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    Pro Action Replay Codes by pyropetey9

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/05/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    GemFire (Genesis)
    Pro Action Replay Codes
    version 1.0
    compiled by: pyropetey9
    I. Table of Contents:
        I. Table of Contents
        II. Introduction and Notes
        III. Codes
        IV. Credits
    II. Introduction and Notes
        This is a no-frills guide. The bulk of the file size will be eaten up by
    codes, which I assume is what you're looking for. For ease of use, there will
    be four columns: character name, political stat, war stat, charisma, and fame.
    I'm not going to try to separate the characters by Family, because too many of
    them move around, and I'm not that nice of a person.
        I use Fusion v3.4 for my Genesis emulating; everything below is actually
    quite simple to come by through that emulator. The end of each code is where
    you'll have to do your own work. Replace the "xx" with whatever hex value you
    want. If you don't know hexadecimal, I offer math tutoring services. I don't, 
    however, offer my email, so you might be out of luck anyway. There isn't much
    activity on the boards for this game, and I do try to answer questions that
    come up, if someone else hasn't already done so.
        For the purposes of recruiting people, high charisma is your money stat.
    There are other variables, however, and setting your charisma to 255 doesn't
    work for everyone. Colin, for instance, is about as likely to defect as a
    bloodline character. You can get an idea of how likely someone is to defect
    from what they say at the end of the game when everyone comes running for
    sanctuary. If you happen to catch a family leader, and you've set their stats
    to 1 and yours to 255, you're probably going to be able to recruit that
    family, even if it's Lankshire (yes, I chased Eselred down to test this).
    Also, the War stat of whoever is leading your forces in battle seems to impact
    fence building.
    III. Codes
    Character   Political          War          Charisma            Fame
    Ander      FF10B6:00xx     FF10B7:00xx     FF10B8:00xx       FF10BD:00xx
    Colin      FF10C2:00xx     FF10C3:00xx     FF10C4:00xx       FF10C9:00xx
    Loryn      FF10CE:00xx     FF10CF:00xx     FF10D0:00xx       FF10D5:00xx
    Bryan      FF10DA:00xx     FF10DB:00xx     FF10DC:00xx       FF10E1:00xx
    Erin       FF10E6:00xx     FF10E7:00xx     FF10E8:00xx       FF10ED:00xx
    Hubert     FF10F2:00xx     FF10F3:00xx     FF10F4:00xx       FF10F9:00xx
    Geoff      FF10FE:00xx     FF10FF:00xx     FF1100:00xx       FF1105:00xx
    Roland     FF110A:00xx     FF110B:00xx     FF110C:00xx       FF1111:00xx
    Terian     FF1116:00xx     FF1117:00xx     FF1118:00xx       FF111D:00xx
    Seth       FF1122:00xx     FF1123:00xx     FF1124:00xx       FF1129:00xx
    Erik       FF112E:00xx     FF112F:00xx     FF1130:00xx       FF1135:00xx
    Regis      FF113A:00xx     FF113B:00xx     FF113C:00xx       FF1141:00xx
    Oswald     FF1146:00xx     FF1147:00xx     FF1148:00xx       FF114D:00xx
    Griff      FF1152:00xx     FF1153:00xx     FF1154:00xx       FF1159:00xx
    Adryl      FF115E:00xx     FF115F:00xx     FF1160:00xx       FF1165:00xx
    Eadric     FF116A:00xx     FF116B:00xx     FF116C:00xx       FF1171:00xx
    Karl       FF1176:00xx     FF1177:00xx     FF1178:00xx       FF117D:00xx
    Carlyle    FF1182:00xx     FF1183:00xx     FF1184:00xx       FF1189:00xx
    Erven      FF118E:00xx     FF118F:00xx     FF1190:00xx       FF1195:00xx
    Pender     FF119A:00xx     FF119B:00xx     FF119C:00xx       FF1121:00xx
    Geolug     FF11A6:00xx     FF11A7:00xx     FF11A8:00xx       FF11AD:00xx
    Owen       FF11B2:00xx     FF11B3:00xx     FF11B4:00xx       FF11B9:00xx
    Leander    FF11BE:00xx     FF11BF:00xx     FF11C0:00xx       FF11C5:00xx
    Elgis      FF11CA:00xx     FF11CB:00xx     FF11CC:00xx       FF11D1:00xx
    Jerras     FF11D6:00xx     FF11D7:00xx     FF11D8:00xx       FF11DD:00xx
    Garth      FF11E2:00xx     FF11E3:00xx     FF11E4:00xx       FF11E9:00xx
    Kelvin     FF11EE:00xx     FF11EF:00xx     FF11F0:00xx       FF11F5:00xx
    Lars       FF11FA:00xx     FF11FB:00xx     FF11FC:00xx       FF1201:00xx
    Alain      FF1206:00xx     FF1207:00xx     FF1208:00xx       FF120D:00xx
    Eselred    FF1212:00xx     FF1213:00xx     FF1214:00xx       FF1219:00xx
    Wolfen     FF121E:00xx     FF121F:00xx     FF1220:00xx       FF1225:00xx
    Elford     FF122A:00xx     FF122B:00xx     FF122C:00xx       FF1231:00xx
    Alex       FF1236:00xx     FF1237:00xx     FF1238:00xx       FF123D:00xx
    Gerard     FF1242:00xx     FF1243:00xx     FF1244:00xx       FF1249:00xx
    Karla      FF124E:00xx     FF124F:00xx     FF1250:00xx       FF1255:00xx
    Anise      FF125A:00xx     FF125B:00xx     FF125C:00xx       FF1261:00xx
    Shabard    FF1266:00xx     FF1267:00xx     FF1268:00xx       FF126D:00xx
    Sven       FF1272:00xx     FF1273:00xx     FF1274:00xx       FF1279:00xx
    Fuster     FF127E:00xx     FF127F:00xx     FF1280:00xx       FF1285:00xx
    Anselm     FF128A:00xx     FF128B:00xx     FF128C:00xx       FF1291:00xx
    Galford    FF1296:00xx     FF1297:00xx     FF1298:00xx       FF129D:00xx
    Cairn      FF12A2:00xx     FF12A3:00xx     FF12A4:00xx       FF12A9:00xx
    Esok       FF12AE:00xx     FF12AF:00xx     FF12B0:00xx       FF12B5:00xx
    Eustace    FF12BA:00xx     FF12BB:00xx     FF12BC:00xx       FF12C1:00xx
    Aiden      FF12C6:00xx     FF12C7:00xx     FF12C8:00xx       FF12CD:00xx
    Veen       FF12D2:00xx     FF12D3:00xx     FF12D4:00xx       FF12D9:00xx
    Lenne      FF12DE:00xx     FF12DF:00xx     FF12E0:00xx       FF12E5:00xx
    Aigle      FF12EA:00xx     FF12EB:00xx     FF12EC:00xx       FF12F1:00xx
    Raith      FF12F6:00xx     FF12F7:00xx     FF12F8:00xx       FF12FD:00xx
    Walther    FF1302:00xx     FF1303:00xx     FF1304:00xx       FF1309:00xx
    Elias      FF130E:00xx     FF130F:00xx     FF1310:00xx       FF1315:00xx
    Nicolay    FF131A:00xx     FF131B:00xx     FF131C:00xx       FF1321:00xx
    Bradley    FF1326:00xx     FF1327:00xx     FF1328:00xx       FF132D:00xx
    Sarthe     FF1332:00xx     FF1333:00xx     FF1334:00xx       FF1339:00xx
    Randal     FF133E:00xx     FF133F:00xx     FF1340:00xx       FF1345:00xx
    Melgan     FF134A:00xx     FF134B:00xx     FF134C:00xx       FF1351:00xx
    Francis    FF1356:00xx     FF1357:00xx     FF1358:00xx       FF135D:00xx
    Seagal     FF1362:00xx     FF1363:00xx     FF1364:00xx       FF1369:00xx
    Andrew     FF136E:00xx     FF136F:00xx     FF1370:00xx       FF1375:00xx
    Kneulf     FF137A:00xx     FF137B:00xx     FF127C:00xx       FF1281:00xx
    Arkin      FF1386:00xx     FF1387:00xx     FF1388:00xx       FF138D:00xx
    Keyla      FF1392:00xx     FF1393:00xx     FF1394:00xx       FF1399:00xx
    Gweyn      FF139E:00xx     FF139F:00xx     FF13A0:00xx       FF13A5:00xx
    Geran      FF13AA:00xx     FF13AB:00xx     FF13AC:00xx       FF13B1:00xx
    IV. Credits
    I don't care if you post this data somewhere else, and I don't care if you
    neglect to give me credit. You know why? I didn't actually do anything worth
    credit. All the hard stuff was done by the people who developed the game, the
    emulator I use, and GameFAQs.com; all I did was type, and it didn't take very
    Why are you still here? Scram!

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