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"One of the best games I’ve ever played! You must get it!"

~ Introduction ~
Guess who’s back… back again… Sonic’s back… tell a friend… And another new character: Knuckles is there to protect the Master Emerald from Robotnik. A very nice game full of cool stages and bosses. This game is really one of my favorites! And the best thing: You can lock-on to Sonic the hedgehog 2 or Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for even more action! Oh boy, I must be too enthusiastic about explaining what this game’s like… Well, its fun, entertaining and absolutely an excellent game for all Genesis owners and Sonic fans.

~ Gameplay ~
Well, the old Sonic plot doesn’t change! Same old rules, same old Robotnik, but definitely not an old and boring game! Sonic’s moves are improved SO MUCH! And Knuckles is outstanding to use. His glide- and climbing abilities help very much for beginners, or even experts! Man. If I had enough words to describe S&K, I’d let this review go on for more than 1000 words for sure… but I’m not going to. Lets see… I think I’ve mentioned on what I think about the fun rate of S&K… what about the difficulty level? If you’re looking for a quick, easy game you should go get something else. S&K takes a long time to fully complete. You’d have to collect all the Chaos- and Super Emeralds (and its worth it! ^_^), and then you really should get to the last stage: Doomsday Zone. This stage ROCKS! Yet sadly only with Sonic… Won't spoil anything else, you should find out yourself when you get S&K!

~ Story ~
Same old plot, same old story. No changes here! But for those who don’t know both of those, here they are: collect the rings and travel through various stages in order to get to Robotnik, and his machines that try and destroy the Earth. Um… save the Earth from Robotnik with Sonic, and with Knuckles you have to guard the Master Emerald, yet also going through most of Sonic’s stages and defeating Robotnik. Find those Giant rings to get to the Special Stages and collect the Chaos- and Super Emeralds and see what happens! Free your animal friends from their badnik bodies and restore piece! There, that should explain everything…

~ Audio/Video ~
Wow. These graphics are SUPERB. The effects are very, very good, and the stages are designed very nicely. The game has many colors, so it's obviously colorful! Very detailed and done with great care, these graphics were part of the 10/10 S&K got from me.
Another wow from me! The music in S&K is also superb. It fits the stages very well, so a big YAY to the composer ^_^! Um… most animations come with special effect sounds, making them look and sound a bit more realistic. An entertaining way to improve your time while you play S&K, so don't complain if you're bored, just listen to your favorite music!

~ Controls ~
Very good. Lost of new moves and very impressible they are, too. Knuckles has a few handy one's, but when Sonic has one of those shields he's great to use as well! The Special Stages change the controls a bit, since they are 3D, but that's done so you can move around better there. But its not difficult, yet not that easy to get to know the Special Stage controls. It's weird how some games have more controls than others, yet they still use the Genesis controller, whose button amount doesn't or should I say can't change!

~ Replay value ~
REPLAY VALUE is written all over the game, cartridge and instructions booklet. Ever since I bought S&K, about 5 years ago, I've never gotten bored of it. It's just very fun and amusing to go through the stages again, learning their secret passage ways and finding new Giant Rings… This is another reason why I've given S&K a 10. On a cold, rainy afternoon you can peacefully sit down on your gaming spot and enjoy S&K for the 20,000,000 time...

~ To buy or to rent? That is the question… ~
And you've still haven't gone and got S&K yet? If so, BUY. BUY, BUY, BUY. Did I mention that you should buy this game? Probably. Anyway, renting would be just a waste of money, since you'll probably play S&K for a long time before you (if you do) get bored of it. If you’re still not impressed, go and find someone who has this game and ask them if you can borrow it to try it out. Ok? Good. And if you want to, it's a good idea to get people's opinions on S&K at the S&K board, here on GameFAQs! But after all, it is your decision…

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/10/02, Updated 10/23/02

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