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Reviewed: 05/19/02 | Updated: 05/19/02

ZOOOOOOM! Goes the hedgehog, the echinda, the two-tailed fox...

Be warned, the review's a bit long.

Ah, yes... Sega's mascot, Sonic. The loveable blue Hedgehog, wohm, in the second installment of the series, introduced his two-tailed fox friend, the aptly named Tails (aka Miles) and in the third installment, brought along a rival of sorts. Knuckles, the echidna. Now, in here, Knuckles is playable, with his special skills such as gliding a small distance, being able to knock down some walls by walking into them, and being able to grapple onto some walls (I still haven't got the hang of it)

And Sega done us good, introducing their lock-on technology. Oh hell yes.

''What's lock-on again? Something smells a bit funny about this...''

::Whistles innocently:: I didn't do it. But lock-on technology, as far as my technology-ignorant mind can remember, it goes kinda like this: Take the games Sonic 2 and 3, and hook them up to the funky-looking Sonic & Knuckles console. Play as Knuckles, extra stuff in StH 3. Voila.

Now on with the more important stuff.

Reviewism, baby. (Yes, I made up the word. Get over it.)

Did I just see what I think I just saw?

Okay, so they're not as good as some people would hope, but screw them. Graphics don't make a game on their won, and I thought they were just fine. Nicely done- sharp, colorful, nothing looks out of place (except those damn robots in Sky Sanctuary, just because they make it look all messy.) and I liked the bonus stages... if only they didn't speed up (tis fun, but the cause of much frustration from me cuz I missed an emerald. And some of the little touches in the game (the pollen and leaves in Mushroom Hill, for example) just make everything seem more alive.

What you are about to hear may shock you. Anger you. And possibly titillate you.

Now before I say anything, I'm only giving it a 9 because I didn't like the Sandopolis music. Gah... just too boring. Sorry. But otherwise, everything sounds great, nice in-game sounds, music's beautiful, and as one did before me, I'll do a run-down of the music from S&K, and my thoughts on each.

Mushroom Hill: Quite nice, fitting for the Spring to Winter to Fall theme, never gets TOO old.
Flying Battery: Great, fast-paced, got a good mechanical sound going for it... I love it.
Sandopolis: Ah... well, it's okay, but GEEZ! It's kinda boring... nothing really exciting, or giving you a sense of urgency or eeriness, like ''Something's wrong here'' or ''Hurry!'' Or nothing like the relaxing/ majestic theme, such as Sky Sanctuary. Just blah.
Lava Reef: Well actually, it's quite odd, divvied up into four different Zones, and the first half of it, the music is quite nice, a little urgent, gives me the feeling of being a hot place.
Lava Reef part deux: A little more... not laid-back, but quiet, sort of eerie, works quite well in the last part of the Zone, makes it feel a bit empty, which is what I was hoping.
Sky Sanctuary: I love this Zone's music! Quite majestic (as majestic as Sonic music can get ^_~) Really makes you feel like you're high above the earth, looking down at it, and it goes quite well with the background (which looks a bit like floating ruins)
Death Egg Zone- works well, again, with the background, and has a sort of ''Hurry up! This place could be dangerous!'' feel, while providing a bit of relief as well, like ''But don't worry, you can do it!''

Either that or I think about these things too much. But I digress.

Yes, I can be a bit controlling, you got a problem with that?

Control's quite smooth in this game. If only I could figure out how to go on the bottom part of that converging-ramp thingy in Hydrocity Zone, near the end of Act 1...

But that's my own problem, so I'll not bore you with the details.

Spin-dashing is, as always, easy as 1, 2... I forget what comes after. And if you want to super-charge it (in some places, you'll have to) you just tap repeatedly on the jump button, and if you tap it enough... you hear this weird sound, and your character zooms off like a friggin' rocket. Which isn't a bad thing, mind you.

All along you was playin' me...

The gameplay is great, no arguing there. Well, least I HOPE so. I hate arguing, I suck at it. But still- find the Chaos Emeralds, the Super Emeralds (if locked on the StH 3) and such, try and get all the coins you can from each level, this game makes things more fun without making it bad.

I love it.

Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever... ANDEVERANEVERANDEVER!

Replayability is sometimes key in a game. You'll think ''Should I? Well, I'm a bit bored, and this was always fun,'' or sometimes ''God that was boring... maybe i have something else.'' In the case of this game, it's usually the first choice (for me.) You might wanna play through it, with each different character to see the endings (dunno if they differ yet, I've only beaten it with Sonic... I'm sad, I know.)

Buy or rent? WELL?!

If you can still find it, and own a Genesis and Sonic 3/ 2 (or both) or wanna try it on its own, I'd say it's definitely worth buying. Just so long as you don't have to fork over too much for it (I'd say between $20 or $40 is good enough) then it's all good.


Great game... I loved how they implemented this new technology for it (Like Suikoden and Suikoden 2, only a bit better, and more fun. Though I like Suikoden...) and it has a special place in my heart now. Yep, comfortably sharing a space with Lunar: SSSC and Lunar 2: EBC.

Have a nice day.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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