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Reviewed: 06/10/11


Remember the year of 1990. It was one of the best years in videogame history due to the success of the Sega genesis. Ah yes the Sega Genesis was one of the greatest consoles to ever launch in history and even before Sonic The Hedgehog the Sega Genesis had some stellar games.

A game a lot of people remember from the year 1990 is a game called ESWAT: City under Siege which was based off of an arcade game released a year earlier. Yes many people loved the arcade game back in 1989 saying it was Sega’s answer to Contra. So as you guessed many people wanted to get this game for the Sega Genesis, so much in fact that it was one of Sega’s most anticipated releases’ back in 1990. Sega was selling T-shirts and having a big launch for this game. Yeah it was kind of ridiculous, but Sega thought they were on top of the world back in 1990. Anyways once this game launched a bunch of kids wanted to go pay and play it.

They played it and they started to tear up. Literally a whole bunch of kids started to cry because this game was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, and Sega was selling it like it would be the next big thing from that company. Not only that but it released on June 1st, during the beginning of summer vacation for a lot of kids, so they were really upset. I wasn’t one of those kids because I didn’t get a Sega Genesis until 1992 when Sonic 2 was released, but I did know kids who bought the game and they were very disappointed.

So now that it is 21 years later I thought I should give you a review of this game for you. So let’s stop talking about history and more about the review, this is batman995’s review of ESWAT: City under Siege for the Sega Genesis.

According to the game itself the story is about this futuristic cop who, for some reason thinks he is a robot? I don’t see it, this guy isn’t a robot but, I am looking way to deep into it so let’s move on. Anyways Terrorists or Criminals or whatever, are trying to destroy the city and it is up to you ESWAT to stop them at all costs. You are also destined to terminate all of the Criminals, even the ones who aren’t doing anything bad or illegal at the time. I guess the reason that he wants to stop every wanted man out there is because he just feels like he has to do something important in his life.

Anyways here is my review of the story in this game. I simply call it the Story Review.

Story Review
The story in this game is a total waste. The reason I say this is because the game obviously wasn’t intended to have a story. You play the game, and know that they just put in the story last minute for selling rights to have a story. Well the story is generic, Makes no sense and obviously isn’t suppose to be in the game. So that is my Story Review so let’s talk about Graphics.

The Graphics in this game aren’t anything special, especially for the genesis, but they aren’t that bad either. They are as mediocre as they get. How can I explain this, the human’s or robot that look like humans do shape to look like a human. So you can tell you are playing a human, BUT they don’t have facial expression nor are the moving animations that good either. They move like they are just taking steps, and for an action game on the Sega Genesis that is not that impressive. Oh yeah and the level layout is pretty lame as well. Everything is flat; there are no hills or obstacles (other than the occasional jumping mechanic) but with that in mind there are no bad design levels either. It is as GENERIC as it gets.

The gameplay is also very generic as well. They work but it isn’t anything spectacular. You move your character with the pad and shoot using one button. Sometimes you can press up and shoot up. It works 100% of the time, BUT it is very boring to use. Everything takes 1 second to do weather it is moving or jumping or shooting, nothing is fast. And it just isn’t that fun when you play it, it is just GENERIC.

Game Length
I have no idea how long this game is because it is so boring that I never finished it. So let us go and Move onto the bad parts.

Bad Parts
Like I said before, there shouldn’t be a story in this game but that isn’t the worst part. Nope the worst part is that everything is GENERIC, it is just boring to play and you do not feel accomplished whenever you beat something. You just wish you were doing something else at the time. But at the same time that is a good thing (I know your saying to yourself HUH!). See with that in mind because the game is so generic, nothing wrong can happen in the game. Like I said there isn’t any glitches or anything and there isn’t any bad level design either. The controls work 100% of the time and everything works in place. But at the same time there isn’t any good level design either, Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO LEVEL DESIGN. It is just flat surfaces with the occasional jump to a higher platform scenario. Nothing special but nothing bad either. That is the main problem with this game; the problem is just EVERYTHING IS GENERIC.

Good Parts
The good parts about this game are that there aren’t any bad parts in this game. But there isn’t anything really good about this game either; it isn’t bad it isn’t good everything is just GENERIC. And I hate them for it.

Final Thoughts
It is hard to see why so many kids cried when this game came out. I mean everything works fine and the controls work enough to give you a depth of feel. Yeah I said it was generic, but a lot of kid’s games are generic, look at the Spongebob Squarepants videogames that THQ makes every year. They aren’t evolutionary, revolutionary or anything new, yet tons of kids love to play them. Another example are the games based off of kids movies like Kung Fu Panda for the Xbox 360. That game isn’t really good but it isn’t bad either. The controls work and it keeps attention. It is also another game that is just plain generic yet kids love this game. So my question is why kids didn’t love ESWAT. It isn’t bad it just isn’t good either. But I have to say playing it as an adult this game is to generic to the point that it is very boring to play. I never finished the game and the reason I never finished it is because It was to GENERIC for me to handle. As an adult this is frustrating but as a kid I probably wouldn’t mind playing this game. Like I said there is only one word to describe this game and that word is GENERIC.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: ESWAT: City Under Siege (US, 07/13/90)

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