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"A game which I toally enjoy"


I have play most of the sonic game like sonic 1,2,3,this game, sonic Adventure 2 etc. This is one of my favourite games of all time. At that time,I was a sega fan and I totally like sonic and still like him though. When I got the game, I was really impressed by the game especially when it is lock on with sonic 3. At that time, I play a very long stretch of hours, very addictive game indeed in my view.

Story line

The story is more in depth when you lock on with sonic 3. The story is like this; Mr. Eggman made Knuckles believe that sonic is planning to steal the master emerald and that's why you see knuckles keep wrecking and menacing Sonic.This might be a spoiler so be warned. But knuckles later found out that Mr. eggman the one who plan to steal the emerald the story plot unfolds from here. The story will be more clearer if you play as knuckles in this game or lock it on with sonic 3.


The game play is pretty fun as it is a fast pace game with an objective of beating enemies and completing the game. You can attack them with some decent attacks moves with both sonic and knuckles. I kind of like knuckles flying punch attack and the boss is also fun to play too as you need strategies in order to complete the game. Sonic and knuckles have both different attacks to spice up the game. An example is sonic charge attack and knuckles's punch attack. Best part is to collect all the emeralds to become either super sonic or super knuckles. Not punch difference expect that sonic is gold in color and knuckles is glowing all the time. I enjoy beating enemies which releases animals that escape after you destroy the enemy.

The game still has some bonus stage like the large ring to complete to get the chaos emerald and the sign to hit which it will get the round stars which lets you play some bonus games. The game also retain the power-ups like the flame shield, water shield and the electric shield. The game quite retain from sonic 3 in terms of power-ups and attacks which is fine with me though I will like to see more power-ups.:)


All sonic games's controls are easy to learn as well as easy to navigate. You will learn it faster than you think as in my view, it is one of most easiest game controls that is easy to master.


Like I say earlier, the game's really very easy to play provided you have strategies which is easy as you can spot the enemies and bosses weakness very easily.

Video and audio


The game graphics are great and I am really impressed by it and totally enjoy the game very well. The characters and enemies as well as the bosses are nicely portrayed and I have no complains about this area.


The BGMs and sound effects are great, one of my favourite stages is Lava reef zone. The BGM of this stage is cool and great though the sound effects of attacks can improve the better. This area I do not have much complain also.

Replay value:

Although most of the sonic games have no replay value, but the game's entertainment is enough for you play the game over and over again. It is even better if you lock it on with sonic 3. I think they should sonic 3 times attack option or add some features to make the game better.

Critics section

The pros:

* Great story line
* Great entertainment
* Decent gameplay
* Nice video and audio
* Controls easy to learn
* Nice stages and bonus stages

The cons:

* Sound effect can be better
* No replay value
* Quite an easy game


The game great, just try it and you won't regret it. If you are a sonic fan, there's no reason why you should not play the game. If you are not convince, feel free to rent and try the game and you won't regret it.


Gameplay: 10/10
Entertainment: 10/10
Video and audio: 10/10
Replay value: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/08/02, Updated 08/08/02

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