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Reviewed: 05/31/02 | Updated: 05/31/02

Added one feature, but took one away.

When I got Sonic and Knuckles, I had already heard alot about this game. I was mildly skeptical of the lock-on feature, but it worked out great. This game has long been one of my favorites, right up there with Super Mario World, but they took out the save feature with S&K alone. Now, to break down the game...


Great graphics in this game, the backgrounds and objects really match the theme of the zones. Sonic & friends look great as usual. Frame rate stays fairly constant, never experencing breakup. The special stages are done in 3-d. While those graphics are not spectacular, they get the job done.


This is where S&K really shines. Like a good 3-in-1 game, you can play just S&K, S&K with Sonic 3 in it for one massive game, or S&K and Sonic 2 for a new adventure with knuckles. Also, if you took almost any genesis cartridge and connected it with S&K, you could get a random special stage. The lock on feature really made the game.

(CONTROL) 1010

Great as usual, even my 6-year-old cousin understands it. Press a button to jump. Down and a button spin-dashes. Double jump with knuckles and glide. Glide into a wall to climb. Tails can still fly, by tapping the button. Sonic kept the Insta-Shield, and the other shield special effects.

(STORY) 910

Same story as always, but it works. Robotnik wants the emeralds for his death egg, blah blah, but the Sonic games have never been known for story. Knuckles has his own unique story, where he is chasing an egg robo who threw a bomb at him.

(SOUND) 910

The sound is good as always, with the same old sounds as the original games. The jumping, spin dashing, and monitor popping sounds are all classics. Not many new sounds have been added, unless you count Knuckles's gliding noises.

(MUSIC) 1010

Great music, each track really sets the mood for a level. The mushroom forest is backwoodsy and calm. Sandopolis is middle-eastern sounding. Doomsday matches that, with some of my favorite boss music ever in a sonic game.


This is a great game, and it stays true to the sonic regime. SEGA took a chance with this one, making the main gimmick that it can lock onto other games, but it worked marvolesy. Now then, if only sega's other leap's of faith worked this well, they'd be in business.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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