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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheStarbird

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/21/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (c) Sega 1991
    Walkthrough v1.0 by: 
    e-mail: thestarbird@yahoo.com
    website: http://www.rpgclassics.com/~hideout
    Copyright 2009 Eric Starbird
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    I. Gameplay
    II. Walkthrough
    III. Tips/Tricks
    IV. Thanks
    I. Gameplay
    You are Flicky, a blue bird who goes on a quest to save smaller birds (chirps)
    from the hands of the hungry cat named Tiger and Iggy the Iguana. That is
    the basic story behind the game, and the gameplay itself isn't much more
    You control Flicky with your directional pad and jump with any button (either
    A, B, or C. If you're using a 6-button Genesis controller, X, Y, and Z serve
    no function). You pick up the Chirps just by hitting them, in which they will
    follow you thereafter until separated by either Tiger or Iggy. Your goal
    is to collect the Chirps and bring them to the door. The more you bring to a
    door at a time, the higher your score gets.
    If you get hit by Tiger or Iggy, you lose a life. They become quite annoying
    later in the game when it becomes much faster, but they can be killed easily
    by hitting them with an item (there are various ones you can pick up just
    by running into them). To throw an item you picked up, just hit any button
    to jump and the item will go in a straight line in the direction you are 
    facing. If it hits Tiger or Iggy, they will disappear. Beware, however, that
    they do re-spawn after a while, so make sure to be quick. If you do get hit
    and you have Chirps with you, they will stay at the spot where you got hit.
    The maps differ up to level 48, when it then repeats starting at Level 49. 
    All levels loop left and right, so for instance, if you go right from the door
    in a straight line, you will come back to that same door again (it's easier
    sometimes to think of each level as a big circular room).
    A good thing to keep in mind is that Flicky has serious momentum problems.
    When you get him going, if you want to change direction, he's going to slide
    a bit before he turns around. Keep this information handy when playing this
    Game Points:
    Collect Chirp - 10 Pts.
    Gem - Gems Collected x 100 Pts.
    Enemy Kill - 200 Pts.
    Exit Points: 
    1 Chirp - 100 Pts.
    2 Chirps - 200 Pts.
    3 Chirps - 300 Pts.
    4 Chirps - 400 Pts.
    5 Chirps - 500 Pts.
    6 Chirps - 1000 Pts.
    7 Chirps - 2000 Pts.
    8 Chirps - 5000 Pts.
    Time Bonus:
    0-19 sec - 20000 Pts.
    20-29 sec - 10000 Pts.
    30-39 sec - 5000 Pts.
    40+ sec - No Bonus
    Bonus Round Points:
    Score: Chirps x 250 Pts.
    Perfect Bonus: 10000 Pts.
    Extra Lives:
    40000 Pts.
    90000 Pts.
    150000 Pts.
    230000 Pts.
    330000 Pts.
    After every 3 levels, you get to enter a bonus round. In these rounds, Chirps
    are catapulted in the air by Tiger and you have to catch them with a net on
    their way down. Each bonus round has different patterns of arcs and different
    II. Walkthrough
    Below is a simplified walkthrough complete with maps of the level. If you need
    help on a specific level, just do a search for it on the FAQ and you will find
    it. Below is the key for the maps.
    E: Exit (also where you start the level)
    1-8: Chirp (grab in order for best results)
    s: Enemy Spawn
    W: Item
    _: Floor/platform
    |: Wall
    =: Block
    Remember that levels loop left and right. Also keep in mind that these maps
    are very crude but they should give you an idea of what the level looks like
    and what order they should be grabbed in (just follow the numbers for the
    best method of getting them all. If all else fails, just follow the
    strategy portion of each level)
    Level 1:
    ____             ____
    ____     5 6     ____
           _W_S_W_      4
    ____      3      ____
           _W___W_      2
    ____        1    ____
    Strategy: The easiest way to beat this one is to go right and up constantly,
    jumping and grabbing any chirps that you come across.
    Level 2:
    2 __SW____E____W___
       3            6
    _____W__     __W_____
    4         5
    Strategy: Go right and down until you get to the bottom, then climb back up
    once you get the last Chirp on the bottom.
    Level 3: Bonus Round!
    The arc here is fairly simple, just stand in the path of the Chirps as they
    fall and catch them back and forth. Should be easy to get some extra points
    Level 4:
          7        8
    ____W____   ____WS___
         5            6
    ____W____   ____W____
          3          4
    ____W____   ____W____
          1   E     2
    Strategy: Go left and pick up the bottom 2 Chirps, then jump and pick up the
    two on the 2nd platform. Jump left to the 3rd platform and pick up the Jar and
    fire it as soon as you see Tiger on the same platform. Continue to the 4th
    to get the last two and then straight down to the exit.
    Level 5:
        8     E
            __E__   1
    2 __SW__  7  __W___
    __  3              __W
      ___W__  4  __WS__
            __W__    5
    Strategy: Go right and let yourself fall to get the first 5 Chirps. Pick up
    the 6th one on your way back up. Stop in front of the lowest Tiger Spawn and
    pick up the Telephone. As soon as he comes out, nail him with it and continue
    right. Let yourself fall down to pick up the one in the middle, then jump
    back up to get the one by the exit.
    Level 6:
        |   8  E    1
    __W_|   ___E___   WS_
      7     |   2     |
    ___W____|  _____W_|
    |          |5      6
    |  W_______|  __W___
       |   4         3
    Chirps: 8
    Strategy: Just be quick about this one and don't make any mistakes. You will
    want to go right and down, picking up any Chirps that you can before Tiger
    shows up. Make your way up and right to pick up the last 4 and the exit should
    be right there.
    Level 7: Bonus Round!
    Much the same like the last one, but they will fall more spread out, meaning
    you will have to run a bit faster. Still shouldn't be too hard.
    Level 8:
       2       E 1 |
    ____ 3          8   |_
       |    _W_____
    ___| 4 |  7      _____
    ____   |W____  _W_____
    6  |     5
    Strategy: This one is a bit tricky. Start off by getting the Chirp to your
    right then going up. Jump at the end of the platform to grab the Chirp in the
    air then fall down to grab the next 2. Quickly go right to the next two then
    backtrack to the 7th above you and then to number above. Take care of the
    Tigers if they get in your way.
    Level 9:
         4         3
     _____W__   __W__S__
     |    2       7    |
     |   _W__   __W_   |5
     |      | 8 |      |
     |___ 1 |   | 6 ___|
            |   |
     _____W_|   |_W_____
    Strategy: This one is a little odd to work with as you will be going back
    and forth constantly. Start off by going right and up to the top. Collect both
    at the top and then pick up a Teapot. Wait for both Tigers to jump to the top
    and release the Teapot, hitting both. This will give you time to fall down
    and grab the Chirp (not the one above the Exit). Head left while falling and
    pick up the remaining 3.
    Level 10:
    ___   1          8 _W_
       |___    E       |
             __E__     |
    S__ 2              |W_
       |___    3 
             _____   4
    ___ 5             |_W_
       |___       7   |
             __W__    |
    ___        6      |_W_
    Strategy: Be careful, because this is where Iggy shows up, and he can be
    even more annoying than those cats. Start off left and grab the two Chirps
    there, then start making your way right and down. Grab the Bottle and hurl
    it at Tiger and Iggy when they pop out, then start climbing upwards.
    Level 11: Bonus Round!
    Very much similar to the first two, but this time they will be much closer
    together when they fall. The trick here is to try to stand underneath the
    small spot between the 3rd and 4th chirp that come down with your net
    pointing towards the direction they are going. Not exactly easy, but doable.
    Level 12:
          6       8
    _________ 5 _____S___
        1          4
     2        E       3
    Strategy: The game starts to really get tricky for Flicky now. Start off by
    moving left and jumping for the first Chirp, but not overshooting the 2nd.
    Jump left and up the platforms to grab the next 4 and then over the top,
    grabbing a pot for Iggy and Tiger that come around. After releasing it,
    grab the last one and hit the exit.
    Level 13:
      6      7         5
    _   ___|   |    4 ___
     3      2
        __       1 __
         |         |
     __  |_W_   _W_|  __
    _     _W__E__W_ 8  _
    Strategy: Start being aware of how hard you push your directional pad, as
    you will have to now start keeping a close eye on Flicky's speed. Start off
    by grabbing the chirp to your upper right, then follow left. Leap over the
    Tiger to the other side and grab the next Chirp. Turn around and go up and
    right, grabbing the next three. Fall straight down to the last one and
    then to the exit.
    Level 14:
    6              8
        __SW     W___  7
     __W             W_S
     3     2     1     4
    _W        E        W_
    Strategy: Not too difficult. Quickly grab the two Chirps above you and head
    left, grabbing the next two. Jump up, grabbing the 5th one and then turn
    around, grabbing the next three and quickly down to the exit.
    Level 15: Bonus Round!
    Definitely looks like a tougher one since two sets are sent your way at the
    same time. The trick is to stay put and jump as they cross each other. If
    there are any airborne when you land, scramble to get them. The last set
    will arc wider, so you'll have to run for those ones.
    Level 16:
       1  __W_ E   _WS
           2       3
    ___      W____    ___
      8   ___S_  |W___
          |      |
          | 5 W__| 7
    _____W|    6
    Strategy: Again, keep an eye on your speed as you're liable to just overshoot
    your targets. Start off to the left to the first one then turn around and go
    right to the next two. Go down and right and through the narrow pass to the
    next one. Up and right will take you to the final three.
    Level 17:
    __    1  _E      8 __
      S_ 2 _W  W_ 7 __
        ___      ___
      __   W_  _W   __
    W   4    __ 5       W
    Strategy: Start by going left and down. After you get the third one, grab
    one of the flower pots to the left and then down to grab the 4th one. Wait
    for the Tigers to group up and hit them both with the Pot. Collect the last
    4 by going back up.
    Level 18:
         WWS     WWW
      8  |    E    |  1
      ___|   _E    |___
      ____  3   5  ____
         |         |
     7   |___   ___| 6
    Strategy: Start off by going up and right, grabbing a cup and getting ready
    for any Tiger that comes your way (just in case). Go down and right and 
    grab the first two Chirps. Jump the "valley" to grab the next three and then
    down to the next two. Jump up to the final one and enter the door.
    Level 19: Bonus Round!
    This one definitely looks tricky because the Chirps circle backwards before
    coming down and forward. The good news is that they come slow and Flicky's
    momentum can make this easier. Just get under them and go to the other side.
    Lather, rise, repeat.
    Level 20:
          2          1
    ___SW__    ___W_   _
       8     E   3
    _________E____W_   _
           | 4
    __W_ 5 |______W_   _
           | 7
    ___W___|         6__
    Strategy: Start off by jumping up and to the right. Grab the phone and wait
    for Tiger to stick his head out, then pelt him with it. Continue right and
    grab the next 3, then go down and to the left and grab the one in the dead
    end. Grab the phone and if another Tiger comes by, pelt them with that. The
    last few should be easy.
    Level 21:
          6 ___
           _WS__ 7
        5 ___W___   4
    Strategy: Rather easy level. Start off to the right and jump up to the next
    platform. Jump across to grab the 4th and 5th ones, then climb the platforms
    to the top. Grab the top two and then go all the way down, grabbing the last
    by the door.
    Level 22:
         _W_ 5 _W_
    _   7  |   |   4   S
           |   |
      ___  |   |  ___
          6     3
         _W_   _W_
    __  1  |   |      _W
     |     |___|   8  |
     |___          ___|
    Strategy: Start off by going left and up. Keep an eye on your speed as you
    make your way to the first three. After the 3rd one, turn around and go up
    and right to the 4th one. Turn again and go up and left. Fall down the pit
    to the 5th one and then continue up and left. Make your way down, still going
    left to the last one and the exit.
    Level 23: Bonus Round!
    This one is so easy, you barely need to move at all. The Chirps will
    practically make their way to your net. Just move slightly left and right and
    they should all fall in.
    Level 24:
         5 _W   WS 4
           ||   ||
      6  _W||   ||W_  3
         |  | 7 |  |
       _W| 8|   |1 |W_   2
       |    |   |     |
     __|    |   |     |__
          __|   |__
    Strategy: This one is a very tough one due to the dead end zones that hold
    two Chirps. Make your way right and grab the first one in the dead end zone.
    Jump through the hole and then make your way left and up the stairs. Jump
    the cliff and grab the next two, then go back up. Fall down the pit and try
    to avoid the Exit. Grab the last Chirp on the left dead end zone and get to
    the exit.
    Level 25:
          1   E
     _________E___   2
    _______  8   |__  __
      7  _____S_WWW| 3
     ____| 6  _______
           5     4
    Strategy: Pretty easy level, just start off by going left to the first one,
    then jumping to the 2nd. Fall straight down to the third and to the bottom.
    Continue left for the next two, then jump up and grab the 6th one. Grab
    a bottle and wait for the Tigers to show up. Pelt them with the bottles then
    go up and right to the 7th and 8th. If you wish, hit Iggy with a bottle
    and make your way back to the exit.
    Level 26:
    |                4 
    |W____S_____   _____
    |                  |
    |      3   _____   |
    |          |   | 8 | 5
    |       ___| 7 |   |
    |   2   |      |   |
    |     __| 6 WWW|   |
    |     |            |
    | 1 __|WW_______   |
    |         E
    Strategy: This definitely can be a tricky one, just because of the fact that
    you are walled in on this one and cannot loop easily. Start off left and
    jump up the stairs grabbing the first three. Hide close to the inside of
    the last "step" so that Tiger jumps over you. Continue up to the 4th one and
    drop to the 5th one. Go left and inside to 6 and 7. Wait for Iggy to come
    by and hit him with a Gift. Jump to grab the 8th one and then go to the exit.
    Level 27: Bonus Round!
    This one is tricky as the Chirps will seem like they fly in one direction
    but then take a quick dive down. The easiest thing to do is start off by
    standing above the left Tiger first and wait for the Chirps to come down.
    Run quickly to the spot above the right Tiger and the Chirps will fall
    right into your net. Repeat.
    Level 28:
          1  E         2
    _____W_  3  _W______
      ______WS_______  4
    _____W_  5  _W______
      _______W_______  6
         7       8
    Strategy: This is another rather simple one. Start off going straight left,
    letting yourself fall down to the next floors. Collect the first four then
    stop and turn right. Wait for Tiger to jump over you then hit him with a
    Mug. Continue right to the 5th and 6th, grabbing another cup to get ready
    to fire when the other Tiger comes by. Continue going right and grab the last
    two at the bottom, then jump your way to the top (watch out for Iggy).
    Level 29:
       ______E______  1
       |  8  W___SW_____
       |        7
       | 6 __W____W  2
       |        5
       |_____W____W___  3
    Strategy: Start off by going right to the first one. Fall down and bounce
    off the right wall, turning left after the bounce to grab the 2nd one. Go
    right to the 3rd, then make your way left. Loop around after the 4th one
    and jump up to the next platform. Catch the last 4, using a candle if you
    have to kill anything on your way to the exit.
    Level 30:
        _S_    5  _S_
     4  |         |
    ___W|  6  ___W|
    |         |
    |  7  ___W|  3  ___W
          |         |
      ____|  2  ____|
      | 1    E  |  8
    Strategy: The pair of stairs makes this difficult, so make sure to watch
    your jumps. Start off with the one to your left, then climb the stairs to
    the next 4. After you get the 4th, turn left and jump to the other set.
    Fly down to the left, trying to get all 4 remaining on the way down (don't
    worry if you don't get them all in one trip, just get them on the way back
    up. After you get the last one at the bottom, grab the teapot and hit Tiger
    with it, then hurry back up to the right and down to the exit.
    Level 31: Bonus Round!
    Much like the last bonus round, you are best to stand above the Tigers as
    the Chirps make their way down. This time, they will hang in the air, go
    one direction, then turn and go the other. Just follow them and stand above
    the Tigers and you should have no problem.
    Level 32:
      __S__  4  _____   |
      |             |   |
    7 |___W_   _W___| 5 |
      |7          3 |   |
      |___W_ 2 _W___|   |
      1                 |
         _W__S__W_  6   |
             E          |
    Strategy: The 2nd of the walled-in levels, this one isn't any easier than
    the last one. Start off by going left and grabbing the Chirp in the air.
    Jump up to the right up the next two platforms, grabbing the next two Chirps.
    Turn and jump left, then jump right to the top, grabbing the 4th one. Fall
    down the right path and grab the next two Chirps. Now, start over by jumping
    left twice to the 7th one, then jump right, then left again. Fall down to 
    the left, grabbing that chirp, then to the exit.
    Level 33:
        1            2
    _W_______   ______SW_
         3    E  8
     4                 5
    _WS______   _______W_
        6           7
    Strategy: This one isn't too difficult (especially if you've gotten the hang
    of this game by now). Start off with the high road going left. Grab the first
    Chirp then grab a cup. Wait for Tiger to poke his head out then slam the cup
    on him. Grab the 2nd Chirp then drop down and left, grabbing the next two.
    Continue left and down, grabbing the next three, then jump back up to grab
    the last one near the exit.
    Level 34:
          _W_   W__
     ___   7 |  | 3  S__
     |    _W_| 8|W__   |
     |__ 6   |  |   2__|4
     |    _W_|  |W__   |
     |__   5 |  | 1  __|
          ___|  |___
    Strategy: This one is not very easy, especially as your momentum and the
    alternating platforms make this difficult. Start off to the right and jump
    up, grabbing the three on the way. Fall down to the right and grab the 4th.
    Do the same thing to the right again and crawl up the platforms (hit Iggy
    and Tiger with a candlestick if you get into trouble) and then just fall
    down the hole above the exit to finish the level.
    Level 35: Bonus Round!
    This one is quite possibly the easiest one in the game. I will give you only
    three words to finish this one: Just. Stand. Still.
    Level 36:
    _______W_   _W_____S_
    |         2        4
    | 3 __         __
    |___||_W_   _W_||____
    | 5 __    1    __  6
    |___||_W_   _W_||____
         7         8
    ____      E      ____
    Strategy: This one is insanely difficult due to the narrow jumps and
    passages. Start off by jumping up two levels and then go for the Chirp on the
    left. Throw a cup at the Tiger and go for the Chirp on the right. Go down
    a level and do the same thing. If you're lucky, all that will remain is the
    last two at the bottom.
    Level 37:
           2 ___SW_    7
    3    _W____   |___
         |           |
       __|     ___   |_W_
         |  1      8 |
    4    |           |
     ___W|_W_  E  _W_|__
         6           5
    Strategy: Another very difficult one to finish, but with this strategy, it
    should be made a little easier. Start off by getting the Chirp to your left.
    Jump to the middle platform and go through the space above it. Jump to the
    left for the 2nd Chirp and fall straight down to the 3rd and 4th, making
    sure to land on the bottom-right platform. Grab the flower and quickly move
    to the platform to the left of where you are. Wait for the Tigers to both
    get on the same level as you and nail them with the plant (if your timing is
    right, you should get Iggy as well). Scurry to get the two at the bottom
    then make your way back up and left, grabbing the 7th one. Go back into the
    "home" area, grabbing the last chirp and to the exit.
    Level 38:
          5      1
       6      E     2   8
      7              3
    _    _W_  4  _SW   _W
    Strategy: Just because the area is wide open doesn't mean that this level is
    any easier. You will have to make at least 3 well placed jumps to get all
    of the Chirps in one go. Start off to your right and land on the ground
    floor after collecting the first three. Turn to the left and throw an apple
    at the Tiger, then climb back up to the Exit area (grabbing the 4th Chirp).
    Repeat a similar jump to the left. Go back to the exit and make the long jump
    to the lone Chirp remaining.
    Level 39: Bonus Round!
    This one is pretty easy, though not as easy as the last one. The Chirps
    will make a weird arc, but standing above the right Tiger's head to start
    and then going back and forth from there will land you an easy perfect
    Level 40:
    _____6_   5_______W___
    ________S   |   __W___
          3 | 7 | 4
    _____   |   |_____W___
    ______S__   |   __W___
            | 8 | 2
    ____ 1  |   |_____W___
            | E
    Strategy: For one of the last few levels, this one is pretty easy and
    straightforward (it's as though the creators wanted you to easily win this
    one). Ignore the Chirp above you and just go right. Weave your way through
    the maze, hitting Tigers with any Candlesticks you pick up. Once at the top,
    loop around to the right and grab the 6th chirp, then just fall down and
    pick up the last two on your way to the exit.
    Level 41:
         7         8
    __  ___  ___  ___  __
     ___  _W_  _W_  ___
    __  _SW 5_W_ 6_SW  __
         4          3
     ___  ___  ___  ___
    __  ___  _W_  ___  __
         2    E   1
    Strategy: With only a few more left, this has become insanely difficult.
    Narrow spaces means that you will have to move slowly, yet quickly to avoid
    the Tigers. You just have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Go
    right to start, grabbing the first two, then up the platforms two levels.
    Continue right and jump up again, throwing a gift at the Tigers if they come
    close. Grab the 5th and 6th ones, then jump to the top floor. Grab the
    last two and slowly make your way down to the exit.
    Level 42:
      _W   _S   _W   _S
       |    |    |    |
       |  7 |    |    |
    _  |__  |__  |__  |_
    |    |  8 |  5 |  3
    |  1 |    |    |
    |__  |__  |__  |__
     4|    |    |  6 |
      |  2 |  E |    |
    Strategy: Just when you thought it couldn't get harder, yeah... you see now.
    Start by climbing the stairs to the top. Go left and down, grabbing the
    first two. Climb up again and go down to the left to the next set. Just
    repeat this process until you get back to the Exit. 
    Level 43: Bonus Round!
    The Chirps will drop hard here, but just use the same strategy you've been
    using for the last few rounds. Stand above the right Tiger first, then go
    left. Alternate and you should easily get the perfect bonus.
    Level 44:
        1     6    5    4
        2            3
    Strategy: Well, now it's getting harder because now you only have one
    weapon to protect yourself... at least one weapon location, because 6
    Candlesticks are stacked by the exit. Grab one and go left, grabbing the
    first two Chirps. Wait for Tiger to stick his head out and hit him with the
    Candlestick. Grab the chirp to the left and then climb back up to the
    platform to the right of the exit. Aim your jump to grab the last group of
    Chirps on the way down the middle (missing can be costly this late in the
    game). Make your way back up to the exit.
    Level 45:
    _    1    __        W
    |         ||   3    |
    |         ||        |
         WS       W_
         ||   E   ||    4
         ||  WEW  ||
    _                   W
    |                   |
    |      5     7      |
          __    __
          ||  6 ||      8
    Strategy: Finally, a relatively easy one. Go up to the left and grab the
    chirp. Turn around to the right and jump up. Grab that Chirp and then
    fall down to the right until you are caught between the two blocks (you
    should have 6 by this point). Avoid the Tigers and continue right, grabbing
    the last two before going to the Exit.
    Level 46:
        8 ____E_____  1
          | 4    5 |
          |   +    |
        S_|   +    |__  2
        |   _W+W_    |
        |   |   |    |
        | 3 | 7 | 6  |
      __|   |   |    |__
      |   __| _W|W_    |
          |            |
    Strategy: This one isn't so bad but it can be frustrating, but at least
    you are given pots to throw at the enemies on your way. The level is
    pretty linear, just go down and right to start and wind your way round to
    the middle, then come back around and grab the last Chirp before the Exit.
    Level 47: Bonus Round!
    For the final bonus round, this is a bit more difficult. The Chirp's arch
    is fast so time your jumps above the Tiger's heads (starting to the right)
    to get the Chirps before they pass you.
    Level 48: The Final Round
       8|   |4   5|   |7
       _|   |_   _|   |_
       |     |   |     |
       |_____|   |_____|
    W___  6 _W_S_W_ 3  _W_
       |    |     |    |
    ___|    |_____|    |__
              1 2
    SW______  ___  _____S_
     __ ___|  | |  | __ __
     |  |_||  |_|  | |_ |_
     |] | ||   E   | _| |_
    Strategy: At least they put the word SEGA into this level (seems typical of
    early SEGA games). Not too hard for the final level, just start with the
    left Chirp above the exit and go right. Jump to the 3rd one on the right then
    turn left. Jump up to the nook above for the 4th and 5th, then back down,
    left, and up to the other nook. Make your way back down to the exit.
    Congratulations! You have just completed Flicky, one of the Sega Genesis'
    earliest games... and probably one of the hardest as well.
    III. Tips/Tricks
    Extra Points/Bikini Girl:
    You get an extra 10000 points if you find this little bonus. In order to do
    so, you have to complete the first 10 levels in under 20 seconds each as
    well as get Perfect scores in each round (meaning you send all the Chirps to
    the Exit at once). If you do so, she will appear in one of the windows.
    She can be seen again at Level 18 and 34 under the same circumstances.
    Level Select:
    When you start a game, on the controller hold Up, A, C, and press Start.
    You should see "Round 1" on the screen. At this point, you can press up and
    down to select your level (handy if you wish to quit and come back later,
    though your score and lives won't save). Keep in mind that this will only
    allow you to go up to Level 36, so you would still have to go through a lot
    of levels before finishing the game.
    Flicky, as I mentioned before, has major Momentum issues. This can make the
    game tricky if you're trying to fall down between two narrow platforms. As
    you move on, you'll find that tapping is sometimes better than pushing down
    on the D-Pad. This technique can be used with Jumping as well, as pushing
    down on the D-Pad while jumping will give Flicky a big jump, but sometimes
    you don't want that.
    Flicky seems also to have other issues with Physics. Whenever he hits a
    ceiling or a wall, Flicky will bounce in the other direction with a little
    less momentum then what was given into it. This can be played to your
    advantage, or it can kill you completely. Sometimes jumping against a wall
    then backwards will help you jump over those pesky enemies, just be careful
    of your timing.
    Level 49?:
    After the game ends and the credits roll, if you push the Start button, you
    will be taken to the next level, level 49! Don't be fooled, it is only
    just level 1 again, but with a bit more speed. If you want more of a
    challenge, try playing through again.
    IV. Thanks
    -My wife Ashley for her love and support
    -To the people of the Hideout Forums at
    -To me for spending so much time to create a complete walkthrough such as this.

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