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    Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters
    (Sega Genesis)
    No codes are available for this version.
    Start out with 8 credits for 2 players and 9 credits for 1 player.
    Difficulties (star after 1st 1000 points, then star after every 2000 points
    for every mode): Easy, Normal, Hard, Super Hard
    Stage 1: The Bank Robbery
            1-1 Shoot behind the bank sign to receive rifle
            1-2 Double Rig under Wells Fargo sign
                          Cannon on Floor
            1-4 Gatlin Gun when you shoot enemy
    Boss: Shoot the cannonballs and the boss in the wagon until the life line is
    Stage 2: Stage Holdup
            No extra bonus guns can be found on level 2.
    Boss: Shoot the barrels that the boss inside the moving covered wagon (back
    view) throws as well as the boss until the life line is gone.
    Bonus Stage: Shoot the bottles on the shelf as well as the moving target
    below and the side lamps.
    Stage 3: Saloon Showdown
            3-1 Shotgun behind enemy that comes out from the lower right corner
            3-4 Shoot plant for Rifle
            3-5 Get Gatling Gun after you shoot the guy behind the swinging door
            3-6 Shoot the moosehead above the piano for the Gatling gun
            3-7 50 Caliber Sharp when you shoot saloon sign
                 Double Rig at the left window
    Boss: Need to quickly draw and shoot all the guys before they shoot you.
    Stage 4: The Train Robbery
            4-1 Double Rig below the Southern Pacific sign
                  50 Caliber Sharp below the second Southern Pacific sign
                  Gatling Gun on cargo cart before the cow
                  Gatling Gun by man with sombrero
    Boss: To defeat the boss with a beard throwing dynamite at the front of the
    train, shoot the dynamite and the boss until the lifeline is gone.
    Bonus Stage: Shoot the bottles that are thrown as best you can.
    Stage 5: The Hide Out
            5-2 Double Rig when you shoot a woman that pops out of the lower left 
            corner 50 Caliber Sharp when you shoot a woman that comes out of the 
            barn door
            5-3 Gatlin Gun when you shoot the bottom right corner
                  Cannon lower left corner
            5-4 Rifle and 50 Caliber Sharp if you shoot the broad side of the barn
            5-5 Rifle by the left opening of the cave
    Boss: Shoot the skeletons, the big chief, the axes, the balls of fire until
    the life line goes down.
    0-59% = Posse
    60-69% = Deputy
    70-79% = Sheriff
    80-89% = Deputy Marshall
    90-100% =US Marshall

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