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"A Game Made Best With Sonic 3"

GAMEPLAY- The game play in Sonic and Knuckles is like all Sonic games. Very easy to pick up and responsive, and playing skill is gradually increases as the game progresses. One comment is that Knuckles game is quite apparently much harder with a spiked difficulty and more intellegent bosses, but a shorter game when compared to Sonic's. And you won't have to splash through any water at all through this game. I'm guessing because of Hydrocity Zone in Sonic 3 was about all the water level a gamer could ever need.

STORY- Ah yes the story, the story is pretty basic. But is much better with Sonic 3 attached to the game. In Sonic's game, you are shutting down Robotnik's new operation, a Death Egg that has conviently crash landed in a volcano plugging the cone quite nicely. Knuckles story is much better better understood if played through Sonic 3, because many things become apparent. Your are simply cleaning up Robotnik's treachery on the island as a remaining Egg Robo attempts to wipe you out for reasons better understood through Sonic's game. Truth be told, your better off playing Sonic's game before Knuckles'.

AUDIO- The sound in this game is very good with some of my personal favorites the Flying Battery and the Death Egg as well as the Lava Reef. The fast paced music fits in nicely with the two areas. Only a couple of levels have boring sound tracks which then makes the level itself boring. Mushroom Hill and Sandopolis comes to mind. The better highlights of the game come when running around Robotnik's territory. But the exception comes to Lava Reef which cotains a very nice music track. But the second Act of Lava Reef contains a very suited song to the atmosphere.

VIDEO- The graphics in my opinion are very well done, with the exception of a couple of problems that very rarely occur. Such as the first boss in Knuckles game flashing back and forth between Egg Robo and Robotnik. Backgrounds give a lot of life to the levels such as the Death Egg both acts as well as the sweltering deserts of Sandopolis. Many backgrounds move as you progress through the level making the stage become much more alive.

Replayability - If you love Sonic games, this one should be your favorite because of the replay value that comes with the two stories. If you beat Sonic's game and found it a bit too easy. Knuckles' game is much harder but doesn't last as long. A good buy if you can still find it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/17/02, Updated 04/17/02

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