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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Smash Master

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    Garfield: Caught In The Act Walkthrough
    Copyright 2003 Smash Master
    Count Slobula's Castle
    1.1-Count Slobula's Castle Entrance
    1.2-Count Slobula Vs. Garfield
    The Revenge Of Orangebeard
    2.1-Boats And Islands
    2.2 Part 1-Jungle
    2.2 Part 2-Under The Jungle
    2.3-Pirate Skeleton Vs. Garfield
    Cave Cat 3,000,000 BC
    3.1-Coconut Trees And Gysers
    3.2-The Mountain Range
    3.3-Odie Dino Vs. Garfield
    4.1-The Town
    4.2-Bomber-Dog Vs. Garfield
    The Curse Of Cleofatra
    5.2-Spyinxes Vs. Garfield
    Season Finale
    6.1-Glitch Vs. Garfield
    Bonus Tips
    7.2-Commercial Break
    9.1-Non-Game Genie
    9.2-Game Genie
    Count Slobula's Castle
    1.1-  From the start, go right until you reach a tree with a skeleton 
    next to it. Then, fall into the hole next to the tree. In the small 
    cavern, there are coffins and heads (that resemble Odie's head) with 
    tongues hanging out. You can open the coffins by jumping on them, but 
    some contain enemies. When you grab the tongues, a pillar rises up and 
    you should ride it up. Do this a couple more times. When you get to the 
    raised ledges, continue right until you see a mallet key. Use the ledge 
    to climb up and grab it. Then fall into either hole and grab the remote.
    1.2- When Slobula launches 3 bats, kill then all. After a period of 
    time, Slobula will go after you. Dodge him, then slap him into a coffin. 
    Jump on the coffin he's in, then grab the shade. Slobula will come up 
    and lose 1/3 of his energy. Repeat this 2 more times to smoke him. Grab 
    the remote to go to the next level.
    The Revenge Of Orangebeard
    2.1- You start on a boat. There's really not much here except the mallet 
    key in a tree in which you must jump on a branch, get the key and get 
    back on the boat and a life after a boat drops off a waterfall.
    2.2(1)-Not much here either. Just climb up and through the trees. just 
    before part 2 you can jump and grab a life by swinging at the health 
    2.2(2)- What is this, a boring level? just go right and kill anything in 
    your path. When you see the boulder, push it to make a stepping stone 
    across the water.
    2.3- Just stand in the water (yes, I know it hurts) and toss bombs at 
    the skeleton like mad, then open the chest and leave.
    Cave Cat 3,000,000 BC
    3.1- Climb up the ledges until you see an empty hole. Drop in and ride 
    the fish up. (it acts like a gyser boulder). Then, push a boulder into 
    the hole, ride up and exit.
    3.2- This zone is a huge climb. Slow down in the upper-left for the 
    mallet key.
    3.3- This boss has the most annoying glitch in the game- occasionally, 
    Odie jumps off-screen and you have to start over!!!!! Anyways, Odie not 
    only makes small rocks fall, but also large boulders too. Launch a 
    boulder into him, then throw a bone at him. Repeat 3 more times.
    4.1- Finally- an easy zone! drop into the sewers (note-you can bash 
    cans, but they may contain alley cats which hurt you) and enter the 
    door. Go over 1 door, then enter, enter the same door you come out of 
    twice, then go over a door and enter.  Climb the 2nd building and sling 
    up using Odie's tongue. Jump across the rooftops and use the wrecking 
    ball to get a life, the mallet key and the remote.
    4.2-Wait for Bomber-Dog to toss 8 unlit bombs, then throw them down 
    either pipe to kill him.
    The Curse Of Cleofatra
    5.1- This zone is just a big maze. Some doors have rotating switches on 
    which you must jump onto the center block at the right moment. When you 
    reach blocks with chains on them (the crushing ones), go left, climb 
    past the statue, light the torches and go through the caverns for- you 
    guessed it- the mallet key.
    5.2- Pick a side cavern and light the torch, ride up the hand, then 
    light another torch. Ride again, and light the torch. It's hidden, but 
    in the Odie sphynx's mouth is a torch. Light it, bounce to its head 
    using the tounge, then bash it's eyes 5 times. Repeat on other side, 
    then blow up the large one (Jon?)'s eyes and the cobra (snake).
    Season Finale
    6.1- It's the moment we've been waiting for! Glitch has 2 types of 
    lasers- blue (straight line) and orange (wall bumper). There are mirrors 
    on the walls. Push a mirror, then let the orange bolt do the work. Then 
    climb up on the other side. Push the mirror, then repeat until Glitch's 
    own bolts fry him. Enjoy your last moments of being a "T. V. star" as 
    you climb and exit the act forever (or at least until your next game).
    Bonus Tips
    7.1- Whack-A-Character- This just requires speed and memory (so that you 
    don't hit the "don't hit" character or miss "hit me" characters). When 
    the letters G-A-R-F-I-E-L-D appear, bash them for a continue.
    7.2- Commercial Break- You should go for lives (unless you have 9- max 
    amount). Java gives you super speed.
    Zone                              Password
    Orangebeard                       Erma, Garfield, Odie
    Cave Cat                          Jon, Pooky, Arlene
    Catsablanca                       Erma, Pooky, Garfield
    Cleofatra                         Odie, Odie, Arlene
           Sorry, there is no Season Finale password.
    7.1- Non-Game Genie 
    Max Lives in Catsablanca- When you're on the wrecking ball, get the 
    life, then drop past the exit onto a fence. From there, get the life 
    there and let the dog kill you. When you come back, both lives will 
    regenerate! Repeat until you have 9 lives!
    7.2- Game Genie
    1.    A02A-EAD4 Start with 5 shots                                
    2.	KR2A-EAD4	Start with 50 shots
    3.	NR2A-EAD4	Start with 99 shots
    4.	RHCA-E6Y2 + RHCA-E6Y4	Infinite ammo when standing
    5.	AA6A-CAGY + AA6A-CAHA	Can't collect any ammo
    6.	RHYT-E61T + RHYT-E61W	Infinite lives
    7.	AA5A-CAD4	Can't collect any energy
    8.	ADZT-EACC + RGZA-A6YJ + RGZA A6YL	Don't lose energy
    9.	AG2A-EADC	Start with very little energy 
    10.	A02A-EADC	Start with half energy
    11.	BC2A-EADC	Start with about 3/4 energy
    12.	RHDT-A6T8 + RHDT-A6VA	1 hit and you're invincible 

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