Review by supermarioandsonicfan1986

Reviewed: 02/09/06

Not the best game

Marsupilami is one of the most hardest games I played on the Genesis. This is one game that is hard to the max! It also had a Saturday morning cartoon on CBS. I only seen it a few times and it's OK. But the game is kinda mediocre. I'm about to review this game.

Story: Alfredo the elephant has escaped from the zoo and he wants to go back home to the jungle. It's up to Marsupilami to make sure that he goes back home and away from the zoo keeper. Wow, how fun. Story gets 4/10

Graphics: If it wasn't for the graphics, I would of gave this game a one. But these graphics are simply the best graphics yet. So colorful and rich. Graphics gets a 8/10.

Sound/Music:Not bad, but not good either. Some of the music can get on your nerves after a while, if you plan on playing this game, grab some CDS. The sounds are kinda annoying after a while. Music and Sound gets a 5/10.

Control:The controller is slippery sometimes. Marsupilami jumps too fast. Control gets a 6/10

Game play: This is what spoils the game the most. There are so many obstacles that it's almost impossible making it out of some levels without dying. Marsupilami is supposed to get Alfredo out of the zoo (or is it circus). But game play is bad, hard and difficult. Game play gets a 1/10.

Challenge:Easy to medium in the first level. Hard in the other levels.

Fun Factor: It's not that fun but it's better than games like Barney's Hide and Seek.

Replay Value: I only play this game a few times and I probably wouldn't play it that much. It's just not that fun like Sonic is.

Buy/Rent/Download: If I were you, I would just download the ROM since you can't rent Genesis games anymore.

The Total
Graphics 8/10
Game Play:1/10

Total:4.8 rounded to a 5

Bottom Line: This game is good and bad in it's own ways. If you like Marsupilami, be my guest. Otherwise get a Genesis game worth playing like any of the Sonic games.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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