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"Is this based on the bible?"

Being an unlicensed game, you could think that this was a really bad game. However, this is not *completly* true, and I guess that this game is only unlicensed because it is based on the Bible, and that appears to be a subject which most of the times isn't good for making a game about.

Ever played old games? I mean, tetris, pong and that kind of games? Well, this appears to be based on one of these old games, which unfortunatly I don't recall the name. Mainly you will be controlling Moses (I'm not joking, that's where then title of the game comes from, the biblic exodus of Moses) which has to collect all the symbols in the levels and hit the romans (well, at least they seem like roman guys!) in order to advance for the next level. Between each level you will need to answer some multiple answer questions which are related to the main subject of the game, and those that you answer correctly will grant you ''bibles''. Personally I never understood what those are for (in the game, I mean!), but they must be good! This may seem boring, but the game turns to be quite adictive even since the first level, and when you notice it you will already be playing for hours! Finally, the levels are quite easy to play, and even on your first game you will easily know what you have to do.

Despite of being based on the biblic exodus (you can clearly see that from the title and the menus! :P ), this game doesn't have a story at all.

Neither the graphics nor the sound are very good, but I don't think this matters much in this kind of game, as the most important thing is a good gameplay and not very good graphics, since those look like the ones in old megadrive (or genesis, depending on where you live) games. The sound is quite boring, since the same theme is played all the time.

Play Time/Replayability
It may take you a lot of time to finish this game, and if you are a catolic you will surely like to replay this game, not only for the nice gameplay but also for trying to reply to all the questions correctly, making you have a better knowledge of the bible!

Final Recommendation
As you may imagine from the score, this game isn't very good. However, people who like to read the bible may really enjoy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/12/04

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