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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Based on the Sega Genesis version
                Written and maintained by Torro (aka SubSane)
                       Last Updated October 15, 2003
         1.1 Game Details
         1.2 Story
    2.0 BASICS
         2.1 Game Start
         2.2 Status Screen
         2.3 Controls
         2.4 Items
         2.5 Outfits
         2.6 Points
         3.1 The Haunted Circus
         3.2 The Jungle 
         3.3 The Haunted House
         3.4 The Caves
         3.5 The Frozen Plains
         3.6 The Baron's Castle
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         5.1 Version History
         5.2 Guide Credits
         5.3 Contact Information
         5.4 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================
                            1.1  Game Details
    This game was released in 1994, developed by Capcom for the Sega
    It is a sequel of sorts for Capcom's first Mickey adventure game on
    the SNES, "The Magical Quest." For those who don't have a Genesis,
    Capcom is also releasing this game as "The Magical Quest 2" for
    Gameboy Advance.
    "The Magical Quest 3", the third and final game in the series,
    was released for the GBA.
                                1.2  Story
    One fine day, Mickey and Minnie arrived at the edge of town. They
    were going to the circus, but first they had to find their friends.
    Just then, Goofy came strolling up the road. Apparently something
    terrible happened at the circus, and everybody disappeared!
    As Goofy walked away, Mickey and Minnie decided to find out what is
    going on, and hopefully find the their missing friends.
    ===== 2.0 BASICS ===================================================
                               2.1  Game Start
    Game Start
    This option is to begin playing the game. You will then get to
    choose 1 or 2 players.
    Go here to input a stage password. Passwords are acquired when you
    lose in a stage.
    Option Mode
    Here you can adjust the difficulty, and the controls for both
                              2.2  Status Screen
    From left to right:
    Character Face
    The number under this face represents the number of lives.
    Each heart is one life point. You can gather large hearts and
    accumulate a maximum of ten hearts.
    Sweeper/Cowboy Meter
    If you have the sweeper or cowboy outfit, this is the meter that
    shows how much energy that outfit has left.
    That gold coin with the famous silhouette is the number of coins you
    currently have.
                              2.3  Controls
    Start...... Pause, change outfit (3-button control)
    Left....... Move left
    Right...... Move right
    Down....... Climb down, duck
    Up......... Climb up
    A button... Hold items and enemies, use outfit
    B button... Jump
    C button... Select outfit
    Z button... Change outfit (6-button control)
                                 2.4  Items
    Yellow blocks... Grab or destroy these
    Red blocks...... Grab or destroy these
    Clock block..... Destroy these to freeze time for seconds
    Yellow ball..... Used as weapon
    Red battery..... Refill sweeper outfit energy level
    Gun............. Refill cowboy outfit energy level
    Silver coin..... One coin
    Gold coin....... Five coins
    Small heart..... Refill one life point
    Big heart....... Refill all hearts and gain one new point
    Character....... Gain one extra life
                                2.5  Outfits
    Sweeper outfit.... Used to suck in enemies and coins
    Safari outfit..... Used to climb walls and swing from hooks
    Cowboy outfit..... Used to shoot enemies and blocks
    Sweeper upgrade... Upgrade for the sweeper outfit. Purchase at
                       General Store.
    Cowboy upgrade.... Upgrade for the cowboy outfit. Purchase at
                       General Store.
                                2.6  Points
     Grapes............. 500 points
     Apples............. 200 points
     Stage enemy........ 100 first hit, 200 for next hit, 500 for 3rd
     Hit enemy target... 200 points
     Pete goons......... 500 points
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================
                            3.1  The Haunted Circus
    Enemies: Clowns, fishes, balloons, jacks, juggler weasel, monkeys,
             goons, lion ringmaster
    Outside the Circus
    As soon as you start some small clowns will appear. A simple jump
    on the head will kill them. You can also hold A to grab them
    and throw them at enemies.
    So, keep going. The large juggling machine can't hurt you, so jump
    on it and make your way to the pond. Don't even try to kill the
    fishes. Use the balloon platforms to get across and reach the
    platform in the middle, then swim under the platform to get two
    extra lives. After that, get to the other side.
    Now some yellow balloons will start to appear. Do not stand under
    them because they pop and release spikes. Jump over or on them and
    keep going. The jacks just pop up for a few seconds and go back down,
    so avoid or jump on them.
    Hey, who's that guy in the background?
    Juggler Weasel
    The juggler weasel has two attacks. One is simply walking around,
    and the other attack is a toss of the fire balls.
    I mean, this is the first mid-stage boss, and as such is incredibly
    easy to beat. You can either wait for him to toss the fire balls and
    jump on his head, or jump on his nose. The weasel will blink for a
    while after a hit, so wait a few seconds before attacking again.
    It'll only take a few hits to put out the juggler weasel's flame.
    The Circus
    Make your way through this cage area, and avoid the caged monkeys.
    Once you go over the stack of cages a short scene will occur in the
    gypsy car.
    Yo, Donald! That's one friend found. Unfortunately this duck is
    clueless, but he will help out with a sweeper outfit. Hold A to suck
    in enemies and coins with the sweeper outfit.
    Now go back toward the left and jump up the gray blocks that will
    appear. Go up the circus roof, but I recommend switching to the
    normal outfit. It makes it easier to grab yellow blocks and kill the
    When you get to the top you may see a red battery. These refill the
    sweeper energy level.
    Circus Tent
    Use the swinging platforms to get across the gaps, then make sure
    your character has the normal outfit on. Break all the yellow
    blocks, but first grab the chain of the big block to get a whole
    bunch of gold coins.
    Avoid Pete's goons and fall on top of the stack of yellow blocks at
    the bottom. Wait for an enemy to fall down, then knock it out and
    pick it up. Release the enemy on top of the yellow blocks to destroy
    them all for points and little hearts. The big block will give up a
    large heart, which will not only refill your health, but also give
    one extra health point.
    Keep going and avoid any other enemies to go outside. Well, those
    eyes in the cage car certainly look ominous. Keep going to face the
    lion ringmaster.
    Lion Ringmaster
    The lion has two attacks. The first is a simple jump, and the second
    is a spinning mane toss. Avoiding the jumps is easy, and just stand
    far away to avoid the mane toss.
    Use the sweeper outfit to kill him off quickly. All you have to do
    is suck in all the puffs of the lion's mane, then jump on his head
    once they are gone. It will be too easy to lose.
                               3.2  The Jungle
    Enemies: Shrubs, goons, fishes, jungle turtle, snails, snakes,
             flying squirrels, 
    Ah, so it was the ghosts! Oh wait... Listen to their tale and you'll
    get a safari outfit to help you on your journey. Now, it's time for
    a trek through the jungle.
    The Jungle
    Nice, this new safari should be helpful. You can use it to climb up
    walls, as well as to swing from hooks. Make your way to the right,
    and avoid the shrubs of course. These are just like the clowns of
    the previous stage, so they're easy to kill.
    Eventually you'll run into a tree stump and one of Pete's goons.
    All he does is shoot an arrow, so jump over and keep going.
    When you get to the pond you can use the green vine at the top to
    swing across and avoid the fishes. Then keep going, same as always.
    You'll run into more shrubs and goons along the way, but once you
    get to the large tree just climb up to get to the other side.
    When you get to the pond it's time to fight the jungle turtle.
    Jungle Turtle
    Make sure you have the safari outfit on. Now, this turtle has two
    attacks. The first one is a jump onto the land. In the second attack
    the turtle will float on the surface and spin, shooting water on
    both sides.
    The easiest way to handle both attacks is to hang from the hooks.
    When the turtle jumps out to either side, jump on his head. After a
    few hits this turtle will go down.
    The Trees
    This area is filled with snails, snakes, and flying squirrels. The
    snails are slow, but they do release spikes. The snakes pop out of
    the trees and can only be knocked out, but you can also use them as
    platforms to keep going up. The flying squirrels fly around
    aimlessly, so they're easy to avoid.
    Make your way to the right and climb up the last tree, then get off
    on the second branch you come across. Go to the left, but when you
    reach the tree on the far left jump down. There should be a gray
    platform and a doorway.
    Go inside the door to find a large yellow block with a big heart
    inside, then exit. Make your way back up the trees, and use the gray
    hooks to get to the very top. Slide across the vine to get to the
    next area.
    The Swamp
    Swing down the vines, but make sure never to fall in a gap. There
    are several rows of spikes. Once you get to the pond, quickly swim
    to the left. Jump into the small gap at the left corner and you'll
    get two extra lives. Get back to the land on the right and enter the
    next part of the swamp.
    This area has some holes with steam vents that can cause damage. If
    you like, you can use the sweeper outfit to suck the big square
    blocks over the holes and block the steam. It's easier to just avoid
    the steam though.
    After passing the first steam vent, use the sweeper outfit to suck
    the left block toward gray platform. Use that block to get on the
    gray platform and open the large yellow block for an extra life. Use
    the normal outfit to break the small yellow blocks ahead, then keep
    Jungle Ape
    Walk into the area between two trees to meet the jungle ape. Not a
    nice fella, is he?
    The jungle ape has three attacks. His first attack is a simple jump
    from the tree tops. The next is a spinning razor attack where he
    will ricochet around while spinning. In the third attack the ape
    will grab a tree and shake it, causing coconuts to fall from the
    The best thing for all three attacks is to stick to the trees. If
    the ape is going to fall from above, just jump out of the way. You
    may also have to move when he does the spinning razor attack. The
    coconuts shouldn't be a problem.
    Attack the ape when he is on the ground. It's as simple as that.
    Since he will end up on the ground after most of the attacks, it
    should be easy enough.
                            3.3  The Haunted House
    Enemies: Ghosts, skeletons, goons, Pete's portrait, books, candles,
             little phantoms, phantom Pete
    Hey, Pluto! He's safe, so let's see what the ghosts have to say.
    They'll give you a clue as to who is responsible, then you'll get
    the cowboy outfit to help you out in the haunted house.
    The Front Hall
    The cowboy outfit gives you the ability to shoot enemies with corks.
    One hit from the gun is the same as two regular hits. You can also
    hold A to charge and do a dash attack. Oh, and jumping on enemies
    will take twice as much damage. Sweet...
    You'll run into ghosts as soon as you start. The ghosts will fly
    until you hit them, then they will be skeletons. It's just like all
    the other small enemies in the previous stages, so it's easy enough.
    Make your way to the right to get to a broken staircase, and some
    spikes. Jump over the spikes, then stand on the second step to break
    through to the bottom. Hop to the right and break all the yellow
    blocks to get point items and gold coins. Go in the door.
    Break open the yellow block to get a large heart, then leave. Go back
    up the broken steps and enter the next area. Now there will be some
    rooms with spikes on the ground, but there is an easy way to cross.
    When the skeletons pop out, jump on their head to jump across to the
    other side.
    After passing through two of those rooms you'll be in another hall.
    The yellow balls can be used as weapons, but the cowboy outfit will
    be a lot more useful. When you pass by the mirrors, some ghostly
    goons will appear. Just shoot them once to kill them.
    Keep going to enter the next area.
    The Collapse
    Switch to the safari outfit as soon as you enter this area. As
    always just head to the right. When you reach the gaps, use the
    skeletons. The gap on the far right can be jumped over by bouncing
    on a ghost.
    The next area will have a low ceiling covered in spikes. Here you'll
    have to use very small jumps, or the spikes will cause you to fall
    in the hole.
    Wait for the ghost to pass, then fall and grab the right side of the
    ledge. Make a tiny jump to reach the first platform. Then you'll
    have to do the same thing, and grab the right edge of the small
    platform. Once again, another small jump will get you to the next
    Repeat this with the last platform and make an extremely small jump
    to reach the last ledge. Climb up to continue.
    Pete's Portrait
    Ah, the mid-stage boss. This guy will have two attacks. His first is
    a beam that will cause some books to fly out. The second attack is a
    fire breath attack that rolls along the ground.
    You can avoid the books by jumping over them, and the fire breath is
    actually your chance to attack him. When he lowers his head to
    breathe fire (or just for no reason), shoot him with the gun. It'll
    only take a couple of hits to finish off this fake Pete.
    (Little side note: The Pete in the portrait is Emperor Pete, from
     'The Magical Quest'.)
    This area is simple enough, so it might be best to stay in the
    cowboy outfit. Hop your way through, avoiding any enemies that
    appear. The candles are new, but one shot from the gun will kill
    'em off. You can also use the sweeper outfit to suck out the flame,
    but the gun is easier.
    When you get near the end you should see two large yellow blocks.
    Shoot both of them to get a total of sixteen gold coins. Once you're
    done, enter the tower at the end.
    Haunted Tower
    This just involves going up the spiral staircase while avoiding
    enemies and getting bonus stuff. Make your way up, but stop when you
    get to the large group of yellow blocks. Break them all and get the
    stuff, then go inside the door.
    This is the General Store, where you can buy ammo and hearts, as
    well as upgrades for the sweeper and cowboy outfits. Each upgrade
    will cost 300 coins, and I recommend getting the cowboy upgrade
    first. It will power up your shots.
    After buying (or not buying), leave and keep climbing up the stairs.
    When you get to the part where the tower gets vertical, it's time to
    face the boss.
    Phantom Pete
    This phantom has two attacks. The first is simply flying from left
    to right, and right to left. The other attack is a batch of small
    phantoms that will fly out of the mouth.
    But as always, the boss is simple to beat. There will be a ring of
    blue flame around the ghost, which protects him from getting hit.
    But, if you jump and shoot the split second before the blue flame
    disappears, you can always hit the phantom. It takes some timing,
    but this strategy is the easiest way to kill the phantom.
    Should any ghosts slip out, just jump on them to make them vanish.
    It'll only take a couple of hits to send this phantom back to the
    Great, so now all you have to do is slide down that rope and... oh,
    that's just great.
                                3.4  The Caves
    Enemies: Crystal bats, ants, tunnel weasel, shell fossil, fins,
    Flooded Cavern
    So, now we have a little detour. Go to the right, and avoid the
    crystals that hang from the ceiling. Some will just fall, while
    others will turn into bats. Both are easy enough to avoid.
    When you get to the end of the cavern, it will start to flood. A
    green ant may appear, but it is just like all the other small
    enemies in the game. One hop will knock them out. As for the water,
    do not stay under too long. It's possible for your character to get
    hurt by lack of air.
    So, the cavern will start to flood. Switch to the normal outfit
    because you will need to grab and break several groups of yellow
    blocks as you float up. Make sure to stay to the right for the
    majority of the time, because most of the gaps are on the right. As
    always you will get coins and points from the yellow blocks.
    Switch to the safari suit and make your way to the right. As you
    walk down the stream you should see some gray hooks, so jump and
    grab them. Use the yellow block or the cowboy outfit to break the
    large yellow block and get eight gold coins.
    Grab the other gray hook to get across the gap and to the right.
    Crystal Cavern
    This area has spikes all over, so of course you'll want to stay
    high. When you cross the spike floors that have thick crystals over
    them, use the gray hooks to swing and knock down the crystals. They
    can then be used as platforms.
    When you reach the right side, some strange disappearing crystal
    platforms will pop up. Climb up the first one and go to the left to
    find a niche in the wall. Grab the hook or shoot the block to get a
    large heart.
    Keep jumping up the platforms and go to the right. Get that gun if
    you need it, then enter the door. It's another General Store, so if
    you have enough money I once again recommend buying the sweeper or
    cowboy upgrade.
    All right, so now go to the left, and climb into the next tunnel. 
    Tunnel Weasel
    This weasel has two attacks. The first is his hopping around, and the
    second is a wall shake that will cause blocks to fall from the
    ceiling. He can also remove blocks from the ground and open a hole to
    the spikes, so watch out.
    The best thing to do is use the cowboy outfit. You could shoot, but
    jumping on the weasel's head will take a lot more, especially with
    the cowboy outfit.
    A few simple hits will finish him off, so keep going once that is
    Fossil Cavern
    It's time for the safari outfit again. You can easily get across
    the gaps by sticking to walls and swinging on gray hooks. But, make
    sure to avoid or kill the fossil shells and ants.
    So, head to the right. When you see the ribs sticking out of the
    wall, make sure to use it. The gaps under the ribs will always have
    About halfway through the area you should see a gray block, and a
    doorway above it. Go inside to break open a large yellow block and
    get an extra life.
    When you come across another hole in the ceiling, run! An egg will
    fall down and roll down the hill, destroying the rib bridge. If the
    bridge gets destroyed, use the gray hooks to get across. Go through
    the tunnel to enter the dinosaur chamber.
    Holy mother of... Did that dinosaur just come back to life?! I guess
    he's not too happy that you woke him up.
    The dinosaur has three attacks. He will release the fins on his back,
    which is really just an annoyance. His spiked tail will also appear
    from the left, and when the head appears he will blow steam, which
    pushes you toward the tail.
    Get that cowboy outfit on again, then just jump on his head when it
    appears. You can pretty much hold the jump button the whole time and
    get through without a hit.
    This will only take a few hits before the dinosaur goes back to
    permanent sleep.
                            3.5  The Frozen Plains
    Enemies: Ice crystals, purple urchins, sled weasel, electric
             jellyfish, ice cloud
    Flooded Cave
    We're finally back on track, above land. Make your way to the right,
    and do not jump on the ice crystals. Their pointy head will cause
    damage. Make sure to also break the yellow blocks, and if you break
    the clock block it will freeze everything for a few seconds.
    Switch to the safari outfit once you're inside the cave. Make your
    way to the right while avoiding the spikes and urchins that run
    along the ground and ceiling, and when you get to the flooded pond
    go into the doorway at the bottom.
    If you still have money, I recommend getting the large heart to add
    another heart to your health. Leave once you're done.
    Now keep going to the right. There will be more urchins and spikes
    along the way, so deal with them accordingly. Also remember to break
    the yellow blocks for items.
    A little further ahead you'll fall into a large hole, and fight the
    sled weasel.
    Sled Weasel
    The sled weasel has two attacks. He will spin around in the spiky
    sled and attempt to hit you, and when he stops he may release two
    spiked balls.
    The easiest thing to do is jump on his head with the cowboy outfit.
    When the water goes up you can wait on the ledges at the top and
    spring onto him when the weasel is near. It will only take a few
    hits to finish him.
    Underwater Cave
    Ok, this next part will be entirely underwater. Yes the characters
    can get hurt from lack of air, but there will be air bubbles
    throughout the area. They will be huge and big enough for your
    character to fit in. Only two seconds of air will refill you.
    So, if you're ready switch to the normal outfit. There will be lots
    of yellow blocks, and remember: we like bonus stuff. Make your way
    through the first tunnel in here, and of course avoid any spikes and
    When you reach the big area the electric jellyfish will appear. They
    float aimlessly, but can reach out with their electric shocks.
    Needless to say, don't even try. Swim to the top once you get into
    the high ceiling area. Up on the left side there will be a doorway,
    so go in.
    Open this large yellow block to get an extra life, then go back
    Now just go to the right. Avoid what has to be avoided and bust open
    any blocks, then quickly swim up to the surface to get out of the
    Frozen Plains
    Get that safari suit on and just run. There will be plenty of gray
    hooks to go over all the enemies, but if you want the yellow blocks
    you'll have to switch to the normal outfit.
    Eventually you'll go through a small cave, but it's easy. Keep
    swinging on hooks. Hmmm... There's an awful lot of red batteries.
    Wonder why...
    Once you leave the cave you'll meet the boss.
    Ice Cloud
    The cloud puff has three attacks. It will float around, and if you
    touch it you will be frozen. Press Left and Right rapidly to
    unfreeze. The second attack is a group of snow flakes that will also
    freeze you, and the third attack will be a group of lightning bolts.
    Now, suck! Seriously. Use the sweeper outfit to suck in parts of the
    cloud until it disappears. Remember you have to be close to actually
    reach. It'll only take a few sucks to suck the cloud out of this
                            3.6  The Baron's Castle
    Enemies: Candles, little phantoms, goons, juggler weasel, Pete's
             portrait, ghosts, gargoyles, Baron Pete, dragon Pete
    We're finally at the castle of that dastardly, devilish demon of the
    depths, Baron Pete!
    The Dungeon
    You'll start in the dungeon under the castle. Switch to the safari
    outfit and make your way to the right. Use all the gray hooks you
    see to get over the flaming gaps.
    When you reach the large swinging spiked ball, jump onto the gray
    blocks under it. Remember to duck as it swings by, then jump to get
    to the other gray block and keep going.
    To cross the next flaming gap, slide down the chain. Break the two
    yellow blocks if you want, then climb up to the tunnel. 
    There will be some large spiked balls in here, and the best way to
    avoid them is to duck on either side. There will also be some yellow
    blocks next to the first one, and they have the typical hearts and
    point items.
    Go up to the top and keep going to enter the next area.
    Castle Hall
    Use the normal outfit for a while. Grab the ball if you like, and use
    it to kill at least one of the little phantoms that will come out of
    the armor suits.
    Go into the doorway when you see it to go inside another General
    Store. If you have enough cash I would get the large heart. Leave
    once you're done.
    The mirrors at the top will yield some of those ghostly goons, but
    you can just shoot them or use the yellow balls to finish 'em off.
    Break through the group of yellow blocks for stuff.
    Get the safari outfit to cross the gap and go into the doorway to
    meet an old 'friend'.
    Juggler weasel
    It's this guy again. It's just like before, but this time you can
    use the cowboy outfit to have it even easier. Go to the right once
    you're done.
    Castle Hall (again)
    Off to the right again. If you want to get some extra cash, climb up
    to the gray block and shoot the large yellow block for eight gold
    coins. Keep going once you're done.
    Pete's Portrait
    It's another old friend. It's exactly like before, except if you got
    the cowboy upgrade it may be a bit easier. Once you're done, move
    Inner Chambers
    Switch to the safari outfit and go to the right. If you stand on
    those arrow blocks, they will move in the direction they point. But
    you'll want to avoid the ghosts of course. Climb up to keep going.
    Break the yellow blocks on the left side and go to the right. The
    gargoyles will breathe out flames, so to avoid getting hit just get
    close and back away.
    After going through that you'll meet a few arrow-shooting goons.
    Don't even bother attacking, just avoid their arrows and keep going.
    Now there will be a column of arrow blocks. Stand on the first two
    blocks to get them out of the way, then climb up to the third and
    use it to get to the doorway at the top.
    One of the large blocks will have a large heart, and the other will
    have an extra life. Leave when you're done.
    Keep going to the right and switch to the normal outfit. Avoid the
    ghosts and cannon balls, and bust open all the yellow blocks for
    more hearts and point items.
    Go back to the safari outfit and climb up the tunnel on the right.
    Avoid the cannon balls, and once you get to the top go to the right.
    Cross the bridge for the final showdown against the evil Baron Pete.
    Baron Pete
    Man, Pete has certainly grown since the last time I saw him in a
    cartoon! Anyway, he will have two attacks. For the first attack Pete
    will create a bolt of lightning and send two electric balls along the
    ground. Pete will create some ghosts using the cauldrons as a second
    But before you can even attack, you'll have to break that horned
    helmet. Switch to the cowboy outfit and jump on the cauldrons and
    hands to reach his head. Shoot the helmet about seven times to break
    Once the helmet is off, just jump on his head repeatedly to finish
    off Baron Pete. 
    Hah, you won! Oh wait... what's he turning into?
    Dragon Pete
    Pete will now be in the form of a large dragon. Pete's only attack
    will be a fire breath attack along the ground.
    You can either shoot Pete using the cowboy outfit, or jump on his
    head. Jumping on his head will kill him off quickly, but you may get
    hit. Either way it's not too hard.
    Well, that's it! Baron Pete's reign of terror has been put to an end,
    and all of Mickey and Minnie's friends are safe.
    Enjoy the ending, and remember to keep watching after the credits
    for the full ending.
                  Congratulations, and thanks for playing!!!
    ===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================
    Stage Passwords
    Haunted Circus... Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald
    Jungle........... Pluto, Donald, Mickey, Goofy 
    Haunted House.... Goofy, Donald, Mickey, Minnie 
    Caves............ Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Mickey 
    Frozen Plains.... Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Goofy 
    Baron's Castle... Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Minnie
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================
                            5.1  Version History
    October 15: Version 1.0
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Entire guide resubmitted. Have fun!
                             5.2  Guide Credits
    Thanks to...
    1. Capcom, Disney, and Sega for creating this great little game.
    2. Thanks to Wilson Lau, whose Bart vs. the Space Mutants guide
    inspired me to write video game guides.
    3. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own
                          5.3  Contact Information
    The address is: subsane@gmail.com
    The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely
    respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without
    a subject. Put 'Circus Mystery FAQ' or something similar in the
    subject line.
                              5.4  Legal Stuff
    1. "The Great Circus Mystery" is copyright © 1994 Capcom U.S.A.
    Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and any other Disney characters are
    property of the Walt Disney Corporation.
    2. This guide copyright © 2003 Torro (AKA SubSane). This guide may
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