Review by TheProdigy

Reviewed: 01/28/06

Yellow dot eating smaller white dots? I call cannibalism!

Introduction to: Ms. Pac-Man

Pac-Man games have been around just about since video games first appeared. Just about every single gamer out there has played some form of Pac-Man. Well, this happens to be Ms. Pac-Man, that hot yellow dot that all the guy yellow dots are after. Seriously though, this game is for 1 or 2 players, and was released by Tengen in 1991.


As is expected in most Pac-Man games, the graphics are just about as simple as can be. There's nothing wrong with that though. The graphics are fairly clean, but they could have been a bit more sharp. The levels sometimes are a little fuzzy around the edges, and that could have been better cleaned up, considering the game is so simple. This of course, is not a big deal, just something I noticed.


The addictive Pac-Man gameplay found in all original Pac-Man games is present. A quick overview: you control Ms. Pac-Man through various mazes. Throughout the mazes are many little white dots, which you eat. There is also the occasional fruit or pretzel, or other form of power up. The thing that makes the game challenging is the enemy, the ghosts. There's 5 ghosts, Blinky (the red ghost), Pinky (the pink ghost), Inky (the green ghost), and Sue (the brown ghost). They will chase you around the maze and if they touch you, you die. But, if you get one of the power-ups around the level, you can eat them for bonus points.

The point system is quite simple. Each little dot you eat adds a small amount to your point total, and each fruit and ghost that you eat will add larger amounts. Like in most games you have a few lives before you get a game over, but they should be carefully preserved since the game gets tougher later on. An interesting factor is when you can go off the right side of the screen, and appear on the left (or vice-versa). This can sometimes be confusing since the ghosts can do it too, but if you master it it will save you from many different panic situations, just make sure you look on both sides before you dive in.


The sound is very simple, and rather boring. Any music is only available in little, almost pointless in-between-the-levels cutscenes, and those are just short clips. Throughout the maze you will hear nothing but the constant gobbling of tasty white dots and the beeping of fruit or other things moving about the level. The Genesis could definitely have a better sound track available, and the fact that one is completely absent from this game is a disappointment. The game gets boring quickly and the soundtrack can keep you interested longer, therefore this game definitely could have improved in terms of sound.

Buy or Avoid?

If you are a Genesis gamer, you should probably have this one in your collection, since Pac-Man is a fun game to pick up every now and then to play. Since this game is far from ground-breaking, and several elements make it mostly boring, it is better positioned as an in-between game if you are playing bigger games.

Final Score: 7

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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