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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Videogameman

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 04/14/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Predator 2 (Sega Genesis)
    Walkthrough 3.0  4-14-1999
    By Videogameman (Bean1guy@smithville.net)
    This FAQ is to be used for personal uses only. This FAQ can be reproduced
    only in a web page if you have written permission (by e-mail) and that
    nothing has been changed in it.
        This is my first faq so please stay with me because there are probably
    lots of spelling errors in here. If you see any please contact me. Now on
    with the show. 
    0.0 Pick-ups
        0.1 Hostages
        0.2 Extra Points
        0.3 Weapons
        0.4 Body Armor/Lives
    1.0 Weapons
        1.1 Handgun
        1.2 Bombs
        1.3 Rapid Fire (R-F)
        1.4 Spread Fire
        1.5 Shotgun
        1.6 Net
        1.7 Laser
        1.8 Flying Blades
    2.0 Enemies
        2.1 Thugs
        2.1.1 Gun Thugs
        2.2 Cars
        2.3 Motorcycles
        2.4 Helicopters
        2.4.1 Armored Helicopters
        2.5 Predators
        2.6 Wall Cannons
    3.0 Bosses
        3.1 Level 2 (Helicopter)
        3.2 Level 3 (Semi)
        3.3 Level 4 (Predator)
        3.4 Level 5 (Predator)
        3.4.1 Level 5 Mini-Boss 1
        3.4.2 Level 5 Mini-Boss 2
        3.4.3 Level 5 Mini-Boss 3
        3.5 Level 6 (Semi)
        3.6 Level 7 (Super Predator)
    4.0 The Levels
        4.1 Level 1
        4.2 Level 2
        4.3 Level 3
        4.4 Level 4
        4.5 Level 5
        4.6 Level 6
        4.7 Level 7
    5.0 Ending and Passwords  
    0.0 Pick-ups
        There are many things in the game that you can pick up for      
    points. They are weapons, ammo, and Hostages. You have to pick up      
    Hostages and you need new and better weapons or else you won't beat the
    game. All you have to do to get them after you find them is run over them.
    0.1 Hostages
        In every level you have to rescue the Hostages (if you don't rescue
    them then you won't beat them level). There are x-number of Hostages in a
    level. Deppending on the difficulty level you're on you have to try to save
    all of them. The Predator will try to kill them. You will know when this
    will happen when the cross hairs (from the Predato's gun) reach the
    Hostage. When it does they will get shot and their bodyparts will fly all
    over the screen. If you run into the cross hairs them you will see your
    body parts all over the screen. This will only happen if you are trying to
    kill yourself OR if the Predator is chasing you will the cross hairs (this
    will only happen in certain parts of certain levels). Here is a diagram
    showing how many Hostages are allowed to get blown up without losing the
          Easy          3
          Medium        2
          Hard          1
        On the easy level of difficulty you will most likely not have any
    Hostages get blown up. On harder levels of difficulty you might have some
    of you Hostages get blown away but you never know.
    0.2 Extra Points
        You can pick up needles and other drug related things from dead Thugs
    for extra points. If you're wondering he DOES NOT use them, he only
    collects them. Most of them are only worth 100 points, but there are a lot
    of them in the game. The easiest way to collect them without having to run
    everywhere to get them you should run around them (to get them into a
    grounp) them turn around and hit them with a bomb and a couple R-F or
    Handgun shots. When you do this you can run up to the place where the group
    was and pick all the goodies up in less then a second. 
    0.3 Weapons 
        If you walk (or run) over a weapon that is on the ground it will be put
    in your arrsonal of weapons. If you run over a weapon that you all ready
    have you will get some more ammo for it (you usually get 8 or so most more
    bullets/bombs/whatever for that weapon). There are plenty of weapons on the
    ground, so pick them up.
    0.4 Body Armor/Lives
        When ever you run over some body armor you get 100% health. If you run
    over a Medkit you get 100% health and an exrta life (a max of ten lives). I
    usually have 8 or nine lives before I go to the seventh level. It is easy
    to do that because there are on average three to six lives per level. You
    will usually die two to four times in each level. So you will (hopefully)
    get more lives then you loose before the seventh level. 
    1.0 The Weapons
        There are eight weapons thoughout the game with different advantages
    and disadvantages. These weapons should be used to kill different types of
    enemies (Shotgun= Predator, Handgun= normal Thugs).
    1.1  Handgun
    Fire Rate: Good
    Damage: Poor (Least damage out of all the weapons)
    Don't use against: Cars, Semis, Super Predator
    Used against: Thugs (all types), Motorcycles, Helicopters
        This is your primary weapon (and starting weapon) that has unlimited 
    ammo, but does minimal damage. It can be a rapid fire weapon if the 
    shooting button is held down. Use this weapon on everything from Thugs to 
    easy Helicopters (not on Cars or armored Helicopters). You should always 
    have this weapon out and held down to kill enemies as soon as they appear 
    (except for Cars and up). 
    1.2 Bombs
    Firing Rate: Slow
    Damage: Powerful
    Don't use agianst: Thugs(unless in groups) or Motorcycles
    Use against: Cars, Helicopters, Predators 
        This is a powerful weapon that has an explosion radius. Ammo is pretty
    easy to find compared to the Shotgun or Laser. This should be used on Cars
    mainly. The bad thing about this weapon is that when you throw it, it lands
    and doesn't blow up for about a half second. So you should only use this
    weapon on non-moving enemies.
    1.3 Rapid Fire
    Firing Rate: Very Fast
    Damage: Good
    Don't use agianst: Nothing
    Use against: Everything
        This weapon shoots three bullets in a triangle shape. This            
    is the fastest weapon in the game. Use it against anything (including
    Semis if you run out of Bombs). This should be the 1st weapon (besides 
    the Handgun) that you should use. The best thing about this weapon is 
    that every three bullets that fly out of the gun only count as one.
    1.4 Spread Fire
    Firing Rate: Fast
    Damage: Powerful
    Don't use agianst: Thugs (unless in huge groups), Motorcycles,      
    Helicopters (unless there is two or more), Cars.
    Use against: Predators, Semis
        When shot, this weapon almost covers the entire screen and can take
    out lots of Thugs, Cars (ammo killer), and Helicopters in groups (end
    of Level 6). You should also use it agianst the Semi Bosses. You should
    only use this weapon when you are in deap trouble because ammo for this
    weapon is very hard to find.
    1.5 Shotgun
    Firing Rate: Slow
    Damage: Very Powerful
    Don't use agianst: Thugs, Motorcycles, Cars
    Use agianst: Semis, Predators, Helicopters
        This is the MOST POWERFUL gun in the game. It will case away the 
    Predator in Level 5 with one shot (the mini-boss Predators). Only use this
    weapon on hard enemies or Bosses. Ammo is hard to find (the most I've found
    was 16 or 24 bullets). You shouldn't use this weapon against Cars because
    it takes two shots to blow it up (or one shot and two Handgun bullets). 
    1.6 Net
    Firing Rate: Slow
    Damage: O.K. to Powerful
    Don't use agianst: Thugs, Cars, Helicopters, Motorcycles, Semis
    Use agianst: Predators
        I never use this weapon so I can't tell you much except that it is
    powerful and you should use it on the Predators only. I think it also 
    pushes your opponents back giving you some breathing room (just like the
    Predators do to you).
    1.7 Laser
    Firing Rate: Good
    Damage: Very Powerful
    Don't use agianst: Thugs, Motorcycles, Cars, Helicopters, Semis
    Use agianst: Predators and the Super Predator
        This is the Second most powerful weapon in the game. You       should
    only use it agianst the Super Predator (Level 7 Boss). If you have to, you
    could use it agianst the Predators (the Boss Predators, not regular). 
    1.8 Flying Blades
    Firing Rate: Good
    Damage: Powerful
    Don't use agianst: Thugs, Motorcycles, Helicopters, Cars, Semis
    Use agianst: Predators (all types)
        You should only use this powerful weapon on the Predators (because it
    will kill them with one hit and you can hide around corners and still hit 
    them). *Note* You can have up to four of these on the screen at the same 
    time. But don't run around all the time with four Blades up because you 
    will run out very fast and there are not very many Blades that you can pick
    2.0 The Enemies
        There are five types of enemies each with their own advantages
    and disadvantages.
    2.1 Thugs
    Weapon: Knives or Chainsaws
    Levels in: 1,2,3,4,5,6
    Weapons you should use: Handgun, R-F
        These guys are everywhere. Shoot then once and they will be no more.
    Another thing to do is run around and shoot them while they are in a huge
    group. They are easier to hit this way and you don't have to run around to
    pick up all the things that they leave behind.
    2.1.1 Gun Thugs
    Weapon: Handguns
    Levels in: 2,3,4,5,6
    Weapon you should use: Handgun 
        To kill these guys and not get shot is hard to do, but if you run
    around like a chicken with its head cut off. When you do this it is very
    hard for them to hit you (just don't run into them). Now turn and nail
    them. These enemies will also leave goodies for you.
    2.2 Cars
    Weapon: Handgun
    Levels in: 1,3,6
    Weapon you should use: R-F, Bombs
        To kill this guy (er... Car), just run up to it and hit it with a
    couple Bombs or R-F shots. They sometimes have ammo or lives under them.
    You can stay back and shoot them with the R-F but that is hard to do so...
    run up and go all kamikaze. Good Luck :)
    2.3 Motorcycles
    Weapon: Handgun (and they will try to ram you too)
    Levels in: 3,6
    Weapons you should use: Handgun and R-F
        Shoot them with a couple rounds and they will blow up. Watch out
    because they will try to ram you. It is very hard to shoot these down but
    if you are by a wall they might run into it (hehehehe). When they do this
    they won't drop anything but you won't have to worry about them for a
    little bit.
    2.4 Helicopters
    Weapon: Handgun
    Levels in: 3,6
    Weapons you should use: Handgun, R-F, Bombs, Shotgun
        Just run up to them and keep shooting until they fall or fly away (the
    Helicopters that fly away only take two or three round). You can stay back
    and shoot them but that takes some skill. The thing that I always do is to
    just keep running and shooting it (I do get hit but only once or twice).
    Don't do this unless you have full or almost full life.
    2.4.1 Armored Helicopters
    Weapons: Handgun
    Levels in: 2,3,6
    Weapons you should use: R-F, Bombs, Shotgun
        This is a regular Helicopter that takes a lot more damage. This causes
    a problem because if you run up to them you might die. The best way to beat
    them is to stay away and shoot them with the R-F or Shotgun while dodging
    it's bullets. This is pretty easy to do. When you shoot one down you will
    get some weapons/ammo and some other goodies.
    2.5 Predators
    Weapon: Claws
    Level in: 7
    Weapons you should use: Any weapon (except the Laser)
        Just shoot them with a couple rounds and they will disappear (these are
    not the mini-boss). Since they usually attack in groups you can drop a bomb
    into their path to kill them all. A way to get infinity points is to find a
    place where they come out of a wall and just shoot at it until you get all
    the points that you want (if you find one that constantly shoots them out
    for more points faster), and don't worry, if you stand back they won't be
    able to hit you.
    2.6 Wall Cannons
    Weapon: Lasers
    Level: 7
    Weapons you should use: You can't blow them up :(
        These are all over the Alien Ship (level 7). I don't know why they
    would be in the ship because the Predator's wouldn't need a security system
    for their space ship because no one would get on it (besides them). 
    3.0 The Bosses
        There is a Boss at the end of every level (except Level 1). The Bosses
    block off the end of the level and are very hard to kill. They will usually
    take a couple of lives to kill them (unless you know how to beat them).
    3.1 Level 2 (the Helicopter)
    Weapon: Hangdun
    Primary weapon you should use: R-F
    Hostages around: two (on the botton right and the top left)
        When you run up the stairs to the Helicopter have your R-F weapon on
    and continue to fire at it until it blows (watch out for the Predator's
    cross hair). This is the easiest Boss in the game (If you can call it a
    Boss). If you don't kill it before you reach the top of the stairs then get
    the Hostages then turn and shoot it somemore. After it blows go to the Exit
    as fast as you can or else you blow away by the Predator.
    3.2 Level 3 (The Semi)
    Weapon: Three people with Handguns
    Primary weapon you should use: Bombs
    Hostages around: Two (infront of the Semi)
        When you run up to the Semi pull out your Bombs and run from left to
    right them back while throwing Bombs at it. You must make all three of the
    guys with Handguns go back into the Semi before the Semi will blow. If you
    have enough Bombs and full life you should not die. If you run out of Bombs
    use R-F or any other powerful weapon. Another way to blow it up is to stay
    way back at the bottom and shoot, then run to the other side of the screen
    then shoot somemore. This is hard to do but it will work.
    3.3 Level 4 (A Predator)
    Weapons: Lasers, Nets, Fireballs
    Primary weapon you should use: The Handgun
    Hostages around: No
         When you find him run to the right side while he shoots at you. When
    he stops, fire at him then run to the front when he starts to shoot at you.
    When he stops nail him agian. Repeat until he runs away then exit the
    level. If you do everything right you should not get hit. *Note* You can
    use the R-F weapon if you want but it uses up alot of ammo.
    3.4 Level 5 (A Predator)
    Weapons: Lasers, Nets, Fireballs, Flying Blades
    Primary weapon you should use: The Handgun
    Hostages around: No
        As soon as you see him, go to the far left middle of the screen and
    just shoot at him. Most of his shots will miss and you will only have to
    dodge once or twice then return fire. You could run up to him (while
    dodging the Flying Blades) and shoot him with the Shotgun a coupe times,
    but this is not advised.
    3.4.1 Mini-Boss 1
         Run up and down while dodging his shots. When he is done with the
    round of shooting hit him with your favorite weapon. There is another way
    to make him run off; just go up to him and shoot him once with the Shotgun
    (you will get hurt doing this though).
    3.4.2 Mini-Boss 2
        Just use you Shotgun on him unless you want to dodge his shots and
    return fire.
    3.4.3 Mini-Boss 3    
         Hide behind the wall (where the Predator can't shoot you) amd run down
    and shoot him with a weapon then go back up into your hiding place. If you
    do this right he won't hit you, or just shot him with the Shotgun again.
    The final way to kill him is to hide behind the wall and throw the Flying
    Blades at him (this wall is almost cheeting).
    3.5 Level 6 (The Semi)
    Weapon: Three guys with Handguns
    Primary weapon you should use: Bombs
    Hostages around: Two (infront of the Semi)
        Do the same thing to this Semi as you did to the other one. There is no
    difference between them.
    3.6 Level 7 (The Super Predator)
    Weapon: Every Predator type weapon
    Primary weapon you should use: Laser
    Hostages around: No
        Run up the the Boss and lure him out of his room. When he gets out into
    the hallway run over to *HIS* right side and shoot him with all the Lasers
    that you have. If you get into the perfect place he will not be able to hit
    you and he will die really fast. If you can't find that spot shoot him and
    when you almost die run all the way back to the start of that hallway to
    get the Body Armor then do back up and shoot at him somemore. 
    4.0 The Levels
        There are seven different levels in the game with x-number of Hostages
    in them that you have to save. You start out in the first Level (of cource)
    with you trusty Handgun. Note* I'm not going to tell you where all of the
    enemies are (except for the Bosses and Mini-Bosses). In some places the
    ammo will change (like in Level 5 when the Predator drops some weapons).
    Also in harder difficulty levels there isn't always lives and body armor
    (to make it harder). 
    4.1 Level 1 (The Streets)       9 Hostages
        When you start run up and rescue the Hostage besides you, then go up
    the street and take a left to get the Hostage. Grab the R-F gun and
    continue up the street and get the Hostage in the corner. Go down the
    street and get the R-F gun and a Hostage in another corner. From there go
    down and get another Hostage in another corner, then go down and turn to
    find the a car. After blowing it away to clear a path. Make sure to get
    some Bombs. Instead of going down into the newly cleared path go up to get
    the Hostage and so Body Armor. Now go down and rescue the Hostage from
    behind the lightpole. Go down the next street and get some ammo for the R-F
    gun and Bombs. At the end of the street go up and blow up the car (to get
    the Medkit). Then follow the top wall to get the Hostage. Finally exit the
    level by the door with the "exit" sign above it. Now on to Level 2.
    4.2 level 2 (The Rooftops)      14 Hostages  
        Go forward and get the Bombs from behind the windows. Then go forward
    and get the Hostages in both cornersof the left side of the building. Go
    down the stairs and shoot the Helicopter until it leaves. Then pick up the
    body armor and grab the Hostage in the top- left corner. Then go to the
    bottom-right corner by the blocked off stairs. Go past the blocked off
    stairs and you will see some more stairs by the top of the screen. Go up
    them and get some more ammo for the R-F gun. Then go to the top-right
    corner of the building to get the Hostage then go to the top-left for
    another. Go back down the stairs and go to the once-blockes-off-stairs then
    go to the left for some more body armor. Then go to the bottom-left
    corner(the second one) to get the Hostage. Go up the stairs and shoot the
    Helicopter by the purle stairs. After it flies away go down the path that
    it was blocking to get the Hostage and another body armor. Then go the blue
    stairs and get some ore R-F ammo. Then follow the roof until a Helicopter
    attacks. After it is gone, go down the blue stairs to get a Hostage and
    some more R-G ammo. Go back up the staurs and get the Hostage in the very
    bottom0right corner then the one in the top-right corner. Then go to the
    Blue stairs (not the stairs that you just came from) and then the purple
    stairs. At the top get the body armor. Then go forward and get the Hostage.
    Race up the stairs and grab the Hostage in the bottom-left corner, then
    pull out your R-F gun and run up the stairs and take ou the Helicopter.
    After that get the final Hostage ane exit the level through the purple
    doors befor the Predator blows you up.
    4.3 Level 3 (The Streets)       10 Hostages
        When you start ou run forward to get the Shotgun. Continue to run in
    the same direction to get a medkit. Turn to the right until you hit the
    wall with a Hostage. Continue along the wall until you find two more
    Hostages. WARNING the Predator's cross hairs more very fast and will most
    likely kill one of the Hostages. Follow the walls until you find another
    Hostage . Do the same for the next Hostage. The next Hostage is in the road
    strait down from the last. Continue down the wall for another Hostage and a
    Medkit at the bottom. Retrace your tracks until you find an opening, go
    through it and to the right. After a little bit go down the alley for a
    medkit. Finally go up to fing the Boss. To find out how to beat the boss
    please read the Boss section. After the Semi blows, collect the goodies and
    go up-left to find the exit door. From here you go to the Subway.
    4.4 Level 4 (The Subway)        6 Hostages
        This is a fast level so start by grabing the R-F ammo then go downand
    grab the Hostage behind the ticket booths. After going down some grab the
    Hostage between the booths (Dodge the Predators's shots while doing this).
    After going down even more get the body armor and another Hostage by the
    ticket booth. From here go to the right and grab the medkit between two
    more booths after a while. Then grab the Bombs between the chairs later on
    (acually just about three seconds latter). Then go to the right again to
    grab R-F ammo. Then go to the left and grab the Hostage behind the chairs.
    Then get another Hostage in front of three ticket booths. Go forward to
    fight the Boss. Once he runs away pick up anything that he leaves then
    leave while dodging the cross hairs.
    4.5 Level 5 (The Slaughterhouse) 15 Hostages
        When you start go up to get some R-F ammo. Then run up the stairs to
    get the Hostage to the left (plus some bidy armor). Continue along the
    catwalk, pass the stairs to get the Hostage. Then go down the stairs to get
    another Hostage. Go down until you reach the ground to get a life, along
    with another Hostage. Go up the next flight of stairs, pass the other
    flight of stairs to get the Hostage, then go down and get some more Bombs.
    Then go forward to fight the Mini-Boss Predator 1. After chasing him away
    go forward and get the Hostage by the stairs, then go up the stairs and
    grab the Hostage. Pass the by the next flight of stairs ang grab the
    Hostage. Next, Pass by some more stairs then go up the next to grab the
    Hostage, then pass by some more stairs then Grab the Bombs. Then go down
    the stairs and go the left. Continue that way until you have saved two
    Hostages. Then retrace you steps until you find some stairs to going down.
    Once on the ground agian, go left until you find a Hostage and some R-F
    ammo. Retrace you steps to the stairs then go to the right until you find
    the Predator agian. After chasing him away pick up the body armor and go up
    the stairs and to the left to find a Hostage. Then go to the right until
    you find a long lost Hostage. Finally go down the stairs to find the
    Predator once agian. After chasing him away agian like the cowerd he is.
    Collect the goodies that he left behind and go forward to find the Predator
    agian. This time HE is the Boss, so please refer to Boss section. After you
    beat him grab the goodie that he left behind agian (to bad he can't just
    die) and exit the level (without being blown away).
    4.6 Level 6 (The Streets)        13 Hostages
        When you start go down and turn the corner and get the Hostage at the
    end of the alley, then leave the alley and go down to get the Hostage. Then
    follow the wall until you find the Hostage. Go down and get the Shotgun
    ammo and the medkit. Go up and grab the Hostage. Then go up right and blow
    up the car to get the medkit. Go up some more to get the Hostage and some
    R-F ammo highter up. Retrace your steps back past the car then go forward
    and up to get a Hostage. Up by the trash can is a srpead fire gun. Go up to
    get the medkit, then go to your right to find a Hostage. Continue going up
    until you find a car. Infront of the car is a Hostage and to the left are
    some Bombs. Then go up to get a Hostage. Go to the right to get some body
    armor. Follow the wall untilyou find a car, blow it up to get a life.
    Follow the until the arrow points up, then go up, get the Hostage, and then
    blow up the Helicopter to get some R-F ammo. Follow the top wall to get
    some body armor, then go down to get the Hostage. Continue down then go
    up-right. Three Helicopters will attack (two of the three Helicopters will
    fly by. Blow the Helicopter up then go up to the Semi. After the Semi is
    gone for good, go up and blow up or chase the Helicopters away. Then exit
    through the door that was blocked by one of the Helicopters.
    4.7 Level 7 (The Alien Ship)      25 Hostages   
        One question is bothering me... why would the Predators have Hostages
    in their ship. Wouldn't they have just riped their heads off just like the
    others? Well, anyway start off by going up and take a right, go up at the
    wall, then left, then down. From here go to the right and get the Hostage.
    Then go to the left to get another Hostage. Finally go all the way back to
    the start (retrace your steps) and go to the right. Go up the hall to get
    the Hostage, then go to the left. Keep going left until you get another
    Hostage (past a huge hallway). Then go back to the huge hallway and go up
    it. Take a left and a wall will close behind you. Keep going left. When you
    reach another hallway going up, go down into a small room to get a Hostage.
    Then go up through the hallway. When you get reach the end of the hallway
    go left, then go up to get the Hostage. Retrace your steps and get back to
    the long hallway. Finish going up the hallway and go up-left to get the
    Hostage. Go uo the next hallway and go up-right. At the end of that hallway
    go left and all the way way up it to get some body armor and some ammo.
    Then go down and to the left to get the Hostage. Retrace your steps to
    where you can go left or right and this time go right. After following the
    hallway, go right for the Hostage, then go down. Then turn left at the
    first chance possible. Keep going left until you hit the wall, go down then
    left to get the Hostage. Go back to the hallway going down and go down it.
    Take a right to get a Hostage. Continue right and a wall will close behind
    you. Continue on then go down the next hallway. Turn left at the bottom to
    get a Hostage. Keep going to get another Hostage. Go up the hallway and to
    the right to get the Hostage. Go left until you enter the next room, from
    there go up and to the left to get the Hostage. Go all the way to the 
    bottom, then the left, then to the right to get two Hostages (before "HE"
    gets them). Go back up and then into the room on the left. From there, go
    up and left to get the Hostage, then go down for another. Keep going down
    to get a Hostage (to the right). Continue down and got to the right (all
    the way). Once there grab the two Hostages. Go up then left fot another
    Hostage. Go down for another one. Then go to the top-left corner to find a
    Hostage, then search the bottom for another hostage. Then go to the Exit
    (the door on the left wall). From there go right(while walking you should
    pick up all the ammo that you can find, there is a lot). Then go all the
    way up to meet the Final Boss.
    5.0 Ending and Passwords
        You run out of the space ship, then it shows you getting blown out of
    it (an nice picture).
                                   You've beaten the game!!
        For level 2-6 there are passwords to get back to that level (it doesn't
    matter what difficulty level you are set on).
    Level 2            KILLERS
    Level 3            CAMOUFLAGE
    Level 4            LOS ANGELES
    Level 5            SUBTERROR
    Level 6            TOTAL BODY
        Sorry, there isn't a password for Level 7 (that stinks), so you'll have
    to fight your way through Level 6 to get to it every time. 
        There is one thing that I need to know about: what is on the title
    screen (I mean the blue rectangles)? If you know, please e-mail me.
        Thank you for reading this. This was made by Videogameman.

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