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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Punisher_X2

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/03/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                                              |       |
                                       | Title: RoboCop 3               |
                                       | System: Genesis/Megadrive      |
                                       | Guide type: FAQ/walkthrough    |
                                       | Guide version: 1.3             |
                                       | Writer: Punisher_x2            |
    Table of Contents
    Section A: Guide introduction
    1. Introduction
    2. Version history
    Section B: Game introduction
    3. Story
    4. Controls
    5. Items
    6. Weapons
    7. Enemies
    Section C: FAQ/walkthrough
    8. Walkthrough
    9. FAQ
    Section D: Contact and info
    10. Contact info
    11. Legal Stuff
    12. Credits and end
    ====================|Section A: Guide introduction     |====================
    1. Introduction
     Well, here comes my third guide, and this time it's for a Genesis/Megadrive.
    It is based on the third RoboCop movie. I was actually stunned that there is
    no walkthrough for this game. Not even for Super Nintendo. Because I have a
    Genesis, I made this guide for the Genesis/Megadrive version. I don't think
    this game is bad but it can be hard at some places. OK, let's play this game
    and do this. Enjoy my walkthrough and the game too.
    2. Version history
    History of updates for this guide:
    Version 1.0 (28.06.09) - Guide created and uploaded
    Version 1.1 (15.08.09) - Updated the FAQ and x section
    Version 1.2 (25.08.09) - Removed the x section and added my website
    Version 1.3 (05.02.10) - Added MySpace account URL at the contact info
    Version 1.4 (05.03.10) - Added Twitter and Facebook URls at the contact info
    ====================|Section B: Game introduction      |====================
    3. Story
    This is a movie based game. If you haven't watch the movie, that I suggest
    you do even if it sucks. This game is short but can be a little hard. The
    game invols RoboCop in a path for justice to eliminate all enemies and shut down
    OCP. This game has interesting boss battles and a few cool weapons. If you are
    playing this game for the first time, I suggest you select the easy difficulty.
    4. Controls
    Here are the basic controls for this game:
    D-pad - Move
    A button - Change between weapons
    B button - Shoot/hit
    C button - Jump
    Advance controls:
    D-pad + B button - Shoot (up or diagonal)
    C button + B button - Jump and shoot
    5. Items
    Here are all the items you can find in the game:
    P icon - Gives you a new weapon
    E icon - Restores a fair amount of energy.
    Red cross - I don't know
    Bullet icon - Gives you extra ammunition
    6. Weapons
    Here is a list of all the weapons:
    Gun - Your primary gun
    Spreader - A gun that shoots in three directions
    Laser - A strong gun laser
    Flamethrower - A very dangerous flamethrower
    Rocket launcher - Small rocket launcher.
    7. Enemies
    Here is a list of all the enemies in the game:
    Thug - They look the same. Some of them have shirts, some don't. Others have
    different colored pants and etc.
    Bazooka thug - Same as the other thugs, only that they carry bazookas. They can
    in silver too.
    Assault thug - They are the same as the other thug, except they carry weapons.
    Small grenade launcher robot - A little robot that throws grenades.
    Motorcycles - Guys on motor cycles. Be on the lookout for them.
    Chainsaw droid - Don't let it get near you. It will take alot of damage.
    Flying bomber - A small droid that shoots little bombs.
    Assault droid - A red flying droid that shoots bullets.
    Advanced assault droid -  Just like the droid, only that is bigger.
    Mines - They fly in the sky. They can be seen only on the flying levels.
    Flying mines - They are more dangerous than the regular mines.
    Flying motorcycles - They also fly in the air. Let's not forget that they can
    ====================|Section C: FAQ/walkthrough        |====================
    8. Walkthrough
    This game is a side scrolling shooter. You just basically go around shoot the
    cr*p out of everybody. OK, let's do this shall we?
    Note: Every stage has a time limit. This means that you have to act fast.
    I don't know why Robocop dies so fast. I though he was supposed to be a
    super cop but Oh well.
    Stage 01: Streets of Detroit
    You start form your police car and this means, prepare for action. Go right
    and kill the first thugs that you see. Get the P icon and you should receive a
    new weapon. The spray gun. Look out for the thug in front of you and the one
    that shoots from the window. Behind the box (where the thug is standing) a
    grenade launcher robot will attack and shoot bombs at you. You can't hit it
    with your normal gun so, use the spray gun on it. Some thugs might come from
    behind so, keep on eye out. Move right only and kill a few thugs while you are
    walking. Watch for the thugs coming from the windows. After a few seconds, you
    will spot the red cross icon. Take it and continue. Then you should see some
    ammo. Don't Rush to get it because there are balls attached to chains which fall
    down and then go back up. Watch carefully their every movements and go through.
    If you get hit, you will suffer serious damage. Oh, look another grenade robot.
    This should be easy to destroy because it is atop the boxes. After it you go
    on another rampage against the thugs. Take the energy and then the bullets.
    Wait and move very slowly because a motorcycle will come flying at you. I
    suggest you use the spray gun on it. Don't think that he is the last one. Now
    that you made it take the energy and the ammo. You are in a completely new
    location. You will see a giant hole and two moving platforms. Jump on the first
    and kill the first bazooka thug. Get on the second platform and go on the other
    side. A chainsaw robot will appear out of nowhere to cut you in peaces. Kill
    it and do it fast. That's not all, now a flying bomber droid will attack you.
    Destroy it, but if you want you could let it escape. Next platforms this time
    it's opposite Up and the right. Just to warn you there are a bazooka thugs
    waiting to blow you up. Good now take the energy and the extra ammo and prepare
    for the next platform jumping. There is only one platform though. Take the P
    icon and you will get the Laser. This is a very powerful gun, it can help out
    when you are in a tough situation. Still you have to battle the endless
    onslaught of enemies. Just watch your step. Take the red cross (which I still
    don't know what it does.) and keep killing the thugs. At the abandoned building
    the other side awaits the first boss battle.
    > Boss: The bazooka squad <
    This isn't like a boss battle it's more like an ambush (Well it is.). A van
    will come from the right and park in the left side on the screen. Thugs with
    bazokas are going to pop out of the van. Thats not all, thugs are also going
    to appear from right aswell so you are contsantly shooting for left and right.
    Switch to the Lazer and tear them to shreds. The Lazer kills the with one shot
    so, you are all set.
    Great you beat the first stage, but there is more where that came from.
    Stage 02: Parking rampage
    No you still aren't in the garage yet. After you begin you will emidietly be
    open to enemy fire. So, as allways go right. Take the P icon. You should notice
    that you don't have any of your weapons. So you have the spray gun. A grey
    evelator will caught your eye. Jump on it and it will escort you up. Thugs are
    going to shoot from the windows untill you reach the top. Use the spray gun and
    you migh survive. A the top a thug will be waiting for you. Kill him and take
    the P icon and you will recive the Lazer. I suggest you keep some ammo for it.
    Move right. As you can see the thugs are even on the rooftops. Make sure not to
    fall or you will die instntly. Grab the energy and use the elevator to go down.
    If you are stupid enough to jump off the elevator I dare you. This elevator is
    really slow. That means you are going to get attacked. Assault droids and
    advanced assault droid will appear coming from every direction. Use the spray
    gun here to or the Lazer. At the bottom take the energy and move right. There
    is no one to kill so you don't have to worry. You will spot a robot, then a kid
    will come and turn on the robot(What?). No, it's not going to attack you it
    will help you beat the boss.
    > Boss: Bazooka thug ambush <
    Yep more of these guys. Equip the Lazer and blast the away. They will come
    only from the right. Also the robot will fire bombs at them.
    The stage is not over yet. Go right and you should see a conveyor belt with
    rocks atop falling. If one of these rocks hits you, you are going to suffer
    extreme damage. Watch out and plan your moves very carefuly. After that you
    will enter the parking. Before it take the energy and the new weapon the
    flamethrower. Use it to wipe out the enemies, because the parking is filled
    with thugs and assault droids. Now, you will immediatly see an elevator which
    will takr you undergound. Use it and then move left. Keep using the
    flamethrower here untill you reach the boss. Get the ammo and continue. The
    thugs here have big guns this means they are assault thugs. After a while grab
    the bullets and the energy. The next evelator will take you even deeper beneath
    the ground. Go right. Grab the energy and the new weapon the rocket launcher.
    Keep it for later. Get the ammo and prepare yourself for what lies ahead.
    > Boss: Devil bot <
    This thing is tough. I prefer to you use either the Lazer or the rocket
    launcher. It's weak spot is the head but your acuracy must be perfect to aim.
    OK so, first it will come from the right. Shoot immediatly. Then it will jump
    back and shoot white balls that follow you. All I can say is kill him fast.
    Then it will run to the center then jump at left side of the screen. You go to
    the far right. It is going to stay in the center and shoot from there. You
    should act aswell. If you used the rockets it should be dead by now.
    Another great job. Prepare for the next stage.
    Stage 03: Sky patrol and the castle
    Things are a little different in this stage. You fly in your jetpack and shoot
    at flying enemies. The rules here also have change. You will have to survive
    waves of enemies untill you reach the boss. Allright let us begin. First you
    will encounter a few flying mines. Make sure to get the P icon. No it doesn't
    give you a new weapon, but it upgrades it. Now you can shoot more bullets at a
    time. In a few seconds another P icon will appear. Take it aswell and now you
    can shoot even more bullets. The next wave is a flying motorcycle band. Take
    them out. Watch out for the next mines. Some enemies might come from behind.
    After a few mines and motorclycels you should see a E icon. Take it. Afew mines
    and motorclycles are going to block your path. You should really be caution.
    More of them are going to appear, just make sure you stay alive OK? Before the
    boss take some energy and destroy the last wave of mines.
    > Boss: Assault plane <
    This thing has two main weapons. A turret and a rocket launher. If you
    upgraded your weapon to level 3 you should be fine. If you get hit by the
    rockets you might aswell give up. OK enough let's take this thing out. Usually
    it moves from left to right and shoots at you. Make sure not to follow it or
    you will get blown away by the rockets. Stay at the far end of the left or
    right side of the screen and wait for it then shoot. Keep doing this and it
    should be destroyed.
    Now you are in the second part of the level. I can honestly say that I have
    never beaten this level without running out of time. But that is not important
    because there are several checkpoints along the way. First go left. You will
    be attacked by assault thugs. This place is filled with them so make sure to
    survive. Let's not forget the bazoka thugs either. In a few moments take the
    P icon and the E icon. This should have been alot easyer if this stage had
    more ammo. Use the spray gun and take the ammo and the extra energy. You should
    see a stairway. Before going up go left and take the Lazer. Take the ammo and
    go up again. A group of bazoka thugs are setting an ambush. Kill them and fast.
    Use the two stairways to go up. Then go right and destroy the brickwall and get
    the flametrower. Go up by the stairs next to you. Use the stairway above you
    and go right. Kill the thugs and procced. Desroy the brickwall and take some
    energy. Go to the dead end and take a key. Make sure not to fall through the
    hole beneath you. Return and go down by the stairs. Drop down by the next
    stairs and then go down again. From there move down once more and go right.
    Go up by using the stairs and take some ammo and energy. Another stair leading
    down. Use it and take even more energy. Go up by using the next stairs and go
    near the flat door. It will open. Don't think that the thugs are giving up. Go
    down and take another key. Go back before you came in this area back to the
    place with the multiple stairs. Go to the far left end and go up. You should
    spot a door left of you. Go and open it. Kill the thug and get some energy.
    Go down and you are stuck on some bricks. Kill the mice because they can hurt
    you. On these bricks there are sertain areas where the can break. Find that
    spot so you can go through. Before you enter through the last one make sure
    not to fall down or you will die. Use the small platforms to get across the
    big platform. These small platforms can break so, watch your step. You are now
    in the sewers. Go right and kill a few mice. In a minute the boss should
    > Boss: Ninja <
    The bad thing about this battle is that you can't use your weapons. Anyway
    this guy is a ninja with a sword. Well, a robot ninja but anyway you have your
    bare hands as a weapon. To take him out stand still and duck when he attacks.
    Then punch him in the weak spot. Do this untill he gives up and admits defeat.
    OK, prepare yourself for the next challeng.
    Stage 04: Sky patrol part 2 and OCP headquarters
    Another flying level. It's just like the previus but turrets from the ground
    will shoot at you. You can't avoid them unless you fly in every direction and
    hiting yourself into enemies. Before the fun starts take the P icon and destroy
    the wayves of mines and motorcycles coming your way. In a few seconds the next
    P icon comes to save the day. You are going to need all the fire power that you
    can get. Grab some energy and continue shooting at the idiots. Actually there
    is a way to destroy the turrets. Just throw rockets and they should hit the
    turrets. Take the next upgrade and you will be a flying assault machine. Make
    sure that you have full health in order to beat this level. After a few mines
    and motorcycles the boss arrives and brace yourself.
    > Boss: Advanced assault plane <
    Here is the ultimate war machine. Well almost. He is just like the previuse
    assault plane but it's weapons do far more bigger damage. Follow the same
    strategy and you should take it out.
    > Boss: The Kanemitsu ninjas <
    These ninjas are dangerios. If you blindly go and fight them you will get your
    butt whoped. Again you have no weapons except your naked hands. Here is a
    strategy. Get close on one of the ninjas and attack him. Make sure that he
    can't hit you. After one of them is dead the other should be no problem.
    Congratulations! You managed to stop the Kanemitsu ninjas and destroy the 96th
    floor of the OCP building.
    9. FAQ
    I have met many RoboCop fans who have asked me the following questions.
    Q: Is this game bad?
    A: Might be hard at first but the only problem is that it is very short.
    Q: Can I use this guide on my site?
    A: Without my permission no.
    Q: Is this game based on the movie?
    A: From the title you should guess.
    Q: Can I leave comments on your site?
    A: No, but that is a nice featured. Maybe I will make that someday.
    If you have a question and want it to be posted in this FAQ, please see the
    contact and info section.
    ====================|Section D: Contact and info       |====================
    10. Contact info
    If you want to ask/tell me something, Inform me of any spelling mistakes, want
    permission to use this guide on your web site, then send me an E-mail to this
    address: the_punisher_x@mail.bg or visit my website:
    Don't forget that Punishing X Guides is on MySpace too:
    Follow direct updates at our Twitter:
    Make sure to become a fan at our Facebook page:
    11. Lega stuff
    I have nothing to do with RoboCop or this game. This game is copyrightet by
    Acclaim and flying edge. That is all.
    12. Credits and end
    Thanks goes to:
    Paul Verhoeven - For crating RoboCop
    Acclaim - For making this game
    Special thanks goes to:
    My family - For supporting me
    My friend - For their graet advice
    You - For reading this FAQ/walkthrough
    Important: If I missed something (item description, enemy info etc.)
    please tell me.
    Support: If you like this guide, please send me an E-mail saying you want
    me to make more guides. Who knows, I might even add you to the credits
    Advice: If you don't like the style or the way this guide is written,
    tell me and give me some advice on how to make this guide better.
    Thank you for reading this FAQ/walkthrough
    - Philip
    Copyright 2009 Punishing X Guides
    All rights reserved

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