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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gamer of the World

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    Big thanks to http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for the ASCII art. Be sure
    to check their site out!   
    Scooby-Doo Mystery
    by Andrew Leprich
    Version 1.34
    Game Name: Scooby-Doo Mystery
    Platform: Sega Genesis
    Year: 1995
    Publisher: Acclaim
    Developer: Sunsoft
    ESRB Rating: K-A (Kids to adults)
    This FAQ is copyright 2009 Andrew Leprich (AndrewLeprich@mchsi.com)
    To find what you are looking for:
    1. Press Ctrl+F.
    2. In the box that appears, type what you what you want to find.
    3. Press Enter (May have to be done more than once).
    1. Go to the Table of Contents below, and locate the chapter you wish to go
    to's "CTRL+F Code."
    2. Press CTRL+F, and type in the said code.
    3. Press Enter (may have to be done twice).
    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                   CTRL+F CODE
    I. Introduction, Legal/Contact Information, and Version Updates........ (ABCDE)
    II. Controls/Actions................................................... (EDCBA)
    III. Blake's Hotel..................................................... (DEBCA)
    IV. Ha Ha Carnival..................................................... (BCADE)
    V. Frequently Asked Questions.......................................... (AEDCB)
    VI. Cheats/Passwords................................................... (BACED)
    VII. Closing/Acknowledgements.......................................... (DACBE)
    PLEASE READ! THIS IS NOT THE USUAL YADA-YADA. (Okay, so it is, but read it
    anyway! :P)
    This FAQ is Copyright 2009 Andrew Leprich. All Rights Reserved. Webmasters, 
    this FAQ may not be posted on any site other than Gamefaqs.com or 
    Neoseeker.com without my permission first. When and if you get my permission, 
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    any way, and give me absolute full credit.
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    My e-mail address is andrewleprich@mchsi.com and I am welcome to all 
    questions, comments, contributions, corrections, and suggestions.
    4/5/09- Version 1.34
    Fixed some egregious spelling errors (serves me right for typing at 1 a.m.).
    03/25/09- Version 1.33
    Some five years later, I pop this game in one day and play through it. Since I
    have the game fresh in my memory, I may as well update this FAQ. Boy, was I an
    embarrassingly poor writer when I was thirteen (well, I still am, but now less 
    so). I have fixed some cringe-inducing spelling and grammatical errors, rewrote
    or heavily revised some sections, and capitalized all in-game verb actions to
    make the guide more clear.
    4/19/05- Version 1.32
    Updated various parts of the FAQ with the newly acquired information that the
    bandages do in fact serve a purpose, and are actually required in order to beat
    the game. Huge thanks to David DeHart for pointing this out.
    5/10/04-Version 1.31
    Added an update in the FAQ section. Huge thanks to Zoka for pointing out the
    purpose of the Indian beads.
    5/03/04- Version 1.30
    Fixed a lot of typos and added some detail.
    4/25/04- Version 1.20
    Fixed some major typos, and added a little more detail here or there.
    4/24/04-Version 1.00
    Guide is finsihed (or extremely close to it).
    4/15/04-Version 0.90
    Almost done with Ha-Ha Carnival walkthrough!
    4/07/04-Version 0.89
    It's been nearly six months, and I still haven't posted the Ha-Ha Carnival
    Walkthrough section. I completely forgot about this FAQ! I'm going to be on 
    spring break on the 9th through 18th through April, so expect this guide to be 
    completed during that time, most likely sooner. This time I promise. As for 
    changes, I fixed a few typos, updated my e-mail address (Bye bye AOL dial-up, 
    hello high-speed cable!) and updated the year in the copyright section. 
    11/14/03-Version 0.81
    Fixed some typos, added a little more detail here or there. Expect the Ha Ha 
    Carnival Walkthrough section completed by Monday, if not sooner.
    11/13/03-Version 0.80
    My FAQ has been posted! Fixed a major error in the composition of the guide.
    Expect the Ha Ha Carnival Walkthrough section within the next couple of days.
    11/12/03-Version 0.75
    The very first version of my FAQ. Still not complete yet.
    II.  C O N T R O L S   A N D   A C T I O N S (EDCBA)
    Scooby Doo Mystery has fairly simple controls that are fairly self-explanatory.
    For thoroughness, I will detail them here. 
    D+Pad= Moves Shaggy, moves cursor
    A button= Cancels cursor screen and gives you back control of Shaggy
    B button= Activates cursor screen, gives you control of cursor, selects action 
    or item
    C button= Switches between the actions menu and the items menu, or inventory
    Scooby Doo Mystery also has a list of actions you can perform. Let's say you
    want to open a door. Press B to activate the cursor, highlight the "open" action
    at the bottom of the screen, press B to select the "open" action. Then, while
    the open action is still selected, move the cursor on the door you want to open,
    and press B. Shaggy will move over to the door and open it. There are 12
    actions which are largely self-explanatory. They are:
    A handy feature is that pressing the B button and then placing your cursor over
    an object will automatically select the most likely action for that object. This
    is especially useful when looking at objects.
    Scooby Doo Mystery features a total of two mysteries, Blake's Hotel and Ha-Ha
    III.  B L A K E 'S   H O T E L (DEBCA)
    Daphne's Uncle Blake invites Scooby and the gang to his hotel up in the
    mountains. When the gang arrives, they learn that a monster has been scaring off
    Uncle Blake's customers and, if it doesn't stop soon, Uncle Blake may go 
    bankrupt due to lack of business.
    After watching the opening cutscene, you find yourself in the lobby of the 
    hotel. Begin by entering the door to the right of Shaggy's starting position. 
    Uncle Blake is suspiciously missing, and the word "HELP!" is written
    conspicuously on the chalkboard. Something is amiss. In this office, TAKE the
    heater in the right side of the screen. Next, OPEN the drawer of the desk and
    TAKE the scissors. Return to the room where you started the chapter (the lobby)
    and ascend the stairs.
    In the hallway, ignore the dumbwaiter for now, and head to the right side of
    the screen. You will notice seven doors. You need to open and walk through the
    door at the end of the hall, which leads to the gardener's room, but it is
    currently locked. Unlocking it requires entering the other six doors in the
    hallway in a specific order. Hopefully this map will explain.
      3 4
      2 5
      1 6
    Go to door #1 first, then #2, etc. Every time you go through a door, a custcene
    will ensue of the monster chasing you. The cutscenes are mildly amusing at
    first, but wear out their welcome by the fourth or fifth door, in my opinion.
    But I digress. In any case, after you go through the sixth door, Shaggy will
    emerge from the gardener's room, thus unlocking it. Enter.
    In the Gardner's Room, there are five items you must collect. However, only
    four are available at this time:
    1.) TAKE the tree-shaped air freshener in the lower-right side of the screen by
    the television set.
    2.) OPEN the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed, and TAKE the book inside.
    3.) TAKE the bed spring of the mattress of the bed, and finally
    4.) On the left side of the screen, you'll notice a broken mirror atop a
    cabinet. OPEN the drawer of the cabinet and TAKE the pink bottle of antacid.
    Make note of the poison oak plant on the desk. You'll need to collect this
    later, but if you attempt to do so now Shaggy will hem and haw about not being
    able to pick it up without some protection. For now, just ignore it. Go back in
    the hallway and USE the dumb waiter.
    In the kitchen, there are several items to collect:
    1.) First, TAKE the black pot hanging from the ceiling and USE it with the
    kitchen sink to fill it up with water.
    2.) Next, TAKE the note on the fridge and PUSH the fridge to reveal a soda tab.
    TAKE it.
    3.) Next, TAKE the can of chili on the shelf.
    4.) TAKE the beads on the floor near the shelf.
    PUSH the bag of flour on the shelf to reveal a peephole. LOOK through it to view
    a cutscene of two shady, silhouetted men discussing some nefarious scheme. Their
    conversation suggests that Uncle Blake has been kidnapped, and one of the men
    throws an important note in the fireplace that details Uncle Blake's location 
    (you can probably guess where the pot of water will come in handy). Afterwards,
    you're finished with the kitchen for now, so enter the gray doors on the right
    side of the screen. 
    In the cafe, the cook will berate you for sneaking in through the kitchen.
    When he's finished jawing, TAKE the green bottle of oil in the lower-right part
    of the screen. In the right side of the screen, you will see a cabinet with two
    drawers side by side. OPEN the left one and TAKE the can opener. Notice the
    radio to the right of the grey doors. PUSH it, OPEN the battery cover, and TAKE
    the batteries. Lastly, EAT the antacid you collected earlier. The cook will
    assume you are starving, and run off to make you a sandwich. Use this
    opportunity to TAKE the key behind the counter. Head back to the lobby by
    entering the doorway in the mid-right section of the screen.
    In the lobby, approach the fireplace. USE the pot of water with the fire to
    extinguish it. TAKE the crumpled note that the mysterious men in the earlier
    cutscene threw in the fireplace. LOOK at the crumpled note (this is essential).
    Now head outside by using the door on the left side of the screen.
    Outside, go near the Christmas lights hanging above the entrance and use the bed
    spring. While hopping up and down, quickly TAKE the Christmas lights. Now, head
    all the way left until you get to the next screen.
    At the next screen, USE the key you got from the cafe with the lock on the shed
    to open it. TAKE the entire contents of the shed, which consist of work gloves
    (remember the poison oak?), a crowbar, and weed killer. Now TAKE the shovel from
    the snowman. USE the shovel with the snowman. After uttering some lame dialogue,
    Shaggy will proceed to mercilessly destroy the snowman with the shovel,
    revealing a cow bell frozen in a block of ice, which you should TAKE.
    Now head back to the previous screen.
    You will see the entrance to the basement covered in snow. USE the shovel with
    it and then USE the crowbar. OPEN the doors, and head inside.
    In the basement, TAKE the screwdriver on the barrel in the lower left side of 
    the screen. Next, OPEN the locker door and TAKE the extension cord. Head up the
    stairs. You will emerge in Uncle Blake's office through a trap door on the
    ground. Shaggy deduces that this must be how the bad guys kidnapped Uncle
    Back in the office, go back into the lobby, up the stairs, and up the 
    dumbwaiter so you're back in the kitchen.
    In the kitchen, USE the can opener with the can of chili. Head to the right
    side of the screen and you will see a vent covered with termites. Use the
    screwdriver with the vent, and then USE the empty chili can with the termites.
    Next, OPEN the microwave and use the frozen bell with it to unthaw it.
    OPEN it back up and TAKE the now unthawed bell. 
    Head back into the lobby and up the stairs into the hallway, and go back in the
    gardener's room. You will see a plant in the left side of the screen. USE the 
    work gloves with it to collect it. Head back outside.
    Outside, you will see an electrical outlet near the entrance of the hotel. USE
    the extension cord with it, and then the heater with the extension cord. This
    will wake up the bear. Now USE the poison oak with the bear and he will knock
    over the totem pole, which will now serve as a bridge. Go across it.
    In the next screen, TAKE the fishing pole. USE the scissors with the rope, then
    take the rope. Now, while standing on the brown dock, USE the fishing pole 
    three times until you catch a little doll, then take it. Head back inside, and
    go near the counter by the Indian painting and ring the bell to get the 
    attention of the bellhop. GIVE the bellhop the doll you just got and he will 
    return with a goblet. TAKE it.
    Head back into the basement, and USE the crumpled note with the red-colored 
    rack. Head inside to the mine.
    At the mine, you will have to find and collect three wheels. One is right next
    to the entrance, the other is in the far left area of the screen, and the final
    is at the right side of the screen just a few feet from the cart. After getting
    all three, USE them with the mine car, then USE the mine car.
    Take the hose, then use the hose with the engine. Next, use the hose with the
    gas. Head to the right and on to the next screen.
    At the pond, Shaggy refuses to continue because of the awful smell, so USE the
    tree-shaped air freshener to get rid of the smell. Proceed.
    In the maze, USE the soda tab with the battery, then USE the Christmas light
    with the soda tab/battery combination to create a makeshift flashlight. USE the
    flashlight. I really can't tell you the directions to get out of the maze on
    paper, but it's easy. If you reach a dead end, just go another way. Just keep on
    trying and you'll get there eventually.
    After the maze, you'll be in the tomb. Head to the right side of the screen and
    USE the weed killer to kill the "Killer Lettuce." Proceed.
    In the dungeon, USE the rope with the handcuffs next to the entrance, and then
    USE the rope to go down. Down the hole, you will see Uncle Blake locked up.
    USE the termites with Uncle Blake to free him. Up above, Scooby will get
    captured by the monster!
    Return to the tomb, and GIVE Uncle Blake the book. Next, USE the goblet with the
    human-like statue. TALK to the statue. You can choose any of the options for
    some funny dialogue, but to continue, choose the option "XYZZY." TAKE the
    medallion that appears near uncle Blake. Head all the way back into the 
    basement. (Don't worry, you don't have to go through the maze again, thank 
    God.) You will see Scooby Doo being chased by the Indian monster. USE the 
    medallion with the hook to complete "Blake's Hotel!" 
    It turns out the Gardner was the Indian monster in disguise, and the cook from
    the cafe was in on it too. Both get arrested, and Scooby and Shaggy once again
    save the day.
    IV.  H A - H A   C A R N I V A L (BCADE)
    Ha Ha Carnival Story
    Scooby, Shaggy, and the gang head off for a fun night at the Ha Ha Carnival,
    but as it turns out the carnival is nearly deserted because of an evil clown
    that haunts the place and scares the customers away.
    Ha Ha Carnival Walkthrough
    Once you begin, TAKE the sign to the left of Shaggy's starting position. Once
    that is done, head through the entrance to the Boardwalk, which is located to
    the left of the "Closed" sign.
    Inside, OPEN up the garbage can to the immediate right of Shaggy's starting 
    position and TAKE the mummy bandages inside. Head all the way to the right
    side of the area, ignoring the roller coaster attendant and the giant clown face
    for now. Locate the Madame Zelda fortune telling machine, and TAKE the coupon in
    its slot. (Avoid activating the machine for now). Next, TAKE the taffy from the
    upper portion of the screen. Then, go through the door to the boathouse in the
    upper right corner of this area (it has a Navy sign above it).
    In the Boathouse, TAKE the small boat and then the bottle floating in the water.
    OPEN the bottle for a note, and then LOOK at the note. Please note (pun
    intended) that looking at the note is required. Not looking at it will get you
    stuck later in the game. Return to the Boardwalk area, and enter the area
    labeled "Back Lot" in the lower right corner of the screen, below the entrance
    to the Boathouse.
    Here, ignore everything to the right for now, and notice the ladder immediately
    in front of your entrance position. Use it to reach the bungee jump. Up here,
    simply USE the bungee harness located at the end of the board that Shaggy is
    standing on. When bouncing up and down, quickly TAKE the bucket, and head back
    to the Boardwalk (area with the giant clown face).
    At the Boardwalk, locate the faucet that's right next to the taffy machine. USE
    the bucket with the faucet to fill it up and head all the way back to the
    front lot, where you started this chapter.
    Back at the Front Lot, head all the way to the far left and enter the doorway
    labeled Hammer Game. GIVE the coupon that you got from Madame Zelda to the
    attendant, and he'll give you a hammer. Don't bother trying to hit the pole
    with the magnet attached to it, but instead PULL back the silver pole in
    the mid-right section of the screen. The magnet will fly up into the air and 
    land on the Ferris Wheel, and the exasperated attendant will tell you to keep
    the hammer. Head all the way back into the Back Lot, the area with the dancing
    In the Back Lot, walk to the right, past the dancing bear and lion cage.
    Notice the Ferris Wheel in the distance and the balloon stall? You guessed it.
    Wait til Scooby comes near you (which may take a little while) and USE him
    with the balloons. Scooby will float up high into the air and knock down the
    magnet, and Shaggy will automatically take it. Continue heading right, past
    the sign that says "Dive."
    In the Diving Bell, USE the valve (the steering wheel-type object) in the
    structure to sink down below. OPEN the hatch and USE the bucket of water with
    Inky, the small beige octopus, not the big pink one. Before you leave, USE
    the magnet with the treasure chest all the way to the right to get some tokens.
    Head all the way back to the Boardwalk, and enter the Clown's Face. While you're
    spinning around, hold down the Right directional button on the D-Pad to end up
    in the Hall of Mirrors.
    Scooby will run away in fright. Now, this next part is a bit tricky: Head right
    until you see a mirror with wheels, but don't walk any further. PUSH this
    mirror, and the evil clown will see his own reflection in the mirror and run
    away in fright, dropping his spark plug in the process. TAKE it, and return to
    the Front Lot. In case you were wondering, the clown will scare Shaggy off if he
    comes too close, so that's why I warned you not to go too far. If this happens
    to you, simply reenter the House of Mirrors.
    Back at the Front Lot, head inside the Arcade Tent to the right, and locate
    the row of windows located in the center of the area. LOOK into window #2, and
    you'll see the gang trapped at sea with their boat having apparently broken
    down. We'll rescue them in a moment, but first play the yellow Crane Game booth
    (priorities!). USE the tokens you got earlier with the game to play. The Crane
    Game is stupidly simple, simply time it right and press the button to lower the
    crane and pick up the water pistol. When you win, Shaggy doesn't automatically
    collect the water pistol, so be sure to TAKE it from the slot.
    Head back to the Front Lot (I know, I know, for the billionth time), and go
    down the deck in the lower left area of the screen, and you'll be at the Pond,
    with the gang screaming for help in the distance. Simply USE the Spark Plug
    with the boat you got earlier in the boathouse, and then USE your newly
    concocted motor boat with pond. This rescues the gang.
    After the mini-cutscene, head back to the Boardwalk and into the clown's mouth,
    but this time press Left instead of right to find yourself in the Haunted
    House. TAKE the boots from the feet of the Frankenstein monster on the table.
    Next, open the coffin, and you'll find yourself face-to-face with a mummy!
    Shaggy will immediately shut the coffin, but a single bandage sticks out, so
    pull it. Remember earlier how I said that if you failed to open the bottle
    from the Boathouse and look at the note inside, it would get you stuck later in
    the game? If you didn't, Shaggy will refuse to pull the bandage. After the
    somewhat long cutscene, TAKE the rubber stamp on the manager's desk. Head back
    to the Boardwalk, enter the Clown's mouth, and press Down to reach the bumper
    cars. Here, USE the taffy with the engine, and then USE the bumper car to begin
    a mini-game.
    This mini-game is probably the least fun portion of Ha-Ha Carnival. The goal of
    this minigame is to bump the clown's bumper car until his energy bar is 
    depleted. Sounds easy? It kind of is, but the controls are horrendously awkward
    and unresponsive. The only strategy there is for beating him is to wait until
    you hear a repetitive thudding noise. This indicates that he is stuck against a
    wall, giving you a small window of opportunity to rush in and get in a few hits.
    Rinse and repeat. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, good strategies to beat the
    clown don't exist, so if you're having trouble the best advice I can give you is
    to be patient and keep trying. You'll improve with practice, and (hopefully)
    manage to kick the clown's ass.
    Once you fully deplete the clown's energy bar, he'll run away, and, once again,
    drop an important object while doing so. This time: a dart. TAKE it and head all
    the way back to the Front Lot.
    You've probably noticed that creepy looking kid standing around with a batch of
    tickets in the Front Lot. GIVE the kid the water pistol you won earlier from the
    Crane Game, and he'll give you his tickets in return. Head back into the Arcade
    tent (the place with the Crane Game).
    Here, give the tickets you just traded for to the creepy-looking dart
    attendant. He'll then place darts on the countertop. USE them three or four
    times until Shaggy pops all the balloons, and you'll win a teddy bear as a
    Head all the way back to the Back Lot (the area with the bungee jump and
    dancing bear, remember?), and give the teddy bear to the dancing bear on the
    ball. The bear will run off, giving you the opportunity to TAKE the ball it
    was balancing on.
    Head back to the Arcade Tent and walk all the way to the right, past the large
    muscular guy. He'll stop you, but then say it was only a joke and to go on
    ahead. Inside the dressing room, TAKE one of the application papers in the lower
    left corner of the screen, and then USE the rubber stamp with it. Next, USE the
    stamped application with the bulletin board that says Notices. Before you leave,
    open up the trunk under the bulletin board and take the wrench inside. Head back
    to the Boardwalk.
    USE the tokens with the Madame Zelda machine, and then when playing choose to
    say "What's the meaning of life?" (Of course, you can fool around and choose
    the other options for fun). Madame Zelda will break down and explode. TAKE
    Madame Zelda's head and travel back to the boardwalk, inside the clowns mouth,
    and press left on the D-Pad to emerge back in the Haunted House. USE the wrench
    you just found with the bolts on the Frankenstein monster's neck. Return all
    the way to the Front Lot.
    At the Front Lot, talk to the kid with the water pistol. When the choice of
    what to say comes up, select "How come you're standing around?", and then 
    "Wanna ride the roller coaster with me and Scoob?" After the dialogue, you'll 
    automatically end up in the Boardwalk with the kid, but the attendant will say 
    that the kid is too short. GIVE the kid  the boots you got from Frankenstein so 
    he'll appear taller. The attendant accepts this, but he still doesn't let you
    ride because at least four people are required, but Shaggy will show him
    Madame Zelda's head and he'll abide.
    After that, you'll immediately begin riding the coaster. You have to be quick
    about this next step. Immediately USE the brake lever in the foreground to stop
    the car. If you fail, you'll fly off the track and be forced to repeat the
    process. Once stopped, USE the bolts with the broken piece of track to fix it,
    and then USE the brakes again to continue moving.
    On the next screen, you'll once again have to quickly USE the brake, otherwise
    your car will fly right off the track. Once stopped, OPEN up the shed and TAKE
    the paintbrush, then USE the brakes again to get off the ride.
    Congrats, we're almost done. Head back to the back lot, and use the paintbrush
    with Inky, and then the paintbrush with the sign that you got when we first
    started. Use the painted sign with the lion cage, and the clown will come
    (don't worry, he won't notice you). Lastly, use the dart with the ball to beat
    Ha-Ha Carnival!
    The odd-looking dart attendant was actually the clown in disguise, and claimed
    that his motive for terrorizing the carnival was that he wanted to be a clown
    himself, but sucked at it, so therefore he wanted to take over the carnival for
    V.  F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S (AEDCB)
    Q. What is the point of the Indian beads, the note on the fridge, and the 
    bottle of oil? For some reason, you never use them in Blake's Hotel.
    A. As with most adventure games, there are some items that are never used. These
    items probably exist to make the game slightly harder and throw you off-track
    (the game would be easy if you knew every item served a distinct purpose). Also,
    you might be able to show some of these items to various characters in order to
    receive some exposition or extra dialogue.
    UPDATE- There is actually a real purpose for the Indian beads. Before you find
    the doll in the river, you can use the "unfrozen" bell to call for the bellhop,
    who will tell you a few things, among them that he is interested in Indian 
    artifacts. Then you should give him the beads, for which he will be thankful, 
    but he will also mention that he has a lost a doll somewhere on his way to the
    hotel. This should be a little help were to look for the doll exactly - outside
    the hotel. BIG thanks to Zoka for pointing this out.
    Q. Shaggy won't pull the bandage stuck out of the coffin in the Haunted House
    of Ha-Ha Carnival! Help!
    A. This is a common problem. The reason for this is that you have to TAKE the
    bottle in the Boathouse, OPEN it, and LOOK at the note inside for him to pull
    on the bandage. The note contains a cry of help from the circus manager that
    he's wrapped in bandages, thus making Shaggy realize that the mummy in the
    coffin was nothing more than the manager wrapped up, and not a real mummy or 
    something like that. Thanks to David DeHart for informing me that the bandages
    are required as well.
    Q. In Blake's Hotel, how can I access the mines? Shaggy won't move the red wine
    shelf in the basement.
    A. Similar to the situation laid out above, you must first read a handwritten
    note that reveals that there is a hidden passage behind the wine cellar.
    As detailed in the walkthrough, the note appears in the fireplace after you LOOK
    through the peephole behind the bag of flour in the kitchen. In the kitchen, USE
    the pot of water with the sink to fill it up with water, and then USE the pot
    with the fire to extinguish it. This allows you to TAKE the note.
    Q. Seeing that this an adventure game, are there any unwinnable scenarios?
    A. To my knowledge, no. If you encounter either of the problems posed in the two
    questions above, they are easily remedied simply by looking at their respective
    notes. Even if it is possible to make the game unwinnable (which I doubt), the
    two chapters are short enough to not make restarting too much of a pain.
    Q. How long is this game?
    A. If you follow this walkthrough, you can easily complete both chapters in
    under an hour. However, it's much more rewarding to play through the game by
    yourself. Of course, it's impossible for me to say how long that would take you
    because it depends highly on how quickly you solve the puzzles. For example,
    when I was a little kid, my mom and I would rent this game and play for hours on
    end, and it took us the longest time to figure out how to make a flashlight.
    Q. Where can I find this game?
    A. This game is somewhat rare. You could travel to your local video game store
    such as Gamestop and check their used games section, but they're not likely to
    have it. Your best bet is eBay. As of this writing, it shouldn't cost you more
    than $10.
    VI.  C H E A T S / P A S S W O R D S (BACED)
    To get to the end of Blake's Hotel, go to the password screen in the main menu
    and enter:
    Now use the medallion with the hook to see the end.
    To get to the end of Ha Ha Carnival, go to the password screen in the main menu
    and enter:
    CN?NE L*QG* UM*I* IFEJC HW*++ 
    PN%XW *++PN %XW*+ +PN%X W*++P 
    Use the dart with the ball to see the end.
    VII.  C L O S I N G / A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S (DACBE)
    This my very first guide ever, and I would like to thank the following people:
    -CJayC, for creating GameFAQs, simply the best site on the Internet hands down,
    -GameFAQs and Neeoseeker for hosting this FAQ,
    -My mom, who helped me get through most of this game years ago when I was a
    little kid,
    -My cousin, Brandon, who figured out that you had to use the goblet with the
    hook to win, years after when we had been stuck in Blake's Hotel,
    -Zoka, who told me the real purpose of the Indian Beads,
    -Silas Verrinder, creator of the amazingly awesome FAQ writer, which you can 
    check out at http://www.geocities.com/falcon_n64/FaqWriterPage.html ,
    -David DeHart, for informing me that the bandages DO serve a purpose,
    -Ross Annesley, who was kind enough to point out the existence of a few
    remaining spelling errors,
    -and YOU for reading this guide!         
    Copyright 2009 Andrew Leprich. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks and 
    copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark 
    and copyright holders.

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