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    FAQ/Walkthrough by glacialbear

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/05/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Golden Axe II FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1
    by glacialbear (viciousglacialbear@yahoo.com)
    Platform: Genesis
    Last Updated: 4/05/2001
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    Table of Contents
    I    Introduction/Game Information
          Differences Between GA and GA2
          Modes of Play
          The Options Menu
          Codes and Oddities
          Character Attacks/Move List
          Character Magic
          Damage Explained
          Scoring Information   
    II   Walkthrough
          Ravaged Village
          Dragon's Throat Cave
          Castle Gates
          Dark Guld's Chamber
    III  Frequently Asked Questions
    IV   Credits
    V    Version History
    I: Introduction/Game Information
    Differences Between GA and GA2
    Note: These are just some notable differences - it would take too long 
    to list all of them.
    - Tyris and Ax Battler no longer share the same back attack in GA2.
    - The way the game determines charge priority in GA is random.
    - Many of the glitches in GA2 don't exist in GA.
    - GA2's control is much, much, much more refined than GA's. In GA, 
    whenever you fight around four enemies at once, you'll be hard pressed 
    to kill them all without taking a hit since the characters move (and 
    respond) so slowly. It's not that way in GA2 at all. Your character 
    does as well as you control them.
    - In GA2, enemies can't do over 4 damage in one attack (except 
    skeletons and neo-skeletons), so it's somewhat easier to stay alive.
    - In GA2, you don't lose hit points if hit while riding a Bizarrian, 
    making them a lot more useful.
    - In GA2, you can choose which direction to throw an opponent. An 
    opponent can also be thrown at another.
    - In GA2, the downward thrust works a little differently than in GA.
    This is the story of the game, and all of the other dialogue snippets 
    that can be found at various points.
    A few years after the last battle... in this land, the peace is 
    threatened again by an evil power.
    The lord of darkness, `Dark Guld', who should have been imprisoned in 
    ancient times, arose again.
    He destroyed entire countries with his evil clan to bring this world 
    into chaos.
    Once again, the three warriors have thrown themselves into a mighty 
    The evil lord Dark Guld should have been put away for good the last 
    time he was defeated in battle. But now he has recouped and is back in 
    full force. And he's accompanied by his clan of evil followers who are 
    creepier, slimier and more disgusting than ever.
    Dark Guld has come for revenge and he is driven by the desire to see 
    this world revert to chaos. He has taken the powerful Golden Axe, which 
    is a symbol of peace and prosperity, to use for his own evil purposes. 
    His creatures terrorize every town they descend upon. Someone must put 
    a stop to this horror!
    Once again, three warriors stand up to face the oppressors. One is Ax-
    Battler, the fierce barbarian; the second is Tyris-Flare, the ferocious 
    Amazon; and the third is Gilius Thunderhead, the fearless dwarf. They 
    are willing to risk their lives to put a stop to the terror. They won't 
    rest easy until the Golden Axe is returned to its rightful place.
    It's time to start the long journey through enemy-infested territory. 
    Don't let the strange reptilian enemy creatures frighten you, because 
    you'll need every ounce of courage you can muster. Fight onward until 
    you reach the final showdown, a battle with Dark Guld himself!
    (end of Ravaged Village)
    After the battle in the ravaged village, we decided to start for the 
    ancient ruins.
    (end of Ruins)
    We found the enemy was using the ancient ruins as a base. We have 
    destroyed it, and now we leave for the enemy's headquarters.
    (end of Tower)
    To reach the enemy's castle which is blocked by high mountains, we 
    reluctantly decide to march through the cave called `Dragon's Throat.'
    (end of Dragon's Throat Cave)
    We have passed through the long, red hot cave, and found the castle 
    gate standing in front of us.
    (end of easy)
    ... But true peace will not come until you play and defeat the harder 
    (end of Castle Gates)
    Our enemy, Dark Guld, must be in this castle.
    Now take courage! The real battle has just started!
    (end of normal/hard)
    After the long, hard battle you finally defeat the evil emperor. Now 
    the world will be at peace again.
    You are a true hero!
    (the duel 1P/2P win)
    Player (1/2) won this duel
    Practice your techniques by fighting each other again.
    (end of the duel)
    Bravely you fought against all of enemies, and achieved total victory!
    Now, let's try another mode.
    Modes of Play
    Normal Game - The main quest of the game. Two players can play 
    cooperatively, but your attacks can damage each other if you aren't 
    careful. Also, you'll share continues. The normal game can be played on 
    three different levels of difficulty.
    Easy - Enemies are much less plentiful than on other difficulties, and 
    have fewer hit points. You also can't go past stage five, unless you 
    use the level select code.
    Normal - Enemies have more hit points and appear in greater numbers. 
    You can play through the entire game on normal.
    Hard - Enemies appear in even greater numbers than in normal. Other 
    than that, it's the same game.
    The Duel - A series of fights. To move on to the next fight, all you 
    have to do is defeat the enemies that come out of the gates. There are 
    fifteen battles in all. In this mode, you can't use magic, start with a 
    set amount of hit points (80) that can't be changed, and there are no 
    bonus stages. If you lose, you'll have to start over, but this mode's 
    actually much easier than it sounds. Two players can't play 
    cooperatively in this mode; you'll fight each other instead.
    The battle order for this mode:
    1 - Brown Longmoan 
    2 - Blue Heninger with a Chicken Leg
    3 - Green Lizard 
    4 - Blue Heninger x2
    5 - Fuschia Longmoan x2 with a Green Dragon
    6 - White Skeleton x2
    7 - Silver Longmoan x2 with a Chicken Leg/Fire Dragon
    8 - Bronze Armor
    9 - Red Lizard x2
    10 - Minotaur x2
    11 - Gold Longmoan x2 and Gold Heninger
    12 - Purple Lizard x2
    13 - Blue Minotaur x2
    14 - White Neo-Skeleton x3
    15 - Pink Armor x2
    The Options Menu
    Difficulty - Choose between easy, normal, and hard. On easy, only the 
    first five stages of the game are available. The default is normal.
    Life Meter - Lets you choose your maximum number of hit points. You can 
    have 40 (five bars), 32 (four bars), or 24 (three bars). The default is 
    24 hp. You'll never be able to go above your maximum.
    Magic - Lets you choose the way magic works. Special lets you use 
    however many points of your magic that you want by holding down the 
    magic button as the points light up one by one, and then releasing it 
    at the desired point. However, that takes time. On normal, all of your 
    magic is immediately used when you press the magic button. The default 
    is special.
    Control (1-6) - Lets you choose the way you want the buttons 
    configured. There are six different combinations, which are all of the 
    possible ones for three buttons. The default is the first setup.
    Number  Magic  Attack  Jump
    1        A       B      C
    2        A       C      B
    3        B       A      C
    4        C       A      B
    5        B       C      A
    6        C       B      A
    BGM - Lets you listen to the game's background music. Press A or C to 
    start, and B to stop.
    Number  Music
    1       Ravaged Village
    2       Intro Theme
    3       Boss Theme (stages 1-3)
    4       Castle
    5       Boss Theme 2 (stages 4-6)
    6       Ruins
    7       Tower
    8       Credits
    9       Dragon's Throat Cave
    10      Castle Gates
    11      Dark Guld's Theme
    12      Ending
    13      Final Rating Screen
    14      Game Over
    15      Intermission Screen
    16      Bonus Stage
    SE - Lets you listen to all of the game's sound effects, from swings to 
    the magic attacks. There are 35 sounds in all. Press A or C to start, 
    and B to stop.
    Codes and Oddities
    Magic Glitch - You need to be playing with the magic option set to 
    special to be able to do this. When you reach the minotaur at the end 
    of the first stage, hold down the magic button (A by default) and then 
    kill him without letting go of it. Just before the screen changes to 
    the bonus stage, release the magic button. While in the bonus stage, 
    don't do anything. If you did this right, when the second stage begins 
    your character will automatically use their magic and you'll suddenly 
    have 255 points of it, but be careful not to use too much of it at once 
    (i.e. more than your character could normally), because you can easily 
    crash the game.
    Level Select - There are a few different ways to perform this code, but 
    here's one. First, go to the options screen and set the options to 
    whatever you like, and then exit it. Now, go back into options by 
    pressing and holding down A, B, and C all at the same time. When you 
    enter the options screen again, let go of B and C, but continue to hold 
    A down. Exit the options screen by pressing B and C at the same time 
    while still holding A down. Don't change anything this time - just go 
    straight down to exit. Now choose one or two players and the normal 
    game by pressing B and C at the same time. After choosing your 
    character, you should arrive at a black screen with the number 1 on it. 
    Press A, B, or C to increase the number corresponding to the stage you 
    want to start at, and then press start to make your choice. You can 
    start past stage five on the easy difficulty level this way, which 
    normally isn't possible.
    Eight Continues - When the game is at the introduction, hold down A, B, 
    and C, and press start to make all of your selections, but first go to 
    the options screen. While in options, release A, but keep B and C held 
    down. Exit options after setting them to whatever you want, then select 
    one or two players, and the normal game with the start button. Look 
    down at the southeast corner of the screen to see if you have eight 
    Keep A Friend Alive - Simply use your magic when whoever you're playing 
    with is reduced to 0 hit points (i.e. all their bars are gone), and 
    they won't die. The catch is they'll still have 0 hit points, so a 
    knockdown (or a few slashes) will kill them regardless of damage, 
    unless you do this again.
    Kill An Enemy Twice - Simply use your magic while your character's dead 
    opponent is on the ground flashing, but before they disappear. This 
    glitch is useless besides using it to cheat for a higher score, 
    however, it can be repeated for as many times as you have the magic.
    Gilius Damage Glitch - Every long range slash done as Gilius against 
    another character actually counts as two, and therefore does double 
    damage. Don't know how Sega missed this one.
    The Mysterious Glitched Purple Heninger - Just after fighting the four 
    grey neo-skeletons in stage four, you'll see a purple heninger in the 
    next enemy group. This heninger is no ordinary one, however, as you'll 
    find out when you damage him (he just turns a strange color). Note: He 
    only appears on hard.
    Game Genie Codes
    AEBT-AADN Player 1 starts with 1 life
    AJBT-AADN Player 1 starts with 2 lives
    AYBT-AADN Player 1 starts with 5 lives
    A6BT-AADN Player 1 starts with 7 lives
    BEBT-AADN Player 1 starts with 9 lives
    AEBT-AAE2 Player 2 starts with 1 life
    AJBT-AAE2 Player 2 starts with 2 lives
    AYBT-AAE2 Player 2 starts with 5 lives
    A6BT-AAE2 Player 2 starts with 7 lives
    BEBT-AAE2 Player 2 starts with 9 lives
    AGXA-AADR Both players continue with 1 life
    ALXA-AADR Both players continue with 2 lives
    A0XA-AADR Both players continue with 5 lives
    A8XA-AADR Both players continue with 7 lives
    BGXA-AADR Both players continue with 9 lives
    BTJA-AA48 Infinite lives (both players)
    FEPA-BJYA Each magic book is worth 2
    FEPA-BNYA Each magic book is worth 3
    - The downward thrust might seem like a useless move, and it definitely 
    isn't the safest way to fight, but there's one time that you can do it 
    without much risk; unless you really know what you're doing, the best 
    time to do this is while your character's opponent is on the ground. 
    Time it so that, just as they're getting up, your character falls on 
    them and hits them. It's easy with a little practice. The downward 
    thrust is also a nice defensive move if an enemy is charging at you and 
    you're too close to them to move out of the way; high jump over them.
    - Always keep a Bizarrian when you get one until you either lose it or 
    finish the stage. In something exclusive to GA2, you don't lose hit 
    points if hit while riding one, so there's no reason not to keep one.
    - The throw is (usually) a decent move. While throwing an opponent, 
    your character is invulnerable. It also does good damage. Another thing 
    not in the original, you can choose which direction to throw your 
    opponent before doing it. You can actually use this to create a chain 
    of throws by throwing them in one direction, comboing them as soon as 
    they get up, then throwing them in the other direction, always 
    alternating. This is a very good way to kill armor, and Dark Guld.
    - Don't leave yourself vulnerable. Enemies (especially some varieties) 
    always charge whenever you're a certain distance away from them. GA2's 
    control is very good (the best of the series), so it shouldn't be hard 
    to avoid enemies.
    - Don't rely on the back attack much. It sounds like a good way to get 
    out of being surrounded, but it takes so long for the move to finish 
    that you'll be hit. If the enemies are a certain distance away from you 
    when you do it, the move can work, but this still isn't the best way to 
    deal with being surrounded.
    - Don't underestimate knockdown moves. While they don't deal as much 
    damage as combos, they put your character's opponent out of commission 
    for a few seconds. That gives you valuable time to deal with other 
    enemies if facing many at once.
    - As Ax Battler, you'll usually want to use combos over knockdowns 
    (since his charge is unreliable), unless either there's more than one 
    enemy on the screen, or the particular enemy he's fighting has a longer 
    range than him. If you use mostly knockdowns to fight, then you should 
    place more emphasis on downward slashes and less on charges than if you 
    were playing as Tyris or Gilius. It's okay to charge as long as an 
    enemy is close enough to you that he won't charge as well, though 
    (because if he does, Ax Battler will probably lose).
    - As Gilius, you should almost always use combos when fighting only one 
    enemy, or when you don't need to worry about getting charged. Gilius' 
    range is better than that of most enemies, so he doesn't have to use 
    knockdowns as often as the other characters.
    - As Tyris, never go up to enemies and combo them (unless you're 
    fighting armor/Dark Guld) in except perhaps the first stage - her range 
    is too short. It gets increasingly harder to swing before them as the 
    game progresses, and if you're not fast enough with the attack button 
    or don't time it just right, you'll usually be the one that ends up 
    getting comboed, not them. Instead, rely on knockdown moves, especially 
    charges; her's is unstoppable. Take advantage of it.
    Ax Battler (blue) - Average range, weak magic. His charge has very low 
    Gilius Thunderhead (green) - Long range, weakest magic. The favorite of 
    most players, and recommended for beginners. His charge has slightly 
    higher priority than Ax Battler's.
    Tyris Flare (red) - Short range, best magic. Her charge has priority 
    over anyone, even Bizarrians. Not recommended for beginners.
    Character Attacks/Move List
    Walk - Hold down the directional pad in the direction you want to move.
    Slash - Press the attack button. Can go into one of three things 
    depending on the proximity of your character's opponent: a long range 
    combo, short range combo, or throw. Damage: 1
    Long Range Combo - Press the attack button repeatedly from a distance 
    just close enough to hit your character's opponent.
    Damage Notes: Each slash does 1 damage, except for when the last hit 
    looks different, then that hit does 2 damage. However, this doesn't 
    apply to Ax Battler for some reason, so he'll always only do 1 damage. 
    Also, when Gilius does this combo against another character, every 
    swing is counted as two, and they do double damage as a result.
    Short Range Combo - Press the attack button repeatedly at close range. 
    Damage Notes: All hits do 1 damage, except for the kick, which does 2.
    Throw - Slash an opponent, and before they can recover, get right up to 
    them and then press the attack button. To choose which direction you 
    want to throw the opponent, tap it (left or right) before your 
    character does the throw.
    Damage Notes: The throw does 2 damage. An opponent can be thrown at 
    another, and the victim would incur 4 damage.
    Run - Tap forward or away twice, holding it down on the second tap. To 
    stop running, just let go of the directional pad. Can go into either a 
    charge or high jump into a downward thrust.
    Charge - Press the attack button while running. Tyris does a flying 
    kick, Ax Battler does a body slam, and Gilius does a head butt. Damage: 
    Jump - Press the jump button. Can go into a downward slash.
    High Jump - Press the jump button while running. Can go into a downward 
    Downward Slash - Jump and then the attack button before hitting the 
    ground. Your character can slash multiple times, but it won't combo, 
    because the slash will knock down an opponent. Damage: 3
    Back Attack - Press the attack and jump buttons at the same time. Tyris 
    does a backflip kick attack, Ax Battler does an upper swing followed by 
    a downward slash in the opposite direction, and Gilius uses his axe to 
    do a spinning kick. Damage: 3
    Downward Thrust - High jump and then press the attack button while in 
    the air. Damage: 6
    Damage Notes: If you hit something before your character is in their 
    last frame of the attack, then the opponent will only take 3 damage, as 
    if it was a downward slash.
    Character Magic
    Ax Battler
    Level 1
    Magic Pots: 1-2
    Damage: 2/3
    Description: Several small tornados fly about the screen. An additional 
    point in this level's magic adds an extra 1 damage.
    Level 2
    Magic Pots: 3
    Damage: 4
    Description: Several small tornados combine to create a large one. All 
    opponents on-screen are then caught in the tornado, and thrown into Ax 
    Battler's grasp. Ax then tosses all of them to the ground.
    Level 3
    Magic Pots: 4
    Damage: 8
    Description: A large tornado continually releases several smaller ones.
    Level 4
    Magic Pots: 5
    Damage: 12
    Description: A pair of large tornados catch all opponents on-screen, 
    who are then thrown to the ground and knocked back.
    Gilius Thunderhead 
    Level 1
    Magic Pots: 1
    Damage: 2
    Description: A large number of giant rocks fall from the sky.
    Level 2
    Magic Pots: 2-3
    Damage: 4/6
    Description: A large number of boulders fall from the sky. An 
    additional point in this level's magic adds an extra 2 damage.
    Level 3
    Magic Pots: 4
    Damage: 10
    Description: A large number of boulders rush across the screen.
    Tyris Flare
    Level 1
    Magic Pots: 1-3
    Damage: 2-4
    Description: A ball of fire becomes a large number of phoenix-shaped 
    flames that circle around. Additional points in this level's magic add 
    an extra 1 damage per point of magic, up to a maximum of 4 damage.
    Level 2
    Magic Pots: 4
    Damage: 6
    Description: Several columns of fire rise from the ground.
    Level 3
    Magic Pots: 5
    Damage: 10
    Description: A large number of phoenix-shaped flames dive into the 
    ground, as a large number of balls of fire emerge.
    Level 4
    Magic Pots: 6
    Damage: 14
    Description: A large column of fire rises from the ground, releasing a 
    large number of balls of fire that fall to the ground.
    Level 5
    Magic Pots: 7
    Damage: 18
    Description: A large number of phoenix-shaped flames rush onto the 
    screen and become a phoenix.
    Level 6
    Magic Pots: 8
    Damage: 24
    Description: A fire-breathing dragon appears and engulfs half of the 
    screen in flames.
    Damage Explained
    Every time you successfully hit an enemy or one hits you, hit points 
    are lost. The exact number depends on the attack, as they all have 
    varying degrees of strength. You can't see your hit points, but they're 
    there. The only thing you see are the blue bars. A bar is eight hit 
    points, so if an attack takes off almost a bar, that's indicating that 
    it's pretty powerful. The repeated mentioning of enemy hp is to give 
    you an idea of how much damage an enemy can take. Note: You can see 
    enemy hp, but only in The Duel. For them, each bar is 4 hp, not 8.
    Scoring Information
    At the end of each stage, you can see your current score (or strength) 
    and use it as a way to judge your progress. What transpires during your 
    game can affect your score in a positive or negative way. When the 
    game's over (either by losing all of your lives and continues or 
    completing the game), you can see your final rating, and what grade you 
    got. BTW, getting the highest rating in GA2 is pathetically easy, so 
    don't be depressed if you didn't get it the very first time you played.
    SA 100~
    AA 90~
    A  80~
    B  70~
    C  60~
    D  50~
    E  40~
    F ~40
    The following increases your score:
    - Killing an enemy. Knocking them to their death counts (in fact, it 
    raises your score a little higher). Using magic to kill an enemy 
    increases your score higher than if you used a physical attack. The 
    power of the magic used doesn't matter.
    The following don't affect your score:
    - Losing hit points.
    - Damaging enemies.
    The following decreases your score:
    - Dying.
    Note: To use an item, just walk over it.
    Magic Book
    Location: These are found after battling wizards, and sometimes just on 
    the ground.
    Effect: Adds one unit (or point) to your magic meter. The point is lost 
    after using your magic, and you'll have to get more books to fill up 
    your meter again.
    Location: These are only found in bonus stages. The green wizards leave 
    them behind when struck.
    Effect: Replenishes eight hit points (one bar).
    Location: These are only found in bonus stages. The green wizards leave 
    them behind when struck.
    Effect: Replenishes eight hit points (one bar).
    Note: All Bizarrian attacks do 4 damage. While on a Bizarrian, you can 
    only walk, run, jump, high jump, use their primary attack, and charge. 
    Feel free to charge while riding a Bizarrian - their charge has 
    priority over anyone, except for Tyris, but she isn't an enemy.
    Green Dragon
    Stage: Ravaged Village
    Description: The Green Dragon attacks with its hind legs. While the 
    range of its hind legs is somewhat short, the attack is powerful.
    Chicken Leg
    Stage: Ruins, Castle Gates
    Description: The Chicken Leg attacks with its tail. It has a farther 
    range than the Green Dragon.
    Fire Dragon
    Stage: Dragon's Throat Cave, Castle Gates
    Description: The Fire Dragon, well, breathes fire. The fire attack can 
    hit any number of enemies at the same time, and also has the largest 
    range of anything in the game.
    Note: I've arbitrarily decided to borrow a couple of names from the 
    original GA for the club/claw wielding enemies. The majority of the 
    other names are tentative, as well.
    Appearance: Shady character wielding a club.
    Varieties: Brown, Blue, Fuschia, Silver, Purple, Pink, Gold
    Description: Longmoans can swing their clubs and charge. You'll be 
    seeing a lot of them, as these guys are in every stage in one form (or 
    should I say, color) or another.
    Appearance: Shady character wielding claws, and wearing a helmet.
    Varieties: Brown, Blue, Fuschia, Silver, Purple, Pink, Gold
    Description: Heningers swipe at you with their claws, and can also 
    charge. As with Longmoans, you'll see them in every stage.
    Appearance: Robed figure with a staff that has a skull on its top.
    Varieties: Green, Red, Grey, Purple
    Description: Wizards have replaced the role that the little elven 
    thieves had in the original Golden Axe. Instead of magic pots, they 
    give magic books when damaged, although you'll have to fight them for 
    the books. They can swing their staff at you, or use their staff to 
    fire a ball of magic. Neither do any real damage.
    Appearance: Animated skeleton body wielding a sickle and carrying a 
    small, round shield.
    Varieties: White, Grey, Pink
    Description: Skeletons are very versatile foes, and even have some of 
    the attacks the characters use. They can swing at you with their 
    sickles, charge, kick at you, do a downward slash, or even a downward 
    thrust, which is just as damaging as the version available to the 
    Appearance: Animated skeleton body wielding a sickle and carrying a 
    small, round shield.
    Varieties: White, Grey, Pink
    Description: As if skeletons weren't deadly enough, these look exactly 
    alike their brethren, but have much higher hit points and move 
    extremely fast.
    Appearance: Lizardman warrior wearing some armor, wielding a sword and 
    carrying a round shield.
    Varieties: Purple, Red, Green
    Description: Lizards are a step up from the standard enemies, as they 
    have more hit points, more attacks, and do more damage. They can swing 
    their swords, charge, or hit you with their tails at close range. 
    They're frequently grouped with bosses in the later stages.
    Appearance: Tall, horned animal wielding a large, spiked mace.
    Varieties: Tan, Red, Blue
    Description: Minotaurs act as bosses and mini-bosses very frequently in 
    the game. They can swing their mace down at the ground, charge, or 
    throw you at close range.
    Appearance: Towering animated suit of armor wielding a very long sword, 
    and carrying a large shield.
    Varieties: Bronze, Pink, Silver, Gold
    Description: The suits of armor have quite a long range with their 
    swords, and can also attack with their shields at close range, but 
    can't run or charge. They usually try to evade your charges, making 
    them better defensive fighters than most enemies.
    Dark Guld
    Appearance: Muscled figure in gold armor, wielding a large axe (the 
    Golden Axe?), and wearing a red cape.
    Description: Well, this is the villian of the game. Dark Guld has the 
    highest hit points of any enemy in the game, by far, as well as a large 
    range with his axe. He can also summon skeletons to help him fight you, 
    and use your character's highest level magic, although the damage is 
    severely reduced.
    II: Walkthrough
    Note: At a few points in the game, you may fight a slightly different 
    number of enemies than the number mentioned in these lists.
    Ravaged Village
    Magic Books: 4
    Bizarrians: Green Dragon
    Enemies (Easy): Brown Heninger x2, Brown Longmoan x3, Green Wizard x2, 
    Blue Longmoan x5, Blue Heninger x4, Tan Minotaur
    Enemies (Normal): Brown Heninger x2, Brown Longmoan x4, Green Wizard 
    x2, Blue Longmoan x8, Blue Heninger x4, Tan Minotaur
    Enemies (Hard): Brown Heninger x4, Brown Longmoan x5, Green Wizard x2, 
    Blue Longmoan x8, Blue Heninger x4, Tan Minotaur
    Bonus Stage: Magic Book x2
    Nothing special here. The enemies are slow. When you get to the boss, a 
    tan minotaur, just charge him until he's dead. He only has 16 hp (20 on 
    normal/hard). Use your magic, if you want, because your meter will fill 
    up again soon.
    Magic Books: 8
    Bizzarians: Chicken Leg
    Enemies (Easy): Fuschia Longmoan x2, Red Wizard, Skeleton x2, Grey 
    Wizard x2, Grey Skeleton x4, Pink Skeleton x2, White Neo-Skeleton x2, 
    Bronze Armor 
    Enemies (Normal): Fuschia Longmoan x2, Fuschia Heninger, Red Wizard, 
    Skeleton x3, Grey Wizard x2, Grey Skeleton x5, Pink Skeleton x3, White 
    Neo-Skeleton x2, Bronze Armor
    Enemies (Hard): Fuschia Heninger x4, Fuschia Longmoan x2, Red Wizard, 
    Skeleton x4, Grey Wizard x2, Grey Skeleton x7, Pink Skeleton x3, White 
    Neo-Skeleton x3, Bronze Armor
    Bonus Stage: Magic Book x3, Meat
    You'll be introduced to skeletons in this stage, but other than that, 
    there's nothing special here either. The boss is a suit of bronze armor 
    accompanied by two white neo-skeletons (three on hard). It has 24 hp 
    (28 on normal/hard), and a long range with its sword, but moves pretty 
    slowly, and can't charge. When you're walking up to it, just make sure 
    that you swing fast so that you'll hit first. Use your magic, too.
    Magic Books: 4
    Bizarrians: N/A
    Enemies (Easy): Blue Longmoan x2, Silver Longmoan, Silver Heninger, 
    Green Wizard x2, Tan Minotaur x2, Purple Longmoan x4, Purple Heninger 
    x2, Purple Lizard x3
    Enemies (Normal): Blue Longmoan x3, Blue Heninger, Silver Longmoan, 
    Silver Heninger, Green Wizard x2, Tan Minotaur x2, Purple Longmoan x4, 
    Purple Heninger x3, Purple Lizard x4
    Enemies (Hard): Blue Longmoan x3, Blue Heninger, Silver Longmoan, 
    Silver Heninger x2, Green Wizard x2, Tan Minotaur x2, Purple Longmoan 
    x5, Purple Heninger x3, Purple Lizard x4
    Bonus Stage: Magic Book x2, Bread, Meat 
    This stage is pretty similar to the first stage, except that this one 
    has somewhat of a mini-boss; two tan minotaurs. When you fight them, 
    you'll be able to knock them into the nearby pits and kill them if you 
    want, so it's pretty easy. Just don't slip up and fall off yourself, 
    because you'll lose a life. 
    The boss is three purple lizards (four on normal/hard). Go ahead and 
    use your magic, because you'll have a full meter again by the time you 
    reach the boss of the next stage.
    Dragon's Throat Cave
    Magic Books: 6
    Bizarrians: Fire Dragon
    Enemies (Easy): Grey Neo-Skeleton x7, Purple Lizard x3, Purple Longmoan 
    x2, Purple Wizard, Red Lizard x6, Red Minotaur x2
    Enemies (Normal): Grey Neo-Skeleton x7, Purple Lizard x3, Purple 
    Longmoan x2, Purple Wizard, Red Lizard x6, Minotaur x2
    Enemies (Hard): Grey Neo-Skeleton x7, Purple Lizard x5, Purple Longmoan 
    x3, Purple Heninger x2, Purple Wizard, Red Lizard x6, Red Minotaur x2
    Bonus Stage: Magic Book x2, Bread x2, Meat
    You'll fight mostly grey neo-skeletons until near the end of the stage. 
    When you're getting close to the boss, you'll start seeing red lizards. 
    You want to be careful around them, because they'll try to charge you 
    from the shortest distances, and are very fast. When you get the Fire 
    Dragon in this stage, try to keep it, because it's the best Bizarrian, 
    and is pretty good at killing just about anything, red lizards 
    The boss of this level is a pair of red minotaurs accompanied by two 
    red lizards. Start by using your magic. Depending on who you are, the 
    magic will either damage or kill the lizards. If it doesn't kill them, 
    concentrate on eliminating them first, and then turn your attention to 
    the red minotaurs.
    Castle Gates
    Magic Books: 8
    Bizarrians: Fire Dragon, Chicken Leg x2
    Enemies (Easy): Purple Lizard x2, Silver Longmoan x3, Silver Heninger 
    x3, Red Wizard x3, Pink Longmoan x4, Red Minotaur x2, Pink Heninger x2, 
    Pink Armor
    Enemies (Normal): Purple Lizard x2, Silver Longmoan x3, Silver Heninger 
    x5, Red Wizard x3, Pink Longmoan x4, Pink Heninger, Red Minotaur x2, 
    Gold Longmoan, Gold Heninger x2, Silver Armor x2
    Enemies (Hard): Purple Lizard x3, Silver Longmoan x3, Silver Heninger 
    x5, Red Wizard x3, Pink Longmoan x4, Pink Heninger, Red Minotaur x2, 
    Gold Longmoan, Gold Heninger x3, Silver Armor x2
    Bonus Stage: N/A
    The standard enemies come in a couple of new colors here, but aren't 
    very different from the ones you've fought already. You'll get a Fire 
    Dragon early on, and, as in the previous stage, try to keep it until 
    the end of the stage, because it'll really help. A while later you'll 
    fight another pair of red minotaurs. They shouldn't pose any problems, 
    especially if you have the Fire Dragon. The boss is shortly after this. 
    If you're playing on easy, the boss will be a suit of pink armor with 
    36 hp, otherwise you'll fight two suits of silver with 40 hp each.
    If you still have the Fire Dragon, this should be simple. The dragon's 
    range is farther than their sword range, so just let them come up to 
    you, and breathe fire on them until they die. Finish them with your 
    magic for a higher score, if you want. You don't need it if you have 
    the Fire Dragon, but there won't be any opportunity to use it in the 
    next stage, because the first thing you'll fight will be wizards - 
    you'll need them to replenish your meter for what's ahead.
    Magic Books: 12
    Bizarrians: N/A
    Enemies (Normal): Grey Wizard x3, Silver Longmoan, Silver Heninger, 
    Green Lizard, Blue Minotaur x3, Purple Heninger x2, Purple Lizard x2, 
    Grey Neo-Skeleton x3, Purple Wizard x3, Pink Neo-Skeleton x3, Gold 
    Longmoan x2, Gold Heninger x2, Red Lizard x3, Gold Armor 
    Enemies (Hard): Grey Wizard x3, Silver Longmoan x2, Silver Heninger, 
    Green Lizard, Blue Minotaur x4, Purple Heninger x2, Purple Longmoan, 
    Purple Lizard x2, Grey Neo-Skeleton x4, Purple Wizard x3, Pink Neo-
    Skeleton x3, Gold Longmoan x2, Gold Heninger x3, Red Lizard x4, Gold 
    Bonus Stage: N/A
    The standard enemies in this stage are mostly of the slower colors, but 
    play smart nevertheless, since this stage is long and doesn't have a 
    Bizarrian or bonus stage. Early on you'll fight a blue minotaur (two on 
    hard), and then two at once. They aren't really any different from the 
    red ones, however.
    The boss is a suit of gold armor with 40 hp. It also moves faster than 
    previous armor. Concentrate on eliminating the three red lizards that 
    are with it first, and then fight the armor. Use the same tactics you 
    did against the bronze one in the Ruins, although you might not want to 
    use magic. The reason why is Dark Guld's next.
    Dark Guld's Chamber
    Magic Books: N/A
    Bizarrians: N/A
    Enemies: Dark Guld
    Bonus Stage: N/A
    As you enter the room, you'll see the Golden Axe fly into the ground, 
    and Dark Guld appears. Dark Guld's main attack is an axe swing. He has 
    a long range with it, and swings it upward, so don't try any downward 
    attacks against him. You want to walk around above or below him, slowly 
    getting closer to him, and then, when you're close enough, suddenly 
    walk into and combo him. You need to be fast with the attack button 
    when you do this, or he'll swing first. Also, try not to walk too far 
    away from him, or he'll use your character's highest level magic on you 
    (although it always does only 4 damage).
    When you combo him, you should almost always finish it with a throw - 
    just don't throw him into a corner if you do, because you won't be able 
    to throw him again until you get him out of it. As he's getting up, 
    time your first swing to hit him just before he swings his axe, and 
    then throw him away from whichever corner you're closest to. Use your 
    magic if you have it, obviously.
    Dark Guld can do one other thing, given the chance - summon skeletons. 
    He can only summon white ones, however, and only one at a time, up to a 
    maximum of three. You'll probably want to throw the skeletons at Dark 
    Guld, but try not to let him summon any. If you're close enough to him 
    when he tries this, you can step in and hit him, which will interrupt 
    him, but you have to be fast. As soon as you deal 64 damage to Dark 
    Guld, he's history.
    III: Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How exactly do you determine an enemy's hit points?
    A: It just took a little experimenting.
    Q: What are hit points, anyway?
    A: Just a numeric representation of a character's health. They're very 
    popular and used in a lot of games, especially RPGs, like Final 
    Q: Isn't Dark Guld really Death Adder in disguise?
    A: Sorry, I don't know.
    Q: What other Golden Axe games are there?
    A: I think the complete list is (in no particular order):
    Golden Axe - The first game, released in the arcades, and later for the 
    Genesis and countless other platforms.
    Golden Axe II - This game, a sequel to the original, for the Genesis. 
    Not to be confused with Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, which 
    is the second Golden Axe in the arcades.
    Golden Axe III - For the Mega Drive. Never made it to the US. Not to be 
    confused with Golden Axe: The Duel, which is the third Golden Axe in 
    the arcades.
    Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe - Ax's own RPG for the Game Gear.
    Golden Axe Warrior - An RPG (of sorts) for the Master System.
    Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder - Sequel to the original Golden 
    Axe in the arcades. Not to be confused with the home version of GA2.
    Golden Axe: The Duel - A fighting game (ala Street Fighter) for the 
    arcade and Saturn. Not to be confused with Golden Axe III on the Mega 
    Drive, which is the third home version of Golden Axe.
    IV: Credits
    V: Version History
    v1.1 - Improved the look of the "Character Magic" section, removed the 
    "Lists" section, and changed or added to a few other things slightly.
    v1.0 - The first version.
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