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Reviewed: 07/27/00 | Updated: 07/27/00

Great addition to the Sonic series. Like Sonic 3 and a half

Gameplay: 8
If you're a big fan of the other 3 Sonics, you'll really enjoy this. The shield system works the same way as in Sonic 3, but this adds Knuckles, that misguided ''villain'' from Sonic 3 as a playable character. Knuckles' ability set (diving, wall climbing, punching through walls) adds some variety to the game, but not much. Hey, Sonic was fun to begin with! My only regret is that one of the two ''lamp-post special stages'' looks like a ripoff of the Sonic 1 special stage and the Sonic 2 Casino Night Zone.

Story: 7
As far as platform games go, I suppose you could say this one has a decent story. If you play as Sonic at least, this starts off where Sonic 3 ended, and brings some conclusion to the Knuckles mystery.

Audio/Video: 8
Well, it's Genesis, so I can't expect Dolby Surround or anything. The audio works fine (just like it did in the first 3 Sonics) The graphics are about as good as Sonic 3, except for the Sandopolis zone, which I think is rather ugly looking. Aside from that, the graphics are nice, the zones are all well constructed, and the bosses look as good as ever!

Replayability: 9
I would like this a lot better if it had save RAM inside it. Oh, well. The Sonic quest and the Knuckles quest are significantly different. Each character must approach levels and problems differently, and even the final bosses are two completely different characters. There are plenty of secrets to be discovered (including the traditional Sonic ''Find all 8 Chaos Emeralds'' goal) and the levels are easily big enough to be worth going through twice.

Oh, of course, then there's the lock-on technology (a la Game Genie), which adds Knuckles to Sonic 2 and 3. Personally, I think if you have this you should have Sonic 3 anyways, since they go great with each other (for the connected story AND lock-on value!)

Buying advice: If you liked Sonic 3, buy this
However, I seriously advise you get this with Sonic 3, beat Sonic 3, then play S&K as Sonic, then Knuckles. The storyline flows the smoothest that way. Genesis cartridges are cheap now a days anyways, go get this!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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