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"If Sonic 3 isn't perfect. Sonic 3 AND Knuckles is perfect. Goodbye Mario World."

Needless to say how great Sonic 3 was. After 6 months, Sonic and Knuckles came out and some people called it either Sonic 4 or Sonic 3-2. The story continues exactly where it stopped in Sonic 3 and continue in an even more amazing adventure.

After destroying the Death Egg once again, Sonic surprised to hear that Eggman is after the master emerald. Knuckles heard it also and he's also after the theif. Will Eggman will get his hands on the emerald and rebuild the Death Egg?

Like in my Sonic 3 review, you can play with Sonic, as you can use shields, loops and all such of obstacle to investigate the island. Only now the levels are harder than Sonic 3, at least the last ones. Sonic will have to find more Chaos Emerald in NEW special stages. The bad news that there's no Tails, but there's Knuckles. Now you can play as the Rad Red. Knuckles has many unique techniques such as gliding and climb on walls. He's more mobile than Sonic but his jumps are lower. What's so good about playing with Knuckles that his ways are almost completely different than Sonic's, means they both have different challenges.

More about the new levels, the game starts at Mushroom Hill. Well it's not harder that Sonic 3's Launch Base but it's a fun stage with many mushrooms and loops. Flying Battery, except for it's weird name, is a base in the sky, much like Metropolis in Sonic 2. Sandopolis is the desert stage. While the first act is on the desert, the second is in a huge pyramid, one of the most amazing levels. Lava Reef is where the two heroes need to pass a huge rivers of hot magma, not mention that in this place there's Sonic's hardest boss. Hidden Palace is the shortest stage where you fight against Knuckles (with Sonic), playing with Knuckles is a much shorter experience. Sky Sanctuary is the sky zone where Sonic bounces on clouds and fight against Eggman's new robot: Mecha Sonic. Unfortunately this stage is Knuckles final stage where he fight against Mecha in an amazing battle to save his whole island. Finally you can play in the huge Death Egg, a huge stage, the hardest of them all. With many traps, gravity switches and shocks. And if Sonic gets all the Chaos Emeralds there's one more level: DOOMSDAY. Super Sonic soars in the space while chasing Eggman. After finishing the game you'll find out that it was worth the whole time.

There two new bonuses in the game, the Casino where you can get more rings (or lose), similiar to Sonic 1's special stages. The other one is the Electric Sphere where you're getting up the long stage while collecting many prizes. You can get there a minimum number of 200 rings! It's more like the Gumball only better.

What's special about Sonic and Knuckles is its Lock-On feature. You can lock the carts together and get a whole game. The best game is Sonic 3 and Knuckles, combining all the 14 stages to a one big game to unlock many features: Knuckles in Sonic 3, Tails in Sonic and Knuckles and the most important: 14 Emeralds. Collection all of them turn the characters into Hyper character, Hyper Sonic with his huge jump, Hyper Knuckles with his super power and Super Tails (yeah, just super) with the help of 4 super birds. Except for S3&K, you can unlock Sonic 2 And Knuckles, which you can play Sonic 2 with Knuckles! The rest of the games open various special stages the unique for the game, and locking Sonic 1 & Knuckles you can play a huge set of those stages.

In Sonic and Knuckles, the graphics still stays the same as Sonic 3 with many effects and better sprites. The new levels looks superb and it's still one of the best looking 2d games ever. Sound stay the same also, with the same good Sonic effects, the Music also featuers new songs with the memorable tones of Mushroom Hill and Death Egg this game has its catchy tones. Too bad that Hidden Palace has an annoying song.

Overall, Sonic and Knuckles with Sonic 3 is the best game of that era and getting Sonic Mega Collection worthes it. A challenging long game with many new mysteries to unfold and being Hyper Sonic! Wahoo!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/16/03, Updated 03/16/03

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