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"A great game, that deserves recognition"

I remember when i first got this game... a gift from my grandparents... when i first got this puppy home, instead of playing it, i popped sonic2 on top, and got to be knuckles in sonic 2. Needless to say, i was blown away, and i played for a while. When I first played this game itself, it was great, and I've played through it many, many times.... On to the scores

Graphics: Some of the best on the console. I would have prefered the hand drawn style of Sonic 1 and 2, but these renders are really nice. The animation is silky smooth, and the speed is, as always, fast. The special stages deserve comment, as the 3D-ish ness of those is really purdy. 10/10

Sound: Excellent. Great, incredibly catchy MIDI music, and the classic Sonic sound effects. One of my favorite MIDIs in the game has to be Lava Reef Zone act 2, and The Mushroom Hill Zone track. Although some times, it seemed to go away, but maybe that's the ROM I played, since my Genesis is pretty dead. But, basically, Overall great, though some stages had annoying sound effects. 9/10

Gameplay & Control: I can't see how the control can be bad, you just move forward, press a, b, or c to jump, press again to do your characters special move. Great control. The gameplay is the same as all the other Sonic games, and thats a good thing. I for one love the classic Sonic gameplay. Just go ZOOM! and some times jump and look for special stages. Knuckles has a little ''stratagy''---for lack of a better term---involved in his stages, because climing and his ability to break stuff opens up new routes. The stages are really fun, too. I especially gotta mention Doomsday Zone with Super Sonic, a very original level. Lastly, the ability to lock on to other sonic games opens up new fun in THOSE games, so, there's nothing to loose with this game! 9/10

In conclusion, this game is a great game, and worth what ever you have to pay for it. Especially if you can get a copy of Sonic 3 with it, for one of the longest and most satisfying games on the Genesis. I just finished playing through that game again, and it still feels good to beat that game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/12/01, Updated 08/12/01

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