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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DHouston

    Version: 1.9 | Updated: 08/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 Forgotten Worlds
                                    v 1.9
                          author:  Dimetric Houston
                          e-mail:  dhousto6@bellsouth.net
      Screen Description
      Stage Strategies
      Tips, Tricks and Secrets
    Hello all.  This FAQ covers the game Forgotten Worlds for the Sega Genesis
    system.  It's a cool action shooting game.
    The Genesis version of Forgotten Worlds has some differences from the arcade
    version.  See the Tips, Tricks, and Secrets section to see them.
    I am not going to bother with the copyright stuff.  If you are low enough
    to try to bank a profit off of this, or you decide to plagiarize it, that's
    your wretched morality.
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
      v 1.0  2-20-01
         -stage info for stages 1-4 present
      v 1.1  2-21-01
         -stage info for stages 5 and 6 present
         -stage info for some of stage 7 present
         -minor corrections and additions
      v 1.2  2-25-01
         -all stage info for stage 7 present
         -addition in Screen Description section
         -updated Walkthrough section
         -updated Tricks, Tips, and Secrets section
         -minor corrections
      v 1.3  2-28-01
         -updated Walkthrough section (significant changes)
         -updated Tips, Tricks, and Secrets section
      v 1.4  3-8-01
         -updated Walkthrough section (additional last stage hidden item info)
      v 1.5  3-14-01
         -updated Walkthrough section
         -updated Credits section
         -updated Controls section
      v 1.6  3-18-01
         -corrections and additions in Walkthrough, Powerups, Controls, and
          Credits section
      v 1.7  4-8-01
         -updated Powerups section
         -minor updates in Walkthrough section
         -Updated Tricks, Tips, and Secrets section
      v 1.8  7-28-01
         -updated Power-Ups section
      v 1.9  8-28-03
         -added secret to Stage 1 Boss
         -updated Credits section
    The Earth has been devastated by alien invaders and humanity has been
    placed into slavery.
    However, humanity has not given up and has secretly trained two young males
    in the ways of combat.  In these two lone warriors lies the last hope of
    humanity to reclaim their world.
    Armed with their anti-gravitational units, invincible satellites, and a
    never-say-die attitude, these warriors, the Nameless Ones, face the alien
    invaders to restore the name of Earth to the. . .Forgotten Worlds.
    Aside:  Worlds?  Since when did Earth become more than one planet?  My
            astronomy class has lied to me all this time.  This is proof video
            games are the absolute truth.
    Aside:  Anyone see the oxymoron here?  Your warriors are called the
            Nameless Ones.  If they are called the Nameless Ones, then don't they
            have a name?  Yes, their name is. . .the Nameless Ones!
    D-pad:  Moves character
    A button:  rotate warrior counter-clockwise
    B button:  fire
    C button:  rotate warrior clockwise
    Additional moves:  (from the manual)
    A+B:  Circles Warrior and Satellite to the left.
    B+C:  Circles Warrior and Satellite to the right.
    Superzap:  Double tap B button (hits all enemies on the screen--drains your
               life slightly)
    The first two additional moves allow you to rotate while keeping your
    satellite in place.  Normally the satellite rotates around your warrior's
    body when you rotate.
    Thanks to Galen for the Superzap info.
    Note:  There is an Auto-fire option which causes your character to
           continously fire their weapon automatically.  Therefore you never have
           to press the B button to fire.  The additional moves are still
           available as well.
    Note:  The Genesis Forgotten Worlds has two difficulty modes:  Normal and
           Hard.  This FAQ is written using Normal mode.
    There really isn't much on the screen to describe for Forgotten Worlds, but
    a few things are noteworthy.
    Score--at top of screen, this is the top number and is a point counter for
           your kills.
    Zenny--the second number at the screen top.  It has a blue symbol beside it.
           This is your money.  Stack up!  You'll need it.
    Life--the bar at the screen bottom.  As you take hits, this drops.  When it
          is gone, the game is over, unless you have. . .
    Resurrect Bottle--this is one of the symbols that can appear under your life
          bar.  It looks like a flask.  If you have any of these bottles, this
          symbol appears beneath your life meter.  When you die, the bottle is
          used and your warrior is restored (not needed in a 2 player game--see
          Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to see why)
    Flying Stone--this is another symbol that can appear beneath your life bar.
          It adjusts the speed of your warrior.  The speed is adjusted when you
          buy the stone.  The symbol just appears to let you know you bought it.
    Aura Stone--yet another symbol that can appear under the life bar.  This
          item gives you the increased power that you can gain in a two-player
          game (see the Tips, Tricks, and Secrets section to understand this
          power gain for two players).
    In each stage, occasionally you will come across a shop where you can buy
    items.  The shop is really obvious (it has SHOP written on it) and appears
    out of the ground, so you can't miss it.  Have your warrior touch the shop to
    enter it.
    Run by the lovely Mirabella, the shop offers essential items for your quest.
    You can buy health, armor, better satellites and other power-ups.  Of course,
    a purchase costs zenny, so try to come in with a full wallet.
    Shop items can sometimes vary from game to game.  Most of the items in a shop
    are static, but occasionally a shop may or may not have an item it had
    Note:  If you don't have enough zenny for a satellite purchase, you will try
           to sell your current satellite for half-price when trying to purchase
           a new one.  If the new amount you would have by selling is still not
           enough to buy the new weapon, you won't be able to buy it.  This
           works ONLY with satellites, not other items.
    Aside:  What is it with shops run by superbly attractive females in video
            games nowadays?!  How do these lone, unarmed ladies manage to follow
            you through EVERY stage without breaking a sweat, getting a scratch,
            or just needing shampoo?  Either these ladies are a WHOLE lot tougher
            than they give off, or we have the case of universal sex appeal ^_^
    All the "powerups"  you get are bought in shops.  However, there are a few
    non-shop items that give you bonuses of different sorts.
    These items are hidden in the stages and will be spoken about in the next
    I will mention these items here (thanks to Galen for this info):
    Yashichi (4-pointed star in a red circle)--restores all your life
    Star--5000 zenny
    Pow--restores some life
    Cosmic Cow--5,000 zenny
    Space Drum--restores some life
    Here I will give strategies for each stage.  I will also mention shop items
    (to clear up discrepancies) and what I believe you should purchase.
    Mostly all shops come with "Info" to be bought.  This tells you something
    that can help you in the stage (usually a boss weakness).  Ignore this as
    this FAQ gives you all that and more ^_^
    You start the game with a V-Cannon satellite.
    Stage 1
    First you will encounter squads of ships that come into the screen, turn
    around, and then leave.  Destroy all the ships in the squad to get a zenny.
    One squad comes from the bottom right, the other from the top right.
    Green reptiles are your basic foes.  Don't get close to the right side of the
    screen, as sets of orange missile-firing reptiles jet in and attack.
    Partway into the stage, you will see a ball appear on the ground and all this
    junk stacking on top of it.  Destroy the ball and the junk goes into the sky
    and falls back down.  If you don't destroy the ball, the junk falls over on
    you.  Destroy it anyway you wish, but don't get hit.
    Walking spider-droids appear as well.  Blow their heads up and the body
    shoots fireballs, so when they appear, aim for the legs.
    After the shop, more of the stacking-junk-on-the-ball appear.
    auto-missile   8-way
    armor(3)       resurrect potion
    health         flying stone
    The (3) beside the armor means that it will protect you from 3 hits.
    Recommended buy: Auto-missile (recommended)
                     Flying Stone (HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommended!!)
                     Resurrect Potion
    *Set the speed of the Flying Stone to Ultra High Speed to get good handling
     on your warrior.  You never need to buy it the Flying Stone again after this
     unless you want to change your speed--which you don't.
    *Unless you are really, really bad in maneuvering, DON'T buy the armor, as
     you will find one on the next stage.
    You will soon enter a base with gears and pipes.  When you shoot the pipes,
    they shoot out flame which can hurt you, so keep your distance.  Destroy the
    gears for zenny.
    Destroy the big blue box for a nice zenny reward.
    As you near the end of the stage, two columns will close in to block you.
    when you attack, you will destroy part of the column (they take quite a
    pounding, so get close to pack the damage in).  If you destroy the entire
    part of that column, you get a zenny.  Try to destroy both the upper and
    lower parts, although this may be difficult with the stage scrolling.
    Boss:  Paramecium
    This boss should not be too difficult.  It's two attacks consist of raising
    junk around it and firing that junk out, while the other attack is shooting
    fireballs at you.
    When the fight starts, stay back until the junk rises around the boss.  You
    want to hit the opening in the. . .um, flame. . .um, heart. . .um, that
    opening, yeah, that's it, you want to hit the opening.  So get close to a
    piece of junk and destroy it to open a path to the heart.  The junk will
    start rotating around the boss.  Just keep firing in one direction.  The boss
    will also shoot fireballs while this rotation is happening.  If your
    satellite is positioned correctly, the fireballs will hit it and be negated.
    Move so that the satellite intercepts the fireballs, as you don't want to
    get too far off from getting a straight shot to the heart.
    Once the junk stops rotating, quickly get to next to a piece and destroy it.
    The junk will go outward at high speed (it can hurt you), but if you
    destroyed a piece in front of you, there will be a space left so that no junk
    will hit you.  Then the pattern repeats with the junk rising around the boss
    again.  Keep firing at the heart as much as you can, negating the fireballs
    with your satellite and destroying the junk so as to hit the heart.
    NEW!!  Cory Wilkie [corywilkie@hfx.eastlink.ca] has a great strategy for
    boss.  Quoted verbatim:
    "all you have to do is put your satellite on top of the bosses "hole" and he
    will be dead in seconds. You
    should already be covering his hole before the boss fight really starts and you
    probably won't even get
    hit.  Since you are already over his hole you can collect the zenny that pops
    out very quickly and easily
    when he dies."
    Destroy the boss and you go to the next stage.
    Stage 2
    First of the stages with hidden items.  Water is the ground element for most
    of this stage, with patches of land here and there.  Under the second patch
    of land (a long patch) from the start of the stage is some hidden zenny.
    Just shoot at the land and the zenny will reveal itself.
    auto-missile   napalm
    booster        resurrect potion
    health         life pack
    Recommended buy:  Booster (purchase!  You want this)
                      Life Pack (purchase!  You NEED this)
                      Resurrect Potion
    Alternative buy:  Napalm (EXTREMELY recommended!!)
                      Life Pack
                      Resurrect Potion (optional)
    *Life Packs lengthen your life meter.  Purchase these EVERY time you see one
     in a shop.
    ***Thanks to Galen Tatsuo Komatsu, I now see that the Napalm is far, far,
       FAR more useful than I had thought.  Buy this satellite, and with sparse
       purchasing of armor, health, and good maneuvering skills, you will be
       able to go through the ENTIRE game without purchasing another satellite!!
       If you have good reflex and maneuvering skills, buy the Napalm, else go
       with the recommended buy.***
    BIG, BIG, thanks to Galen for this valuable info.
    Now for a really important tip.  After the shop, you will come across more
    land masses (with gun emplacements you must destroy), broken up by water
    areas.  The 2nd land mass has hidden armor right at its tip.  Shoot in the
    area to reveal it.  It's grey and small, so look carefully.
    When you go past a concrete beam in the sky, get ready for a mass of
    The Giga-worms rise out of the water quickly, grab whatever is in their way
    and sink back into the water.  You can NOT destroy them, so you must avoid
    them.  Stay at the top of the screen once you get past the sky concrete beam.
    I have tried to show where the worms will appear:
         |                       |
         |                       |       | --concrete objects rising out of the
         |       /       /       |           water
    worm | worm /  worm /  worm  |
    Boss:  Dust Dragon
    Ok, before this boss appears, you need to do some proper positioning or you
    will die instantly.  After the giga-worm horde you will fight more enemies
    jumping out of the water.  After them, look carefully for any orange you may
    see on the right screen side.  When you see it, get close to the right side
    of the screen about 2 character lengths away).  You will come upon the Dust
    Dragon.  If you are too far out, the blades coming out of its belly will
    thrust up and get you.
    Ok, if you did the above movement, you will be over a dome on the dragon.
    Position yourself as close to this dome as you can (the dome covers the
    dragon's heart, which is your target).  Aim straight down and fire.
    The dragon does three attacks:
    1.  Stomach Blades:  large blades that thrust up from the boss' stomach.  I
                         think they kill instantly, regardless of life, but since
                         you are over the dragon's heart, these are of no concern
                         to you.
    2.  Foes:  the dragon releases cannon-fodder green reptiles which come
               to attack you.  Just rotate from where you are to kill them, then
               get back to your heart work.
    3.  Flame breath:  The dragon shoots fire from its mouth.  If you are
                       positioned close to the heart, the dragon will shoot just
                       above your head, but should not hit you.  Occasionally it
                       will lower its head to do a low level flame blast which
                       may hit you.  If this hits you, go up to prevent further
    Keep attacking until the heart cover is destroyed, then continue attacking
    until the dragon dies.  The Napalm kills this guy entirely too fast :)  Get
    in close and be done in about seven seconds.
    Stage 3
    Two enemy waves start this stage off (a total of 6 enemies).  After them,
    the rising junk-on-a-ball appears.
    laser    burner
    booster  life pack
    health   armor
    Recommended buy:  Laser
                      Life Pack (need I say more?)
    Alternative buy:  Life Pack
                      Health (if needed)
                      Armor (if needed)
    After the shop, you will start going up at an angle.  Enemy gun emplacements
    are on the walls here.  Reptiles will occasionally come from the left.  There
    is a great position you can get here that allows you to shoot diagonally and
    so destroy the guns--all without moving the controller any more than you have
    to.  Unfortunately, I can't describe it, so just tinker around to find it.
    The essentialities of it is that you are shooting diagonally, and the
    scrolling of the stage puts the enemy into the path of your fire.  Then just
    rotate to take care of enemies on the left.  A laser emplacement will force
    you to move around, however.
    After the diagonal part, you will enter a base structure.  Lots of money is
    here, but you must be aggressive and fast to get it.
    When entering the base, shoot at the ceiling  to reveal some hidden zenny.
    The closing columns which appeared in stage 1 appear in spades here, so try
    to destroy both parts to get more zenny.  After the first columns, a lot of
    gun emplacements are around, so shoot and move to clear up quickly.
    There is a hidden "Pow" powerup on the bottom of the screen.  I believe it
    is in the second area of this base.  Start firing at the screen bottom after
    you get the hidden zenny at the top of the base.  The "Pow" item should be
    after you get past the second pair of closing columns.
    Once past the last columns (the music changes), you will see some fellow
    apparently worshipping a head.  The stage will start scrolling up (you are
    coming to the boss).
    Now, stay in the screen center.  Fists will come from the right and left side
    of the screen.  Avoid them (you can't destroy them).  as you go up, you will
    see what appears to be blue armor.  Attack the armor while avoiding the
    fists.  Soon the full boss appears.
    Boss:  War God
    Ok, knock out the chest armor (you may have done this already) so your shots
    can reach the boss (watch out for the triple shots released once you destroy
    the armor).  You have the head here as well as those annoying fists.  The
    head fires two blasts from the eyes.  These blasts are fast and without
    warning so be on guard until you get the timing.
    What you want to do is destroy the shoulders.  See those large spikes near
    the head on the right and left screen sides?  Attack those until they
    explode.  Once you destroy a shoulder, the fist from that side no longer
    appears.  Do this for both shoulders to leave the boss nearly helpless.
    Now, while still avoiding the eye blasts, fire at the head.  Stay at the
    screen bottom and go back and forth horizontally to avoid the shots and hit
    the head.  The boss occasionally opens its mouth in an inaudible scream
    showing its pain in your attacking it.  Continue to do this until you destroy
    the boss.
    Note:  Be sure your satellite is hitting the boss head.  The laser does more
           damage than your normal fire.  Your movements may prevent the laser
           from actually making contact.
    A great tip from Galen for this boss.  Get at the bottom center of the
    screen and get one character length to the side of the center.  Now the eye
    blasts from the boss won't even be able to hit you.  Super-easy pickings!!
    NEW (from Galen):  Get your satellite in front of you and get directly in
          the center of the boss.  Your satellite will block the boss' eye
          blasts.  This makes it even easier to kill the boss!
    Stage 4
    Egyptian-looking stage here, complete with your Egyptian-type enemies.  This
    stage and the next offers paths for the player to choose.  Different enemies
    and challenges are in each path.
    My advice:  Take the TOP paths all the time.  The bottom path are more
                difficult, with no extra reward for your troubles, except for
                the electric zappers which give large zenny awards.
    Your initial enemies are floating, arrow-shooting foes.  They can float into
    the walls and come back to get you, so watch them carefully.
    When you come to the two columns at top and bottom of a sphinx head, this is
    the path of choice I had mentioned.  Shoot a column until it goes away--that
    is the path you will take.
    FORK A
    path 1 (up)                        path 2 (down)
    -----------                        -------------
    -laser faces                       -laser faces
    -fire devils                       -arrow shooters
                                       -3-way shooters in walls
                                       -flying triangles from the rear (near the
    The laser faces are heads that float into the screen, "blow" a laser shot at
    you, then go away.
    Stay more to the left screen side once you face the first wave of arrow
    shooters in path A-1.  The laser faces will appear and you will then enter a
    tunnel.  The fire devils will appear (and I do mean "appear"), so blast them.
    The shop appears here too.  In path A-2 the shop appears when the 3-way
    shooters show up.
    The flying triangles are very fast and come in numbers.  They make this
    section extremely difficult to get through without getting hit.  This is the
    very reason you DON'T want to take path A-2.
    balcan cannon   bound
    armor(5)        flying stone
    health          resurrect potion
    life pack
    The (5) means the armor protects you from 5 hits before going away.
    Recommended buy:  Life pack (humor me)
                      Balcan Cannon (ABSOLUTELY PURCHASE!!!!)
                      Resurrect Potion (optional)
    Alternative buy:  Life Pack
                      Health and protection items as needed
    *Why do you want to purchase the Balcan Cannon?  It's powerful and will save
     you a lot of money on satellite purchases, as you need to start saving
     mucho money for what I consider the best satellite in the game--the homing
     laser.  Buy the Balcan Cannon, because you will use it for 3 stages
     (this one and the next two).
    *Ignore the above advice if you have the Napalm.  Keep it, get your life bar
     and armor together, and move on.
    FORK B
    path 1 (up)                        path 2 (down)
    -----------                        -------------
    -laser faces                       -arrow shooters
    -arrow shooters                    -homing globs
    -homing globs                      -electric zappers
    -falling junk
    The electric zappers in path 2 fire electric blasts between them when two
    of them have eye-to-eye contact (the green parts face each other).  You CAN
    destroy the zappers, they just take a HUGE amount of punishment.  Some
    advice from Galen about these foes (quoted verbatim):
    "As I said before, hit them hard and heavy, they take a lot of damage. (and
    thusly reward you with the large Zennys.) Align the satellite with your gun,
    and pound on the zappers. With the Balcan I think it was possible to destroy
    3, 4 with a little extra work. With the Napalm, you can easily destroy an
    entire line (4 zappers). (And surprisingly, if you cheat and use the homing
    laser and super booster, 4 is still be best you can generally do. A 5th is
    possible, but takes a bit of work."
    Boss:  Sphinx
    This boss consists of two parts and is really easy.  In the first part, the
    head detaches from the body and attacks you.  The head fires lasers from its
    mouth and occasionally 3-way shots.  It moves in spurts.  Keep your distance
    and let your weapon and satellite do the talking.
    After you destroy the head, the body reappears and blows up.  A large
    centipede appears in its place and pursues you.  The 'pede chases you around
    the screen constantly, but does no attack, making it the easiest boss you
    will ever fight.  The manual says to attack the "eye,"  which I assume is the
    odd piece right behind the head.  Well, you will notice that the head blocks
    your normal shots from reaching the eye.  The Balcan Cannon fire is blocked
    as well.  However, the laser satellite goes completely through the body, so
    it can hit the eye.
    Yet, there is no worry.  Just attack the head constantly.  The centipede will
    die eventually if you keep attacking.  If you can hit the eye, it will die
    faster.  The Balcan Cannon will kill it only slightly slower than the laser
    if you only hit the head.  Hitting the eye with the cannon makes for an even
    faster kill.  The Napalm wipes this guy out almost before it fully forms!
    Note:  Galen says that in Hard mode (for the arcade anyway), the centipede
           shoots 3 shots are you.
    Stage 5
    This stage is just like the previous, with the addition of balls of light
    that appear and zig-zag within a small area.  Destroy them for zenny.
    The bouncing light balls appear when approaching Fork A.
    wide shot       bound
    Booster 2       life pack
    health          armor(5)
    Recommended buy:  Booster 2 (purchase! very helpful)
                      Life Pack
                      Armor(5) (optional, but recommended)
    Alternative buy:  Booster 2
                      Health and protection items as needed
                      Life Pack
    *I HIGHLY recommend getting Booster 2.  Getting it now can affect your stage
    6 shop purchases (read stage 6 shop section to see why)
    *You should buy Health if you loss any life up to this point.  The boss will
     get quite a few hits in on you, so you need to be able to take this.
    FORK A
    path 1 (up)                path 2 (down)
    -----------                -------------
    -laser faces               -just like A-2 in stage 4
    -arrow shooters
    In Fork A path 2, there is some hidden armor on the bottom wall.  Keep
    shooting along the bottom wall to make it appear.  It is around where the
    laser faces appear.
    FORK B
    path 1 (up)                path 2 (down)
    -----------                -------------
    -arrow shooters            -like B-2 in stage 4
    -laser faces               -falling "mud"?
    -homing globs
    -falling junk
    Boss:  Rah
    The boss approaches from the left side of the screen.  Get between the ball
    and the top part of the boss.  Then move down a bit to go between the
    protrusions.  When the boss is fully on the screen, the battle really starts.
    Rah possesses several attacks.  These are:
    1.  3-way guns:  Four guns appear on the corners of the area surrounding you.
                     These guns shoot 3-way shots.  When you destroy a gun, it
                     will regenerate after a few seconds
    2.  Falling Spikes:  Spikes fall from the top part of the boss.  They come
                      quickly.  Shoot them to destroy them.
    3.  I believe Rah possesses a laser shot from his head, but I'm not sure.
        Galens says to stay back from the head and then he will fire.  This may
        be in Hard mode, as he still didn't fire at me in Normal.
    Rah's weak point is his face (the eagle head).  Just aim straight and fire at
    that point.  If you get close to him, columns appear from the protrusions
    near him to stop you.  You can't destroy these columns, and they block your
    shots.  When you move back, they go away, but will re-appear if you get close
    Rah starts his attack different ways depending on which path you took to get
    to him.  If you took path A-2, he starts with the 3-way guns, then will
    switch to the spikes.  If you took path B-2, he starts with the falling
    spikes first.
    Just keep shooting at his face.  You damage him when he "changes" attacks,
    but you just need to concentrate on hitting him.  Eventually he will die.
    Take out a gun or two to avoid excessive life loss.  You WILL get hit, so
    just try to pack the damage in.  Get close enough so that the blockers don't
    come out to block your shots.  This way you damage him faster.  Guess how
    fast the Napalm kills this guy?  Rah used only one attack (the falling
    spikes) and was gone before doing anything else.  Go Napalm!!
    Stage 6
    Cloud stage here.  Quite a few hidden items are here, as well as mucho zenny
    opportunities.  EVERY enemy gives zenny when killed.  Due to this, don't
    kill enemies coming from the left side of the screen until they are a good
    ways into the screen, else you will miss the zenny they leave behind.
    At the start, you will see white mountains at the bottom of the screen, above
    the clouds.  One will be present when the stage starts.  When you see the
    second one, shoot a bit in front of it to reveal 3 drums.
    When you come to the first brown mountain, shoot at its left side to reveal
    a yashichi.  Shoot at the mountain base on the right side to reveal a cow.
    A statue before and after the brown mountain contains a star.
    Stay toward the lower center of the screen.  The stage has dragons that come
    out of the clouds in an arc.  They are VERY fast.  Kill them to get a lot of
    zenny.  Staying in the lower center will make them go over you.
    The dragons appear at the following points:
    1.  Near the 2nd statue from the start of the stage
    2.  Near the end of the first group of columns (background Greek columns).
        It is near where the shop appears.  A cloud platform is in the sky .
    3.  Near the first white mountain after the shop
    4.  Two dragons are around the first green building you reach.
    When the shop appears, go to the top of the screen above the cloud raft and
    shoot to reveal large zenny.  Get these before going into the shop.
    Shop (be sure to read the comments below before buying)
    super laser     wide shot
    flying stone    armor(5)
    health          life pack
    Recommended buy:  Life pack
    Alternative buy:  same as above, with health and protection as needed
    *The info here says that lasers don't affect the boss, but since you still
     have the Balcan Cannon, this is of little value to you (you DO. . .still
     have the Balcan Cannon, don't you?)
    *Galen states that the homing laser will hurt the boss, but of course you
     would have to have the satellite cheat in order to gain this laser now.
    After the second brown tree, a large head appears out of the clouds.  It
    fires a trail of homing junk at you.  Destroy the junk and attack the head
    to get rid of this thing (not easy as other enemies are still coming at you).
    When you get to a point where enemies stop appearing, get to the left side
    of the screen, as the boss will appear in the screen center (which will hurt
    you if he hits you upon appearing).
    Boss:  Iceman
    A head surrounded buy crystals.  This is an easy fight.  You must destroy the
    crystals surrounding the head, as the head is your target.  Iceman has only
    one attack.  He fires a chunk of ice at you that splits into three pieces.
    You can destroy the chunk to prevent the splitting (the shards are quick and
    difficult to avoid, so destroying the chunk makes things easier).  Iceman
    also moves around the screen, trying to hit you.  Just move and shoot.
    When you destroy all the crystals, Iceman loses all offensive power and is a
    sitting duck (well, moving duck since the head still moves).
    Stage 7
    Final stage here.  This stage is longer than the others and has two shops in
    it.  The shops are in the side walls and may be hard to notice (a first for
    the burst-out-nowhere shop).  The shops appear on the left wall and are
    dark orange in color.
    Jumping wall foes are the first opposition.  Just destroy them.  If they get
    to the screen bottom, they may fire three homing purple things at you.  You
    can destroy these, but hitting them is a bit tedious.
    A ways up, an array of blocks appears from the left, shooting expanding rings
    and homing missiles at you.  You can destroy the array, but it takes a ton
    of punishment before dying.  I would suggest that you stay back and let your
    satellite negate the rings while you destroy the missiles.  You can sit
    under the ledge at the lower right while shooting diagonally.  This will
    protect you from some of the array fire and let you shoot the missiles if
    you need to.  Just be careful of this strategy, as the array soon goes away
    and the screen start scrolling again.  If you are still under the ledge, you
    will lose some life energy (getting squashed against the screen edge).
    You will come to gun emplacements with open spaces next to them.  Get into
    the spaces and get to the top of them and fire.  Large zenny will be
    revealed.  The space on the right has this zenny.
    After the three guns are protrusions of the walls sticking out.  On the top
    side of the left protrusion is some hidden armor.  Shoot in the area to
    reveal it.
    A ways after this, you will see two more protrusions.  On the top side of
    the left one is some hidden armor.  On the top side of the right one is a
    POW item.
    When you see six gun emplacements, the first shop will appear.  Watch for
    Shop 1
    super laser     bound
    homing laser    super booster
    wide shot       armor(5)
    health          life pack
    aura stone
    Recommended buy:  Super Booster
                      Life Pack
                      Homing Laser (SUPREMELY recommended!!!)
                      Aura Stone (optional)
    Alternative buy:  Super Booster  (HIGHLY recommeded!!)
                      Aura Stone     (recommended)
                      Life Pack
    ***Ok folks, this is where all your hard work saving money will pay off.
     Under every circumstance possible, buy the Homing Laser (a whopping 99,900
     zenny).  This satellite is absolutely the best, hands down, up, all around,
     and through the hula hoop. It will make your journey through this terrible
     stage so much easier.  I ran into the wall knocking myself crazy for not
     purchasing this thing before.***
    *If you can't afford the Homing Laser, don't buy anything except Health, the
     Life Pack, and the armor.  You've got to get that Homing Laser satellite,
     or else this stage will remain a hard journey.  Take this from one who went
     through this stage several times without that satellite.
    *If you can't afford the Super Booster, and don't think you will have the
     50,000 zenny for it before the next shop appears, buy the aura stone to
     boost your firepower (you won't see any visible effects).  BUT make SURE
     you bought the Homing Laser first.
    **Ok, for folks doing the Alternative Buy.  By now, you should have well
     over 100,000 zenny, so you should be able to purchase all the items listed.
     I find the Homing Laser to be better for the stage, but the Napalm actually
     does better against the boss, so it's your call.  You should buy the
     Super Booster and Aura Stone though, as you do need to supplement the
     Napalm in this stage.***
    After this, the newest foe to appear is an orange ball.  It takes a ton of
    punishment and grows an arm as you shoot it.  The arm protects the ball from
    your shots as well as crowding up your moving space.  Keep shooting the ball
    to destroy this thing.  you can still shoot the arm.  I think it takes damage
    anyway.  It gives a good amount of zenny for killing it.
    When the orange ball appears, a ledge should be on your left.  Armor is
    hidden on top of it.  Shoot to reveal it.
    Further on after this, two ledges will appear.  Armor is on top of the left
    one, and a "POW"  item is on top of the right one.
    A tri-square array will appear from the left, so be on guard.
    More of those orange ball enemies will appear after this.
    You will come to one of those space-in-the-wall places.  Go into the left
    space and go to the top of it while shooting.  A large zenny will appear.
    Two tri-square arrays will appear.  After them, another one will appear from
    the right further on.  The next shop will appear after this.
    Shop 2
    super booster    dress
    flying stone     resurrect potion
    health           armor(5)
    tracking laser
    Recommended buy:  Armor(5) and whatever else you need
    *DO NOT PURCHASE THE DRESS!!!!  It is a total waste of money.  It simply
     gives you one million points at the end of the game.  Well, don't purchase
     it if you haven't bought the other necessary items.
    *If you are just beyond Top Gun, of course you won't need the armor, but
     regular class pilots probably do need it for this intense stage.
    *Ok, this is the last shop, so the only point of getting zenny after this is
     to get a higher score.  Any zenny you have at the end of the game is added
     to your score.  So don't go crazy trying to get the money after this shop.
    After this, it is more of the normal opposition, including gun turrents on
    the walls.  You will face two tri-square arrays and a final array of wall
    turrents, then its boss time.
    Boss:  War Tyrant
    Ok, first thing you have to deal with are these mouths that appear on the
    side of the screen.  The boss will be sitting on his throne while you battle
    these things.
    Four mouths will appear on the right side of the screen.  Get at the screen
    bottom on the right side and shoot straight up.  The mouths shoot out of the
    wall and fall down in an arc.  They won't be able to hit you if you are at
    the screen bottom on the right side.
    Then four mouths appear on the left side of the screen.  So just get on the
    screen bottom on the left side.
    After this, mouths appear on both side of the screen.  Stay on one side of
    the screen, at the bottom.  As it is, the top and bottom mouth on the
    opposite screen side will be able to hit you.  So watch for them as they
    come at you.
    After this, the boss comes off his throne for personal combat.
    For a final boss, the War Tyrant suprisingly has very few abilities.  He has
    only two attacks:
    1.  Homing Waves:  Fires wave blasts that home in on you.  The blasts can be
                       destroyed by your fire.
    2.  Lasers:  His most deadly weapon.  Fires about six lasers at you.  This
                 is a very fast attack and is quite hard to dodge.  The lasers
                 move in a cone formation, which gives them some spread range.
    Your only concern here is his second attack.  Those lasers will be the bane
    of your existence in this fight, as their speed practically guarantees that
    you will be hit.
    The method I use the beat this boss is to circle him while continually
    firing on him.  However, the boss does move around as well, so be sure that
    if you are circling him, you are not getting close to him as you circle.
    The more space you have to move in, the less chance that the lasers will hit
    you.  He fires the waves either one or two at a time.  Sometimes he will
    fire them rather consecutively (usually when he is close to dying).
    If circling does not seem to work, then you can attack from a distance.
    Here you want to be as far away as possible.  This will give you SOME room
    to dodge those lasers.  The timing for them is impossible, as the boss
    follows no firing pattern.  A good idea is that while you are far away, keep
    moving back and forth wherever you are (going from one screen end to the
    other).  This makes you a moving target, which is harder to hit.
    For Napalm fanatics, get right up to him and fire away (pun intended).  You
    will just have to take whatever he hits you with, as the Napalm fires too
    slow to permit erratic movement.  Move around to destroy those wave shots
    though, as you don't want to lose more life than you are going to lose by
    taking the laser blasts.  Also, don't touch his body either.
    Beat him and you win!
    The Genesis port has some elements missing from the arcade.  These missing
    elements are:
    --the twin warrior boss.  One warrior is blue, the other is orange.  They
      fired 3-way shots from their mouths and shot an electric beam between them.
      I believe this boss appeared before the final stage.
    --The short vertical stage that ''rained'' zennys and ended with the
      sarcophagus boss.
    --The war god ending the second stage skips the torso.
    --Hard mode in the arcade starts you with no satellite.
    --"The Junk appearing (in the junk-tower thing and paramecium) in the Dust
      World stages were of various shapes. On the Genesis, it just uses one
    --"In one of the Egypt stages, somewhere on the upper path, there's a mosaic
      pattern on the wall in red & yellow with what I think were faces on them.
      In the arcade, some of these would pop out at you, like a rod sticking out
      of a wall."
    --"Along one of the lower paths there was a maze of rooms, apparently
      removed from the Genesis game."
    --"In the final stage, when there's the double alcoves appearing along the
      sides, both top and bottom alcoves would hold large Zennsy (sic)."
    Thanks to Galen for most of this information
    Until you get used to the controls, I suggest you play with auto-fire on (the
    default is off).  That way you can concentrate on maneuvering and not on
    moving AND firing.  In fact, this is the mode I play with anyway, as the
    normal rotations are fine IMO.
    When you exit a shop, all weak minor enemies are destroyed (guess they just
    could not handle YOU getting to see Mirabella and they couldn't ^_^ )
    (From the manual):
    In a 2 player game, if the warriors are close together, electricity will flow
    between them.  This increases the power of the warriors' fire.
    A timer is active when each stage starts.  If you finish the stage with time
    remaining, you get a bonus which is converted into zenny.  The faster you
    win, the more of a bonus you get.  The timer is hidden, so try to finish
    In a 2 player game, if one warrior dies, he can be brought back to life
    as long as the other warrior is alive.  Just hit Start on the controller of
    the fallen warrior and presto!  This means that basically with two
    players, you have infinite lives!  No need for resurrect bottles!!
    If you get the bonus, you also get a cut-scene after the stage.
    You don't need to go crazy over resurrect potions.  For beginners, about 2
    or 3 are good enough.  For more advanced players, one is good.  Let your
    skill save you beyond that as the expense will make it impossible to get
    needed equipment upgrades.  If you use the Napalm stategy, definitely get
    The yashichis, stars, cows, drums, POWs, and U-shaped enemies from stage 7
    are all from a game called Sidearms, which Capcom also made.
    The cut-scene after stage 5 and 6 show one of the warriors holding a
    dinosaur doll.  In the Japanese version of the game, the warrior was
    holding a teddy bear.
    Recommended Satellites: (in order of when you can first get them)
    Balcan Cannon
    Homing Laser
    The Laser is very useful in stages 3 through 6, but you may wish to switch
    to the Balcan Cannon in stage 4.  This should give you a better chance of
    beating Iceman faster in stage 6 and thus getting a bonus.  Bonuses are
    extremely helpful in getting the zenny needed to purchase the Homing Laser.
    If you get the Napalm, you are well set for the rest of the game if you keep
    healthy and protected.
    God--for the strength, life, and intellect to do this FAQ
    Galen Tatsuo Komatsu (gkomatsu)--for the info on the things missing from
          the arcade, more info on the additional moves, the difficulty
          modes, powerup item descriptions, and for revamping my opinion of the
          Napalm satellite.  I know the Napalm satellite thanks him a bunch :)
          BIG thanks.
    Cory Wilkie [corywilkie@hfx.eastlink.ca]--for the extra Stage 1 boss
    I hope you have enjoyed this FAQ.  If there are any corrections, additions,
    etc. that you see that need to be put here, please e-mail me and let me know.
    Thanks for reading.
    Dimetric Houston
    The End

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