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    ***====JUNGLE STRIKE====***
             VERSION 2
    This guide was written by Cyber Predator, who resides at 
    http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Chamber/1301 and can be e-mailed at 
    Because this guide is posted to GameFAQs it is protected by copyright.  You can 
    use this document for research purposes (ie, use the information but put it in 
    your own words) if you credit this document.  You cannot copy word-for-word from 
    this document unless you have permission from Cyber Predator AND you say that 
    it's Cyber Predator's work and not your own.  If you want to translate the text-
    only file into HTML, you must follow the same proceedure for a word-for-word 
    copy.  GameFAQs forbids linking directly to the text-only file, therefore Cyber 
    Predator forbids it also.
    Anything you reconise as being copyrighted by someone other than Cyber Predator 
    remains the property of its respective owner; Cyber Predator is only giving 
    information about these copyrighted entities which the copyright owners aren't 
    making very public.
    Version Information
    Author's Note
    Sub Attack
    Training Ground
    Night Strike
    Puloso City
    Snow Fortress
    River Raid
    Return Home
    Level Passwords
    Cheat Passwords
    Game Genie Codes
    Credits and Taglines
    VERSION 1 - 2313 GMT, 17-Oct-1999
    Contains the eight level passwords and hints for the first seven campaigns, 
    along with the usual credits, copyright info and author's note.
    VERSION 2 - 2210 GMT, 21-Oct-1999
    Added the cheat passwords and patch codes, and the locations of some hidden 
    goodies.  I also found the names of all the levels.
    ***AUTHOR'S NOTE***
    Browsing casually through the GameFAQs request page, I found that one of the 
    most requested FAQs was for Jungle Strike.  I personally haven't played the game 
    but I do have a book gathering dust on my shelves which does, so me being the 
    nice person I am decided to give it some rewording and post it on the 'Net.
    ***SUB ATTACK***
    Throughout this campaign keep a careful look on your fuel statistics.  You'll be 
    fighting so hard that the fuel will approach bingo very quickly.
    This is a protect mission in which you have to stop things like the Washington 
    Monument from becoming rubble.  This is easily achieved by careful aiming, 
    hitting the armed foes rather than something important.
    While lobbing missiles at the cars, check your fire carefully as there are 
    civillians in the area.
    As you escort the President, stay ahead of the car so you can take out foes 
    before they pose a threat.  Terrorist vans are the usual foes.
    The following mission sees you trying to capture a Commander.  Shoot the sides 
    of the building where he's trapped with your Gattling Guns, then take out the 
    guy armed with a rocket launcher.  You are now free to capture the Commander 
    using the winch.
    While rescuing Akbar, take out the sniper before use Hellfires on the house.
    Two SEALs are a little geographically embarassed on this level, but there aren't 
    too many foes so just focus on the game and you'll find them soon enough.  
    Proceed to where the hovercraft's docked after you find them, but you need to 
    take out four patrolling guards before you can board it.
    Use missiles rather than mines to take out the boats, but don't follow too close 
    or they'll lead you into very treacherous waters.
    The stranded pilot is about to be blown from into the next universe with all the 
    weapons aimed at him, so move and shoot fast.
    ***NIGHT STRIKE***
    Destroy all of the control towers to complete the first objective, and blast 
    open tents for power-ups that don't appear on the map.
    Destroying the tank depot reduces enemy numbers and makes your job easier.  Pick 
    off the soldiers that flee the wreck for extra points.
    When you capture the communications expert you need him to bug Madman Jr's 
    phone.  Fly to the communications wires on the far side of the camp.
    Three wooden huts are in the area; blow them open and capture the residents for 
    radio passwords.
    Your final objective is destroying the nuclear reactors.  Destroy the armed 
    vehicles around them before blasing the buildings
    ***PULOSO CITY***
    As you destroy the look-out towers in the first part of the level, stay close to 
    them so the enemies aren't generated.  This allows you to save ammo and energy.
    Attack vehicles are on stand-by while you rescue the hostages, but they'll be 
    fired up soon enough.
    If you attack the helicopter wing from behind, they won't see you coming and 
    will be sitting ducks.
    Hit the weapons plants hard and fast, as one mistake will cost you a life.
    The group commander is in the barracks south-west of the wasted weapons plants.
    Here you must destroy warehouses suspected of harbouring terrorists and rescue 
    trapped civilians.  Eliminate the towers guarding the buildings before joining 
    the main battle for a better chance.  Destroy the two black high-rise buildings 
    in the downtown area.
    Near the warehouses are strolling scientists.  Pick them up rather than kill 
    them as a boost to military intelligence.
    Armoured cars now try to leave the city, but you must persue them using a police 
    motorbike.  The police headquarters are by the power lines; destroy the radar 
    dish before you land.  Use mines to take out the armoured cars.
    Before you battle it out with the drug lord stock up with all the fuel, weapons 
    and armour in sight.  Trust me, you'll need it.
    ***RIVER RAID***
    This level takes place over icy wastelands, and at the very begining your foes 
    are upon you.  Destroy the outer defence lines beforehand to dampen hostile 
    firepower; left of the starting point is an igloo and landing pad hiding Armour, 
    a 1-Up and the Super Winch.
    A hidden Armour power-up is located south of the prisoner camp; destroy the 
    building south of the guard tower.  Near two barren trees and an enemy 
    helicopter is another Armour boost.
    In the middle of the map are some small rocks.  Blast them to reveal a hidden 
    bunker full of warheads that you pick up with the winch.
    When you make it to the power lines, don't attack the tanks because they're all 
    but invincible and you'll just be wasting firepower.
    Look for prominent snowdrifts and shoot them to reveal secret bases.  Return to 
    headquarters once this is over.
    Destroy the artillery surrounding the Stealth and land the 'chopper to board 
    your next vehicle.  Now head to the nearest bridge, taking out the tanks and 
    finally the bridge itself.
    North of the Landing Pad, blast the three pyramids to reveal extra lives.  There 
    are also three Armour power-ups in this level: in the north-west, under the 
    Humvee near the radar; under a Sheridan tank in the north-east area; and under a 
    Humvee between a bridge and a temple in the south-east.
    To destroy the missile launchers, drop to a low altitide and circle around them.  
    Use Hellfires when they're within range.  Use the same technique on the fuel 
    dump before heading for the pyramids.
    Once this is over, return to the airport and get back in the helicopter.  Return 
    to base to proceed to the next level.
    ***RETURN HOME***
    I'm afraid the book I'm basing this guide on ending its hints at Campaign Seven, 
    so much as I'd like to provide information there's nothing I can do to help.  
    ==== PASSWORDS====
    1 Sub Attack: RXVWT74MYR7
    2 Training Ground: 9WT7NHCFVNY
    3 Night Strike: X7NL4SHCYRN
    4 Puloso City: VL4S6MGZBVP
    5 Snow Fortress: WS6MHPZE9TJ
    6 River Raid: TMHPGCFDYRL
    7 Mountains: 7PGCZJYK3XM
    8 Return Home: NCZJFD3BRWC
    23 Lives and almost all co-pilots: BXYTNMGCYDB
    To start on any level with 10 lives and all co-pilots, enter the following:
    1 Sub Attack: RXVWT74S6KB
    2 Training Ground: 9WT7NL6MHBV
    3 Night Strike: X7NL4SHPG94
    4 Puloso City: VL4S6MGCZVH
    5 Snow Fortress: W6JB9TL4SYW
    6 River Raid: TMHPGCFDYN3
    7 Mountains: 7PGCZJYK34X
    8 Return Home: NCZJFD3BR67
    I feel I should make it known that because Patch Code devices like the Game 
    Genie alter the data of the game, either your game or machine could get messed 
    up permanently. The companies have a nice little disclaimer saying it's not 
    their fault since you're the one using the thing, and none of the devices are 
    endorsed by Sega.
    As for me personally, I don't even believe in the use of a Patch Code device 
    because of the risks involved. But like a wise man once said there's one born 
    every minute and there's no way I can stop you if you decision to use one. 
    Consider yourself warned and use these codes at your equipment's peril.
    Master Code: R13B-861A  ENTER OR THE OTHERS WON'T WORK!!
    Start on Sub Atack: AGGA-GAEY
    Start on Training Ground: ALGA-GAEY
    Start on Night Strike: ARGA-GAEY
    Start on Puloso City: AWGA-GAEY
    Start on Snow Fortress: A0GA-GAEY
    Start on River Raid: A4GA-GAEY
    Start on Mountains: A8GA-GAEY
    Start on Return Home: BCGA-GAEY
    Start on Win Screen: BGGA-GAEY
    Choose any co-pilot: ACGA GAEA  DO NOT enter a password!!
    Choose any co-pilot: ACGA-GAEA + BCFT-GA2Y  Can enter a password
    Infinite lives: D5DT-GA7A
    Start with 1 life: AGGA-GABT
    Start with 2 lives: ALGA-GABT
    Start with 5 lives: A0GA-GABT
    Start with 7 lives: A8GA-GABT
    Start with 9 lives: BGGA-GABT
    Infinite fuel: AXDA-GA3N
    Maximum fuel is 25: DGTT-GAG2
    Maximum fuel is 50: GLTT-GAG2
    Maximum fuel is 75: KRTT-GAG2
    Maximum fuel is 150: W4TT-GAG2
    Maximum fuel is 250: 9LTT-GAG2
    Maximum fuel is 500: 8WTT-GCG2
    Maximum fuel is 999: 68TT-GGG2
    Infinite ammo: AKFT-JA9C
    Maximum helicopter guns is 0: AAMV-WACL
    Maximum helicopter guns is 250: 9JMV-WACL
    Maximum helicopter guns is 500: 8TMV-WCCL
    Maximum helicopter guns is 750: 72MV-WECL
    Maximum helicopter guns is 1 500: 5TMV-WLCL
    Maximum helicopter guns is 2 000: 4AMV-WRCL
    Maximum helicopter guns is 5 000: VAMV-XGCL
    Maximum helicopter guns is 9 999: B6MV-WRLL
    Maximum Hydras is 0: AAMV-WADW
    Maximum Hydras is 20: CTMV-WADW
    Maximum Hydras is 40: FAMV-WADW
    Maximum Hydras is 80: LAMV-WADW
    Maximum Hydras is 100: NTMV-WADW
    Maximum Hydras is 200: 3AMV-WADW
    Maximum Hydras is 500: 8TMV-WCDW
    Maximum Hydras is 999: 66MV-WGDW
    Maximum Hellfires is 0: AAMV-WAE6
    Maximum Hellfires is 3: ANMV-WAE6
    Maximum Hellfires is 6: A2MV-WAE6
    Maximum Hellfires is 15: B6MV-WAE6
    Maximum Hellfires is 25: DEMV-WAE6
    Maximum Hellfires is 50: GJMV-WAE6
    Maximum Hellfires is 100: NTMV-WAE6
    Maximum Hellfires is 500: 8TMV-WCE6
    Maximum Hellfires is 999: 66MV-WGE6
    Maximum Armour is 200: 3DEB-TAA4
    Maximum Armour is 400: WDEB-TCA4
    Maximum Armour is 600: MDEB-TEA4
    Maximum Armour is 800: EDEB-TGA4
    Maximum Armour is 1 200: 0DEB-TJA4
    Maximum Armour is 1 500: 5XEB-TLA4
    Maximum Armour is 2 000: 4DEB-TRA4
    Maximum Armour is 3 000: 1DEB-T0A4
    Maximum Armour is 5 000: VDEB-VGA4
    Maximum Armour is 9 999: B9EB-TRJ4
    Maximum hovercraft guns is 0: AANB-WABC
    Maximum hovercraft guns is 250: 9JNB-WABC
    Maximum hovercraft guns is 500: 8TNB-WCBC
    Maximum hovercraft guns is 750: 72NB-WEBC
    Maximum hovercraft guns is 1 500: 5TNB-WLBC
    Maximum hovercraft guns is 2 000: 4ANB-WRBC
    Maximum hovercraft guns is 5 000: VANB-XGBC
    Maximum hovercraft guns is 9 999: B6NB-WRKC
    Maximum Rockets is 0: AANB-WACL
    Maximum Rockets is 25: DENB-WACL
    Maximum Rockets is 75: KNNB-WACL
    Maximum Rockets is 100: NTNB-WACL
    Maximum Rockets is 200: 3ANB-WACL
    Maximum Rockets is 500: 8TNB-WCCL
    Maximum Rockets is 999: 66NB-WGCL 
    Maximum Armour is 200: 3DFB-TAFN
    Maximum Armour is 300: FXFB-TCFN
    Maximum Armour is 1 000: 7DFB-TGFN
    Maximum Armour is 2 000: 4DFB-TRFN
    Maximum Armour is 5 000: VDFB-VGFN
    Maximum Armour is 9 999: B9FB-TRPN
    Maximum motorbike guns is 0: AANB-WADY
    Maximum motorbike guns is 250: 9JNB-WADY
    Maximum motorbike guns is 500: 8TNB-WCDY
    Maximum motorbike guns is 750: 72NB-WEDY
    Maximum motorbike guns is 1 500: 5TNB-WLDY
    Maximum motorbike guns is 2 000: 4ANB-WRDY
    Maximum motorbike guns is 5 000: VANB-XGDY
    Maximum motorbike guns is 9 999: B6NB-WRMY
    Maximum Missiles is 0: AANB-WAE6
    Maximum Missiles is 10: BJNB-WAE6
    Maximum Missiles is 20: CTNB-WAE6
    Maximum Missiles is 50: GJNB-WAE6
    Maximum Missiles is 100: NTNB-WAE6
    Maximum Missiles is 250: 9JNB-WAE6
    Maximum Missiles is 500: 8TNB-WCE6
    Maximum Missiles is 999: 66NB-WGE6
    Maximum Armour is 100: NXFV-TAC4
    Maximum Armour is 200: 3DFV-TAC4
    Maximum Armour is 750: 75FV-TEC4
    Maximum Armour is 1 000: 7DFV-TGC4
    Maximum Armour is 2 000: 4DFV-TRC4
    Maximum Armour is 5 000: VDFV-VGC4
    Maximum Armour is 9 999: B9FV-TRL4
    The following codes work for both the Hovercraft and Motorbike:
    Maximum Mines is 0: AANB-WAGG
    Maximum Mines is 3: ANNB-WAGG
    Maximum Mines is 6: A2NB-WAGG
    Maximum Mines is 15: B6NB-WAGG
    Maximum Mines is 25: DENB-WAGG
    Maximum Mines is 50: GJNB-WAGG
    Maximum Mines is 100: NTNB-WAGG
    Maximum Mines is 500: 8TNB-WCGG
    Maximum Mines is 999: 66NB-WGGG
    Maximum Stealth Armour is 250: 9MGV-TAE6
    Maximum Stealth Armour is 500: 8XGV-TCE6
    Maximum Stealth Armour is 800: EDGV-TGE6
    Maximum Stealth Armour is 2 000: 4DGV-TRE6
    Maximum Stealth Armour is 3 000: 1DGV-T0E6
    Maximum Stealth Armour is 5 000: VDGV-VGE6
    Maximum Stealth Armour is 9 999: B9GV-TRN6
    The Sega Power Tips book was the reference used in writing this guide.  
    GameSages provided the cheat codes, patch codes and the locations of some hidden 
    Cyber Predator
    "Anyone who seeks fame need only become familiar with all that I have acheived." 
    - Claudius Galen
    The Force will be with you, always

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