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"The last true Sonic Game is a blast!"

Gameplay (10/10)- Ah, the best game play is usually the simplest. Jump or roll into your foes and they'll perish. It's as easy as that. (Well it isn't, how about those badniks with spikes and stuff like that?) The gameplay is virtually unchanged since the played and proven Sonic One, and all added aspects to the Gameplay in Sonic's sequels seem to be nothing but a welcomed improvement. (like fire shields and your revving up roll attack) The zones are large, and aren't totally exhausting like Sonic 3's Carnival night, and the difficulty level is suitable for new Sonic players and the person who've been playing Sonic for years! Though no Sonic game can live up to the first, I am satisfied that S & K is suitable as the ''last'' Sonic game.
Sonic has a good full game worthy of being sold as a Sonic game on its own! How about Knuckles? It seems that his path was kind of rushed, with having two less levels compared to Sonic and all.
After you beat this game, everything seems to be wrapped up in a neat little package! Well it is... (Just yanking your chain, Robotnik never dies! Muhahaha!)

Story (5/10)- Not quite an amazing storyline, Robotnik is trying to regain power by launching his ''Death Egg'' (cough RIP-OFF!) back into orbit in an attempt to control Mobius which obviously lacks a military. While Sonic is on his never ending pursuit to release his animal comrades and to defeat Robotnik ''for the last time'' again, Knuckles wants to destroy ''Egg-Robo'' because he dropped a bomb on him. There's your story, I just wonder how Sonic somehow appeared on Earth in Sonic Adventure!

Audio/Video (8/10) - S & K has the usual array of Sonic sounds plus the music in the new zones.
Mushroom Hill: Not the catchiest tune, but it'll do.
Flying Battery: Both acts have a great tune that fits into the fast paced mechanized action of this level.
Sandopolis: A boring zone, boring music, you'll be glad that lava reef zone is next!
Lava Reef: Act 1 has some sweet music that'd make you wish that this zone would never end! Act 2 has some more depressing music but it fits the dark surroundings.
Sky Sanctuary: Music that makes you feel like you're floating above the clouds. Very catchy!
Death Egg: Like flying battery, the tune is catchy and fits into the actions you'll perform.
Basically the music is good, but the S.E.s don't really stand out.

Replayability (5/10) - Once you beat this game, you aren't really inclined to play it again unless you're a Sonic maniac. (Like me! :) ) Plugging S2 and S3 isn't really much of treat, S2 wasn't made for Knuckles, and S3 isn't really my kind of Sonic game. :P Sonic games are just not long enough to play for a long period of time, because they're designed to be beaten without being saved or anything. Mario games seem to have better replay, but they aren't as fun compared the the big blue rip-off. :D

Overall (9/10) - The gameplay is so good, that it drags the overall score to a nine! I remember when I was a kid and played Sonic 'til I dropped in toy stores. Ever since I bought an used Genesis, I was able to relive those great moments! When you play a game as good as Sonic, you are kind of spoiled that you never want to play a Mario game again! Sonic One is one of the greatest games ever created, and S & K is a suitable game for ending the series with a bang! (Like so many old Melrose Place season finales) The graphics may be totally dated by todays standards, but think back like it is 1994; those were some pretty sweet graphics. Too bad Sonic's era has passed and that we'll never see a good 2-D game again. If you have a genesis without a S & K, do yourself a favor and buy one.

S & K proves this: ''All good things come to an end''

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/27/01, Updated 10/27/01

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