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"Turrican 3 comes to the Genny..."

Turrican happens to be one of my favorite series'.
The graphics, sound, and gameplay come together to form a truly excellent experience, and the intense action is great, too. Mega Turrican is an almost direct port of Turrican 3 for the Amiga, and lemme tell you, they did a good job of it.

Graphics: 9
Very good stuff. The enemies are the same robotic guys you've been fighting since the original, and are very well drawn, along with having good mechanical design. The backgrounds are good looking, and are varied, taking you from factories to the sky to alien bases. Bosses are nice and large, which is always a plus in my book. And lastly, there are a LOT of explosions!

Sound: 9
Chris Huelsbeck works his magic again, with some great Genesis renditions of the original music. The intro is the only original tune, being a small remix of all the Turrican intros, but it's probably the worst tune in the entire game!
The voices are good, being just the usual 'Multiple!', 'Laser!', '1-up!', and they aren't grainy, like most Genesis voices.

Gameplay: 10
Turrican 3 was the weakest in the original series, but gets quite better being on the Genesis. I always hated how holding down fire would give you rapid fire, but also fired the rope if you waited about a second. Damn the 1 button Amiga joystick! Luckily, the Genesis fixes all this, with it's 3 button goodness. You can fire rapidly, and also press A to fire your rope, which is very helpful.
The rest of the game is just classic Turrican fun, with your 3 weapons (Multiple, Laser, and Rebound), being chargable up to 3 times, and a smart bomb (which unfortunately can be hard to use without a 6-button joystick...) to destroy all enemies and weaken bosses.

Challenge: 7
Not too difficult. While some of the bosses are a pain in the ass, and the last couple stages will take you a while to finish, once you get the strategies for killing the bosses down, along with the locations of the 1-ups, you shouldn't have much of a problem beating this one.
Be warned, playing on Easy, the game will not let you play past stage 2, so be prepared.

Overall: 9
A great port of a great game, this is definitely worth your time and money, with great graphics, sound, and gameplay.
If you can find a copy for your Amiga (not likely), or Genny, buy it, post haste!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/08/01, Updated 01/08/01

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