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"Man, this game's good!"

One day I was going to my local video game store when I saw this glorious little game popped into the Sega genesis that they had on display up front. When I saw the game play demo, I thought 'Hot damn! I need that game!' When I finally brought the game home I popped the game into my model 1 genesis, and it did not turn off until I beat the game. It is that good.

Story-8/10 In the distant future, the evil machine, an overlord with an army of ruthless robots at his disposal, is at war with the entire human race. Bent on their destruction and slavery. One day an assault ship gets shot down on the Machine's home base-planet, and the lone survivor of that ship is none other than Juko, the beautiful girlfriend of Bren, a turrican super-soldier who has been genetically engineered to wear a one-ton assault suit so powerful that nothing can destroy it. As the Machine's forces come to capture Juko, she sends out a distress signal, in hope that her love will find it and come to free her from the machine. Sure enough, Bren does find it and, the moment he sees her plea for help, he straps on his turrican suit and gets ready to kick some Machine butt.

The story is pretty much solely a reason to justify the killing of hoardes of robots, and you would only know it if you saw the cutscene at the beginning of the game. However I think the story deserves this score because it has a 'love story' embedded in it that shows that the Main character does have a heart and doesn't just kill randomly for no reason, he does it out of passion for the one he loves.

Music-10/10 Somehow I think the music deserves more than a perfect score. It is more than perfect, it is DIVINE. It's extremely catchy, and sounds absolutely 90s-tastic. There's really no way to adequately describe the sheer awesomeness of the music. Bottom line, it's one of the, if not THE best soundtrack on the genesis. And I want it on my Ipod.

Sound-10/10 Aside from the music, you hear realistic shooting sounds, you can hear a few of the enemies wail as they get stomped on or get stuffed with hot lead. And you even hear Bren yell out every single power-up you pick up. The sound isn't as impressive as the music, but it's still phenomenal.

Controls-10/10 The controls are sublime, You don't slide when you land on a platform, so you'll never die by falling off, You'll never over or underdo your jumps, the grapple is easy to activate and use (more on that later) and you can curl up into a ball that drops bombs by pressing down and the jump button. There's absolutely nothing wrong here.

Graphics-10/10 the graphics are colorful, yet dark in order to set the mood. You will never have to wonder what or where anything is. There's a little flickering during the game, but these occurences are few, far between, and they don't affect gameplay. The animations are fluid as well.

Game play-10/10 Ah, the piece de resistance, the gameplay. This game is another fine addition to the 'If it moves, kill it' genre. The level design is linear, so you'll never wonder where to go, the platforms are never to far apart, yet never to close to each other. And there's a surprising amount of deph in the game. Mainly because of the then-revolutionary grapple feature. by pressing the 'A' button you can take your arm and use it to grapple onto walls or cielings, and the you will be able to swing to higher platforms that you wouldn't be able to reach with just jumping. In many cases this will lead you to hidden rooms containing multiple treasures. The bosses are phenomenal, too, they're huge, and oftentimes they're based on machines from classic sci-fi movies. For example: in one of the levels you fight the alien queen from 'Aliens'. The first mini-boss for the final level is the giant robot enforcer-thing from 'Robocop'. And the second mini-boss for that level a giant version of the T-101 (the terminator) from 'the terminator'. Oh, and this game is HARD! you will die a lot unless you use an invincibility cheat, and even then, odds are you are going to lose a bunch of lives.

Replayability-9/10 This is a short game, if you just rush through it that will be an obvious fact. However, if you inch your way through each level, odds are you are going to take several hours to finish this game.

Final thoughts: The turrican series was a great one, and this was definitely the best of them. This is definitely a game you must own if you are a shooter or a platformer fan. It is a shame th Turrican series didn't last longer than the 16-bit era, because this is definitely a 16-bit franchise that deserves another abysmal 3-D sequel on the PS2. Nonetheless, this is one of the best games on the genesis and it deserves to be in every genesis collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/16/09

Game Release: Mega Turrican (US, 12/31/94)

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