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"Good ol' Sonic keeps on getting better and better"

Ok, I don't have this game, I just play it at my friends NEARLY ALL THE TIME. Why? Because this game rocks. Sonic 1 was fair, Sonic 2 was good, Sonic 3 was very good, and Sonic & Knuckles was EXCELLENT!

Story: 10/10

This picks up on right on the heels of Sonic 3. Ro-butt-nik (what I call him) survived the Death Egg explosion (thankfully, so this game was made), and the Death Egg crashed on Angel Island. Knux appears and starts roughing up Sonic and Tails, when all of a sudden, Ro-butt-nik steals the Master Emerald right in front of Knux's face! The game begins here.

Gameplay: 10/10

Unfortunately, they took Tails out, but the addition of Knuckles playable makes up for that. Knux is slower than Sonic, can't jump as high or use the W-Kaiten, but he has two moves that can get him up VERY high: his Glide: modified version of Tails, where he hovers downward, and climbing, which lets him, uh, climb up walls. Glide to get on the wall. The controls are still the same, only the D pad and one button are needed. Less buttons= less hassle! Sonic must destroy Eggman and his base (which is not the Death Egg), and Knux must defeat Metal Sonic and regain the Master Emerald. The game overall is medium-hard for Sonic, and medium-easy for Knux. The special stages are like Sonic 3's (get rid of all the blue balls, avoid the red balls, white balls bounce you back one, trap a blue ball for rings), but with one addition: yellow balls, which bounce you forward 5 spaces. Beat the stage to get a Chaos Emerald, get all 7 to become Super. You are faster, jump higher, but guzzle rings.

Sound/Music: 10/10

I loved the fact that Sonic came back like normal: the jump sound, the good ol' Sonicy music (Angel Island's music reminded me of Green Hill, ahhh....), and the *poof* sound that the enemies make when they die.

Graphics: 9/10

Not as good as the Sonic 1/ Sonic 2 graphics, looking more like the Sonic 3 *crispy* graphics. It is better than Sonic 3's, however, and they look better than some of the PSX/N64 games.

Replay: 11/10
I HAD to go over 10 because there is soooo many ways to play! You can play it alone *which results in a 6 by itself*, but its TRUE power comes with the odd mushroom-shaped cartilage. It alows most Genesis/Megadrive game to fit, not all.

If you put something other than the Sonic series (like Sonic 3D Blast, for example), then you play a random S&K stage. Gets you warmed up for that next game, making you move your fingers quickly!

The best thing to try is Lock-on with Sonic 3. You get both normal games combined, with Knux in Sonic 3 levels and Tails in S&K levels. The S&K comes last, and you have that save features. Additionaly, with the Chaos Emeralds in both games, you can play S&K levels to try to get Super Emeralds. You are robbed of the ability to become Super, but with the Super Emeralds, you get Hyper Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, annnnnnnnd... (finally) Hyper Tails! They have the same capabilites as their Super forms but with one difference: their own attack! Hyper Sonic has a midair flash that destroys all enemies on screen, Hyper Knux has the ability to earthquake glide into a wall, destroying all enemies, and Hyper Tails has 4 super Flickies which automatically dart at an enemy when they see it. To use H.S. and H.K.'s powers, do the jump command while in the air. I played this way every time but once.

Find wherever you hid Sonic 2 and put it in the cartilige. You can now play as Knux in Sonic 2. He plays as he did in Sonic 3 (without the Hyper transformation), and if you explore, will occassionly find an extra goodie. As far as I know, however, it is impossible to defeat the Metropolis Boss.

Here comes the thing that will keep you on for YEARS: Lock-on with Sonic 1 and you will play nearly unlimited S&K special stages! Try and beat them all!!

Buy or Rent: BUY. And you might as well get the other 3 while you're at it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/24/02, Updated 07/24/02

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