Review by KFHEWUI

"Easily the worst RPG that I have had the misfortunate of playing"

An evil dragon has risen, and a holy goblet has been stolen so a lone warrior has to retrieve the orb and kill the dragon.

The story is unoriginal and lackluster with no story development outside of the instruction booklet.

The music is forgettable, and the tracks consist of a thirty second loop. The tracks change every ten floors.

Controls are decent, and they are not too difficult to grasp. The controls are easily the best part of the game aside from turning off the power.

Fatal Labyrinth's graphics are mediocre at best and at their worst they are repetitive with brick walls, stone hallways, and tile floors. Like the music, the graphics change every ten floors.

The game play is a dungeon crawler with floors that are randomly generated meaning the floors will never be the same. The levels consist of large rooms connected by stone hallways, and the large rooms house armor, weapons, and items. The big problem is that the game drops a lot of the same weapons and armor which are weak so finding a strong weapon and armor is left up to blind luck which ultimately affects the terrible combat.

The combat takes place in real time, and the combat is easy. Just stand next to an enemy and point in their direction, but the hard part is getting the attacks to hit. Usually my attacks would completely miss most of the time, and this is a huge problem in later levels where enemies do higher damage and can take a lot more damage. The damage system is absurd and extremely random with damage that ranges from 4 to 45 to 9 with no logic at all. This would not be so bad if there was better armor and weapons dropped.

There are also magic scrolls that can be used, but the items have no description so the only way to learn what they do is to use them which is annoying especially if the player uses a pink scroll which casts darkness on the player.

There are also some useless items like gold, and the only purpose of the gold is to affect the game over screen. Collecting more gold gives a better game over screen however later in the game there are fake gold bags that cause damage which gives another reason to avoid the gold.

There is only one dungeon in the game, and it is composed of thirty floors. The worst problem with this is that there is NO save system. Dying means having to start the entire game over again which happens way too much thanks to the broken combat.

There are also some other problems with the game including a food system where eating too much causes the player to slow down. Eating more food after that can kill the player, but if the food runs out, the player will slowly lose health until he eats more.

Another problem is that some floors will have no stairs and a dead end however the rooms are hidden behind secret walls, and the secret walls look like every other wall in the game which means slowly walk up to each wall and hitting pick up until the secret wall is found which gets old quick.

Fatal Labyrinth is a one trick pony, and the best thing I can say about it is that it works when the power is turned on. The randomly generated floors is interesting, but once you look past it, the game has nothing interesting to show and the unforgiving game play is so jarring that it makes the game unenjoyable.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 06/19/12

Game Release: Fatal Labyrinth (US, 12/31/91)

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