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"An average puzzler not suited to the Genesis."

The genesis was never renown for its puzzle games, most people would probably only be able to name a few. The main reason for this is that besides Columns, Lemmings and a few others, most of the games were like the ones you had on your PC desktop or similar to games on the Spectrum. Junction is another one of those games, it is very similar to a game that was out years ago called Pipemania.

The game takes place on a rectangular grid with a set amount of tiles, each tile has a specific pattern on. Some may have a + sign, some may have a curve on, there are many types. When the level starts there is a marble which starts to move around your grid, you must keep the marble moving without it running into a dead end. The objective of each level is to run the marble over a set amount of tiles that are lying at the edge of the grid. You cant just place tiles anywhere though, there is a gap in the grid and you slide tiles into the gap. It works like one of those slidy tile games where you have to make a picture of get he numbers in order, this is the best way I can describe it. Besides sliding, you can also speed the ball up and slow it down at you will. Slowing down makes a timer run down, when it runs out you cannot use the ability again that level.

The first few level are quite easy and get you used to the way things work, soon you will start needing to try over to get the better of the levels. The game lets you start on any level between 1 and 50, I don't know if there are any more after this but if you decide to jump straight in at 50 you will not know where to start.

The graphics and sounds are pretty basic but who said that a puzzle game has to look fantastic, that's no what were here for right? There are a few nice backgrounds to relieve you of the sight of the grid but nothing special graphically. As for the sound, there isn't any! It would have been nice to have something plinking away in the background but all you get is a few bleeps here and there. Shame really because something nice and chilled out would have worked quite nicely.

Overall this is quite a nice puzzle game that wont be appreciated on the Genesis, it may be worth renting out for a day or so if you have some spare time. I don't really see the point of buying a game like this when it is the kind of thing that sells as freeware on PC.

Graphics - 4 - Some nice backgrounds.
Sounds - 1 - Not music, just a few fx.
Gameplay - 5 - Slow but not too boring.
Game size - 8 - Loads of levels to master.
Addictiveness - 5 - You may get hooked if you like this sort of thing.

Overall - 4 - An average puzzle game probably not suited to Genesis.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/12/01, Updated 09/12/01

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