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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jeromec

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    Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 15:40:27 -0600
    From: jeromec <jeromec@mail.utexas.edu>
    Subject: Rings of Power FAQ
    2nd edition
    Hi. Rings of Power is an old game for the genesis, and I don't think anyone
    ever made a FAQ for it. On Naughty Dog's website, they claim that may be 5
    persons have actually finished the game... I hope that posting this FAQ
    will help to increase that number.
    So without further ado, on with the FAQ!
    * Version 2.0 *
    More detailed location of the sextant.
    Rings of Power - FAQ
    1 - the plot
    At the beginning of your journey you only control Buc, a sorcerer. You start
    in front of the lobotomy club, next to the city of Mind. Go to mind to talk
    with colleagues sorcerers, and find out that your master has made an
    discovery regarding the Rings of Power. There exist 11 rings of power which,
    united, form the Rod of Creation. The idea of the game will be to gather
    First you must prove worthy of your master's thrust by accomplishing simple
    missions. He will send you to the temple and you will have to go fight some
    guy who stole an item just south of Mind. Easy fight. But as you come back
    to the academy, your master gets murdered, and sends all of his disciples to
    various locations with a magical formula. You find yourself just next to
    Division, where your master advised you to go talk to Hack.
    Notes about fighting.
    In this game, everybody is a magic user. This means that all fights are
    resolved through magic. To cast a spell, you must have it (most often you'll
    have to buy it from a guild) and you must be powerful enough to cast it.
    you must have enough mana left (blue bar). As you grow more powerful your
    reserves are greater and you can cast more dangerous spells.
    Sorcerer spells seldom do much damage, but some can boost other characters
    attributes and some (confuse, mesmer) can incapacitate enemies.
    Knight spells are either directed at one individual, at a couple, or at the
    whole party. Some spells lower the enemies' hit points, while some lower
    max. hit points (ie they can't heal). Some higher level spells will lower all
    opponents' hit points by a fix amount.
    Archer spells either affect one target or several. They tend to move
    around, too.
    Necromancers have a good range of healing spells, and also spells that can be
    quite damaging.
    Conjurers are specialists of fixed-damage spells. They have high-level spells
    that cause multiple hits on several opponents: if one enemy dies, the spell
    continues to hurt other members of the opposing party.
    Enchanters have a variety of spells, usually involving summoning of
    Their most damaging spell is the low-level Frenzy which remains their best
    weapon even towards the end of the game.
    If somebody dies, it's OK, they can be raised at one of the bigger churches.
    If Buc dies, but some of his companions survived, Buc is raised at Cathedral,
    and you now have only 100 coins. If everybody dies, the game is over.
    2 - gathering a party
    Hack may authorize Slash, a knight, to aid you, if you return a key. The key
    has been stolen by Scourge, a black priest. Local guildmasters tell that
    Rashiid, a wandering merchant, knows where Scourge hides, and that lighthouse
    keepers know in turn where Rashiid is. This is a good occasion to buy a boat.
    Ship sail faster than boats, and can shoot. Boats on the other hand are
    cheaper. If you tip a lighthouse person they will tell you that Rashiid lives
    next to an oasis. Actually Rashiid lives next to every oasis so the one you
    pick doesn't matter much. Rashiid will say that Scourge hides in the sewers.
    To access the sewers, press B in front of the Nexus church, in Division. Use
    the key to get the symbol back to Hack. Hack then allows Slash to join.
    After that, you have several options.
    a) quickly gather money. The fastest way to do so is to sail to Mind (just a
    bit west of Division), buy gems, then sail northwards to the city of Commerce
    and sell gems at their highest price. You buy gems for roughly 100 coins and
    can sell them for over 300 coins. Note that you cannot carry more than 15000
    coins - just a few roundtrips. You can even get 15000 coins AND 99 gems
    b) carry on and get other members. This is rather linear. You must gather a
    full party, complete with an Archer (Feather, in Speed), a Necromancer
    (Mortimer, in Blood), a Conjurer (Alexi, in Perfection) and an Enchanter
    (Obliki, in Kaos/Blood) - and in that order.
    c) quest for the easy rings. See next section.
    Hack suggests to go towards Cathedral and Speed. Cathedral is west of Mind
    and contains a huge Nexus temple, and one of every guilds as well. Right now
    you really want to go to Speed though. Speed is a bit further to the west.
    Speed is the big Archer city. However, the people of Speed are being abducted
    by bandits and it is your task to find out where, then to rescue them.
    First you must obtain an audience. To do that go buy flowers in
    Perfection, to
    the South. The receptionist archer will then give you the location of the
    sextant, a very important item. From now on we will be giving the location of
    things with their coordinates.
    * Version 2.0 addition 
    It's been over a year and a half since I have written this document, and I 
    have received countless questions about - where the sextant is. Look, you 
    really have to try for yourselves here, I can't give you coordinates yet. 
    But, basically: the receptionist mentions a "cave" to the east. 
    That's not, like, a big maze with lots of monsters. It's just a tiny place.
    Just follow the road, look for a waterfall, turn to face it, press the 
    B button and get the sextant. 
    The world of Rings of Power is full of little places like that, that you 
    can enter by facing the right direction and pressing the button.
    Visit the civic center and talk to Lenny, a captured bandit. He offers to
    away the hideout location in exchange for a flipstone. Buy him a flipstone
    you're all set. Then, go to the mines of misery. They are pretty obvious to
    find with Lenny's indications: on the hills just a bit northwest of
    Go there, kill bandits, and have Feather join you.
    Now go to Blood. This is south of Division. You must have an audience with
    Necromancer boss, so some other necromancer will ask you to carry a corpse to
    a tomb. The question is, where is this tomb? Find out by asking a drunk
    necromancer in the local tavern. To get the corpse proper search the shelves
    for the key. Bring the corpse on the tomb at night. You can now talk the
    guildmaster into letting Mortimer join you. Find him just north of Blood.
    Now onwards to Perfection to shop for a conjurer. Go to the restaurant to
    one of Haze coworker. He will let you see Haze if you bring him some Flame
    Wood. Flame Wood is found in a locked chest in a lost cave near 5", 10".
    Some notes in the library suggest to go and see an hermit living in an oasis
    near Kaos. He will precise that the cave is accessible only by boat, and that
    it is south of Cathedral. Some Larry guy knows about the key to the chest.
    Larry hangs out at the Lobotomy club, so there you go. Buy him a drink, and
    he'll send you to a mage living in an island north of Cathedral (easy to
    This conjurer has the key and will exchange it for an ogre egg. The egg
    is in a cave in the arctic snowbank, and looks like a skull (with
    Go there and kill the conjurers. Go back to the mad mage: he takes the egg
    won't give the key without a fight! (note that you don't have to go fetch the
    egg, you may just kill him first). Now that you have the key you're all
    set to
    go get some flame wood. The cave is located on the west side of the lake,
    south of Cathedral (not in the swampy lake just south of cathedral, a bit
    further) and yes, you need a boat to go in. Go back to perfection and welcome
    your new member, Alexi.
    Now en route to Kaos. You cannot talk to the enchanter guildmaster without
    help of his secretary. The problem is, said secretary is possessed by
    evil. Go
    to Cathedral to learn from a priest how to cure him: with a magic mirror,
    found in the crypt of Perfection. Access the crypt through the temple in
    Perfection, and search it: the mirror is towards the right of the screen.
    Give the mirror to the secretary: he now wants a bingo card. You can get one
    in the Kaos tower. The secretary will at last let you see his boss. But
    exorcising him will anger the local black priests who will attack you. Kill
    them and get the whip. If you enter the church again and show the whip to the
    local black priest, he will suggest you visit their volcano base east of
    Division (can't miss it on the map). Visit the enchanter guildmaster at
    and he will let Obliki join you.
    You are now ready to go get the rings!
    3 - the Rings of Power
    Notice: the game is extremely non-linear. This is for several reasons: the
    designers didn't want the player to ever feel blocked (mmm... try again), and
    it adds variety to the game. So, you're free to get the rings in any order
    like. Why, you may even grab some rings before you get a completed party.
    This is a chart that says how easy and long it is to get a ring so you can
    plan your journey ahead.
    Ring:           Difficulty      Monsters        Length of quest         Need
    Thought             *            (none)                *           ruby, whip
    Evocation           *              *                   **
    Division            **             **                  **
    Mutation            **           (none)                *              pic
    Variation           **           depends               ***
    Advancement         **             **                  ***
    Blood               **             ****                ***
    Will                ***            **                  ****
    Bile                ***            ***                 **
    Perfection          ****           **                  ****
    Intuition           ****           **                  ****
    Difficulty: * really easy to **** really tough
    monsters can be beaten by: * an incomplete beginning party, ** a complete but
    beginning party, *** a fairly experienced party, **** a well-rounded party
    Length: * real short to **** real complex.
    Need: what you need before starting the quest. 
    I have myself found the rings in this order: will, division, advancement,
    thought, variation, blood, evocation, mutation, intuition, bile, perfection.
    Not only are you free to take the quests in any order, but the game is also
    designed to discourage you to take them in sequence.
    At the beginning of the game you'll have enough clues to start most quests,
    and you'll probably end up leading four or five different quests at the same
    time. You'll often feel blocked on one quest, but then you'll always be able
    to switch to another quest, complete it, and in the meantime find new
    ideas to
    progress in your earlier quests.
    Frustration is a definite component of the game.
    You may not experience it at first, unless you really can't find a way to
    progress in any of the quests. But usually, you'll be able to swap quests and
    should be fine. However, as you go further and deeper in the game, there will
    be fewer and fewer alternative quests and you may feel completely blocked.
    Then, you may use the walkthrough for each quest.
    Bear in mind that the timing is very important. If you use the walkthrough to
    move to quickly through the game, your characters won't be powerful enough to
    stand the last fights. Also, whenever you can, complete each step of the
    Every time you find a significant clue or item, your experience increase. You
    will probably earn more experience points through quests than through fights.
    So, I encourage you to just go ahead and explore, go for clues, and stuff
    that, and use the walkthrough if and only if you really can't move any
    One last word about transportation means.
    It's perfectly OK to go around on foot. You'll encounter quite a few monsters
    and you'll move quite slowly. Dinos make you move faster, but do not provide
    a definite advantage. Boats let you travel at sea, but then your food levels
    drop faster. You'll encounter lots of pirates. Ships let you sail really
    and do not require additional food or water. However, you have to pay your
    crew, and every now and then your gold level will lower. If you reach 0
    have a mutiny and you'll be stuck with a boat insted. So, don't start the
    by buying a ship. Wait until you have some gold.
    Dragons on the other side let you travel anywhere on the map and rather
    The two main problems are that they are relatively uncommon, and that they
    almost instantly reduce your food and water stocks to zero. Although dragons
    are convenient you should not use them too often.
    FlipStones and GateStones can be quite useful too. Don't use them unless you
    also have at least a BoatStone and preferably a DragonStone, unless you want
    to be blocked on an island with no way of going back.
    This being said, on with the rings.
    Ring of Thought
    Obliki comes with a ruby, which is in fact a statue eye. Go to Cathedral, in
    the temple, find the statue and talk to it (looks like a priest). It will
    you a note to deliver to Bob, in sunrise (3" 22"). Bob will give another
    something about the ring of holy light (it is the ring of thought) with some
    irritating sense of metaphor, but if you spot the phrase between day and
    it is an allusion to Celestial City, in the desert, where there is a moon
    temple and a sun temple. Search the south wall of the Cathedral library for
    a note on "things to make you ponder (=thought):" a goblet and a skull. The
    note says where to get them, so go ahead. (shady rest home, and a hut
    north of
    You're ready to go to celestial city. Stand between the temples, and press B.
    There you go: you are now faced with a series of riddles which are all very
    easy. If you guess wrong you must pay 25 gold to a priest. Still, you must
    have the skull, goblet, whip and ruby on you.
    *Version 2.0 addition
    With a bit of patience you can raise your party's levels quite fast by
    answering the riddles over and over again. Not necessary though, but 
    good to have in mind if you've gone too fast and your party is too weak
    for the rest.
    Ring of Will
    That's a longer one.
    This first part is non compulsory but will give you some good experience
    points. By the way, you still can complete it after you got the ring of will.
    Southwest of Mind is a weird tower amidst a swamp. Go there, and kill
    including the witch Hideous. While you're at it, note that you get a hairlock
    for that, which will be useful later.
    Now go towards Fen' which is to the southwest. Fen Ho will welcome you in
    and exchange the whereabouts of a ring (the ring of will) for a, mmm,
    You must secure a protection deal with the protectors. They live up north
    to the ogre egg cave. However, the protectors will do that for honey. Find
    educated bear hut and he will gladly give you some honey (you may want to do
    that before goind to see the protectors). They will give you a contract. Go
    back to Fen and Fen Ho will send you to Thief Haven, and will give you the
    "solution" (hmmm.) of the leaf puzzle.
    Now this is the mandatory part of the quest.
    So go see Keef the Thief in Thief Haven.
    He says he has the ring and that he will exchange it for a magic leaf,
    and that lunatics know where to shop for said leaf. Go to the Lunatic Asylum
    and talk to all of them, noting what they say. One gives the location of the
    cave in which the leaf is, while the others give some weird "paths". Note
    down. Now go to the cave, which is located on the base of the fount of
    just north of a side (south side of the island). The puzzle is not easy even
    if you have the solution. The idea is that there are 8 switches (small
    that make 8 stomps disappear, letting you access the leaf. You will need of
    course to go from one end of the "cave" to the other more than enough, and
    this part requires lots of patience. To help you, walking on a switch makes
    sound, and you should only walk on each mount once. Good luck.
    Of course, when you go back to Keef, this idiot just sold the ring to some
    priest who took it to Cathedral. You now have to return to Cathedral and kill
    Yoppa the priest and his party.
    Ring of Intuition
    Any sorcerer will tell you: intuition is about solving unstructured (illogic
    and incoherent problems). 
    Go to the sorcerers' guild in Oxbridge and search around for a scrap of
    Now go to the inn in Thief Haven, and fight the bandit upstairs for the map.
    Go back to Oxbridge and talk to a sorcerer in one of the houses. Now head
    towards the Isle of Light which is a bit north of Kaos. By pressing B there
    you see a door: it is only open at night. Visit the mad sorcerer who will
    give you a key of intuition for his lost orb. The map found in Thief Haven
    tells the coordinates of the orb. Then search (B) around for the orb. Even
    when you have the real coordinates it takes patience to find the orb. It is
    in the middle of the screen though. Go back to see the sorcerer and exchange
    the orb for the key. Return to Oxbridge and talk to one of the sorcerer of
    guild, show him the key and he'll talk about Flamory. While you're at it, buy
    him (bribe) his dove: can be useful.
    A look at his dragon poem indicates that you aren't getting much closer to
    dragon cave. So, near where the dead and living meet, that may be Blood or
    Necropolis, but on seas of sand, that's more likely Necropolis. Neither high
    nor low, it's on some kind of slope then. See last section for coordinates of
    Flamory's cave. You'll be greeted by a flock of dragons/wyverns, most of
    will "djinn" you (it hurts) so confuse/mesmer/blind them first, if you can.
    You won't be able to fight Flamory, however, he will be willing to let go his
    ring for the dove. You don't have to fight the other dragons downstairs, they
    don't have any treasure. You can get what's in the chests without picking
    Ring of Blood
    A guildmaster in blood says that a necromancer owns the ring and that his men
    are gamblers. The lucky luke casino is located around 21' 24'
    Go to the Casino, lend (bribe) some gold to the townsman. He sends you to
    in Division (northeastern corner of town). Carl in turn sends you to mean
    in the lobotomy club (the knight). Fight him for the location of the Power
    Lord fortress. Note, it is pretty obvious. It is one of the few buildings
    you can't access without a dragon, because it is surrounded by a wall, so go
    get a dragon near Mesa (wait for a wandering merchant who might sell
    Now enter the fortress and slaughter everyone. Warning, they are tough.
    Eventually you should have the coordinates of the Necromancer lair and the
    key to his lair. As you've guessed, it is your next step. Kill everyone for
    the ring.
    Ring of Bile
    Wacky, wackier, wackiest.
    Clues suggest the ring of Bile is in the Necropolis.
    Go there, and everybody will admit it. It really is there.
    But the guardians won't let you enter. You must find a way to dispel some
    kind of spell that keeps them alive.
    Go now see Lucius, the necromancer in Magic B Us. He says he could make such
    a spell if he had a special moustache. Go now to the Theater, one of the
    actors on the stage will give you said moustache (be patient). Bring back
    accessory to Lucius and voila! You can now Raise people.
    When you go back to the Necropolis tower, the zombie there will be more than
    glad to unlock the door. Still, beware. You haven't reached the ring yet.
    The necropolis tower is a small maze filled with tough undead monsters. They
    like to "Reaper" you (ouch!) and to heal themselves with "Perfect". Even
    you'd better hurry to find the right path because several tiles hurt your
    characters as you walk on them. So, keep a tab on everyone's health and use
    balm now and again. Kill the undeads, and grab the ring. 
    Ring of Perfection
    Clues suggest to search with these who never walk the earth simultaneously.
    Again, that's a metaphor for sun and moon, so go towards the celestial city
    (south east of Mesa). The celestial city is mostly two big temples, one
    moon temple (grey) and one sun temple (yellow). The moon temple has a moon
    and the sun temple a sun gem. You need both gems.
    To get a gem you must do a favor to the priest of each temple. Moon wants you
    to ask the king of Sparta to stop killing his people. So go to Sparta and ask
    nicely. The king will agree if you go to the arena and kill all monsters
    there, but since you never fight more than one monster at a time it's a
    easy fight. The king, true to his word, will agree to stop the massacres.
    Back in the moon temple you are allowed to get the moon gem from the
    middle of
    the pool upstairs.
    The sun gem will be yours if you can bring the sun priest special embalming
    fluids. He suggest you go to the university to find clues. There you learn of
    a secret necromancers lab in blood and get a pass for the lab.
    This single question blocked me for many hours. That sucked, because it
    was my
    last quest.
    The lab is just outside of blood, in the very graveyard where you brought the
    corpse long, long ago, on the top of that small hill southwest of the town.
    There is a ladder going down but it is hard to spot.
    Go down there. If you have the pass you'll be safe and a necromancer will let
    you have the embalming fluids. You may now return them to the sun priest who
    will give you a key for the chest downstairs, which holds the sun gem.
    Now that you have both gems it is time to go to the Chamber of Perfection, of
    which you can find the coordinates back in Cathedral if you search the
    next to the specialist of Perfection.
    Talk to Immino and his party. They'll attack you of course. But now you got
    the ring.
    Ring of Evocation
    In the Guild of Pieces one of the Knights there says that a woman who is a 
    specialist in the ring of calling and she hides behind a waterfall at
    30'1" 5'4". Go visit this woman: she'll send you looking for her crystal
    ball. It
    sunk with the Ahab, so you'd better find out where the Ahab sunk, and she
    advises to start at the bandit base in a hollow volcano. There, you will find
    out that there exists a map to the ahab, but that Red Beard in Division has
    one part, while some guy in Magincia has the other. Red Beard won't give you
    his map part so you could kill him to get it. But you don't really have to.
    The coordinates it shows are .. 4'0" (knowing that, you can avoid killing yet
    another civilian for no good reason). A shopkeeper in Magincia will exchange
    his map part for 5 flags. You should already have them if you've been at sea
    a bit. Else, go sail around and wait to be attacked, usually pirates leave
    flags behind. Now you have the full coordinates: 18'5" 4'0". Go there,
    and find the Ahab. The crystal ball is there in a chest. The woman will give
    you the ring in exchange. 
    Ring of Division
    First, if you haven't killed Hideous yet, it is time you did it. For
    information, her tower is in a swamp just southwest of Mind. The Cathedral
    expert on Division talks about division of age and division of power,
    Doggonia and a town where young and old live separate, around 3" 22". Go to
    said town (Sunrise). 
    In one of the old people's houses there is an ugly woman who wants you to
    break a curse that hideous put on her. Do that by giving her the Hairlock you
    get when you kill Hideous. She will give you the iron key. Now go to
    Doggonia is just east of Hideous tower, south of Mind. Try to see the Regent:
    the guards will take all your money, so be sure that you bought everything
    could beforehand. The regent is kind of rude and refuse to talk to you if you
    haven't performed the beginner's quest, for which the judge has details. The
    judge says the regent wants you to kill Fiver, enemy of the throne, in the
    city of commerce (up North). 
    * Addition
    If you bring a boat stone along, be sure to use it in the lake in the city 
    of commerce
    If you visit the jail too, the prisoner will say
    that Fiver is innocent and that you should let him escape the city: nobody
    will ever know. So go to the city of commerce and visit houses until you find
    one with an adult upstairs. Talk to him: he is Fiver. You really should let
    him go. If you then go back to the regent (lose your gold again) he will give
    you the real quest: go find some milk of youth for the dying king. Our
    intuition dictates it is somewhere in Sunrise, so visit the kids houses.
    is one with a locked door and kids complain they lost the key in the house
    down the street. Visit other kids houses and search the dresser next to the
    bed until you find the key, go back to the house with the locked door,
    open it
    and find the milk of youth in the middle of the pool downstairs (access it
    the south side). Go back to Doggonia. The regent lets you walk around in the
    castle, but keeps the milk of youth. So, you'll have to kill the guy. The
    exchanges his ring of division for the milk of youth.
    Ring of Variation
    Enchanters and the Cathedral experts will give you the following clues: the
    enchanter Tutu may give you information, and it's all about the path of
    variation, hidden in a temple near speed. So why won't you pay Tutu a visit?
    He lives in a tower in the desert, near the educated bear and the Lunatic
    Asylum. There you will find the Wyrm spell: a pretty good enchanter spell.
    Tutu's library will reveal some more things about the ring and the path of
    variation, that is, only lunatics and sober knights know about it. If you try
    talking to Tutu, and you haven't saved Fiver (division quest), it is game
    over. However, if you have saved Fiver, Tutu will send you to jail, Fiver
    save you, and you'll have to fight Tutu. Go to the Asylum to learn about
    different paths (mutation, alteration, randomness). Now look for the war key.
    I honestly don't remember this part too right but I think it is in the power
    lord fortress, a building you need a dragon to access. There is some pretty
    tough fighting to do before you can get the key. You will also gain a key to
    the Blood ring. Anyway, you don't really need the war key but you'll gain
    experience points if you follow the quest step by step. If you do find the
    you can go to Cathedral and open the locked chest in the Paladin building,
    find out what the path of variation is: the 3 other paths in a certain order.
    A hut in the desert just south east of Cathedral will give you another clue:
    the path starts on the 3rd square from the South. You are now ready to go to
    the temple of variation. Here is the concept: the floor is covered with
    changing tiles, sometimes blue, sometimes black with a skull on them. So, go
    through the room through the path of variation and you're safe, and try to
    like an idiot and you're dead. I must admit I chose the "enhanced" path of
    variation method: starting from the 4th square from the south, saving at each
    footstep, I walked westwards (and didn't get hurt) until I was just 4
    or 5 steps away from the ring, at that time I ran westwards and got the ring.
    I just used camp to exit the building. 
    Ring of Mutation
    When you get Obliki, you may or may not be attacked by a horde of enchanters.
    If not, go back and talk to them. If they still won't attack you, try at
    night. Kill them all for a picture of the ring of mutation.
    Enchanters around the world may tell you that the ring is really a person
    hiding, and that it is a woman in an inn. It is actually a woman in the inn
    in Mesa. So, you must access Mesa. To do that, you need a Dragon, so it will
    be a good opportunity to get a Dragon. Go towards Mesa, in the desert. Run
    around Mesa until you meet a Dino-riding party. Go talk to them, and you may
    buy from them magic stones: a bridge stone, a boat stone, and a dragon stone.
    Stones are expensive, but really useful. Get at least one dragon stone, you
    may buy other stones later at Mesa. Just go to the inn, upstairs, talk to one
    of the maids, who will say that she is power incarnate. Show her the picture
    of the ring and the ring will revert to its ring form. 
    While you're in Mesa you may get some magic sand (north west corner of town,
    press B, then go to the top of the hill south east of the screen, press B),
    and visit the sand fortress, where you'll learn that Mesans resist evil
    to the magic sand (how profound). These will be useful later.
    Ring of Advancement
    Go visit Ritchi. The queen will agree to reveal where the ring is, for a
    price: you must replace the lens of the observatory. Go to the observatory
    get the specs. With that, go to Shard. The glassmaster will ask you for tomes
    and magic sand. Tomes may be bought in Cathedral, and sand can be found in
    Mesa (see ring of mutation above). Bring back the len to the observatory and
    cause much joy to the observatory keeper. The queen will reveal that the ring
    is downstairs. Note that her personal wizard, Imino, has disappeared too.
    Clues you might have had so far on the ring may include advices like try
    covering all the bases or touch all the points of a surface to reverse the
    polarity of an object affected by force. What this means is that you
    try to run after the key: you will never catch it. Instead, "paint" the
    green by walking on every tile. The key will cease to move. Then, fight some
    zombies and a party led by your ex-friend Imino to get the ring.
    Holy Seal
    Meet Mr. Belmont (aka Mr. B) in his villa. He will ask you why people of Mesa
    resist his organization. Go there to find out proof that the magic sand
    them from evil (a log in the sand fortress). He will let you walk around in
    his house, where you can find a bandit ID. With that in hand, go to the
    base. If you saved Lenny (ie you didn't find the mines of misery by yourself)
    he will let you in the treasure chamber where you can find the holy seal.
    However all the other bandits will wait for you outside: tough fight ahead. 
    4 - the end
    Now that you've collected everything, ride a dragon to the fount of heaven.
    Use the holy seal to open the door. The guy who killed your master was
    for you there with his party. It's a really difficult fight. The only way you
    can win is by luck: if Buc can cast a spell early enough, let him use mesmer.
    Mortimer should use blind. This way, chances are that several opponents won't
    be able to cast spells right now, and you can then kill them. If the bad guys
    have the initiative, they will use their most powerful spells against you:
    Reaper, Master, Djinn, Wyrm, Pain, Twister. You can't possibly stand a round
    Good luck!
    The Places:
    Slash the Knight
    Sewers                          17'2"  11'4"
    Feather the Archer
    Speed                            1'1"   9'0"
    Perfection                       4'    14'
    Mines of Misery                  3'7"   8'0"
    Alexi the Conjurer
    Perfection                       4'1"  13'6"
    Kaos Ermit                      11'7"   9'4"
    Mad Mage Island                  8'2"   5'4"
    Ogre Egg cave                    6'6"  21'4"
    Lobotomy Club                   10'7"  12'3"
    Fire Cave                        5'4"  10'9" (facing north)
    Mortimer the Necromancer
    Tomb                            15'6"  18'3"
    Obliki the Enchanter
    Kaos Church                     10'6"   8'0"
    Perfection                       4'4"  13'7"
    Kaos Tower                      10'6"   8'3"
    Drunk Dragon                    13'7"  18'9"
    Shady Rest                       6'0"  17'0"
    Goblet                           5'5"   6'0"
    Sunrise                          3'0   22'0"
    Celestial City                  26'3"  15'4"
    Hideous Tower                   12'0"  13'2"
    Fenopolis                        8'1"  16'8"
    Bear                            33'8"  10'5"
    Thief Haven                     24'3"  18'0"
    Asylum                          31'2"   8'1"
    Magic Leaf                       0'8"  19'2"   (facing west)
    Cathedral                        5'2"   8'4"
    Oxbridge                        25'1"   5'4"
    Thief Haven                     24'4"  18'3"
    Oxbridge                        24'8"   5'4"
    Isle of Light (by night)        13'6"   4'7"
    Lost snow bank                  26'2"   0'6"
    Isle of Light (by night)        13'6"   4'7"
    Oxbridge                        25'1"   5'4"
    Flamory cave                    30'3"  11'9"
    Hideous Tower                   12'0"  13'2"
    Sunrise (approx)                 3'0"  22'0"
    Doggonia                        13'1"  15'6"
    City of Commerce (approx)       15'0"   2'0"
    Doggonia                        13'1"  15'6"
    Sunrise (approx)                 3'0"  22'0"
    Doggonia                        13'1"  15'6"
    Ritchi                          21'9"   4'1"
    Shard                           17'4"  20'2"
    Cathedral                        4'8"   7'2"
    Mesa                            23'8"  13'5"
    Shard                           17'4"  20'2"
    Ritchi                          21'9"   4'1"
    Casino                          24'5"  21'0"
    Power Lord Fortress             28'0"  18'0"
    Necromancer lair                13'2"   1'7"
    Demon's Crag                    21'8"   8'7"
    Theater                         27'4"   9'7"
    Magic B Us                      24'3"   2'5"
    Necropolis                      30'8"  12'3"
    Bandit Base                     30'7"  18'1"
    Sunk Ahab                       18'5"   9'4"
    Crystal Ball woman              30'1"   5'4"
    Celestial City                  26'3"  15'4"
    Neo Sparta                      11'5"  21'5"
    University                      25'4"   5'4"
    Necromancers lab                15'6"  18'3"
    Chamber of Perfection           32'9"  18'4"
    Drunk Dragon                    13'7"  18'9"
    Mesa                            24'1"  14'3"
    Tutu's tower                    33'1"   9'1"
    Asylum                          31'2"   8'1"
    Temple of Variation             33'0"   6'2"
    Holy Seal
    Mesa                            24'9"  14'4" 
    Mr. Belmont                     20'4"  11'7"
    Bandit Base                     30'7"  18'1"
    Fount of Heaven                  1'2"  18'4"

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