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Reviewed: 03/30/01 | Updated: 11/08/01

One of the Genesis' best games!

When Sega released Sonic 3 in the U.S.,many people were disappointed with it,there are 8 or so zones that were taken out of U.S. version of Sonic 3,that are only in the Japanese version of Sonic 3,due to the system's limitations.Fortunately for us,Sega decided to release a game called Sonic & Knuckles that features all of the levels and other features that we never got to see!Any ways,on with the review...

Graphics-9-Nice graphics,every level is done with neat and unique detail,the movements were done very nicely,as well as the backrounds.Each stage has different types of enemies,as well as obstacles,they are never reused from the previous stages (except for the springs and monitors,but how many times have they been reused?),which gives it good creativity as well.

Sound Effects-8-Pretty good sound too,although some sounds can get annoying after a while,like when you jump,but they do have nice explosion sounds,and things like that.They still have the familiar sounds,like getting a ring,a 1-up,and smashing a TV monitor.

Music-9-This game has so pretty cool music.Each stage has great music to accompany it's environment,the best example of this is Sandopolis Zone,it has real nifty Egyptian music in both acts of it.

Control-9-Easy and simple controls,all you really do is jump and walk,the A,B,and C buttons make your character jump,so there is not much difficulty in doing that (at least I hope...),it is also very easy to make you character move.

Gameplay-10-Wow,they did a GREAT job on this part,you can play the game normally with Sonic or Knuckles,each with unique abilities,Sonic can do special attacks,depending on what type of shield he has (if he has one),and Knuckles can climb walls,break through certain walls,and can glide in the air,but he can't jump as high as Sonic.There are 8 different zones (Only Sonic can access the eighth),Sonic and Knuckles can also take different paths throughout certain areas of the zones.The most noteworthy feature of this game is that you can also lock Sonic 2 onto Sonic and Knuckles onto this game,so that you can play as Knuckles in Sonic 2!With Knuckles,you can explore areas using you gliding,therefore being able to fly right through some zones very easily doing this.There are no differences in the levels though,but it's still a lot of fun.Now,if you lock it onto Sonic 3,you'll have a huge,14 zone game,and can Play as Sonic+Tails,Sonic,Tails,or Knuckles!!There are also chaos emeralds to collect after you get all of them,Sonic can turn into Super Sonic,and Knuckles can transform into Super Knuckles,with Sonic & Knuckles,it takes this concept even further;once you get to Mushroom Hill Zone (or any other zone after that),you can get the super emeralds,if you get all eight of them,Sonic and Knuckles can become hyper!You can also make 7 or so different files to keep track of your total work.

Story:7-The story's kind of weak,even though it has three different character for you to use,Sonic's is to simply stop Robotnik from getting the Mega Emerald,and restoring his Death Egg.Knuckles' story is that a Robotnik Bot drops a bomb on Knuckles' Floating Island,and he goes off to find the person who did it.

Buy or rent-Obviously, you should buy it.I highly doubt you can manage to locate Sonic & Knuckles available for rental,that and it's really cheap too (around $10 maybe?).Another thing,if you see Sonic 2 and/or Sonic 3 get them if you can as well,if you have them,you can play Sonic & Knuckles to it's fullest!

My final score (averaged)-8.8

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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