"Do 'NOT' touch MY JOINT!"

The year: 2062. DEAD INC. takes over a monolithic kyrogenics plant on the outskirts of Monstro City. Sinister mutations are soon evident, forcing populations to leave the city. MAD is dispatched to Monstro City . Only one survivor returns and speaks of a 'Psyko Machine' being created in the mobile lab: DEAD-1.
In desperation MAD call upon the services of the SKELETON KREW, and the rest is history. Skeleton's Krew story is unique in its own way, but nothing we haven't played out before, just your typical Merc/s trying to bring down a greedy evil foe...

SK is a 3/4 overhead perspective shooter ''almost like Return of the Jedi arcade game'' (for those who remember). SK has six levels of DEAD crushing mutants you must destroy. The play mechanics in SK are simple and linear. Where most video games in this category have some kind of Power-Up system as you progress, SK has none. Basically you have your standard weapon and an unlimited supply of bombs. In SK your able to 'Strafe' in your chosen direction, and have the ability of jumping which gives SK a unique and different feel from the norm. SK has a password feature, but isn't really necessary, the game is a little on the short side, and will take an average player about 30 minutes (give or take) to complete. The majority of the enemies in SK react intelligently, which makes it a little more challenging...

The simple & acute control setup makes for learning SK easy for the beginner, and flawless for the expert.

''CORE Design Inc.'' has always had exceptional, talented and creative artist, just look at games like SPOT, Soul-Star and Chuck 2 son of Chuck... Graphically, Skeleton Krew is impressive. The overall presentation of SK leans toward a Dark somewhat Gothic look in appearance. The characters in SK are unique, awesome (Especially JOINT, he's so ugly that he's beautifully...Awesome), are drawn cleanly and animate smoothly. The backgrounds are well designed, rich with colors and full of animation, the flowing rivers of magma/lava on the MARS level (sector 4) are impressive. Also something I thought was cool is when your 'Strafing' with one of the Krew, your upper-body will stay in the direction your gun is, and your legs will move accordingly to where you're moving on screen.

-Music/Sound FX's-
The music set's a tone for the game and fits the selected stages nicely. The actual music is kind of an eerie mixture of Techno/Gothic/New-Age/Horror style... The explosions in SK are a bit on the passive side. From your Krew's pulse cannon to the deteriorating bio-mechanical sounds of some of your enemies. The sound fx's in SK are excellent and add to the visuals.

SK could have had a few more enemies and a couple more levels. By the time you get into SK and feel like you're unstoppable... the games over. The fact that the password feature makes it too easy to beat doesn't help SK's replay value any. SK is GREAT game, ''JOINT is awesome''. There aren't too many shooters like this for the Sega Genesis (good ones at least). Should I buy SK... If your a collector (and can find a Mint/Complete copy), YES. SK was released when the 32-bit systems were being introduced and the Genesis was fading out, meaning SK pretty much saw a Limited release.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/14/04

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