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            VERSION 2
      This guide was written by Cyber Predator, who resides at
    http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Chamber/1301 and can be e-mailed at
      This document is copyrighted by Cyber Predator, as of its original release
    date (detailed in the Version Information).  Any entities used in this document
    that are copyrighted by anyone else remains the property of the original owner;
    Cyber Predator is simply giving information about these copyrighted entities
    that the copyright owners aren't making very public.
    You may....
    ....Store a copy of this document on your home computer, print out a copy
        and/or show it to friends AS LONG AS you don't make ANY money from doing
        so AND you don't leave ANY part of the document out or change anything.
    ....Use this document to research a guide of your own AS LONG AS you credit
        this document AND specify the author and where a copy of the guide can be
        found in a credits section.
    You may not....
    ....Use this document to make money in any way, shape, or form.  NO
    ....Distribute this document indiscriminately.
    ....Make copies of this guide and put them in public places (eg Internet,
        hard-copy game guides) without Cyber Predator's express permission.
    ....Translate this guide into HTML without Cyber Predator's express
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      Failure to observe these guidelines is a violation of international copyright
      A list of all the websites authorised to show copies of this guide is
    available at http://www.geocities.com/cyber_predator2/games.html#legit
    Version Information
    Author's Note
    Getting Started
    Multiple Captains
    Game Codes
    Pro-Action Replay Codes
    Credits and Taglines
    VERSION 1 - 0921 GMT, 25-Dec-1999
      In addition to credits, copyright and an author's note, this version contains
    some basic hints on attacking, inventing and recruiting in PowerMonger. 
    There's also advice with having two Captains and a couple of codes.
    VERSION 2 - 0707 GMT, 29-Apr-2000
      Somehow the list of credits and taglines wasn't included in the contents
    list, but that minor oversight has been corrected.
    ***AUTHOR'S NOTE***
      On seeing a lack of any real FAQ for PowerMonger, I figured that the
    inclusion of one would be appropriate.  Personally I haven't played the game,
    but I do have a game guide containing some great tips for it.  So using that
    guide's information but my own words, I've written out this FAQ.
      An important point is not to rush and be patient.  Think your strategies
    through, work out your tactics.  A good plan is essential, and remember that
    CPU opponents get smarter as time goes on.
      Early in the game you don't have much of an army, therefore it is a bad idea
    to immediately attack a larger settlement because you will be hopelessly
    outnumbered and wiped out.  However, the smaller settlements are less likely to
    have decent weapons or warriors and so you will win them quite easily.
      Again, remember to attack small settlements first to decrease the chances of
    getting killed early on.  Also, if the same person rules a small village and
    large town, don't attack the small village or the larger army will retaliate.
      When seizing other settlements, set your Posture to passive; this means the
    troops won't kill everyone in sight and you'll have people to recruit.  Killing
    off villagers means you won't have anyone left to make an army to attack larger
    settlements.  If your army starts to lose (your captain's breathing becomes
    faster) increase the Posture setting one notch at a time.
      If you have several captains, here's an effective tactic in capturing large
    settlements: send your smallest army to the main entrance of the village, but
    keep your larger armies waiting behind and to the sides of the settlement. 
    Send the small army in to attack first, and the locals will send their troops
    after them in the belief they'll have an easier victory.  Now send your
    remaining armies in; your enemy will be caught by surprise and have nowhere to
      As soon as you have captured a town, set your Posture to aggressive and start
    recruiting.  This allows you to quickly increase the numbers of the army for
    future assaults.
      After getting all the soldiers you can, keep your Posture on aggressive and
    clear out the food stocks.
      Inventing new objects can take time, but they always give you some kind of
    advantage, making the quest easier and thus being worth the wait.  You can only
    invent if you rule a settlement with a workshop, a building with a small red
    sign on one of the walls.
      What you will invent depends on two things; the Posture setting and the
    location of the settlement.  If you set your Posture as aggressive you will
    invent destructive weapons, but if you set Posture to passive you'll invent
    boats and pots.  If the settlement is near a forest, products made of wood
    (like bows and spears) will be invented.  Settlements atop mountains are likely
    to have a mine, and so will build things of metal like swords and cannons.
      If you capture a large settlement, you will be able to recruit the local
    captain to become one of your own men.  Each captain commands his own army, so
    having two or more captains means having two or more armies to command.  This
    allows you to have an army present at more than one area of the map.
      If your captains are at different areas of the map, orders are sent to them
    via courier pigeon.  This means it will take time for the army to respond to an
    instruction.  Also, you can only send out one pigeon at a time.  If you need to
    send orders to both captains, the best thing to do is issue an order to one
    captain and wait for his army to respond, then send out the order to your other
    ***GAME CODES***
    Master Code: 2MNOA2WSD
      I feel I should make it known that because Patch Code devices like the Action
    Replay alter the data of the game, either your game or machine could get messed
    up permanently.  The companies have a nice little disclaimer saying it's not
    their fault since you're the one using the thing, and none of the devices are
    endorsed by Sega.
      As for me personally, I don't even believe in the use of a Patch Code device
    because of the risks involved.  But like a wise man once said, there's one born
    every minute and there's no way I can stop you if you decide to use one. 
    Consider yourself warned and use these codes at your equipment's peril.
    Infinite troops: FFD06F00FF
    Infinite food: FFD0AB00FF
      The Sega Power Tips Book 2 by Carl Rowley and published by Carlton in 1993
    formed the backbone of this guide.  GameSages (http://www.gamesages.com)
    provided the Master Code and GameWinners (http://www.gamewinners.com) had the
    Infinite Food patch code.
    Cyber Predator
    "Anyone who seeks fame need only become familiar with all that I have
    achieved." - Claudius Galen
    The Force will be with you, always

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