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Reviewed: 04/02/00 | Updated: 12/22/01

One of my favorite Genesis games of all time

The Sega Genesis has never been one of my favorite video game consoles. I do not know why this is. I mean, the system has claimed to be more powerful technology wise than the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. But I do not know what it is, the console has just never clicked for me. But I have enjoyed a few games on the system. From the Sonic series to Blaster Master 2 there was no shortage of quality games on the Genesis. But a very underrated game for the system, in my opinion, is Global Gladiators. Well, the game's name is really Mic and Mack In Global Gladiators. Regardless of the name, the game itself is outstanding! I remember playing this game at my cousin's house for hours on end. While I do not do that any more (I still play it just not as often), it is still a classic Genesis game that should be played.

Graphics (9.4/10): The graphics in the game are very good and are a good indicator of how powerful the Sega Genesis was, technology wise. The use of the color pallette is fabolous. The charcater and enemy designs are done very well, and the backgrounds look outstanding. I especially remember the first and third stages of the game. The first stage seemed like a toxic dump, and had tons of green ooze and other toxic stuff around. The backgrounds in the stage were great as well, especially when you went really high into the sky. Great graphics.

Music/Sound (9.3/10): The music and sound effects in Global Gladiators are pretty good as well. The hip tunes and smooth melodies of the game really blend well together and make a great musical expereince. Adding to the mystique is the great sound effects. Every sound effect, from the sound that is made when your gun is fired to when you die, is done very well. Overall outstanding music and outstanding sound effects.

Gameplay/Control (9.7/10): The gameplay of this game is fantastic. It is clearly a McDonalds game but it is also very fun and pretty much advertising free (which is always a good thing :) The point of the game is to kill enemies while collecting these symbols which look mysteriously like McDonald's logo. Also, the control is outstanding because you can double and triple jump to collect some of the more difficult game pieces. The game is a side scrolling action game like Contra or Gunstar Heroes and delivers the same fun factor. Great game.

Replay Value: Outstanding
Challenge: High

Overall (9.7/10): One of the best Sega Genesis games ever. Well worth a purchase.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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