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Reviewed: 07/25/02 | Updated: 07/25/02

Makes up for Sonic 3 easily

YES!!! After about 8 months, Sonic & Knuckles hit the shelves, and introduced Sega's perfect little engine: THE LOCK-ON TECHNOLOGY!

The only thing that saved Sega and Sonic Team from the bomb known as Sonic 3 was this. Sonic & Knuckles was the second half of Sonic 3, and it WAS worth the wait. Sonic & Knuckles allowed you to play as Knuckles the Echidna, and of course, let you play the deleted levels of Sonic 3.


THE GREATEST GAME IN TERMS OF GRAPHICS EVER TO HIT THE GENESIS EVER!!! Yes, it truly is, and not even Super Sonic can ruin this masterpiece. The levels have gotten even more vibrant, Sonic actually seems a bit more blue, and the animations for Knuckles have of course expanded. The Hidden Palace Zone was remarkable, and this actually matches up to Sonic CD's greatness. If I could, I'd give this a 1,000. Plus, if you lock-on to Sonic 3, you'll get truly the greatest graphically designed game EVER MADE. BRILLIANT!

MUSIC: 10/10

The absence of the Sonic theme isn't much anymore, as the Title Screen is very brief now. Doomsday Zone, Final Boss, Flying Battery, Mushroom Hill... they all stand up to their expectations now. Besides that, the music is very fitting. Final Boss is dreadful, like one should be, Doomsday Zone is exciting, like the level is, Sky Sanctuary is wonderful, like the atmosphere is, and Flying Battery is techno and robotic, like the level. All in all, they stay true to the theme of the game.


Continuing from Sonic 3, no, the super fancy ball thingy did NOT blow up. Instead, it was damaged, and Eggman doesn't have the time to fix it up like he did in between Sonic 2 & 3. Sonic fell into Mushroom Hill, a lower section of Angel Island, and worked his way through. After destroying Eggman's third and second-to-last airship, Sonic continues off of Sandopolis and rushes to the Hidden Palace Zone. The Master Emerald is there, but he's stopped by Knuckles. Typical. After a battle, Knuckles heads to the Chaos Emerald Chamber, where the Master Emerald is, and Sonic follows. Knuckles learns that Eggman is stealing the Master Emerald to power up the Ball Thingy. Sonic actually goes to the Ball Thingy (which is called DEATH EGG by the way), and destroys it. If you get all the Emeralds, you get to fight in space against Eggman to save the Master Emerald. The only downfall, is that people who haven't played Sonic 3 alone (be thankful if you didn't) won't have a clue what's going on.


It differs from Sonic 3 greatly. You can tell right here. What's best? Lock-On Technology. While playing alone is fun, you'll eventually tire of even playing as Knuckles and gliding around to find secrets. That's where Lock-On Technology comes in! Lock-On to Sonic 3 and it actually becomes a decent game, and Sonic & Knuckles becomes even better, and makes CD look like a crying shame. You can travel through all Sonic 3 levels with Knuckles, all Sonic & Knuckles levels with Tails, collect Super Emeralds, get Hyper Forms (You get a Super Form for Tails, too!), and just stop Eggman. Lock-On to Sonic 2 and play as Knuckles in the game to discover cool little secrets that Sega doesn't want you to know about. Lock-On to the original Sonic game and you'll get unlimited Sonic 3 Special Stages! Lastly, lock-on to ANY other Genesis cartridge to get a randomly generated Sonic 3 Special Stage. IT'S PERFECT.

OVERALL: 10/10

Look at the review. Need I say more?

P.S.: If you lock-on Sonic 3 to Sonic & Knuckles, play as Tails. In Hidden Palace Zone, where the spikes are, fly northwest. You'll end up in a secret area with monitors for each power-up! Fly right after that to get two Ring monitors and a 1-Up!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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