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    Stats/Equipment Maxing Guide by Dammit9x

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/08/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "Might and Magic: Gates to Another World" for Sega Genesis
    Stat Raising Guide, v1.5 (5/7/2011)
    by Dammit9x
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com
    Copyright 2004-2011
        This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any unauthorized web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited and a violation of copyright.
      Changed since v1.4 (5/5/2011):
    * Fixed some things in ulillillia's guide
    * Added more info on item enchantment and cursing
    * Detailed the Ice Cavern treasures
    * Correction on Bronze equipment and a note on item storage
      Changed since v1.3 (6/20/2008):
    * Corrected some small mistakes
    * Added chart for number of hits per level
    * Added a note about class-specific weapon accuracy
    * Added ulillillia's extensive level-up scheme
    * Added a note on beating the Ancient Dragon at low level
      Changed since v1.2 (3/31/2007):
    * Restructured guide and improved writing
    * Added and improved many sections
    * Verified some uncertainties
      Changed since v1.1 (1/5/2005):
    * Added section on the Frenzy glitch
    I. STATS
      6. STAT TRADES
      8. LUXUS B2 HP BONUS
      4. FRENZY
      This is not a walkthrough for Might and Magic II. Refer to Andrew Schultz's 
    guides and maps for that. This guide will help you I.) boost your character's 
    stats, II.) quickly get treasure and experience for your party and III.) apply 
    some cheats and glitches in order to exploit the game to the fullest. It is 
    written for the Sega Genesis version of Might and Magic: Gates to Another World,
    which is Might and Magic II in the series. However, it is applicable to all 
    versions of the game.
    I. STATS
      Might: Causes more damage with both melee and missile attacks
      Intellect: Determines max SP for Sorcerers and Archers
      Personality: Determines max SP for Clerics and Paladins
      Endurance: Determines the max HP gained when training (leveling up)
      Speed: Determines order of action in combat. Faster monsters and characters go
    before slower ones. When speeds are equal, characters go in the order of the 
    party arrangement. Higher speeds give a bigger AC bonus.
      Accuracy: Determines the chance of hitting with missile or melee; However, it 
    is difficult to notice the difference when Accuracy is changed. The target's AC 
    also plays a role in determining hits or misses.
      Luck: Possibly affects the chance that the party will successfully Hide from 
    combat and the chance of success for thievery. Luck may have other effects.
      Level: This determines max HP, max SP, spell level, thievery, the number of 
    attacks a character makes per round, and whether enemies try to run away in 
    battle. It is raised by gaining experience and then paying for training at 
    training center in one of the towns.
      HP: Hit points. If they run out the character becomes Unconscious. An 
    Unconscious character dies if hit again. You can raise the HP of a wounded or 
    Unconscious member with healing items or spells. HP is refilled with Rest. There
    are several ways to raise max HP, the most obvious of which is leveling up.
      SP: Spell points. They are required for casting spells. The SP cost of some 
    spells is fixed, and with others it depends on the caster's level. SP are 
    refilled by resting and maximum SP is increased only by leveling up.
      SL: Spell level. This determines which spells are available to the character. 
    Some spells need to be bought or found. SL = level/2 + 1/2 for Clerics and 
    Sorcerers or level/2 - 5/2 for Paladins and Archers.
      AC: Armor class reduces the character's chance of getting hit. It does not 
    reduce the damage taken. AC is raised by wearing protective equipment and by 
    high Speed.
      Thievery: This determines the chance of success when opening locked doors and 
    chests. Failure usually results in setting off the trap. Failures still occur 
    occasionally even with very high (>150) thievery. Thievery starts at 15 for 
    Robbers and 10 for Ninjas and increments by 1 for each level up. Certain 
    equipment increases Thievery, and it can be boosted to 50-59 in Sandsobar 
                  AC/dmg  HP per  SP per
    Stat Rating:  Bonus:  Level:  Level:
         0-13        0       3       3
        14-15        1       4       4
        16-17        2       5       5
        18-19        3       6       6
        20-22        4       7       7
        23-26        5       8       8
        27-30        6       9       9
        31-45        7      10      10
        46-60        8      11      11
        61-75        9      12      12
        76-90       10      13      13
       91-105       11      14      14
      106-120       12      15      15
      121-135       13      16      16
      136-150       14      17      17
      151-175       15      18      18
      176-200       16       3      19
      201-225       17       3      20
      226-250       18       3      21
      251-255       19       3      22
    AC/dmg bonus: The damage done by Attack, Fight and Shoot is increased by the 
    amount that corresponds to the character's Might rating. This bonus is added to 
    both the min and max damage. For example, a Holy Cudgel wielded with 50 Might 
    does 9-18 instead of 1-10 damage. Similarly, AC is improved by Speed.
    HP per level: This is the number of max HP a sorcerer gains when training at 
    Middlegate with the given Endurance. Use the following table to make 
    adjustments for other classes and training centers:
              Middlegate  Sansobar  Tundara   Vulcania  Atlantium   MAX
     Sorcerer      +0        +1        +1        +2        +3        21
     Cleric        +1        +2        +2        +3        +5        23
     Ninja         +1        +2        +2        +3        +5        23
     Robber        +1        +2        +2        +3        +5        23
     Paladin       +2        +4        +4        +5        +7        25
     Archer        +2        +4        +4        +5        +7        25
     Knight        +3        +5        +5        +6        +9        27
     Barbarian     +5        +7        +7        +9       +12        30
      Notice how by some oversight the HP per level resets to the minimum if you 
    exceed 175 Endurance. Don't let this happen. If it gets too high, you can reduce
    it with the Intellect trade. (See section I.6.) The MAX is what a character with
    151-175 Endurance gains from training at Atlantium.
    SP per level: Unlike max HP, max SP is recalculated every time you rest. For 
    Sorcerers and Clerics, the max SP is your level times the number in the table 
    corresponding to Intellect or Personality at the time when you rest. For 
    Archers or Paladins, it is (level-6) times this number. For example, a level 
    10 cleric with 50 Per has 11 x 10 = 110 SP. A paladin with the same level and 
    Per has 11 x (10-6) = 44 SP.
      The number of strikes attempted in an Attack, Fight or Shoot command depends 
    on level and a class-dependent parameter:
    attacks = level/parameter + 1, rounded down
    Parameter   Class
            4   knight, barbarian, paladin
            5   archer, robber, ninja
            7   cleric
           10   sorcerer
    Example: a level 21 knight gets 21/4 + 1 = 6.25 -> 6 chances to hit per attack.
      Certain events change stats of the whole party until the next encounter or 
    until resting:
                 Location:   Effect:
                B1 (11,14)   Set Might to 40
                D2 (1,12)    Set Might to 200
                B4 (14,9)    Set Might to random number
                B2 (8,8)     Set Intellect to 65
                D1 (13,9)    Set Personality to 65
                B4 (3,2)     Set Personality to 75
                A3 (1,13)    +25 Speed
                D2 (1,7)     Set Speed to 200
                C2 (1,13)    Set Accuracy to 40
                A4 (10,10)   Set all stats to 100
                E2 (11,9)    Set all stats to 200 and Level to 50
                A1 (2,3)     Set Level to 25
                C1 (1,11)    Set Spell Level to 9
                C4 (9,14)    Set HP to 150
                C2 (14,10)   Set SP 20
                C1 (1,5)     Set SP to 200
                D3 (3,14)    Set SP to 200
    Murray's Cavern (0,9)    Set HP to 1 and SP to 200
    Murray's Cavern (5,15)   Set HP to 500
      Potions serve a similar purpose and are more convenient, but costly.
    Item:          Buy at:    Cost:   Effect:   Charges:
    Force Potion   Sandsobar    100   Might +10   3
    Skill Potion   Tundara      500   Level +5    5 
    MaxHP Potion   Atlantium   4000   HP +512     2
      The drinks in the taverns also give temporary bonuses. A character must keep 
    drinking the same drink without leaving the drink menu a number of times before 
    the benefits show. The stats reset if the character gets sick (poisoned) while 
    Drink:         Cost:   Effect:
    Orc Beer           5          +5 Might per drink after 2 drinks up to 99 Mgt
    Straight Shot      5      +20 Accuracy per drink after 3 drinks up to 99 Acy
    Id Elixir         20   +10 Personality per drink after 3 drinks up to 99 Per
    Academic Age      20     +10 Intellect per drink after 3 drinks up to 99 Int
    Rare Vintage      50         +3 Levels per drink after 3 drinks up to Lv 49
    Mystic Brew      100    +1 Spell Level per drink after 5 drinks up to SL 8
    Example: A level 5 character drinks Rare Vintage 10 times and goes to level 26.
             5 + (10-3) x 3 = 26
    Temporary boosts to Intellect, Personality and Endurance seem to be pointless. 
    These stats are only polled during level-ups, and the values that get checked 
    are the permanent ones.
      Each character can have up to two skills from the table below:
    Skill:         Town:              Cost:   Purpose:
    Cartographer   Middlegate (0,15)     10   Add to the automap as you explore
    Mountaineer    Middlegate (3,12)   2000   Pass through mountains (need it twice)
    Pathfinder     Middlegate (1,9)    1000   Pass through forests (need it twice)
    Crusader       Tundara (2,14)       250   Can take quests
    Merchant       Tundara (5,13)      1000   Half buy price, double sell price
    Navigator      Tundara (8,13)       750   Won't get lost in the desert
    Gladiator      Vulcania (3,9)       500   +5 Might
    Intellect      Atlantium (8,4)      500   +5 Intellect; read runes at C3 (0,7)
    Diplomat       Sandsobar (3,4)      500   +5 Personality
    Soldier        Vulcania (0,3)       500   +5 Endurance
    Athlete        Atlantium (6,2)      500   +5 Speed
    Arms Master    Vulcania (15,3)      500   +5 Accuracy
    Gambler        Sandsobar (3,0)      200   +5 Luck
    Hero/Heroine   Atlantium (9,2)     1000   +1 Mgt, Int, Per, End, Spd, Acy, Luc
    Pickpocket     Sandsobar (0,5)      300   +5 Thievery (Ninjas and Robbers only)
                   Middlegate (12,10)   100   Remove both skills
      The secondary skills that give stat bonuses don't do anything if the character
    learns it when the stat in question is 50 or up. But removing the skill with 
    Brain Detoxification in Middlegate still deducts from the stats that were 
    supposed to be increased. I recommend not getting those skills except to give an
    early boost to Speed or Endurance. Use the permanent method instead.
      Character stats can be increased permanently at certain dungeon locations:
             Cavern:           Tile:    +10 to:       Combat required:
    C3(1,6)  Druid's Cavern    (1,15)   Might         none; use Teleport
    A4(13,10)Below Atlantium   (11,15)  Intellect     none; use Teleport
    B1(4,12) Ice Cavern        (7,15)F  Personality   none; run away afterward
    E1(3,4)  Below Vulcania    (15,14)  Endurance     none; use Teleport
    E3(5,5)  Nomadic Rift      (0,15)   Speed         none; use Teleport
    A2(1,1)  Pinehurst B1      (14,13)  Accuracy      several difficult battles
    D4(3,7)  Dawn's Mist Bog   (12,7)   Luck          battle with Lucky Dogs
    E4(4,10) Below Sansobar    (0,12)   Thievery      none; use teleport;
                                                      700 gold required
      Your stats can only be improved to 50-59 in this way. For example, if Might 
    is 49 or below, you get +10 Might from eating spinach, but if it's 50 or higher 
    you get nothing. For this reason you should remove stat raising equipment or 
    skills before getting the bonuses. Try to get the Thievery bonus before level 5 
    for Robbers or level 10 for Ninjas, so that they can benefit from it four times.
    This effectively offsets the poor initial thieving ability of the Ninja. 
      The bonuses do not show up until you've rested or had an encounter. You may 
    recieve more than one bonus without resting or entering combat; the multiple 
    bonuses will just register all at once. However, the ceiling of 50-59 still 
    applies even if the bonus is not shown.
      The event is spent after you visit the tile. To reset it you need to 
    leave the area and come back. Drop a Lloyd's Beacon when you reach the tile 
    for the first time. Cast Surface, or run away to the exit, then just return to 
    your beacon. Lloyd's Beacon is learned at (7,11) in Corak's Cave, C2(5,11).
      Another way to do this is to bring the man at D3(7,13) a Cupie Doll, then 
    visit the fountain at E3(10,12). The circus which is open from day 140-170 at 
    B2(14,4) now raises stats by +10. You may repeat the process until you reach 
    50-59. To do this you would have to wait until day 140.
      6. STAT TRADES
      To raise stats past the 50-59 ceiling, you'll have to trade away other stats:
    Dungeon:       Tile:    Trade:            Combat required:
    Hillstone B1   (0,0)    +3 Mgt, -5 Int    none; use Teleport
    Woodhaven B1   (15,0)   +3 Mgt, -5 Per    none; use Teleport
    Hillstone B2   (3,9)    +3 Int, -5 End    none; use Teleport
    Woodhaven B2   (8,6)    +3 Per, -5 Lck    two battles
    Luxus B1       (5,0)    +3 End, -5 Spd    none; use Teleport
    Luxus B2       (15,0)   +3 Spd, -5 Mgt    none; use Teleport
    Pinehurst B1   (2,7)    +3 Acc, -5 Spd    none*
    Pinehurst B2   (4,15)   +3 Lck, -5 Per    none*
    *Accuracy trade: Coming from the ground level entrance, Jump N at (1,10) to 
    avoid a battle. To get to the ground level stairs from the stairs to B2, get 
    into a battle then run away.
    *Luck trade: Etherealize W from (6,9) and N from (5,10) to avoid battles.
      These trades are better than they look. Unlike the bonuses, stats can be 
    brought up all the way to 255 this way with enough patience. The procedure 
    to raise Endurance, for example, would be to trade away Speed down to 5-9, 
    return to the Nomad's Cave to replenish Speed, then return to Luxus B1 and 
    repeat. Each round trip (10 trades) would and raise Endurance by 30.
      If you try to trade when your stat is less than 5, you get nothing but the 
    stat is brought to 0. To avoid mistakes, use Exchange to put the member you 
    want to make the trade at the front of the party. Like the bonuses, the changes 
    aren't shown on the status screen until you've had combat or rested. Unlike the 
    bonuses, you can make the trade any number of times without leaving and 
    returning to the area. Teleport, Lloyd's Beacon, and the portals from area B2 
    can minimize the amount of time and combat required.
      Take note of what trades require what. Try to first increase the stats that 
    won't be decreased later by other trades. For example, if you want to raise 
    both Speed and Accuracy, do Accuracy first because it requires Speed. If you 
    did Speed first all your hard work would be traded away when you did Accuracy. 
    Some stats must remain below the 50-59 ceiling to serve as the source for other 
      Don't get too greedy. 255 is the absolute max. That includes AC. If you 
    equip an item that would increase your stats past 255, only part of the bonus 
    is applied. When you remove it, your stats will be decreased by the full 
    amount. So if your Speed is 200 and you put on Speed Boots +60, Speed goes up 
    only 55, up to 255. When you remove them, speed goes down by 75, down to 180.
      Also remember the unusual cap of 175 on Endurance.
    Class:     Item name:    +15 to:      Dungeon:      Tile:    Combat required:
    Knight     Ivory Cameo   might        Pinehurst B1  (11,13)  several
               Ruby Tiara    accuracy     Pinehurst B2  (2,13)   none*
    Paladin    Agate Grail   personality  Pinehurst B1  (6,6)    several
               Opal Pendant  might        Pinehurst B2  (14,13)  none*
    Archer     Topaz Shard   accuracy     Luxus B1      (0,15)   none; use Teleport
               Sun Crown     intellect    Luxus B2      (15,13)  none; use Teleport
    Sorcerer   Amber Skull   intellect    Luxus B1      (0,0)    none; use Teleport
               Quartz Skull  intellect    Luxus B2      (14,14)  none; use Teleport
    Cleric     Onyx Effigy   personality  Woodhaven B1  (4,4)    none; use Teleport
               Pearl Choker  personality  Woodhaven B2  (10,4)   lots
    Robber     Sapphire Pin  luck         Woodhaven B1  (7,1)    none; use Teleport
               Amethyst Box  luck         Woodhaven B2  (4,6)    lots
    Ninja      Crystal Vial  speed        Hillstone B1  (15,4)   none; use Teleport
               Ruby Amulet   luck         Hillstone B2  (4,0)    none; use Teleport
    Barbarian  Coral Broach  might        Hillstone B1  (1,14)   none; use Teleport
               Lapis Scarab  might        Hillstone B2  (15,15)  none; use Teleport
      *Ruby Tiara: Etherealize W from (6,9), again from (5,10) and again from 
    (3,11). Do it one more time to get through the barrier.
      *Opal Pendant: Etherealize E from (8,8), again from (9,9) and again from 
    (12,12). Do it one more time to get through the barrier.
      They will not let you pick up a class-specific item if the class that can 
    use it is in the party. The obvious way to get around this is to leave a 
    Beacon one or two squares away from the item, then come back after dropping 
    the offending member off at the inn. You can leave and Beacon back to get as 
    many as you want. Like any other equipment, these can be enchanted to +63. 
    They cannot be duplicated, however.
      8. LUXUS B2 HP BONUS
      There is a guy at (0,15) of Luxus B2 who offers to sell a character all the HP
    "you SHOULD have" for 1 million gold. This brings the maximum HP up to where it 
    would be if the character had done all level-up training at Atlantium at his or 
    her current Endurance rating. This negates the non-optimal HP raises derived 
    from leveling at an inferior training center or at a lower Endurance rating.
      The seller can't help and won't take the money if the max HP is above the 
    point projected by the character's Class, Endurance and Level. Thus, to get 
    maximum benefit from Luxus B2, it's best to buy it after raising Endurance and 
    before getting the castle dungeon and Dragon's Dominion bonuses, especially 
    before the 1000 HP bonus. Likewise, it won't matter if previous level-ups were 
    bought at inferior training centers.
    Dungeon:      Tile:    Don't bring:  Combat required:
    Pinehurst B1  (14,5)   Humans        several
    Pinehurst B2  (13,1)   Humans        none*
    Luxus B1      (11,14)  Dwarves       none; use Teleport
    Luxus B2      (8,11)   Dwarves       none; use Teleport
    Woodhaven B1  (0,7)    Elves         none; use Teleport
    Woodhaven B2  (12,2)   Elves         lots
    Hillstone B1  (11,1)   Half-orcs     none; use Teleport
    Hillstone B2  (10,7)   Half-orcs     none; use Teleport
    *Pinehurst B2: Etherealize E from (8,6), again from (9,6) and again from 
    (12,4). Now Etherealize S from (14,4). Do it one more time to get through 
    the barrier.
      These bonuses increase your max HP by 1-12. Each of them can only be accessed 
    once per moon phase. The moon phases are 60 days long.
    The cave is entered from D1 at (12,14).
    Tile:    HP bonus:  Limit:                   Combat required:
    (0,0)    +10        up to 200 HP             3 Earth Wyrms
    (11,2)   +25        none                     Armored Dragon
    (7,14)   +1000      once per character       Ancient Dragon
      +10 HP: From the starting point, Jump E from (2,8). Move E one step, S one 
    step, then Jump S from (5,7). Move S then W to (4,0). You have to face the 
    Earth Wyrms. After that, walk W through the walls to the fountain. 
      +25 HP: Jump E from (2,8), then (6,8) and (8,8). Jump S from (10,8). The 
    Armored Dragon is at (7,0).
      +1000 HP: Jump E from (2,8), then (6,8) and (8,8). Jump N from (10,8) and 
    again from (15,12). The Ancient Dragon is at (15,15). You can try raising Luck 
    at the Greatest Fountain to improve your chances of hiding, or just fight. 
    I am told by false that since all it does is attack a single character, he can 
    be beaten with weak characters if you bring healing items.
      The biggest point of interest is the one-time 1000 HP jackpot. The +25 
    fountain gives HP once per visit and can be used indefinitely, it seems. Lloyd's
    Beacon, Time Distortion, and Surface don't work in this dungeon.
      Don't worry about rolling 21s for your characters. Just roll reasonable 
    numbers, because all stats can be raised. Speed and Endurance are most 
    important for weak characters. The six default characters are adequate if you 
    don't want to create your own.
      You may wish to have a party of six characters and two hirelings that has one 
    representative from each class, or to take multiple characters of the same 
    class. But getting treasure will be difficult without a Robber or Ninja. The 
    spellcasting ability of at least one Cleric or Paladin and at least one Sorcerer
    or Archer will help with getting around and fighting certain enemies. 
      Name can be changed from the View Char menu. 
      Race is permanent. It has a trivial effect on stats, and specific races are 
    barred from getting benefits from each castle dungeon. Thus, a racially uniform 
    party will be somewhat better able to deal with this problem.
      Sex is permanent but can be changed (for the whole party) in two places. The 
    Personality boost in the Ice Cavern is sex specific, so a non-unisex party will 
    have to make twice as many trips to exploit it.
      Alignment is permanent but changeable like sex. However, alignment can be 
    easily restored to its original state at a temple or with the Cleric spell. 
    Alignment determines whether a character can equip an item with +5 or higher 
    enchantment and may also determine whether the character can hit and damage 
    certain enemies.
    The guardian pegasus Meenu is at B1(9,9). Tell him his name for 100,000 gold.
    Path to avoid blizzards: (8,3) > (8,8) > (7,8) > (7,10) > (9,10) > (9,9)
    No skills or magic are required, so a new party can do this.
    B2(5,13) has a free Ice Sickle +2.
    Buy the Merchant skill in Tundara(5,13) for 1000 gold and give it to whoever is 
    at the front of the party. With this done, you can buy items, use them 
    partially, and sell them back for the same price. (Plus you'll earn double from 
    selling treasure.) Buy a Witch's Broom in Tundara and a Teleport Orb in 
    Atlantium to use Fly and Teleport without a high level Sorcerer. These spells 
    will help get treasure quickly.
    Teleport to (15,9) at Tundara and get the Emerald Ring. Run away at the (15,8) 
    encounter to escape without being thrown in jail.
    Gemmaker's Volcano A4(4,7) has no encounters and lots of Fire-type equipment. 
    Make sure you have Levitate status to avoid the lava, either from the Levitate 
    spell or a temple blessing. Get 500 gems at (6,10).
    Ice Cavern B1(4,12) has useful treasure lying around, especially the gems and 
    Speed Boots. Use Teleport to avoid traps and battles. 
      (0,15): 500 gems
      (6,15): +5 Cold Shield
      (14,15): +3 Giant Sling
      (5,12): +3 Speed Boots
      (9,12): +5 Looter Knife
      (3,3): Ice Sickle & Cold Blade
      (10,3): +15 Dagger
      (12,0): 5000 gold
    Dragon's Dominion D1(12,14) has four guarded but valuable caches.
      (3,6): Broad Sword +5, Great Bow +5, Flamberge +5
      (3,10): Great Shield +5, Helm +5, Plate Mail +5
      (13,6): Titan's Pike +7, Photon Blade +7, Ancient Bow +7
      (13,10): Gold Shield +7, G Plate Mail +7, Gold Helm +7
      Weapons: For fighting characters, go for maximum damage weapons. The stat 
    boosts are not as important. However, there is something to be said for using 
    a one-handed weapons over Titan's Pikes, because they allow you to equip the 
    Magic Shield.
      ulillillia reports that some weapons give a better hit rate than others for 
    some classes. He says that the Titan's Pike is good for archers and bad for 
    barbarians, while the opposite is true for the Grand Axe.
      Beware of elemental weapons such as the Flaming Sword. Some enemies are weak 
    to certain elementals, but many are immune to them. Elemental weapons are 
    troublesome when fighting strong monsters.
      Missile weapons: It's not necessary to equip both a strong melee and strong 
    missile weapon. If one of them is much stronger, it can be used in combat while 
    the other can be used to raise some exotic stat.
      Armor: Try for gold equipment. Bronze resists Poison, Iron resists Sleep, and 
    Silver resists Energy, all pretty much worthless. Whatever Luck does, it's 
    probably more helpful than those effects. When it comes to Gold or highly 
    enchanted non-Gold, keep the Gold because you can enchant it eventually.
      Resistances: Poison, Sleep, Energy, Acid, Fire, Electricity, and Cold are all 
    worthless. These attacks are used against you rarely enough that it's not 
    worth wasting equipment slots on them. Magic resistance is good however, and 
    sometimes magic resistance encompasses the others, for example if the enemy 
    casts Fireball. You can determine a character's resistance stats from the scale 
    at (10,5) in Vulcania.
    You can use unneeded characters and hirelings as mules to store extra items.
      A nice quest for beginning parties is the Mark's Keys quest. Go to A2 (2,9) 
    and answer KEYS. Then bring them to C1 (1,1) for 10,000 xp. Don't go there 
    unless you have the keys or a character will die.
      Try the quests for Hoardall, Slayer, and Haart. (You may remove an unwanted 
    quest at Hillstone(13,2) or Woodhaven(13,2). Don't waste your time with quests 
    lower than lord rank.)
    Lord's Quest of Hoardall at Woodhaven(9,11) in C1(3,14): reward 100,000 xp
      Sword of Valor at A2 (11,2) guarded by 6 Mountain Men
      Sword of Honor at D4 (14,11) guarded by 6 Guardians
      Sword of Nobility D1 (0,8) guarded by 4 Priests
    Lord's Quest of Slayer at Hillstone(5,2) in D4(13,1): reward 1,000,000 xp
      Dragon Lord at D1(10,12)
      Queen Beetle at E2(11,6)
      Serpent King at E3(5,6)
    Quest of Haart at B1(5,5): reward 250,000 xp, 50,000 gold, 500 gems
      Phaser at A1(11,2) in year 600 guarded by Spaz Twit and 6 White Knights
      Loincloth at E2(4,5) in year 700 guarded by Long One and 30 Crazed Natives
    It's possible to randomly find these items in treasure chests also.
      The Epicurean quest requires eating all three meals at all five taverns for 
    each character who will get the bonus. It's best to do all the meals at once to 
    avoid missing any. Then visit A3(7,7) to get 100K exp. This doesn't work for 
    hirelings because they can't order at taverns.
      There is a coin slot in Hillstone B1 (11,5) that gives 1 exp per gold. 
    Downstairs in B2 (9,15), a magical pit gives 3 exp per gold. These methods 
    require gold and don't work for hirelings since they can't hold gold.
       A fast method is to fight the Cuisinarts at B2(1,9). If Speed is approaching 
    200, levels are high and weapons are highly enchanted, you should be able to 
    drop all three Cuisinarts before they can move, leaving 60 million exp, or 7.5M 
    to each member of a party of eight. The treasure is good too.
      The Greatest Fountain at E2 (11,9) can solve the level and Speed problems, but
    you will need to provide your own weapons. It's not feasible for low level 
    parties to kill them but it's still possible to beat them. Give each character 
    Magic Herbs and make them heal each other when the Cuisinarts frenzy. Some 
    members may still be alive once the Cuisinarts have killed themselves.
    Dungeon:      Tile:    Party becomes:  Combat required:
    Pinehurst B2  (5,1)    Good            none*
    Woodhaven B2  (7,8)    Neutral         one large battle
    Luxus B2      (5,11)   Evil            none; use Teleport
    Hillstone B2  (0,8)    Male            none; use Teleport
    Luxus B2      (4,8)    Female          none; use Teleport
      *Good alignment change: Etherealize S from (6,6) and again from (6,3)
      Often you will want to equip an item but have an alignment conflict. Use the 
    alignment-changing locations to correct this. You can get realigned at a temple 
    or with the cleric spell, if desired.
      The only reason to use the sex change is to make the whole party the same sex,
    in order to expedite the Personality-boosting process in the Ice Cavern. Sex 
    changes are permanent. To reverse them, bring the characters to the opposite 
      The alignment and sex changes affect all characters present in the party.
      Ultimately you will want to complement your stats with the appropriate 
    equipment. All items can be enchanted to +63 with the level 9 sorcerer spell 
    Enchant Item, available in the Gemmaker's Volcano. If you want to start 
    enchanting without a level 17 sorcerer, rescue Mr. Wizard at D3(1,14).
      The enchantment increases whatever bonus the item gives, so that +20 Speed 
    Boots give +35 speed. Magical armor or weapons that are enchanted get a bonus 
    to both AC/damage and the bonus feature, so a +20 Titan's Pike does 1-40 +20 
    damage (21-61 damage) and raises Might by +35. Most items become alignment-
    specific to a random alignment at +5 enchantment or higher.
      The spell costs 50 SP plus one per plus of the item. So enchanting a +50 
    item takes 100 SP. If you want to replenish your SP without resting, use the 
    fountain at C1(1,5). Get gems quickly at the Ice Cavern or the Gemmaker's 
    Volcano by using a Beacon.
      Enchant Item will curse the item if you go from +63 to +64, but sometimes it 
    happens from +62 to +63. You get no notification until you try to equip the 
    item. The character becomes Cursed and the item cannot be equipped. The level 9 
    cleric spell Uncurse Item doesn't work. So save before trying to enchant 
    something past +62 and make sure it works before saving again.
                           Stairs  Stairs  Teleport/  Area B2         Dungeon
    Castle:   Location:      up:    down:  Etherlze:   warp:           warp:
    Hillstone D4(13,1) 1F         (10,13)     Yes  
                       B1  (8,15)   (5,1)     Yes  (4,3)->(11,13)  (15,15)->W(0,14)
                       B2  (0,12)             Yes                  (7,10)->W(7,15)
    Woodhaven C1(3,14) 1F          (11,9)     Yes  
                       B1  (0,15) (13,13)     Yes   (4,1)->(0,14)  (1,9)->P(0,15)
                       B2  (7,15)           No, No                 (8,4)->P(7,7)
    Pinehurst A2(1,1)  1F          (11,2)     Yes
                       B1  (0,15)   (1,2)   No, No  (6,3)->(1,2)   (12,8)->L(11,9)
                       B2   (7,7)           No,Yes                 (8,6)->L(10,2)
    Luxus     E1(3,4)  1F           (0,0)     Yes  
                       B1  (11,9)  (13,5)   No, No  (6,1)->(9,8)   (15,0)->H(8,15)
                       B2  (10,2)             Yes                  (11,1)->H(0,12)
      The table gives all the information pertaining to travel into and within the 
    castle system. Most of the important places for stat-massaging are located in 
    the castle dungeons. You will be spending a lot of time down there if you want 
    to raise them really high. 
      The Teleport/Etherealize column tells whether these important spells are 
    allowed on each floor. Without these you will have to fight to get anywhere. 
    Both floors of all the dungeons have links to other dungeons, indicated by the 
    Dungeon Warp column.
      ulillillia has sent me an elaborate procedure to obtain maxed out levels and 
    HP that relies on a glitch that allows you to Train endlessly if you have a 
    specific amount of experience points. I have formatted it and added some 
    clarifications but not tested it entirely.
    0. This method is intended for low level parties but requires getting some money
    and gems beforehand and not resting once begun. Resting will cause HP and levels
    enhanced by potions to return to normal. Otherwise the effect is essentially 
    1. Use Max HP Potions from the Atlantium blacksmith to bring everyone's HP to at
    least 5000. Items found in chests also work and tend to have more charges. Going
    up to 55,000 to 60,000 max HP is better, but too much and you risk variable 
    overflow after enough leveling up, especially on barbarians and knights.
    2. Use Skill Potions from the Vulcania blacksmith to bring paladins and 
    especially clerics to close to level 200, but don't go over.
    3. Go to the 200 SP fountain at C1(1,5). Two pathfinders can cut through the 
    forest and avoid a battle with ghouls at (2,6). Alternatively, eat the Soup de 
    Ghoul at the Middlegate tavern to make them leave you alone.
    4. Cast Power Cure with the clerics and paladins to fill up everyone's HP. Each 
    cast will restore about 1000 HP and use one gem. Use the fountain to replenish 
    SP as necessary: simply turn away then back south. Repeat until the party's HP 
    is full as shown in the View Char menu. This way, a low level party can have 
    tens of thousands of HP. Save the game.
    5. Starting from A1(13,3) (the tile in front of Tundara), go north to (13,14), 
    which requires two mountaineers. Go west to encounter two Air Elementals at 
    (10,14). Defeating them is easy with a party with lots of HP, even at level 1. 
    They give 360K exp total, plus treasure. To respawn them, go east exactly six 
    tiles, stepping one tile out of the mountains and into region B1. (If you take 
    seven steps you'll be blown away and hurt by a snowstorm.) This way you can
    repeat the elemental fight with only 12 steps and amass exp early, quickly, and 
    6. Train at Atlantium and save.
    7. Continue farming exp and treasure from the Air Elementals. Repeat steps 3 and
    4 to replenish HP should it go below about 1000. Train at least until a sorcerer
    gains access to level 9 spells at level 17.
    8. Save. Activate Levitation, either by spell or temple blessing. Head to 
    Gemmaker Volcano to obtain Enchant Item. Etherealize north at (3,2) to reach it.
    Party members will age 10 years when getting this spell.
    9. Collect the 500 gem cache at (6,10) while at the volcano. Exit and reenter to
    obtain more. At least 15K gems will be needed for enchantments, meaning up to 30
    repetitions. Roughly 6000 more are needed for each additional item.
    10. Buy a Defense Ring from Atlantium. The Invisocloak is better if you have it.
    Buy a weapon that all classes can equip from the blacksmiths. These do not have 
    the alignment restrictions at high enchantment. Items found in treasures with an
    enchantment of +4 or less also work. The dagger may not seem powerful, but when 
    fully enchanted, it is pretty much about as strong as any other.
    11. Use the fountain at C1(1,5) as a source of spell points and enchant the 
    weapon and defense item to +63 with the sorcerer. (Save before going past +62 
    and verify that +63 doesn't curse the item.) Repeat for each item to be 
    enchanted. Get more gems from Gemmaker Volcano if necessary.
    12. Duplicate the weapon and defense item for all your characters. Always save 
    before a duplication attempt and reset and reload if it fails. Repeat the 
    enchantment and duplication process for any other desired items, especially 
    the Speed Boots from the Ice Cavern.
    13. Enter the Dragon's Dominion at D1(12,14) go straight east, fighting through 
    all the encounters. They should be easy with the enchanted equipment. There is 
    an Ancient Dragon at (15,8) and another at (15,15). Each gives 20 million total 
    exp and a fixed cache of 10 million gold and 1000 gems. With maxed-out Speed 
    Boots, they can be defeated before they get to strike.
    14. Exit the cave, reenter, and repeat, earning about 40.5 million total exp, 20
    million gold, and 2000 gems per cycle. When HP drops below about 1500, Train at
    Atlantium. Save, restore HP, and keep farming the Ancient Dragons.
    15. Once a character's exp and the total accumulated gold gets to about 4.6 
    billion, save. Reaching this from zero exp and gold takes about 172 Dragon's 
    Dominion cycles, which takes as little as two hours.
    16. Train as needed and save. Write down exactly how much exp the characters 
    need upon reaching level 255. Make sure you have this much gold before 
    continuing, and avoid combat at this point to prevent exp from rising.
    17. Go to Castle Hillstone at D4(13,1) and teleport to the dungeon entrance at 
    (10,13) to avoid encounters. In the dungeon, teleport to the secret room with 
    the coin slot at (11,5).
    18. For one character, distribute gold so that the amount of gold carried is 
    equal to the required exp that was reported at the training center. If some exp 
    was gained since that time, you will need to deduct that amount from the gold 
    19. Have that character, and only that character, trade gold for exp. Town 
    Portal to Atlantium and visit the training center. The Train option should be 
    available. Training will cause HP gain as usual, but unlike before it's possible
    to Train without end. Save and rest to remove the effects of the Max HP Potions,
    which are no longer needed. Train until max HP is at 65,535 or about to go above
    it. This will cost 150 to 300 million gold, depending on Endurance and class, 
    and take about 20 to 25 minutes, much less with a turbo controller. With that 
    kind of HP, HP bonuses are detrimental due to variable overflow. Endurance also 
    becomes worthless, so trade it off.
    20. Steps 13 through 19 can be repeated for other characters, including new 
    ones. Hirelings can't use the coin slot because they can't hold gold.
      The following are curiosities specific to the Genesis version. They were not 
    intended by the game developers and may be considered cheating.
    Choose "View Char" and at the "View which?" prompt, press C while holding A. A 
    nameless character with invalid stats will be displayed. You can take his stuff 
    by using the Trade command. Press left to view more characters. The set of 
    characters available depends on the last enemy or NPC sprite to be displayed.
    Choose a party of six characters and two hirelings and dismiss one of the 
    hirelings. Without moving, search to find a trapped chest. It will contain 
    84 million gold, 34 thousand gems and a Small Club. This can be repeated by 
    bringing the hireling back.
    In any dungeon where Teleport is forbidden, simply Rest to re-enable the spell. 
    This can be used to zip around otherwise dangerous areas. This also unlocks 
    other forbidden spells, such as Lloyd's Beacon in Dragon's Dominion.
      4. FRENZY
      Cast the Frenzy spell on any character in combat. With this done, the enemies 
    will lose all magic resistance and spells that never work, like instant kill 
    spells, will now work even on the strongest enemies.
      This makes it possible to open up with Frenzy, revive the fallen character, 
    and then nail the enemies with your killer spells all before they get a chance 
    to move. Remember that Frenzy affects the character one slot above the 
    designated target, and be sure to deal with the Endurance penalty.
      This is to demonstrate what kind of party you can make with enchantments and 
    stat-boosting. All equipment is +62 or +63, and the party is so strong that 
    visiting the Greatest Fountain makes them weaker. The names will be familiar if 
    you've played the D&D arcade games.
    Base stats for all characters:
    Mgt 130-140
    Int 55-59 (120-129 for spellcasters)
    Per 55-59 (120-129 for spellcasters)
    End 160-169
    Spd 124-129
    Acy 134-139
    Luc 55-59 (124-129 for thieves)
    Equipment-modified stats:
    Mgt 200+ except sorcerer, archer, and ninja
    Int 200+ for spellcasters
    Per 200+ for spellcasters
    End 160-169
    Spd 200+
    Acy 200+ except sorcerer
    Luc 200+ for thieves
     Crassus M/Good/Human/Knight+
    Photon Blade (Might)
    G Plate Mail (AC, Luck)
    Silver Shield (AC, Energy)
    Ruby Tiara (Accuracy)
    Speed Boots (Speed)
    Magic Charm (Magic)
     Dimsdale M/Neutral/Dwarf/Barbarian+
    Swift Axe (Speed)
    Gold Shield (AC, Luck)
    S Scale Mail (AC, Energy)
    Lapis Scarab (Might)
    Acy Gauntlet (Accuracy)
    Magic Charm (Magic)
     Lucia F/Good/Elf/Archer+
    Magic Sword  (Magic)
    Ancient Bow (Accuracy)
    G Chain Mail (AC, Luck)
    Elven Cloak (AC)
    Sun Crown (Intellect)
    Speed Boots (Speed)
     Greldon M/Good/Human/Cleric+
    Holy Cudgel (Personality)
    G Splintmail (AC, Luck)
    Magic Shield (AC, Magic)
    Acy Gauntlet (Accuracy)
    Mgt Gauntlet (Might)
    Speed Boots (Speed)
     Moriah F/Neutral/Human/Robber+
    Force Sword (Might)
    Magic Shield (AC, Magic)
    G Chain Mail (AC, Luck)
    Acy Gauntlet (Accuracy)
    Speed Boots (Speed)
    Stealth Cape (Thievery)
     Syous M/Neutral/Human/Sorcerer+
    Wizard Staff (Intellect)
    Magic Charm (Magic)
    Emerald Ring (AC)
    Invisocloak (AC)
    Speed Boots (Speed)
    Ruby Ankh (Luck)
     Sherman M/Good/Human/Paladin+ (hireling)
    Thunder Sword (Might)
    Ancient Bow (Accuracy)
    G Plate Mail (AC, Luck)
    Magic Shield (AC, Magic)
    Agate Grail (Personality)
    Speed Boots (Speed)
     Nakazawa M/Good/Human/Ninja+ (hireling)
    Sun Naginata (AC)
    G Ring Mail (AC, Luck)
    Crystal Vial (Speed)
    Acy Gauntlet (Accuracy)
    Castle Key (Thievery)
    Magic Charm (Magic)
    All characters have:
    - one item that boosts speed, luck, and magic resistance, and two that boost AC
    - one item that boosts accuracy (except the sorcerer)
    - one item that boosts might (except the archer, ninja, sorcerer)
    - one item that boosts thievery, for the thief classes
    Other points:
    - The sorcerer doesn't wear the stupid Padded Armor
    - The knight, barbarian, archer, paladin and ninja use one class-specific item
    - The knight and barbarian also get energy resistance
    - The most reused item is the Speed Boots (6 times)
    * "Sega Genesis Secrets: Volume 2" (ISBN 1-55958-125-5) by Rusel Demaria and 
    Zach Meston for info on the Greatest Fountain, Cuisinarts, and Dragon's Dominion
    * CrazyLaz for the Frenzy trick 
    * radjenef for the free treasure and rest to teleport tricks
    * Andrew Schultz for info on the HP seller in Luxus B2 in his guide
    * false for telling me about beating the Ancient Dragon at low level
    * ulillillia for his exp/money method and other contributions
    Watch the tool-assisted speedrun I made for this game at:
      This document is my own work. Any questions, comments, corrections or 
    complaints should be addressed to the address below, with clear indication in 
    the subject line that the email is concerning this FAQ. 
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com

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