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    FAQ by ABK420

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/13/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     *Greatest Heavyweights*
                               FAQ for the Sega Genesis Game Console
                                         Version 1.0
                                First Submitted November 13, 2002
                                Written by ABK420 (Cory McKnight)
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls
    3. The Main Menu
    4. Game Modes
    5. Cheats/Secrets
    6. Hints/Strategies
    7. Legal Stuff
    Section 1: Intro
       Greatest Heavyweights was first released in 1993 for the Sega Genesis game 
    console. I bought it in 1993, and still play it currently in 2002. It is a 
    professional boxing game, and it encompasses everything a good boxing game 
    needs to to be successful. I hope you like this game as much as I do, and 
    learn some stuff you didn't know from this FAQ.
    Section 2: Controls
       The controls in this game are quite simple, and take very little time to 
    master. I will include 3 button and 6 button controls for this game.
    3 Button Controls
    When in the ring:
    D-Pad: Moves boxer back and forth
    A: Throws a left jab
    B: Blocks head
    C: Throws a right jab
    A+D-Pad towards opponent: Throws a left hook
    C+D-Pad towards opponent: Throws a right hook
    A+B: Throws a left uppercut
    B+C: Throws a right uppercut
    B+D-Pad down blocks body
    A+B+C: Taunts your opponent
    6 Button Controls
    D-Pad: Moves boxer back and forth
    A: Throws a left jab
    B: Blocks head
    C: Throws a right jab
    A+D-Pad towards opponent: Throws a left hook
    C+D-Pad towards opponent: Throws a right hook
    B+D-Pad down: Blocks body
    X: Throws a left uppercut
    Z: Throws a right uppercut
    A+B+C: Taunts opponent
    Using these controls, you can throw combinations that will hopefully put your 
    opponent on the mat. Try stringing left and right jabs together and throwing 
    body to head combos and vice versa.
    Section 3: The Main Menu
    When you get to the main menu, you will be given the following options:
    Play Mode
    New Career
    Resume Career
    1 Player vs. CPU
    CPU vs. 1 Player
    2 Players
    Demo (CPU vs. CPU)
    Game Options
    The Greatest: View credits.
    Reset Cartridge: Resets your game cartridge without you hitting the reset 
    button on your Genesis.
    Number of Rounds: Set the number of rounds in the fight (1-12).
    Main Menu: Returns to the main menu.
    Start Game
    Commences to the fight in exhibition, goes to the create/select character 
    screen in New/Resume Career, and to the match up screen when in a tournament.
    Section 4: Game Modes 
    This is where I'll explain the modes listed above in detail.
    Exhibition: This is a fight where the outcome is not put on the winner and 
    loser's record. It's sort of like a practice fight, where you can hone your 
    skills for the game.
    New Career: Start a career with a created boxer, and win fights against the 
    guy ranked 1 higher than you to advance up the roster, win money, and increase 
    your skill levels. Skill levels are the red bars that appear under your 
    picture at the match up screen. They start off pretty low, but as you commence 
    with your career, you can train and increase each bar until you're perfect in 
    each category which are Power, Speed, and Stamina.
    Resume Career: Greatest Heavyweights has a great feature that saves your 
    career automatically after each fight, so when you turn off your Genesis and 
    then turn it back on, go to this mode and you can keep going with your career.
    Tournament: My personal favorite. You choose one of the eight all time 
    greatest heavyweight boxers on the game which are Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, 
    Larry Holmes, Jack Dempsey, Floyd Patterson, Evander Holyfield, Rocky 
    Marciano, and Joe Louis, and enter an 8 man tournament of these boxers. One 
    loss eliminates you, and 1 win advances you to the next round.
    Section 5: Cheats/Secrets
    There are no known cheats or secrets for this game, but if any surface, I'll 
    be sure to add them.
    Section 6: Hints/Strategies
    These hints will most likely help you be successful in the career mode option.
    1. Use combinations. A lot. Go from head to body, body to head, mix up 
    punches, and hit four punch combos to make spit fly out of your opponents 
    mouth and knock him back.
    2. Keep your hands up. Hold the B button as you approach your opponent, and 
    use it often throughout each round. Shorter boxers tend to go for the body, 
    and larger ones go for the head, so know which part to block during the fight.
    3. Back off if your energy is low. Unfortunately there is no clinching option, 
    so backing off and blocking are your only forms of rest. Use them when in 
    4. Try to stay ahead in points. Each round is scored on a scale of 1-10 for 
    each boxer based on his advantage during the round. Try to keep a steady pace 
    and land a lot of your punches, don't leave openings for your opponent by not 
    blocking, and knock him down to keep your point tally above or tied to his.
    5. Don't go after the big guy. Stick to guys that are one rank above you, or 
    below you in rank if the next one up is too powerful and you need more skill 
    Section 7: Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is copyright Cory McKnight, 2002. All names used are copyright to the 
    Sega company. This FAQ may not be reproduced or posted anywhere else without 
    my written consent. If you fail to ask me and use this, action will be taken 
    against you. I hate plagiarists.
    I hope this FAQ helped you, have fun with this great game! 

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