.
    You don't have to do this next part yet, but you will need to eventually, 
    so you may as well do it now. Go to the left and look for another block. Push 
    it to the left, let it fall, and wait for it to destroy the barriers. Don't 
    bother going down there yet.
    Go back up, and go to the right of this small chamber. Go into the path of 
    light-colored water that is slightly higher than the one you are on. There, 
    you will find a dolphin that wants a fish and won't settle for the ones 
    directly to his left. Oh well, go back to the small chamber, go to the far 
    left, and you'll find a school of red fish and a solitary blue one. You can 
    sing to the blue one and it will move in the direction you sing toward, so 
    move it to the dolphin that was blocking your way. It will eat the fish and 
    move out of the way. Touch the key glyph.
    Go back to the small chamber and go down the path that you opened earlier 
    (or open it if you haven't yet). Go to the right at the bottom. This place 
    should be familiar to you. Go up the current, and go to the right at the top. 
    You'll end up back in the large chamber full of annoying worms. Go to the 
    bottom, this time, and sing to the barrier glyph. Kill the worm that tries 
    to follow you (if it does), and get ready for the most annoying part of the 
    To get to the exit, you must dodge slabs of stone in a narrow passageway. 
    Also, they move at varying paces, and, in a few spots, there are two or three 
    of them places right next to each other. The worst part is, if ANY part of 
    you gets stuck under or above one of them when it hits a wall, you will die 
    and have to start the level over. Hopefully for you, this won't happen and 
    you can proceed happily to the exit.
    There are only two major differences in this level from easy mode. The first 
    is a new puzzle at the beginning. It is more difficult this time, so you may 
    need this solution (this isn't the only one by any means):
    Step 1: Initial Position of bricks (R) and lions heads (L)
    Step 2: Charge the second row from the top:
    Step 3: Charge the top row.
    Step 4: Charge the second column from the left.
    Step 5: Charge the third column from the left.
    Step 6: Charge the third row from the top. This solves the puzzle.
    The other major difference occurs after you have broken the first barrier 
    with the movable block. The block gets stuck in the current, but you'll notice 
    that theres no second block to get rid of the second barrier! That means you 
    have to get the block out of the current and use it to destroy the barrier. 
    I suggest that you do this as soon as it gets stuck to keep it from falling 
    to the bottom.
    Level 29: Fish City
    Difficulty: 1
    SPECIAL ITEM: Metasphere; you are forced to get this one and must find another 
    one to escape!
    This is a simple level if you have gotten this far and know the art of dodging. 
    At the start, you are forced to touch a metasphere and turn into a school 
    of fish! The object of the level is to make it to the far right where another 
    metasphere awaits you. It will turn you back into a dolphin. Dolphins are 
    your enemies in this level, and there are quite a few of them. They attempt 
    to eat the members of your school of fish, and if they eat all of them, you 
    die. However, there are several things that you can do to make your life 
    1) When you see a stray school of fish, swim near them to pick them up. This 
    is essential for keeping your population up. The more fish you have (although 
    there is a maximum), the more chance you have of escaping the dolphins alive.
    2) There are several paths that have strong currents in them. Avoid them, 
    since fish can't fight currents. The only exception to this is near the end 
    when there is a current that carries you UP and then another one that carries 
    you RIGHT into a metasphere. Avoid all currents that pull you left, since 
    they will take you backwards.
    3) Don't just move in a straight line. Wriggle around and make yourself hard 
    to catch. This will spare some of your fish until you can find some strays 
    to replace the ones you DO lose.
    When you succeed, prepare for the last level!
    Level 30: City of Forever
    Difficulty: 4
    This is the last level, and, as such, it is not a push-over. It is difficult, 
    but only until you figure out how to avoid the wierd enemies here. There are 
    a few things I will point out about this level before I get to the walkthrough:
    1) The enemies here all are the same type.
    2) All of them can kill you in one hit IF they grab you with their tentacles 
    or crush you against a wall.
    3) You must follow a couple of them in order to temporarily open barriers 
    in your way. If a barrier closes on you, you will die.
    4) Since the solutions for easy and hard modes are so different, I have made 
    a complete walkthrough for each, as opposed to just a "changes FAQ" for 
    You start in the far top-right corner of the level, and must work your way 
    down to a teleporter ring below you. Start by going left, and then up on your 
    second opportunity. You should end up behind the first of the several wierd 
    enemies. When you see it, go back down and wait just above the intersection 
    with the main path, like so: (*=wait here, E=enemy)
        *  -
    The enemy will eventually pass underneath you. When it is just off the screen, 
    rush to the left along the main path and hopefully you will make it before 
    the barrier that was there closes back up. If not, just try it again.
    You now have a choice to go down or left. I suggest going down. Follow the 
    path until you run into an enemy, and avoid it by going above it or below 
    it. If it catches on to your scent (it will make a wierd noise), RUN AWAY 
    and then go back and try again. You can try to run past it, but it doesn't 
    always work. It's your call.
    Just past the enemy is another intersection. I suggest going down again. After 
    a short path is another intersection; go down right this time. Follow the 
    path to yet another split in the paths, and go down. Now you have a trickier 
    enemy to avoid. It is off to the left, in a narrow passageway, so you must 
    lure it out and then wait for it to move past you. Hide like this:
          * -
    The enemy should go under you, allowing you to proceed to the left. There 
    is a path with a current blocking your way on the path. Note where it is and 
    continue. Another enemy is here. You can either try to avoid it by going above 
    it (recommended) or you can go back to the path with the current and wait 
    for it at the top. Either way it will likely catch your scent, so just try 
    not to get killed. 
    After the enemy is a path going up. Ignore it and continue going left until, 
    very shortly, there is another path leading up. Go up and look for a movable 
    block along the right wall. If you use eccolocation, it looks like an orange 
    square. Push that block off the ledge to the left, then push it to the right 
    and into the current that is blocking your path. Use it as a shield, and 
    descend yourself.
    At the bottom of the current, go right. Avoid the first enemy however you 
    can, except by going back up the current. When you get past him, you'll find 
    a second enemy, but it is going in the same direction you want to go in. Just 
    follow him (keep your distance!) and when the path splits, he will go right. 
    Take advantage of it and speed up the other path.
    Keep going up until you have the opportunity to go left. Do so, but stay near 
    the bottom. There is an enemy in this path, but if you stay on the bottom, 
    he will not see you. When you get to the left of him, turn around and follow 
    him. He will go to the exit, and he opens a barrier in the way. It is difficult 
    to do this without getting killed, and almost impossible without getting 
    caught, but eventually, you will get through the barrier. Now rush downward 
    and go into the teleporter ring. Don't worry, you don't have to go through 
    a teleport sequence. You've beaten the game! 
    This level is quite a bit different on difficult than it was on easy due to 
    the addition of several barriers. Thus, I will write a complete walkthrough 
    for it.
    At the start, it is the same as it was on easy. You start in the far top-right 
    corner of the level, and must work your way down to a teleporter ring below 
    you. Start by going left, and then up on your second opportunity. You should 
    end up behind the first of the several wierd enemies. When you see it, go 
    back down and wait just above the intersection with the main path, like so: 
    (*=wait here, E=enemy)
        *  -
    Follow it after it goes past you and then duck into the path leading down 
    to avoid getting killed when it spots you. Then, go left until you find another 
    wierd enemy. Wait at the bottom of the rock for the enemy to come down the 
    right side, then follow it to the right, and down through a barrier.
    Ignore the next path to the right, and take next path to the left instead. 
    Follow the linear path until you find another wierd creature. Follow it until 
    it passes TWO barriers, but be careful, as this one seems especially irritant 
    if it notices you.
    Go down once you are past the second barrier (and fourth of the level), and 
    let the wierd creature go past you. Follow it until it goes back the way it 
    came, and it will open up a barrier to the left. Once you get past it, which 
    requires a bit of luck, run to the top-left corner of the chamber.
    Use eccolocation to find a movable block here, and move it to right next to 
    the barrier. Then go back to the top-right corner of the chamber to lure the 
    creature out. Hide where the movable block was until the creature goes past 
    you, and follow it until it opens the barrier (make sure you bring the movable 
    block with you!). Use the movable block to fight the current.
    At the bottom of the current, avoid the left-going creature and go to the 
    right. Follow it until it opens TWO barriers, and then be ready to make a 
    run for it. The creature will open a third barrier at the top of this area, 
    but then it will come back toward you, meaning you have to go around it. Good 
    Once you get past that creature, the rest is much easier. Go left when you 
    can, and follow the creature there until it opens a barrier. That barrier 
    is blocking your exit.
    1. Jellyfish. 
    Where are they found?: Almost everywhere!
    How do you kill them?: One charge (normal) or one sonar (teleport).
    Description: These are probably the easiest enemies to kill...all they do 
    is move up in a straight line and they die when they reach the surface. 
    Anything you use to kill them will do the job. They also appear in teleport 
    stages but are ridiculously easy to dodge.
    2. Sharks. 
    Where are they found?: Almost everywhere!
    How do you kill them?: Two charges (easy) or five charges (hard, or background) 
    or one sonar/charge (teleport)
    Description: There are several different types of these. The first type, 
    which shows up early in the game, takes 2 charges to kill. The second type 
    forms from a smaller version and then grows and attacks (and hurts you quite 
    a bit, too!). They take 5 charges to kill. The third type appears in teleport 
    stages and are hard to dodge. I suggest charging them, for sonaring risks 
    destruction of the rings.
    3. Small Shells. 
    Where are they found?: teleport stages, both home bay levels
    How do you kill them?: Sonar them.
    Description: These come only in the first teleportation stage and the last 
    teleportation stage. They release a brown poison, which hurts Ecco. They are 
    hard to dodge, but I feel that dodging them is the best way to get rid of 
    4. Crabs.
    Where are they found?: Type 1: Fault Zone; Type 2: Asterite's Cave, Four 
    Islands; Type 3: Gateway, The Eye, Deep Ridge
    How do you kill them?: Charge them once. I recommend using pulsar if you have 
    it as well.
    Descriptions: Type 1: These are big and slow and easy to kill.
                  Type 2: These are little and fast. They are best left alone 
    unless they get REALLY annoying, in which case you can just double-charge 
                  Type 3: These are pretty big, but they are also fast and hide 
    out in rocks. In big eye and deep ridge, they come back if you double-charge 
    them and then get rid of a pair of Asterite's spheres.
    5. Rocks. 
    Where are they found?: Practically everywhere that is under water.
    How do you destroy them?: If they are falling to hurt you, charge them. If 
    they are blocking your path, there are various ways to get rid of them that 
    vary between levels.
    Description: They are just rocks. Note that I'm not talking about the ones 
    that form the boundaries of the levels; they block paths carved in those 
    6. Weird plants that hinder you:
    Where are they found?: Practically everywhere thats under water.
    How do you destroy them?: You can't. You just have to dodge them.
    a) Spiked shells. These just stick to walls and hurt you when you run into 
    them. You can't kill them, so just don't go too fast.
    b) Pitcher Plants. Found on the bottom of corridors, they release poison 
    similar to that of the small shells.
    c) Seaweed. Although it can't hurt you, it will slow you down, making you 
    an easy target for other enemies which are not effected by it.
    d) The seaweed in the teleport stage in level 8 DOES hurt you but it is easy 
    to avoid it and get through the rings.
    e) Lilipads in teleport stages hurt you if you hit them but usually appear 
    out of the way.
    f) In Lunar Bay, there are a couple plants that recoil and squish you against 
    the walls for an instant death. Look out for them, especially the one right 
    next to the beginning (grr!).
    7. Tiny Medusas.
    Where are they found?: Lunar Bay and Dark Sea.
    How do you kill them?: Sing to them several times.
    Description: These won't hurt you much, but they WILL grab you and take you 
    into another dimension! In the new dimension, you must avoid or kill enemies 
    and find your way to a metasphere that will turn you back into a dolphin. 
    You'll end up back at the start of the stage, so try to avoid getting caught. 
    You can kill this enemy by singing to it; one of the few!
    8. Small Medusas. 
    Where are they found?: Two Tides, Sea of Darkness
    How do you kill them?: On easy, charge them once. On difficult, I'm not sure, 
    but charging them once is not a good idea!
    Description: They may be small, and they may only take one charge to kill 
    on easy, but they are fast and they take away 3 health units if they touch 
    you! These are best avoided, or, if you must, double-charge them.
    9. Medium-sized medusas.
    Where are they found?: Dark Sea
    How do you kill them?: Sing to them to separate the head from the body, and 
    then sonar the head.
    Description: These are the major hazards in the Dark Sea. They WILL kill you 
    if they touch you, and they follow you. If you separate the head and legs, 
    the head will follow you! They also come back infinitely. You MUST kill these 
    if you want to survive.
    10. The giant medusa. 
    Where are they found?: Tube of Medusa
    How do you kill them?: You can't.
    Found only in level 7, these certainly are annoying. The entire point of level 
    7 is to sneak past them and race up the water tubes to the end.
    11. Floating shells.
    Where are they found?: Two Tides, Sky Way, Fin to Feather, Eagle's Bay, and 
    Asterite's Cave.
    How do you kill them?: One charge
    Description: These are easy to avoid; they just move horizontally. Just 
    ignore them or get rid of them with a charge.
    12. The air.
    Where is it found?: It hinders you in Sky Tides, Tube of Medusa, and Aqua 
    How do you kill it?: Obviously, you can't. 
    Description: In level 6 (and 7.5 on difficult), if you fall out of the water, 
    you will die. If you fall in level 7, you will wind up back in level 5! 
    13. Eagles. 
    Where are they found?: Fin to Feather, Eagle's Bay, and The Hungry Ones, only 
    found when you are flying.
    How do you kill them?: You can't. 
    Description: Native only to levels 8, 9, and 19, they attack you when you 
    get too high in the sky. In level 9, you have no choice but to confront them 
    to get over a tall rock, so charge your way out of there.
    14. Annoying snake-like creatures.
    Where are they found?: See descriptions.
    How do you kill them?: You can't kill type a. Types b, c, d,e, and f can only 
    be killed with sonar (B + A) or pulsar.
    a) In level 10 (Asterite's Cave), there is a snake that you have to use to 
    break a row of rocks. This is very grievous and time-consuming until you get 
    it down pat.
    b) In level 14 (gateway), there are snakes that some out of shells. The only 
    way I know to beat them is by pulsaring them. Fortunately, this is easy; they 
    give you a pulsar right before you get to them.
    c) In level 15, you have to kill several yellow snakes (sonar them) and avoid 
    a red one on the way to the bottom. You then must defeat the red snake (see 
    walkthrough for how to do that). If you touch the red snake before you reach 
    the bottom, say bye-bye, Ecco!
    d) In level 21 (lunar bay), there are two types of snakes. The first is found 
    only in level 21, and is easy to avoid. 
    e) The second, in the second half, is the most annoying kind. They flap around 
    all over the place and can only be killed with sonar or pulsar. Worse yet, 
    they follow you. You MUST kill these in order to at least get some peace of 
    mind, and also to keep your health up. These are also foung in level 22 (Black 
    e) In the Dark Sea, there are brown snakes that move horizontally, although, 
    if you are swimming horizontally and they go past you, they can turn around 
    and go after you again!
    15. The asterite.
    Where is it found?: It only hinders you in Asterite's Cave.
    How do you defeat it?: You must pass through the double-helix as it moves 
    down. See walkthrough of Asterite's Cave for more info.
    Description: If you think I'm nuts, just go play Asterite's Cave, where you 
    have to somehow get around him before you drown!
    16. "Evil" fish.
    Where are they found?: Asterite's Cave (second half), Four Islands, and 
    possible others.
    How do you defeat them?: If you accidentally eat one, charge the rest to kill 
    them. The best way to avoid this, however, is to eat one and run away! They 
    won't follow you and when you go back, they'll be fish again.
    Description: These are gray. If you eat one for health, the rest will bloat 
    up and attack you! These are only found (I think) in levels 10 and 11. 
    17. Coclias (spiked shells). 
    Where are they found?: Many different levels; see descriptions.
    How do you defeat them?: Depends on the type. See descriptions.
    a) This kind just falls down. On easy mode, you can always kill them with 
    one charge; on difficult, some cannot be killed but only nudged. They are 
    found in Asterite's Cave, Four Islands, Sea of Darkness, and Maze of Stone 
    (difficult only).
    b) This kind, only found in Maze of Stone, moves left, then right and can 
    crush you against the walls! You can't kill them, so you'll just have to time 
    your moves to avoid them.
    c) Found only on Moray Abyss, this coclia is indestrictible until you reach 
    the bottom of the abyss. Then, sonar it like mad until it blows up.
    d) Found in the second half of Moray Abyss, The Eye, Deep Ridge, and The Hungry 
    Ones, these just fall straight down. The only difference between these and 
    type a is that they look different.
    e) On difficult mode, there are coclias that block your path in various levels. 
    Just charge them to get rid of them, but be careful, since they hurt a lot.
    18. Dolphins.
    Where are they found?: Vents of Medusa, The Hungry Ones, and Fish City.
    How do you defeat them?: You can't.
    Description: In Vents of Medusa and the Hungry Ones, dolphins attack you, 
    thinking you are the enemy! You can't kill them, so just avoid their fire 
    and eat fish to restore any lost energy. In fish city, they will try to eat 
    you (!) so be sure to regroup with other schools of fish after they do.
    19. Electricity. 
    Where is it found?: Lunar Bay (second half), Black Clouds, and Gravitorbox.
    How do you defeat it?: You can't.
    Description: Found in the future levels on the alien ship (I think that's 
    what it is...), if you go through it, you lose some health. Pretty dangerous 
    considering there are no fish on the ship.
    20. Blobs. 
    Where are they found?: Lunar Bay (second half), Black Clouds, and 
    How do you defeat them?: Sonar them (in the air) or charge them (in the water).
    Description: These are annoying; they follow you, expanding and contracting, 
    until you sonar them or charge them if you are in water. They can only be 
    completely destroyed if you are in water; otherwise, if you have to return 
    to where they live, they'll be back to make your life miserable.
    21. The Globe Holder.
    Where is it found?: Globe Holder
    How do you defeat it?: See walkthrough (easy mode).
    Description: He is a big ball that tries (and succeeds often) to squish you 
    against the walls of his domain. You must first burn off those things holding 
    him on the wall, though...
    22. The Vortex Queen.
    Where is she found?: Vortex Queen
    How do you defeat her?: See walkthrough (easy mode).
    Description: She's just a mouth and a couple arms that is protected by a laser 
    beam. If she swallows you, off to the other dimension with you!
    23. Marble slabs. 
    Where are they found?: Epilogue
    How do you defeat them?: You can't.
    Description: In epilogue, these block your exit. They are like rocks, but 
    they move in both directions and cannot be destroyed. Worse, they will kill 
    you if you are caught between them and the wall, so go past them quickly!
    24. Big scary guys in the last level (City of Forever). 
    Where are they found?: Vortex Queen (she turns into one), City of Forever
    How do you defeat them?: You can't.
    Description: You need to follow these closely so that they can open doors 
    for you, but if they catch you, they'll turn around and eat you! That is why 
    the last level IS the last level. You can't kill them either.
    7) CREDITS
    CJayC- for posting this FAQ and thousands of others
    Sega of America, inc.- They made the game
    mnb_0000-typed this FAQ
    Rafael Silveira- for giving me that excellent information about the Globe 
    Anyone else who contributes will be credited!

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